I bought an "Xbox Series X" on Wish...
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Wishtery Tech gets a little...sus today.

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

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    • Chris Cangelosi
      Chris Cangelosi

      Its called wish for a reason lol, you wished you had an Xbox series x 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • tarsem #
      tarsem #

      @Quantum 14:18 that's fleshlight

    • Josh Stephens
      Josh Stephens

      Was your dad in REVENGE OF THE NERDS?

    • spacegamblerjr

      maybe you should've wished the xbox had some games and your video about the new ps5 had any truth to it. instead of fan boy xbot shilling.

    • Belli

      Are you going to apologize for spreading misinformation about ps5? ... I mean that is what grown up whould do

  • Altair4611

    3:50 Used these in highschool ap java class, minus the chromeOS

  • MrCradles

    Dang my guy is growing I watch him since he had 2m

  • Arthur Y.
    Arthur Y.

    This guy's voice is so over the top, and annoying, i feel insulted by his tone.

  • angel alonso
    angel alonso

    best moment at 14:30

  • Seanarc Gaming04
    Seanarc Gaming04

    When I saw resident evils umbrella corp I was like I WANT THAT

  • Heli Rivera
    Heli Rivera

    Is Austin married to a Latina?? I always hear the cumbia and reggaeton beats in the background and i’m curious. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  • melmacj

    who cares

  • Kristopher M Brown
    Kristopher M Brown

    Dude said "stupid Zelda thing." Fuck you lol

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes

    Could make those old school Chrome OS machines useful. Put a linux distro on them like Gallium OS which, at least gets updates and is debian based. *Shrug* Rather than E-wasting them.

  • Knox

    Austin memens

  • Louis Broomes
    Louis Broomes

    Mystery Sex, that’s what this should be called. 😂

  • Ed Ah
    Ed Ah

    Tbh id totally buy the switch dock lol

  • RYZE

    0:19 put your donk on top?...lmao

  • Gloomshy

    13:02 true lmao

  • YourAverageGamer

    The balls where sus

  • bigddynamite200

    Why the noise ken

  • bigddynamite200

    When you said animal I thought you said an*l I bleped it because I am 10 years old and could get in trouble

  • warlord 187
    warlord 187


  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones

    How does this video not have 800k dislikes?

    • AP Gamin
      AP Gamin

      This what I’m saying, they’re doing too much and hella overreacting.

  • haha haha
    haha haha

    el stupido

  • TakaGame!

    Is it just me or is the audio in this video peaking 50% of the time?

  • Peter instalive
    Peter instalive

    Not even a fake Xbox lol

  • Draycko

    I actually liked the Switch Dock....

  • Oof superfightdouble™
    Oof superfightdouble™

    I reckon “simpli safe” is the most trash item here

  • Mike

    With 5m subs ud think he'd be able to afford a shirt his size or maybe he's too stupid to know what size he is...maybe he still needs mommy to dress him after all.

  • Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado
    Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

    I wonder if installing Cloudready on the Lenovo Chromebook is possible. If so, that'll get it to Chromium OS 92 for free.

  • Laika

    That Lenovo laptop is our school laptop

  • Maria Abrantes
    Maria Abrantes


  • Flame 43
    Flame 43

    Love you austin❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez

    Wasnt expecting reggaeton music to be used in a US tech channel but here we are!

  • Ajay Datla
    Ajay Datla

    I would watch your videos but they r so long.

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus Plus

    Austin had a little one? Congrats!

  • TD13x

    Bruh the Lenovo laptop on here looks like it came from a school

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox

    I like how this guy makes money off getting scammed on purpose.

  • WePC

    Somewhere someone is buying an $80 laptop from wish and expecting a great experience. Mind blown

  • Emerald Live
    Emerald Live

    Wish should be able to scan products and then label them correctly so no one can be scammed

  • Darrick Wilson
    Darrick Wilson

    Send me the mega man speaker? I’ll pay shipping

  • JG games
    JG games

    Hapatai tala

  • Mr. Marc G.
    Mr. Marc G.

    I think Wish makes all of its money from people who want to see how they will be ripped off, just for the entertainment value.

  • ty bakeis
    ty bakeis

    That think pad is the the same exact laptop you can rent at my school for 100 a year

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell

    Sony Nintendo of America. I mean they were close if you were to go back to the mid 90s I guess.

  • pista lover
    pista lover

    I am using lp1s from a long ago and didn't get any issue

  • Mayt

    Can I get a link for where I could get the item at 14:10 ? 😉

  • Abhi Bharti
    Abhi Bharti


  • big ninja
    big ninja

    The joke not working any more

  • Sadra Mirzazade
    Sadra Mirzazade

    Now Austin is just looking for Xbox

  • litsquad 100
    litsquad 100

    Now i know where schools but laptops

  • Napsta 27
    Napsta 27

    The only good thing iv bought on wish was I watch bands

  • Checkems

    I wish you name these videos something like buying junk off wish because I thought it was a 19 minute video about 1 Xbox and didnt wanna watch it lol

  • Gacha Matej
    Gacha Matej

    What is that in the something pink

  • Kevin Luna
    Kevin Luna

    Dammit Austin, now you go to against xbox?!

  • Corona knuckels
    Corona knuckels


  • brain gamer
    brain gamer

    I like Austin but this video felt so cringe 😬

  • OrangeTownGaming 91
    OrangeTownGaming 91

    Was that a fleshlight

  • Travillius

    you like when your blue balls explode and you you get goo on your arms and all over

  • Stalkerx13

    Sticky fingers 14:20. You know dam well he is taking that shit home.

  • Andres Nuyts
    Andres Nuyts

    Presentation is way too over the top. It's annoying.

  • Pranav Sookoowareea
    Pranav Sookoowareea

    Don’t wish scams you

  • A toda madre
    A toda madre

    Damn that looks just like my Series X

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    If you expect to get an Xbox Series X or even a PS5 for that matter on Wish, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • nathan0401

    Interesting video

  • Sludge-and-Death

    sooo where is the Xbox??

  • hr1meg

    Be mad at yourself for giving money to individuals who will use the money for further scams and funding illegal activities. Got to get them views no matter what.

  • Ti7Vk3y

    14:17 Oh my... 👀

  • Epyon

    All that forehead and no common sense? Pity

  • GAN0R0

    you skipped the vault boy thingy, I would have kept it

  • Jonathan Harrity
    Jonathan Harrity

    So that first Lenovo is a X131 that was touted to schools as a nearly indestructible model used with the military. Little did they know students are resilient in figuring out how to destroy things

  • Username ?
    Username ?

    When I saw Austin listening to kids see ghosts It made my pants damp

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez

    So what happened with the Xbox 😳

  • TechyRod

    hahha when he rolled up the trash can and dumped the laptop

  • spectacularboiYT

    Hi austin do yoy have a wikifeet?(asking for a friend)

  • It’s That nerd gamer
    It’s That nerd gamer


  • canary

    thank you austin for listening to kids see ghosts

  • nexG_raghav

    one more wish video and im unsubbing

  • SwartFrancois

    Dude, you blue yourself.

  • isaiah cruz
    isaiah cruz

    I bet that Lenovo has roaches in it

  • David

    does Wish actually make money from anybody but youtubers ordering from wish for the "content"?

  • P0lar7- ۝┗ ツ
    P0lar7- ۝┗ ツ

    14:19 very sus Austin very sus.

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow

    The new Xbox Series X is worse 😬

  • Willow

    I actually purchased one of those game storage towers. Its not bad, its not terrible at all, I like it and its served me well, Austin is just overreacting

  • Noobly

    I lost it with the fine print "Sony Nintendo of America Inc"

  • Eternalwisdom26

    Crazy he questioned it reading the description saying it was white and the pic was black.

  • Zelda's Coven
    Zelda's Coven

    4:42 Giggty

  • Abdugamingchannel

    Ken is tierd of laptops

  • Chris Cangelosi
    Chris Cangelosi

    And some wonder how China funds their terrorist regime lol

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert

    I used that laptop in school like 9 years ago 🤣

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert

    It's called wish because you wish you had them items...

  • The SarrowGaming
    The SarrowGaming

    Why the fuck would you order a console off wish

  • Affan Zubair
    Affan Zubair

    It’s official, I can’t even watch Austin Evans content with ppl around anymore! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😭😂

  • Seth Miller
    Seth Miller

    I wanted to see that stand so I disliked i thought it would look cool

  • IndianTelephone

    he literally got delivered a garbage bag for 200$. I cant stop laughing...

  • Andrew Foley
    Andrew Foley

    That Lenovo lap top is the piece of sh1t we still use at school🤮

  • Zomnx

    just dont shop on wish... that simple

  • Dagurtheman XD
    Dagurtheman XD

    Wish page-"T rex" Item - Velociraptor

  • matuiw

    Call me dumb but Naruto is the most overrated anime ever it’s not good

    • matuiw

      @xXMasterJ360Xx it’s just so boring

    • xXMasterJ360Xx

      I guess you can say that to every mainstream anime.

  • BR

    Tracer Figpin

  • Vizard B
    Vizard B

    Are you some kind of fool?


    the flesh light lol at least all items weren't useless ;}

  • Animator Boi
    Animator Boi

    The super Mario bro’s game is worth like 2 million dollars, I can’t believe he said it was a piece of junk.

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