I bought an "Xbox Series X" on Wish...
Austin Evans
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Wishtery Tech gets a little...sus today.

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

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    • Brady Vang’s videos
      Brady Vang’s videos

      Xbox series x/s console is not my favorite and I like the PlayStation 5 console.

    • DEA GT
      DEA GT

      Sue them! ;-)

    • Simon Mounts
      Simon Mounts

      So what was that family friendly “prodect”

    • Kassiee23 Montgomery
      Kassiee23 Montgomery


    • Lucario Parks
      Lucario Parks

      @Piotr Tomaszewski xxxzxxxxxxxxxcxsd HI’m I I’m bhuh u

  •  ShortHax

    Austin’s disappointment at nothing coming for the Xbox is gonna last longer than a Naruto flashback

    • Ivan Pekic
      Ivan Pekic

      @Michael Smart the original comment was deleted

    • Michael Smart
      Michael Smart

      @Ivan Pekic weirdo

    • SuperZombiepimp

      About this fail post 😂

    • SnakeKingBlues

      lol all that build up

    • Parker rainville
      Parker rainville

  • WMV

    When you're not sure what content to do, make a wish and it comes to you.

    • Shawn Grimes
      Shawn Grimes


    • Luke Septer
      Luke Septer

      Holy shit

    • RAYDi8OR

      Just need to wait a month like

  • ItsTheHamster07

    austin: roughly squishes stress balls from Wish also austin: is surprised when it breaks

  • Harvestersz

    I honestly couldn't stop laughing when I realized that they shipped you an empty bag just so they could show that the xbox was delivered. LOL

  • MTG Cardz and Review
    MTG Cardz and Review

    Austin's Wish orders is what keeps wish in business it would seem, given the high chance of being scammed.

  • Keoni Black
    Keoni Black

    Lol I like how Austin forgot he bought an adult toy for himself.

    • Axel's Workshop
      Axel's Workshop

      I am very intrigued.. I haven't seen the video yet

    • Ayaan Ahmed
      Ayaan Ahmed


    • Brandon Dolan
      Brandon Dolan

      He didn't forget, all part of the act and script.

    • Henry Laster
      Henry Laster

      Austin are you LGBT???

    • Ionicsym

      It wasn’t but if it was.. it’s wish would it be used

  • Shawn States
    Shawn States

    I’m so glad that you are still making great videos I’ve seen almost all your videos and I can’t say one video that I don’t like keep up the great work thanks for all the fun videos

  • gamechamp

    And I was expecting the xbox scam to at least be a cheap custom android computer designed to look like a series x, as china has done with the xbox one (I think Linus featured it one time). To see Austin was literally sent an empty bag is the most disappointing disappointment wish could ever produce.

    • anomious 5250
      anomious 5250

      bro straight up fucking nothing man that’s just sad for wish

  • Viverrine

    They were too harsh on the mystery box. I think its actually quite interesting what they got and it seems legit

  • Eremon1

    Ken throwing out the chromebook was great. Best use of a chromebook I've ever seen, to squish down the fluffy garbage in the can.

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    “And then we wish we had our money back” This explains the origin of wish! 👏

    • Andi Archer
      Andi Archer

      You only get money back by returning the items at an extortionate postal rate.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @Jose F Don't get me wrong their stuff has its place and I feel like Austin Evans purposely buys the worst stuff they can possibly find they know will be a total rip-off. (I mean that's the whole bit) It's not that they don't have some decent stuff but the vast majority is complete garbage. Either stuff that's extremely deceptively described or pictured or flat out stuff like that series X for 200 bucks I mean yeah it was a total scam and they should have known better but still it's like that shouldn't be allowed on that site.

    • Jose F
      Jose F

      i know it's sarcasm lol but sometimes you can find good deals on some items ...and it was easy getting money refunded for some screen protectors that fell off soon after applying. (some other brand i got within worked much better)

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card

      @John Doe 😈🤝

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      I thought it literally came from the phrase "be careful what you *wish* for"

  • Brandon Winger-Air
    Brandon Winger-Air

    If that Switch stand was sturdy it’d actually be perfect for someone like my brother who doesn’t have much desk space

  • Acepilot8 gaming
    Acepilot8 gaming

    For all that happens, matt will always be the funniest to me and ken the most savage. I don't know why but its just how I think of it🤣🤣🤣

  • Christopher Roach
    Christopher Roach

    Glad your okay austin, we love you ❤

  • Buggerlugz

    I'm pretty certain Wish has become the actual meme now, and is only still going because of youtubers ordering stuff.

  • Chris Popov
    Chris Popov

    Shout out to Austin for giving 192$ to charity. What an inspirational person

    • Gora Hott
      Gora Hott

      US$ 192

    • Little FriskYT
      Little FriskYT

      @Луздук Луздукович get out NOW

    • Jelly Booga Boy
      Jelly Booga Boy

      Such a nice guy! 🥰🥰🥰

    • Brock Rock
      Brock Rock

      Publicity stunt.

    • Geraldinho

      @David Gilbert why the hell did you call me a loser

  • yogibear2k2

    I do like this channel. It took me a while to get used to Austin's' craziness, but I am warming to him. He acts like a doofus, but I think he is really smart. Like full on genius smart. He is just putting on an act here

  • Miles Ch. マイル
    Miles Ch. マイル

    I believe one of the reason wish is still alive is due to Austin giving them their monthly paychecks on mystery tech

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson

    I'd be wearing a mask and make sure I have some glen 20 bug killer while unpacking these boxes. Not just because of covid. Who knows what other horrible bugs could be in this second hand hardware.

  • Warren McClure
    Warren McClure

    I could tell Austin was genuinely upset after finding out that he got scammed on that Xbox series X honestly, I was to. I wanted to see how bad a knock off one could've been besides that great episode!

  • Elliot Marks
    Elliot Marks

    To be honest, I don't know how or why wish is still around...

    • Robert Hodges
      Robert Hodges

      We are Addicted to cheap china made crap

    • Dub4Lif3

      because you have a lot of people that don't know technology, foreigners, clueless parents that just want to get something good for their kids for their birthday or Christmas, and they don't know this stuff, they see an Xbox series x on there for only 190, and they know their kid wanted it so they buy it. They don't know enough about technology, and gaming systems to know that its clearly bullshit, they just think they found a deal. Then obviously they get screwed. But it doesn't matter if they lose them as a customer. There are over 8billion people on this planet, if lets say 100million people bought just one item each off it, for 1 dollar, wish just made 100million dollars. but the items clearly are much more than 1 dollar, so you get enough dumb people all the time, they are making millions all the time off dumb people, and people who just buy the stuff just to see how bullshit the site is, and what will actually show up

    • Koopa

      Thing is that when wish was coming out it had really good ads and then you tubers started using it because why not maybe they were paid to maybe they weren’t but it seems that majority of their stuff is either no what you actually want or really off brand

    • Epidem

      because of youtubers like him who make videos of wish's scams

    • hein blöd
      hein blöd

      chinese Mafia

  • B Dre
    B Dre

    Hell yes he's wearing a digital Foundry retro t-shirt! John would be proud

  • Andreas Suojanen
    Andreas Suojanen

    I ordered two different models of Lenovo headphones from banggood… they where not amazing and Lenovo could not confirm they where real 😂 also the touch controls was not configurable… I’m sure this model Austin tested was fairly decent though

    • Andreas Suojanen
      Andreas Suojanen

      @SlimSam I mean, banggood wasn't the issue, the product was.

    • SlimSam

      Use aliexpress, they're better. (atleast from my experience)

  • Brighton Evans
    Brighton Evans

    I just want to say that your videos make my day Austin

  • Lonely Tracks
    Lonely Tracks

    Wishtery Tech is back!!! Love these!!

  • iowa land
    iowa land

    The mystery box was honestly cool. Even knock off stuff would be enjoyable to decorate a gamers room or mancave

    • Josh N
      Josh N

      @UnfusedMolecule it all makes sense now, lol. Ty

    • UnfusedMolecule

      @Josh N 128

    • Josh N
      Josh N

      Was that box only $10? I feel like he got a deal, lol. Maybe it's the gamer in me.

  • Jimmy Woods
    Jimmy Woods

    Whenever Austin showed his "private item". I was dieing laughing. and dropped my laptop.

  • Damon XD
    Damon XD

    just to let it be known this guy measured the vent that pushes air out of the system and called the entire system hot

  • Yoan Fernanda
    Yoan Fernanda

    Those items from yellow Mystery Box could be a prop for every game ITmoresr or streamer 👌🏾

  • bEnMaC

    3:47 this laptop looks exactly the same as the laptops we had at my school 9 years ago...

  • Akuza Star
    Akuza Star

    Ken: "its just gonna be some crappy gaming items. Gamers are so easy to please" Also Ken after seeing the overwatch item: "OOOOO"

    • 1qgio 🅥
      1qgio 🅥

      @Adam Chaudhry what

    • Adam Chaudhry
      Adam Chaudhry


    • Sushant Thapaliya
      Sushant Thapaliya

      Well he wasn’t wrong haha

  • MultimediaLucario

    13:51 had me dying laughing.

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer

    That Nintendo switch holder reminds me of one of those flimsy CD Tower holders from the '90s

  • joel andrews
    joel andrews

    I'm glad he's back and going well :)

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison

    Austin: _does the buying for one month's Wishtery Tech in the main studio_ Austin but two hours later: _moves to their lounge and does the next month's buying_

  • WePC

    Somewhere someone is buying an $80 laptop from wish and expecting a great experience. Mind blown

  • Edvinas A
    Edvinas A

    Just so you know, they managed to get the tracking number because they put a correct ammount of dry ice in the bag and during the shipping it evapored, its a common technique for return policy thiefs. Theres alot more than that though

    • Jackson Taylor
      Jackson Taylor

      I don't see why they would even bother trying to pull this off, obviously Austin or whoever else ordered that listing is not going to just walk away without getting their $192 back somehow. If Wish themselves gave any trouble over refunding him, this would ideally be one of the easiest legit CC chargebacks ever

  • Vincent Zyrell
    Vincent Zyrell

    14:19 I'm sure Ken will love this because he's a man of culture after all

    • Dhruv Tanwar
      Dhruv Tanwar

      What was that

  • Taylor

    Wishtery tech is honestly my favorite Austin Evans content. Except when he’s stomping on Sony and triggering crybabies

  • Donald Allan
    Donald Allan

    It's good to see you back doing another video. Hopefully this time you won't get any abuse. Keep doing what you are doing and keep making the same videos you always made!

    • Soap A
      Soap A

      @Smells like Gillian McKeith's Tupperware Cupboard What’s worse is his rabid fanbase here judging by the comments. They like his garbage and misleading videos.

    • Smells like Gillian McKeith's Tupperware Cupboard
      Smells like Gillian McKeith's Tupperware Cupboard

      I think it's best Austin leaves the technical talk to the grown ups, his lies/complete lack of understanding might bring him money and clicks in the short term but will be detrimental in the long run. Wish is more his tech level

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      As long as he doesn't do any more "hot takes" he should be fine. But being things the way they are I doubt it.

    • Ricardo and Ainsley do fusion
      Ricardo and Ainsley do fusion

      14:12 People gonna abuse him not to try this thing on camera 😂

    • Shawn Loves Horses & More.161
      Shawn Loves Horses & More.161

      Not really

  • Deth_Boi

    I own that chromebook I think (the second item). Ken was smart to put it in the trash lol.

  • Gregory Cherry
    Gregory Cherry

    Yo the edits on this one are crazy! Props to the editor!!!

  • Archie Gee
    Archie Gee

    Love these Wish videos!

  • Bradley Mickna
    Bradley Mickna

    That Samsung chromebook was the first set of chromebooks that my work (high school) ever got 6 years ago so I knew as soon as I saw the charger haha

  • Kalidows

    Austin's videos are perfect because it is the perfect Mix of these things: Humour, Tech, Doing dumb stuff, good editing and *_Glasses_*

    • Joshua

      @Couchaholic fully agree… never watched his content before and never will lol

    • Malazan

      @Couchaholic his first mistake was buying an Xbox

    • Esa Syt
      Esa Syt

      And now he’s spamming ads in his videos. 😭😭😭

    • Couchaholic

      This video doesn't need to be 20 minutes. It kind if drags on and on. Also baiting you with a Series X and having it at the end to make you watch the entire video. Nice concept for a video. Not done well to my standards.

    • FBI

      @Rajikku Mastah :D

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    If you expect to get an Xbox Series X or even a PS5 for that matter on Wish, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • Rerum Trading
    Rerum Trading

    13:41 I see stuff like that such as storage related items as useful.

  • Value Tech Tube
    Value Tech Tube

    You should do a video loading Linux on the Chromebooks and test against other budget options

  • The Experience
    The Experience

    That gaming mystery box was like they packaged up a GameStop clearance shelf


    14:20 Ken is definitely taking that one home 😂💀

    • Ryan

      Someones having a good time with it

    • Stalkerx13

      Sticky fingers lmfao

  • 🌸 Hakuru15 🌸
    🌸 Hakuru15 🌸

    Dude that Lenovo is actually our Australian high school laptops given to us xD

  • Ludwig_Ludos

    fun fact that first laptop is the same model as the ones we had at my school back in 2012-2014, ours had windows 7 and later windows 10 and it SUCKED xD

  • Karan Hada
    Karan Hada

    That lenovo is what they used to give as replacement laptops at my school 😂

  • oscar alvarez
    oscar alvarez

    What?! How did I miss this news? Austin’s a dad?? And more importantly, does this mean… *Baby Tech* ?

  • Will_Zeph

    Dude, the biohazard vials were actually pretty hype!

  • Payne Holder
    Payne Holder

    Happy for you for having a child. love your content. the only thing i am scared about is when you son grows up and sees your content.


    They're afraid to open the package because they know what shape is that 🤣

  • Peter Sziraki
    Peter Sziraki

    I'm really amazed of why Wish is still alive as a company. I heard only bad things of it, saw videos showing how bad it is, and still, people just using it to buy crap and getting scammed...

    • Happy Godzilla
      Happy Godzilla

      Ikr it’s sad honestly

    • Brandon Naramore
      Brandon Naramore

      I bought one thing and it actually came in; a 128 gb SD card for my phone for $3. Ended up using it for a camera or something but it worked as advertised.

    • MortalKombat9011 Yt
      MortalKombat9011 Yt

      Funny enough, I used to use wish when it first was introduced and for a time it was legitimate. I even got an iPhone 7 for a dollar. The problem is, they have a large consumer base in Japan and other countries that don't care if they get scammed from it. I never had a bad experience but when I did stop my brother ordered a clothing set and received a plastic bag with the picture of the clothes attached to it lmao.

    • Grenashi Hatake
      Grenashi Hatake

      Hey, they’re making bank 💰

  • Josh Laware
    Josh Laware

    They always throwing clearance items in those mystery boxes lol

  • Andre Zlatin
    Andre Zlatin

    Austin definitely did not expect to open up that "speaker" on camera. He didn't want to show it in the first place. The embarrassment on his face...

  • Worrior XD
    Worrior XD

    When I looked at the Samsung chrome book it literally gave me ptsd from middle school and man... I never seen a computer fail so hard before in my life😓😂

  • BlueRocket Plays
    BlueRocket Plays

    I think I know which one Austin got when he said he was getting something for himself

  • Frankplayz

    5:36 my favorite part😂😂😂

  • Tim Takhar
    Tim Takhar

    That’s the standard Hsbc laptop you received when working from home. For a banking corporation it was astonishing

    • Tim Takhar
      Tim Takhar

      The Lenovo

  • Mildon

    while these videos are entertaining, I kinda wish (haha funny joke) that youtubers stopped these kinds of videos, because they're just playing into what wish wants. I actually hate the website and cant believe its been allowed to continue doing this fraudulent, scamming shit

  • Surpluhs

    Yes austin. Act surprised you bought that for yourself 🙃

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison

    So on this episode we saw Austin's toes, his belly button, a handheld massager, and one very adult piece of Mystery. Austin Evans to OnlyFans confirmed.

    • themis pasxalov
      themis pasxalov

      Transfer rumor confirmed from Fabrizio romano and HERE WE GO

    • J T
      J T

      You’ll be the first sub I bet even at $100 a month.

    • HeheheheCIUUUUUUUUU

      And balls

    • MadiTheTroll1337

      Handheld massager includes 2 meanings

  • Nasty nabz
    Nasty nabz

    I actually have the lp1 s excellent value for money. Not the lp1S, I heard they're worse

  • c Marco
    c Marco

    The nintendo dock is from amazon and it's cheaper on it x)

  • Jonathan Harrity
    Jonathan Harrity

    So that first Lenovo is a X131 that was touted to schools as a nearly indestructible model used with the military. Little did they know students are resilient in figuring out how to destroy things

  • D Mason
    D Mason

    Screen shot the vendor accounts you order from, that way later if they pull the listing you can have them removed from Wish.

  • sammyibs_

    don’t we all love a wishtery tech. Thank you Austin

  • AppNasty

    Anyone else think all the stuff in the game box was awesome?

  • Cartoony_skit

    That pc for the first package was the exact same as the laptops we use but I use a Acer b118 because we got it before they changed the laptops we use so in year 6 we get a new one

  • Kaziourblue

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I dead when Austin open the naughty package he properly secretly ordered hahahhaa

  • phycho gamer
    phycho gamer

    "again" lol, at this point he already unlocked the hidden achievement on wish.

  • Channing Pliler
    Channing Pliler

    I can't believe you guys ordered a pocket p as soon as I seen that I was dying of laughter🤣🤣

    • OA_Swift

      @Stark Odinson pocket p*ssy or fleshlight

    • Uriel Septim
      Uriel Septim

      @lil jay flashlight

    • jaedyn snell
      jaedyn snell

      I died

    • Jay

      that’s why his balls blew up

    • Joshua Lord
      Joshua Lord

      Saw that * You don't "seen" something.

  • Captain Scapegoat
    Captain Scapegoat

    12:40 "Ohhh God we need a switch" Followed by a shot of Austin awkwardly laughing and agreeing with a Switch behind him in the same shot...

    • Hector Ivan Ceballos Landa
      Hector Ivan Ceballos Landa

      That's the dual switch they stick together, so I don't think they can put in a dock

  • Sentel Nba LIVE Bolton
    Sentel Nba LIVE Bolton

    If nobody noticed his Shirt he's supporting other ITmoresrs this is dope I like that

    • Sentel Nba LIVE Bolton
      Sentel Nba LIVE Bolton

      @Ryan yep

    • Ryan


  • Luka Vujmilovič
    Luka Vujmilovič

    I have that shock pen and it actually helps if you know how to do it

  • Kayl93

    I honestly want to know if Austin could get his money back of the Xbox, from wish. Could he?

  • JRockThumper

    The very definition of insanity is doing the same experiment over and over again and expecting different results. By this definition and the fact Austin keeps going back to wish and keeps getting scammed… Austin is now insane 🤣

    • The Lonely Proto
      The Lonely Proto

      "Do you know the definiton of insanity?" -Vaas

    • 卐 Skyl1ne 卐
      卐 Skyl1ne 卐

      @Aleksa Žunjić Thanks for ruining the joke.

    • JRockThumper

      Even though it’s on purpose

    • JRockThumper

      @Aleksa Žunjić I am aware that this is for entertainment, information, and money. I know how ITmores works. It was a joke because he’s been scammed before by wish and keeps getting scammed.

    • Skuplia

      Far Cry 3 moment

  • GOAT Rosters
    GOAT Rosters

    Any chance I can get that umbrella Corp item?! By the way this was hilarious!

  • Reddish Gaming
    Reddish Gaming

    "I personally am a nipple guy" had me spitting out my food

  • Secret Dude
    Secret Dude

    His mission should be to find a proper Xbox on wish that works

  • Sean Sam
    Sean Sam

    This was actually kinda funny to watch . Thank you Al G Rhythm.

  • Minnesota and whatnot
    Minnesota and whatnot

    Notice how quickly Matt wanted to get on the record that he had “no clue what you have in your hand right now”. Someone is protesting too much.

    • MicroGamin

      @Ryan J literally Austin in the video. And still quite a lot of people

    • Ryan J
      Ryan J

      @Dylanator800 who even says that anymore

    • Dylanator800


  • XLoading_VirusX

    Lmao, the "speaker" bit was golden 😂😂😂

  • A toda madre
    A toda madre

    Damn that looks just like my Series X

  • Shizon84

    Wow, you got the original Super Mario Brothers game that I remember playing a lot on the original NES back in 1988 and 1989.

  • David Cooks
    David Cooks

    I don't know how this wish place is still in business 🤣

  • ㅤㅤㅤprofile deletedㅤㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤㅤprofile deletedㅤㅤㅤ

    I love wish episodes, keep it going Austin!

    • Splat1Gamer 2
      Splat1Gamer 2

      I was so confused by your channel name. Like how can a deleted profile comment😂

  • borgranta61103

    You could make a video showing how to turn that Lenovo with good build quality from an outdated Chromebook into a Linux.

  • S1r Phr0g
    S1r Phr0g

    Ayo honestly props to Austin for listening to feel the love

  • derek

    You are sing handedly keeping them from going out of business

  • J G
    J G

    OMFG! That second chromebook is literally the same type that I had in elementary school. LOL!

  • Temmie gaming and memes
    Temmie gaming and memes

    Mystery tech is the main reason I even watch you.

    • Temmie gaming and memes
      Temmie gaming and memes

      @ಠ_ಠ close enough

    • ಠ_ಠ

      It even says it I'm the description

    • ಠ_ಠ

      Yea this is wishtery tech

    • Mykeeyz `
      Mykeeyz `

      @Quantum 😂

    • Shawn Loves Horses & More.161
      Shawn Loves Horses & More.161


  • Anthony Shanaman
    Anthony Shanaman

    The acupuncture pen is legit. I have a nice one. They actually work and do help with pain.

  • Agustin Garcia
    Agustin Garcia

    The Lenovo computer is the ones I use to have in middle school lmao but it was windows 8