How To Waste $1811.42...
Austin Evans
The Boogie Board writing tablet on Amazon:
The Gray Alter Ego case for iPhone Xs 🤑
Massdrop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard:
The greaseproof Xbox One PUBG controller was only available as a giveaway and sadly the Nut Pro 2 can't be found on Amazon. 😭

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  • Danny Winget
    Danny Winget

    This entire episode was amazing

    • Gamerguy Vlog 32
      Gamerguy Vlog 32

      @ItzNatezy i think it might be because of his subscriber count but I’m not sure. I don’t know how ITmores runs things 100%

    • ItzNatezy

      How r u verified but only have 3 likes

  • Rides1283man

    I'm Chinese and I can confirm that it actually is in fact the Nut Pro 2.

    • Solo1x

      I'm nut pro 2

    • Sreegovind Varier
      Sreegovind Varier

      Thanks for your translation

    • Ibrahim Mohammad Salim Ullah
      Ibrahim Mohammad Salim Ullah


    • AquaNomical

      @Aadhi Kasi stfu he didnt cause it

    • SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
      SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter

      XD b r u h

  • aversilf

    Austin:"hey guys,this is austin" My brain literally everytime:"Hey Austin..this is guys"

    • Cook Family
      Cook Family

      @MidNight_Wolfyy kk

    • Cook Family
      Cook Family

      He says //hey guys this is austin

    • Ibrahim Mohammad Salim Ullah
      Ibrahim Mohammad Salim Ullah


    • Jazeel Azmi
      Jazeel Azmi

      Congrats. You have ruined it for me. 😂

    • New Train For MTR
      New Train For MTR

      hey this Austin is guys

  • Kai卍

    When you realise the case is more expensive than the phone

    • DylanTheVillain

      Surprising for the newest iPhones

  • Mr. Elytraman
    Mr. Elytraman

    Austin: Goes ballistic over 350 dollar phone. Also Austin: Completely fine with a 1000 dollar phone case.

  • Richard Symonds
    Richard Symonds

    wow thanks for this life lesson, I’m sure it will come in handy all the time

  • Ace Ash
    Ace Ash

    Ah, how the times have changed. $350 for a phone would be thought of as a bargain these days.

  • JALC-x

    That case isn't worth £1500 That amount of titanium isn't even worth £150

    • RegalGlobe

      not me yea, grade 5 is a titanium alloy. The highest tier of pure titanium is grade 4

    • NO name
      NO name

      He said grade five

    • ರಾಮಾಯ卐卐卐

      @RegalGlobe yeah, it is a titanium aluminium alloy. That makes it even cheaper though...aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth

    • RegalGlobe

      He said its grade 5 titanium. That means its not pure titanium its a alloy. This means the titanium is fairly cheap. I don’t know alot so please correct me if im wrong.

    • Waidowai

      that thing isn't even a case :D

  • gamingwithanarab

    I love how you start videos. You’re not like the others click bait for views

  • cwipzy

    Hey son, I bought you a new phone! OMG WHAT IS IT!? It's called the *iNut*

    • best channel name
      best channel name


    • LeBrenn

      me too

    • Lao Gan Ma
      Lao Gan Ma

      @Fearless Legend stfu kid

    • Fearless Legend
      Fearless Legend

      @K-Line Productions r/imscaredforlife

    • Fearless Legend
      Fearless Legend

      @Lao Gan Ma s t o p

  • Aman Naik
    Aman Naik

    I cant tell you how uneasy i feel when i see the controller covered in grease and you playing on it

  • CARNAGE Gaming
    CARNAGE Gaming

    2014: I lost everything **House Burned down** 2019: How to waste $1811.42

    • Teisha Awls
      Teisha Awls


    • Sarmad Qureshi
      Sarmad Qureshi


    • Syrth

      Actually $1811.42

    • Leonardo

      Like 500 xD

    • Agya Hernanto
      Agya Hernanto

      Lol, austin stupid

  • asomeone person
    asomeone person

    2:24 Austin's reaction 😂

  • Évariste Galois
    Évariste Galois

    *_Can't waste $1811.42 if you don't have money in the first place_*

    • Mucio Donato
      Mucio Donato

      Évariste Galois true ;(

    • Team viper
      Team viper

      Évariste Galois you can destroy everything you have

    • phylo


    • Mzrouie Alt
      Mzrouie Alt


    • Aidan_Playz

      Évariste Galois lol

  • Afnz

    Drawing : * upside down* Normal people : flip the tablet Austin, an intellectual : *FLIPS THE PHONE*

  • Rumor

    That phone case looked so good I said I want it and i got my credit card ready but then I heard Ken said the price so I put my credit card back in my wallet

  • aarxn

    austin is like that one nerd who actually made it in life and it makes me happy

  • BlueShift

    I have my XOne controller over 5 Years and it still works perfect (yes i am playing a minimum of 30H a month).

  • Nash *
    Nash *

    *Drops phone* “Oh shit my phone case”

    • Captain AC
      Captain AC


    • Sameer Adnan
      Sameer Adnan

      Most underrated comment.

    • echo weeibo
      echo weeibo


  • PokéDaily

    I have a boogie board, used it all in med school. They're pretty great

  • Neil C
    Neil C

    What makes that controller grease proof? It was covered in grease

  • Toby Mast
    Toby Mast

    the grease proof controller would be perfect for the KFconsole

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason

    You know you’re a true flexer when *Your case costs more than your phone*

  • Sxndboyツ

    Thumbnail: *_Kentucky_* *_Fried_* *_Controllers_*

    • SpooderTheRacoon

      Wait new electronics and chicken place

    • Itzapplez

      The new kfc bowl the Kentucky fried controller bowl

    • Smuggle Gaming Roblox
      Smuggle Gaming Roblox

      @TheMCSpacePro ur a dumbass

    • Norman

      I didn't watched the video yet, and I thought this was carrot mash😂

    • Candy Velazquez
      Candy Velazquez

      Its the kfconsole leaked pro controllers

  • Nj Games
    Nj Games

    Friend: What should I do with $1811.42? Me: *You’re in luck!*

  • You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
    You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days

    Austin laughs at everything lmao

  • TheCupCakeLord5

    I would love to get one of the gray cases for my phone.

  • mr peeonewhy
    mr peeonewhy

    oh thank god i just so happened to have 1811 dollars and 42 cents that i needed to waste, thank you austin evans, very cool.

  • funny man
    funny man

    *Wastes $1811.42* Makes $5000 dollars in one video.

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious

      @Xertophilios lmao it is monetised it's just your ass did not get ads so chill

    • Simon S.
      Simon S.

      @Xertophilios There's one at the very end.

    • NovaAces Legend
      NovaAces Legend

      @Jose a million views is about 2750$ plus all the ads so 2750 plus 2750 is 5500

    • rasmanoff

      Karin or Xert i see one at the end

    • LiMete

      @Xertophilios It is, its just that he cant put ads in the middle of the video because it is not 10 minutes long. there are ads before the video starts


    How to waste 1000$ on Amazon and it will be a review of the new Mac Pro monitor stand.

  • Ottman

    I like how they put the 42 cents on the end of that large number

  • sarthak srivastava
    sarthak srivastava

    Wait. The iPhone case is more expensive than the iPhone 10x itself. Whattttttt!!!!

    • sarthak srivastava
      sarthak srivastava

      @Joshua firth true man!!

    • Joshua firth
      Joshua firth

      And it’s not even a case

  • Jack Kozlowski
    Jack Kozlowski

    The grease proof controller is actually sick

  • Évariste Galois
    Évariste Galois

    Buying V-Bucks seems like a good way to waste money

    • Grammar Nazi
      Grammar Nazi

      @NonsensicalVids that shit doesnt even exist lol

    • Marlin_ _Hive
      Marlin_ _Hive

      The greatest taboo known to man

    • Dot

      @JuneHasRised true that he didnt even wrote 2 comments

    • nightscope

      @Slim Cortez hahah

    • nightscope

      @that1kid42 r/thepersonthatdidntgetthejoke

  • TimTam

    Dude the boogie board sync is one of my favorite pieces of tech. Although the blackboard is pretty good to. Why you hate? :(

  • TFC Prisma
    TFC Prisma

    $1811 was fine... but that extra 42 cents? Went a bit over budget

  • RyansToastie

    Ah yes, The nut pro 2 the bestpiece of tech in 300 years

  • CRD. Camelot
    CRD. Camelot

    I’m pretty sure that Austin was more exited about the chicken than the controller he just couldn’t show it since this is a tech channel

  • Tōya

    $350 for a one time nut joke that didn't go as planned.

  • Agonnis

    Austin: "This is coming out of your Christmas bonus."

  • LlamaPower

    *When that phone case is more expensive than all of my peripherals combined*

  • zero g
    zero g

    1500 for a case that protects 15% of your phone... great bargain...

  • BlitZ GMD
    BlitZ GMD

    Cool now I have the perfect controller to go with my KFConsole! 😂😂😂 I can’t even say that with a straight face

  • Ayan

    Xbox greaseproof exists? Damn... I thought it was a joke!

    • ziad karim386
      ziad karim386

      @Goku yes it is he was joking and the joke rode a plane and went over youre head

    • ziad karim386
      ziad karim386

      @Goku r/whoosh

    • SevenAcid

      That phone case can't even protect your phone

    • Kataclysmic

      It’s for obese Xbox kids who try to play cod and eat fried chicken compared to skinny PS4 people

    • Umbra

      All controllers will be grease resistant when next gen consoles come out

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward

    Damn Ken could've have gave that money to us😭


    At 2:53 I was expecting him to say: “YANKEE WITH NO BRIM!”

    • Mr Burst
      Mr Burst

      @The Doom Slayer r/woooosh*

    • Upstreamtoast35

      VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642 edgey with alcohol

    • D_IRVEE

      The Doom Slayer salty much🤣

    • The Doom Slayer
      The Doom Slayer

      @VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642 Vlad, that's not how r/woosh works..

    • VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642
      VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642

      @The Doom Slayer r/woooosh

  • jajadu

    The moment when the phone case costs more than the phone

  • Zukulemto

    “Hey come back i have a grease proof controller”. That sounded just like me making new friends

  • Baha Imran
    Baha Imran

    4:57 I thought it was a winner winner chicken dinner joke Edit after a long time: wow 400 likes!? Thanks guys!

    • Iron

      Im the 500 guy

    • Chump

      It is? It’s a pubg controller that happens to be grease proof for all your winner winner chicken dinners

    • purgevvs


    • HybrydATP64

      Me too

    • Anomaly Detection Algorithm
      Anomaly Detection Algorithm

      Blitz Gaming EYYY'N

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez

    When a case is more expensive then the actual phone

  • Kit Man
    Kit Man

    For a second, when I looked on the photo of this video, I thought it looked more like a Xbox One controller swimming in Mac and Cheese. But now I realize that it's swimming in Chicken. Reality check. LOL. :)

  • Spectactular Chair
    Spectactular Chair

    Best how to video of all time.

  • Tobias Samsonsen
    Tobias Samsonsen

    Me watching this in November: Austin: nut pro 2

    • Tobias Samsonsen
      Tobias Samsonsen

      @Ngozi Bowman ahhh, i see you're a man of culture as well

    • Ngozi Bowman
      Ngozi Bowman

      SAME except 2020

    • Teo’s Tech
      Teo’s Tech


    • Namialus137


    • Rob Sardjoepersad
      Rob Sardjoepersad


  • Moxie Beast
    Moxie Beast

    “Would you say it was a bust?” “No, no, no!” 😂😂😂 holy F titanium phone case and grease proof controllers 😱😱😱

    • Torin Landyn
      Torin Landyn

      @Simon Aaron instablaster ;)

    • Simon Aaron
      Simon Aaron

      Sorry to be so off topic but does anyone know a tool to get back into an instagram account? I was dumb forgot the account password. I would love any assistance you can offer me!

    • Marcos Mata
      Marcos Mata

      @Cavey Möth dhgfrrfrrrrrrrrrr

    • Emerald Portal 9000
      Emerald Portal 9000

      5th time watching this and I finally got it 🤣

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      This phone kind of succ'd.

  • Lucas H.
    Lucas H.

    1:23 Austin: Takes an amazing picture and says it’s not bad but it’s not good. Me who has a used iPhone 5:

  • Carl Lamour
    Carl Lamour

    Wow I could’ve got a whole PC with that money

  • Brayden Huff
    Brayden Huff

    Imagine buying a case more xpensive then the phone

  • Rotten

    Okay, That metal IPhone case is more expensive then my whole pc gaming setup. Ridiculous. And his face tho

  • Zortec

    *MUCH better value than ITmores Rewind!*

    • Mr. Angad
      Mr. Angad

      @hacker hac ikr how it feels

    • Seqtour


    • Akhil Sunil
      Akhil Sunil

      @Mr. Angad 😒

    • Varad Gauthankar
      Varad Gauthankar


    • chris poland
      chris poland

      Male Duck 😒

  • Olly255

    The titanium case costs more than the phone...

  • Flexx

    The phone case is completely useless if your phone drops on a pointed stone with the camera or display

  • hoverexe

    Finally the Nut Pro 2 we have been waiting

  • Rob's Tech
    Rob's Tech

    That case is more expensive then s10+ lol the 128gb model lol

    • Sylver


  • Hatsuki

    "Who gave ken the company credit card"-Austin evans 2018

  • Abdulkalam K.s
    Abdulkalam K.s

    Gets a case for 1500$,for a iPhone X Reality;It cost more than the phone!

    • Thicc Lettuce
      Thicc Lettuce


  • Josh Fidkevich
    Josh Fidkevich

    Dang that case is more than almost 4 times more than my phine

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan

    When ur phone case costs more than ur phone itself lol

  • PyroClaymore

    2:19 Austin: Ken is this what you always wanted? 2:24 Ken: Yeah, a friend. 2:25: PyroClaymore: *Leaves Chat*

  • Dharren LGND
    Dharren LGND

    When your case costs more than your phone

  • 8pixl

    me: wait for it Ken: comes up with a new nut joke


    I was interested in the keyboard until I saw the price tag...

  • PJbutAnimated

    This series should be renamed as "Ken Wastes Austin's Money"

  • TrinityWolf

    4:57 my man was flexing his air pods

    • Mrpiggyguy

      @c1.b4l has 1k likes it's not funny but it's kinda funny just a lil bit

    • black

      Tre’ Talks its a joke, not a dick, don’t take it too hard

    • c1.b4l

      @LukzForEver tbh that's not a woosh cuz the joke wasn't funny

    • Chrz Plays
      Chrz Plays

      LukzForEver r/wooooosh

    • Aidan A
      Aidan A

      TrinityWolf no

  • Teo Jeo
    Teo Jeo

    please sbd explain this to me, how is it a greaseproof controller when there's grease all over it?

  • Brycedoes_Vr 64
    Brycedoes_Vr 64

    Can't wait for the nut pro 3 and 4

  • Ricepow3r

    when the iPhone case costs more than the actual iPhone

  • GG01

    If you buy the Nut Pro 2 in November, I guess you could say that you've failed No Nut November.

  • Reda

    2:53 Big Smoke, is that you?

    • Vinny the player
      Vinny the player



      @Internet Mouse yo I'm such a big fan.But I thought you were dead


      Only the og San Andreas players will know

    • JDMDOGZz

      no hes at 2:41

    • Kaif Khan
      Kaif Khan

      No it isnt


    Love the intro it's a classic

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    When your phone case costs more than your actually phone

  • FranaPea

    Thankyou, this shall be very helpful in the future

  • The kash With a k
    The kash With a k

    When the phone cover costs more than the phone

  • Ahmed Alrawi
    Ahmed Alrawi

    *_the case ismore expensive than the iphone_*

  • RuviaPawz

    When you're phone case cost more than your phone

  • uwu

    when you want your phone to look like a drone

  • Tech

    Austin: this is coming out of your christmas bonus LMAO

  • Cheese biscuit
    Cheese biscuit

    When I saw the thumbnail I was more interested in the chicken than the controller

  • Alfie 💎
    Alfie 💎

    Hey guys Austin here!! Every flipping video. This is content guys!!! So funny

  • Lightning7312

    3:32 That phone case is worth more than my pc

  • Aron Sumisu
    Aron Sumisu

    “Heeeyy guys this is aussstin” *gives a meme stance*

  • Aurelio Tomas Turbao
    Aurelio Tomas Turbao

    I'm Chinese and I can confirm that it actually is in fact the Nut Pro 2.

  • L

    Why would you spend $1500 when you could just buy another iphone as a backup and two cheaper cases. 🤣

  • Jamin 69
    Jamin 69

    I need an Amazon link for the “Ctrl Keyboard”

  • Jason Reitz
    Jason Reitz

    When your phone case cost more than your phone

  • SweetGherkinz

    oh hey, i see you're using that $1 DELL standard mouse (I assume it's that price.) I have one as well.

  • Tech Thusiast
    Tech Thusiast

    Alternatively, give it to me to waste it on your behalf...

    • Eivan Barnes
      Eivan Barnes

      @AxxL two hands*

    • Ahmed Hafedh
      Ahmed Hafedh

      AxxL ummmm, ok. Weird but I’ll take it

    • Gil Horev
      Gil Horev

      @AxxL there probably the lynx and calamity skins from Fortnite 😁😁😁

    • Akari_اكـــاري

      @AxxL weird flex but ok*

    • A Akd
      A Akd

      @AxxL Nobody asked but k...

  • Yes

    The massdrop ctrl was Ken's keyboard at the first broke vs pro


    Yes I'm and definitely going to do this cause it is fun 😂

    • samuel24747

      Do what fortnite kid The whole video??

  • The Warden
    The Warden

    I just realized they used that keyboard in broke vs pro gaming

  • Niqht

    Well what if the side of your phone hits an edge.. Lmao thats gonna be good