How to Build a Gaming PC in 2021
Our full 2021 gaming PC build computer tutorial! 🛠
Get a Free 32GB Flash Drive and 32GB Micro SD Card at Micro Center:
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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X:
Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER AMD AM4 ATX Motherboard:
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Samsung 980 PRO Series 500GB SSD:
NZXT C750 80 Plus Gold ATX Fully Modular Power Supply:
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  • Lennon Dorsey
    Lennon Dorsey

    This costs like 5000 bucks tho I don’t feel like adding up all the prices so I might be wrong

  • Jonathan Hilario
    Jonathan Hilario

    Why tf yiu had the mask on

  • Dawson Childers
    Dawson Childers

    Can anyone out there give me a price range that graphics card would normally be at - before prices skyrocketed? I want to keep an eye on things and see if they “normalize,” but I don’t know what normal is. I’m seeing them listed at 1,700 bucks, which seems steep, considering many months old comments price the whole build at 1,300. Any info would be appreciated

  • Tony The German Shepherd
    Tony The German Shepherd

    It was fine in the beginning , then he started talking enchantment table lmao

  • Paul

    So is this a top end pc build? Not got a clue but really want to build my own pc.

  • AUgameplayz

    Does this support VR?

  • Serits _
    Serits _

    uhh how did you find the gpu????!?!?

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi


  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan

    How much did the build cost???

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

      USD $1957 (online) or £2108 in the UK

  • baha

    Me about to drive out to a Microcenter to get parts

  • Resell CA
    Resell CA

    The present bowling mathematically plan because story precisely scrape down a lively bibliography. pink, groovy accelerator

  • Jemal Hassen
    Jemal Hassen

    will there be a difference if i use 510 elite case ?

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

      The H510 Elite comes with 2 RGB fans, and has a transparent front.

  • Kaiden Kesterton
    Kaiden Kesterton

    Just me watching something I can’t afford

  • the tater king
    the tater king

    I wish micro center sponsers me u can just take a 3070 off a shelf free of charge

  • Sai Zebadiah Mallick
    Sai Zebadiah Mallick

    Very nice

  • Geoffrey Grant
    Geoffrey Grant

    This is all I had to follow to build mine. Also got a 3070 easily

  • DimensionSnake

    I'm gonna put the components into a beige pc case

  • Mithresh Kalidass
    Mithresh Kalidass

    Safe to say after calculating the whole price of the thing I’m never ever gonna be able to get one. Nice to see him make them tho

  • DosBagels

    Is 80+ bronze power supply ok?

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

      Yes, but it will be less efficient, and ideally for this price range you would want 80+ gold to 80+ titanium.

  • Hugo Miguel
    Hugo Miguel

    Everything is Pretty Straight Forward.

  • Vijayaragavan e
    Vijayaragavan e

    Austin: Gets computer parts from Micro Center Me who lives in india: cries in chicken gravy

  • FuckYou

    HELP it's hard to pull down the lever if the cpi

  • mtri

    Hey Austin, I just wanted to ask how good is it for streaming and capture image from a PS4?

  • Sasuke Uchiha Plays YT
    Sasuke Uchiha Plays YT

    The real question how much does this cost

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

      @mdj830 I found it to be like $1957 in the US (online).

    • mdj830

      I totalled it up to 1800. graphic card is the killer now an days that alone was like 800

  • RobotixPlayzRblx

    @Austin Evans whats the price of it all

    • Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
      Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

      USD $1957 (online) or £2108 in the UK.

  • Edgardo Shared Adame Sanchez
    Edgardo Shared Adame Sanchez

    So Microcenter moved the whole global GPU supply to that store? Can you make a "How to build a Gaming PC in 2021 if you don't have a Microcenter near by"? Thanks

  • Umbra

    Did you include having to pull back the little RAM thingy switches (i forgot what they're called) before putting in the RAM?

    • Umbra

      @Jose Javier Flores yeah ik, it’s just that maybe some people would try to put the ram in without opening the tab

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      I don't think so, but its not that hard. You just pull down on the tabs. Once you insert and push down on the modules, the tabs will lock into place. Do note that some motherboards may have only one side of tabs that can be locked/unlocked.

  • Ayush KOUL
    Ayush KOUL

    Can you please do the same for a intel pc

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      Its more or less the same overall process. There are plenty of guides online for Intel systems.

  • Frank Partida
    Frank Partida

    @ 23:08 ...Also @ 24:06 That’s what she said. 😀. Sorry, I’ll show myself out now. 😔

  • Kentaro Quinn
    Kentaro Quinn

    great view of his apple watch lol

  • Robert Hansen
    Robert Hansen

    Slowed down playback speed in settings

  • Ainsley Jordan
    Ainsley Jordan

    Can i ask what is the total cost of this? Also let’s appreciate that this guy is wearing a mask on camera to protect the cameraman 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And thank you for this video! If the price is ok I will probably try it out! 😁

  • FerriArthur LothPadberg
    FerriArthur LothPadberg


  • PrestigeGaming

    About how much did the entire PC end up costing?

  • LIMBS 402
    LIMBS 402

    What happens to the many pc you build. Do they go to storage? What happens to them?

  • Tired Weeb
    Tired Weeb

    Austin lives near a micro center me who lives in australia ------- ------- I . I I . I ------- ------- ----------------------- I I ----------------------- :yells in vegemite

  • Kaustubh Mani Tiwari
    Kaustubh Mani Tiwari

    micro centre is really big 😂

  • Charlesisnotlog

    pov: u aint got 1887.87 dollars

  • Vynaze

    great video l i n u s keep up the good work l i n u s

  • Probably Zain
    Probably Zain

    How much does all that cost rn

    • Probably Zain
      Probably Zain


  • Beats with Matt
    Beats with Matt

    How much was this

  • Soccer Fan 14
    Soccer Fan 14

    Wait, so I DON'T NEED 20 gallons with thermal paste?

  • gassug2

    the nearest microcenter is 4 hours from where i live. im so mad

  • Trent Garland
    Trent Garland

    I miss the "Hey guys! This is Austin!" intro 😢

  • Rob M
    Rob M

    Anybody know the price range of this rig?

  • puripuri prisoner angel style
    puripuri prisoner angel style


  • Dysen bro
    Dysen bro

    Wow this was so helpful i used to think it was so complicated but it really isn’t i might switch to pc this year thanks

  • Rycrez

    just trying to build a pc AND HOLY FUCK THE ADS

  • migerusantte

    Is this movie based on a true story?

  • EditoPhobia

    How many are here with a dream of building pc in the future?

  • J

    What’s the best time to buy parts ik that recently they have been higher than usual especially gpu’s but my pc used to cost 900 now it’s 1700

  • robert segura
    robert segura

    What do you think the overall price of that was

  • vidal moscoso
    vidal moscoso

    I put everything in a calculator and got $1,882.92 and that's WITHOUT tax.

  • Mehe Jabeen
    Mehe Jabeen

    how do you get the RGB though?

  • Razor Bazor
    Razor Bazor

    Hello I need help do you have to buy the cables or does it come with it

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      The cables come with the respective parts.

  • Seth Putt-Ryan
    Seth Putt-Ryan

    Can this pc run Rainbow six siege?

    • Fast F.
      Fast F.

      at 4k over 120 fps

  • Kris Hanna
    Kris Hanna

    The ready tax willy crash because stepmother neuroanatomically spot beside a highfalutin collar. seemly, chemical quartz

  • Braxton Brumley
    Braxton Brumley

    how do you build a $200 pc

  • DmnitCarl  DmnitCarl
    DmnitCarl DmnitCarl

    Hes holding a drill inside of a pc :/

  • Volt '
    Volt '

    I remember one of your tutorials completely breaking down my shit, haha. Can‘t describe how much I hate this channel

  • chub

    i'm thinking of either building or getting a prebuilt pc but the only problem is idk what i should be looking for when it comes to the parts please help me

  • Jan Kien Louis Escober
    Jan Kien Louis Escober

    How much though??

  • CamP OurTwo
    CamP OurTwo

    what about the gpu?

  • Synkkie

    Austin: "This is the fun part..." Also Austin: "Let's get to the fun part" Austin again: "We saved the best for last" Me: "oh building a pc is fun indeed" Me when I start: "this is complicated, NOT FUN AT ALL"

  • Delta YT
    Delta YT

    Anyone have a flight ticket to Dallas?

  • Fire Gamer
    Fire Gamer

    How to build a gaming pc on 2021 you need…MONEY

  • Ahmed Quadri
    Ahmed Quadri

    Me working at micro center and finally starting to get into pc building and living only 10 min away😄

  • Broken Lolz 1234
    Broken Lolz 1234

    He talks about cable management but look at his TV

  • Chris Mcgonigle
    Chris Mcgonigle

    Can you ummmm dumb that down.... this will be the very first pc im going to build and alll i heard was blah blah blah nzxt blah blah blah and yout done.....

  • Inside Outside
    Inside Outside

    How much FPS do you get with this pc

    • AliX5

      You can't just ask that, which game? which graphics? which resolution?

    • Inside Outside
      Inside Outside


  • sean m
    sean m

    i see you installed the radiator in the "it will be fine" orientation

  • rrrage 54
    rrrage 54

    How much did it cost

  • SirWooff

    1: You don't

  • Nate Jenkins
    Nate Jenkins

    it’s easy as until he starts speaking enchanting table

  • Danny Daly
    Danny Daly

    Is it possible to build a pc that runs all the high class games for £500-£600

  • SaltyLemon

    Can you do a budget pc build plz

  • Deevid

    Imma use my prebuild for like a year and then make my own pc

  • StarGhosts 5412
    StarGhosts 5412

    do you have any good micro atx motherboards to use with the NZXT H510?

  • Inside Outside
    Inside Outside

    Does 1 tb work with this motherboard

    • Inside Outside
      Inside Outside


    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      Of course dude.

  • Short Studios
    Short Studios

    Whats the total price of all this stuff?

  • vidal moscoso
    vidal moscoso

    How much is this in Total?

  • Ali

    My dude was really struggling with the face mask😭😂.

  • Haitham Nabil
    Haitham Nabil

    Umm can you please say the total price??

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    The console peasant thanks you. I now have some idea of what I’m doing.

  • Rayat Haque
    Rayat Haque

    Austin nzxt did not sponsor you so why?

  • ItsRize

    Man just grabs a GPU off the shelf like it’s no big deal

  • Sprocket !
    Sprocket !

    What’s the total cost?

  • Jamin 69
    Jamin 69

    Step 1. The best of everything Step 2. RGB LIGHTS *Done*

  • GrimFlame

    I was dying of laughter when I saw the crazy amount of gpu's that were there.

    • Lynxone

      Yeah XD

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    No, The Simple Answer is DONT AND CANT YOU JUST SAVED 31mins GIVE ME THE LOVE The GPU PRICE IS FKING 3x or 4x some dude asked me if I'm willing to buy his RTX 3090 for 4000$ FKING HELL Even Ram price is getting higher like a good 20$ difference I AINT TALKING ABOUT RGB SH!T its normal 3000mhz NORMAL Everything is fking priced up and people are getting fooled buying stuff like 3000$ RTX when the original price was something like 700$ So wait a couple of months as the new chips are coming and it should go back to the normal price like 800$ or If it gets to the point of too many chipsets i guess it should go below the retail if THERE is a 10% possibility if you think

    • Zest Owl
      Zest Owl

      @Pyro Bronson Also idk im just gona wait for 6 months so i can actually buy the thing idc if its the Founders edition or the other brand ones I just Hope to get my hands on 2 rtx 2070 with less than 2000$ So i can mine as much and proceed to completing my mining rig

    • Zest Owl
      Zest Owl

      @Pyro Bronson Man Im talking about normal not Like that and That Is an Option but Thats sold at Higher speed than an average humans speed of opening 100 chrome tabs Normally these things should be on stock on nvidia website but i seen once that rare time it came and i was like ima buy 10 and when i just refreshed the screen BOOM its sold out i mean im having a 200mbps connection wtf kind of connection do people have to buy it at that speed

    • Pyro Bronson
      Pyro Bronson

      lol you know you can buy cards through Microcenter at MSRP right? Although the supply is scarce right now.

  • Marqaholix

    What next

  • Jodie Gordon
    Jodie Gordon

    How much does the pc cost that u made

  • Jeevan Dhindsa
    Jeevan Dhindsa

    Anyone know what cpu is better for high end gaming ryzen 7 5800X or ryzen 5900X? I know that ryzen 9 has more cores/threads. But I am mostly thinking about which one has higher clock speed and single thread/core performance since that’s more important for gaming.

    • Jeevan Dhindsa
      Jeevan Dhindsa

      @Fast F. That means I am better of with ryzen 7 5800x then. It has a fast clock speed. Another reason I should get it is because so I could match up the cores/threads of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Games will be optimised for that. Plus it will future proof my pc.

    • Fast F.
      Fast F.

      12 cores for gaming is money you could be spending on other components since the return on performance is not worth it. Your call

  • Fantonic

    I wish micro center would open in Florida 😭

  • Ismynamejeff 567
    Ismynamejeff 567

    I learned how to build my first gaming pc 7 years ago from one of your videos

  • Bunni

    can i replace the 8 gb memory strips with 32 gb?

  • General squirrel
    General squirrel

    I wanna clearify that you can put a motherboard on a table as well because that box is as conductive as the table

  • Jud Jordan
    Jud Jordan

    He , bought parts, built the pc, and explained it inTHIRTY MINUTES! HHHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWWW?

  • AdamSb10

    Me who doesnt know anything about pc’s and its my dream and i just know a pc and a monitor and keyboard.

    • Abhishek

      Sane bruh, i would build a gaming pc after 5 to 7 years after i start earning money.

  • siddi

    wtf. casually grabbing a 3070 next to so many other rtx 30 series cards?

  • KarenChunges

    Autism evens