How to Build a Gaming PC in 2020
Austin Evans
Welcome to our 2020 tutorial on how to build a gaming PC! 🖥
Get a Free 32GB Flash Drive and 32GB Micro SD Card:
Micro Center:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X:
ASUS B450M-PLUS TUF Gaming Motherboard:
PowerColor Radeon RX 5600 XT Graphics Card:
G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600 RAM:
Inland Premium 512GB NVMe SSD:
PowerSpec 650 Watt Power Supply:
NZXT H510 Tempered Glass Computer Case:

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  • Harvey Munday
    Harvey Munday

    As a person who knows nothing about pc’s you are speaking the language of the enchantment table to me

    • ShockZ

      @Code Cringey same

    • nahor playz 2.0
      nahor playz 2.0


    • prxnce


    • Eikenok

      Im in the exact same situation as me

    • I Draw and Stuff
      I Draw and Stuff


  • Iceify

    “Go to your nearest micro center” Me: *lives 350 miles from one*

    • yosanjayy

      i live 3500 miles away lmao


      I live a continent away :(

    • IvanGames

      lol same

    • Jignesh Chadha
      Jignesh Chadha

      Road tripp

    • Edward Mozqueda
      Edward Mozqueda


  • ChessPro81

    This person taught me more in one video than school did in two years.

    • Foxicraft

      @Jeremy Medina das ein bisschen zu früh für

    • Badger45

      @ButtWiperInd Awful Evil exactly austin is not like other people that make a 2 hour speech on what cpu stands for

    • Luke Johnston
      Luke Johnston

      Same 😅

    • Andrey_ZMF

      I’m glad i am the 300th like

    • T Perm
      T Perm


  • Airi Kumiko
    Airi Kumiko

    I just want to say thank you so much for this video! I just built my first gaming pc a week ago and used this video as reference a lot! You're awesome Austin!!

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh

    I know and did build my own pc but i loved this video so much that i watched it completely to the end. Very clean,easy, minimalistic and clear audio video. Loved it.

  • Just Some Guy without a Life
    Just Some Guy without a Life

    I watch the whole thing and now the only problem left is the money Edit: I got my first Gaming PC today

    • Nerditor

      @CharlesRoblox it's not my buisness but how much u made in ad revenue

    • Zyle69


    • RapidzBreeze871

      I have a budget of £1000 but i can go a little over if necessary please recommend some parts I’m undecided and its my first time

    • Rocco Millard
      Rocco Millard

      @NotTheLazyOne oh this build is probably around £1000 good luck

    • just a random channel
      just a random channel


  • SlyCooperRN

    Used this and plenty other videos to help build my first PC. It works like a charm and I am absolutely in love! Coming back to watch this again just because it’s so well made it’s very enjoyable to watch over and over.

  • AttlebroStudios

    I would like to thank you for the creation of my PC as well as the knowledge that you have given me for my parents to believe that I can actually build one. You are a good man, thank you.

  • Josh Button
    Josh Button

    Thank you so much. This was the perfect guide for me doing my first ever build. My son's gaming computer works a treat. Cheers

  • Gino Norual
    Gino Norual

    This is literally the most STRAIGHTFORWARD pc build I have ever watched.. Thank you

  • Scrappy

    Total cost of everything listed in the description is 887.93USD if anyone wants to know because lots of people were asking this is just for components not the keyboard mouse headset or monitor and it might be more expensive if the sales went off

    • Ginnypigs0123

      I changed this to my currency and found out my result was $100 over 0o0 so now I have to go see lol

    • KleR 死亡
      KleR 死亡


    • turtrenold

      The way people were talking about it was like it was over 1000 USD

    • Sneedy McDeedy
      Sneedy McDeedy

      Honestly that's a good price for a competent gaming PC

    • Shean the Sheep
      Shean the Sheep


  • The Fishers House
    The Fishers House

    Thank you so much for this. My husband and 11 year old son were able to build a gaming PC using your video. Of your 6M views...we're probably 100 of them. Our case was challenging because of the way the fan and lights are wired, but found another video to straighten that part out. Nice job.

  • General_KeJoey

    This video is soooo helpful! I’m in the process of building my first gaming pc so I was looking for a video guide and I saw this one and it so happens that I got the exact same pc case as in this video! Super helpful!

  • ESC tabs
    ESC tabs

    I like how the graphics card cost more than my whole sertup

    • xci

      @DolphinLegend6444 yeah thats so true and its so sad how all the fucking scalpers ruin everything

    • Kylie Moore
      Kylie Moore

      @John Gagain Suero haha ill tell you something only engineers know! We have no time for youtube and we sure as hell don't have time for a gaming pc. And yes I see the irony in my statement.

    • Kylie Moore
      Kylie Moore

      @ClawZ This kid is 16 and is calling other people poor, claims to be a "grown man", then said "oh I went to college and got a good job"🤣🤣. Good story kid but one huge flaw... your signature isn't legally binding until you're 18. I got a good laugh at I thank you for that.

    • pyrav2

      @Chief Succ wtf

    • John Gagain Suero
      John Gagain Suero

      @imfastasfrickboi I don't know if i can take that bet because you would win 100% of the time. What's funny is that he said he has a good job in the field but is also still going to college. No engineering student, unless they are some prodigy, gets a good job in the industry right away. They might get a good paid internship, but not a full on job. Senior engineers would need to train them first out of college and even then they have to compete for the positions. So yeah, you would win every time.

  • Ray Richardson
    Ray Richardson

    Just built my first pc using this! So helpful, thanks dude!

  • X3CJB

    never would have thought something that looks so complicated is actually really simple.

    • MasonButter

      it took me more then 8 hours so far and i’m not done

    • ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ ꧂
      ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ ꧂

      Can i ask you a question why is your name a minecraft trident enchantment

    • Tech

      The hardest part is getting the money 😢

    • Escofortnite gamer
      Escofortnite gamer

      I’m just gonna copy the exact build with everything he did

    • Anthony Dube
      Anthony Dube

      How much do u think all those parts will cost without the headset?

  • yo Webby
    yo Webby

    Thanks a lot for this! Completed in less than 2hours. It is a lot less intimidating that it seems. The hardest part was putting the M.2 SSD screw in😂

    • Mya May
      Mya May

      on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate this pc.I want to build it but i wanted to know if it ran games good and wasn't slow or anything.

  • Yula1790

    You make it look simple and easy and I appreciate you.

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson

    Well, thanks to this tutorial, I managed to get the GPU, the CPU, the SSD and RAM all installed with little hassle, but now I'm at the part of cable management and tried testing to see if it would work. Nada, save for the RGB lights. The tower itself won't turn on.

  • Marikit Avendano
    Marikit Avendano

    Thank you so much for this video! I wanted to build my own PC but I have no idea what goes where, this is really helpful!

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog

    Me adding to watch later as if I’m not broke

    • The Industry
      The Industry

      @zuki you do realize that the human eye cannot see any difference past 60 frames right? Stop trying to act like you know what you’re talking about, just because your daddy Ninja can run 140 FPS and up doesn’t mean it actually matters 😂😂😂

    • The Industry
      The Industry

      @zuki You don’t need a high end pc for fortnite, my started PC (GTX 970, 4GB Ram, Intel 3470 CPU) can run it easily at 60 fps. I bought this pc on letgo for 200 bucks

    • 10 poon
      10 poon

      I have a list of videos called for when I have money

    • Blxck


    • ThisChannelSucks


  • JustRandon

    This helped me decide on my components for my first pc. Thanks Austin!!

  • Dazzled

    I’m about to have a meltdown figuring out the things I need for a pc 😂

    • Sheridan Nevins
      Sheridan Nevins

      omg sameeee

    • Kylie Moore
      Kylie Moore

      Thats actually a requirement. You know people who repair computers as a job? Yep, their sanity is completely gone. The cycle goes like this 1. Research computer parts 2. Get overwhelmed 3. Have a mental breakdown and give up 4. Seriously question what you're doing with your life 5. Repeat.

  • Maximus9900

    I just built my first PC using your video, thank you for the tips!

  • Mr. Steal yo shicken nuggies
    Mr. Steal yo shicken nuggies

    this video is very informative and was extremely helpful. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  • Jerry

    me: has built well over 10 computers also me: ah yes i would like to learn how to build a gaming pc in 2020

    • Alfie Elliott
      Alfie Elliott

      When moving a mobo from cases, can i keep the cpu nd cooler attached or do i need to uninstall and reinstall

    • Floris de Vries
      Floris de Vries

      It's been soo long😂

    • Areutriggeredlol

      Jerry lol gimme a pc my pc sucks

    • Pengi

      Me: didn’t ask how many PCs you have built. You: wrights this comment. Jk

    • ethanAOE


  • Ultraman8901

    Thanks for helping me! My friend is going to help me build my own gaming PC, and this helped to get me started so I won't be completely useless when we begin building.

  • M Hos
    M Hos

    Nice video, question do intel cpu's come with thermal paste as well or do you still have to manually apply them? Thanks!

    • nevameant2be

      they come with thermal paste pre applied

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    As someone that is a beginner with building pc's this was VERY well explained no confusion what so ever. Thank you so much!!

  • Serg L
    Serg L

    A lot has changed from the time I use to build my PC. Graphic cards have there own ram & CPU, HDD hard drives were a pain & liquid cooling i could never get the amount right LOL. things gotten so much smaller, tower looks clean love it good job. also you got it up 1st try. no errors, almost never happened to me LOL

  • I sold my kidneys for YouTube premuim
    I sold my kidneys for YouTube premuim

    My wallet: Where did 80% of our PC budget go? Me: Laughs in RGB

    • Jerm

      Just line the corners of the pc with LED strips.

    • Randomizedcontent

      I go with minimal to no rgb

    • Amber Jones
      Amber Jones

      Me adding to watch later as if I’m not broke

    • _ Leonix _
      _ Leonix _

      Never forget RGB gives you more fps🌈

    • Don't Ask
      Don't Ask

      @vsg20X __ I would say rgb looks cool af but I don't have the money for that so I wouldn't get it. Also i don't have a glass case so you wouldn't see jack shit

  • Charlie Kopfler
    Charlie Kopfler

    Why is Austin so good at making tutorials?

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez

    I legit bought all the same parts except for the case last year and I’m supper satisfied. Thanks Austin 😅

  • Hieu Lam
    Hieu Lam

    Thank you very much. It is really an awesome video. My 11- year-old son actually convinced me to let him build similar a pc as your video suggests. He's got all the parts and excitedly installed it today. After 2 hrs of working on it, he said he was ready to turn it on. When he connected to his monitors and turned the PC on, all the cool lights and fans were on. However, there was no display on his monitor...He was crying so hard!!! Now, I have to find out what wrong...

    • Bryan Owen
      Bryan Owen

      Ok so this pc was built in 2010 i changed the old parts with new one but when i start pc the monitor showed no display and the usb ports stoped working, then i met RYANSROOM617 on Instagram he help me setup my PC back and is working perfectly, he also helped my kids unbanned their ps4 .. He's a pro hacker and legit 👩‍💻 You can also text him on WhatsApp +1 442 233 0240...

    • I'm funny
      I'm funny

      @Hieu Lam well congrats. Hope you and your sons having a good day

    • Hieu Lam
      Hieu Lam

      Actually, he found out from other youtube video that he needed to hook up his HDMI to GPU port instead of from motherboard port. That resolved his display issue...This video did not mention that info however...It costed him a day to find out...

    • I'm funny
      I'm funny

      @Hieu Lam check the power cord and maybe the wire. Could be loose or something

    • Hieu Lam
      Hieu Lam

      @I'm funny nothing at all...just blank. thanks

  • SirTaxEvasion

    I built my pc with this guide. Thank you, it works like a dream.

    • Lucas Figueroa
      Lucas Figueroa

      How much was it?

  • fone

    Austin: Builds a PC every year Me: *Buys a £20 motherboard and has already run out of budget*

    • Will M
      Will M

      @sneed And who said this dude is an adult paying his own living expenses?

    • Will M
      Will M

      @sneed It's still possible. My older brother lives alone and bought the parts to his PC.

    • sneed

      @Will M Yes, saving up for a first world country 13 year old is easy. You don't pay bills, you don't buy your own food with your own money and you have plenty of free time. Think before speaking.

    • Will M
      Will M

      @Georgitzu just dont fuck it up lmao a 20 dollar motherboard is shit

    • Will M
      Will M

      @fone If your 18+ or you can ask older gurdian of yours to invest in the stock market, what you basicly do is just buy shares cheap and sell them when they go up to earn profit

  • Amirul Hafeez
    Amirul Hafeez

    I watched a lot of HOW TO BUILD A PC for a long time already without owning a PC, but I feel like a pro when I am currently on my way to build my first PC.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I remember the days where you can go to the nearest Micro Center and get the parts you need and everything being in stock. How good we had it in early 2020!

  • ILD

    For people who don't know anything about building PCs, you can learn one thing from this video: don't push it, slide it in gently!

  • Maxter_Zap

    Keeping this video on my favorite's list. Buying stuff one piece at a time so Imma watch it as I start building it, over the course of a year or so

  • A Life in Animation
    A Life in Animation

    This made me WAY LESS confused on building a PC

    • ChinaLeone


    • Nigga


    • Rihan

      ​@Mr Ankles what about me, i have a $300 one and the difference is im upgrading it later

    • A Life in Animation
      A Life in Animation

      Please note that 1. This is around 380 bucks and 2. this is what I would do as I'm planning on building this

    • Lera Box
      Lera Box

      Hey um I have a 370$ budget what specs should I get ?

  • SauceBroskie

    I’m currently at around 18 mins and I heard the words “cable management.” I looked at my build so far and about two mins later I’m on the floor crying and my dog is hiding in the corner.

    • Worm_Vir

      did u get the hang of it lol?

    • Finnley Gordon
      Finnley Gordon

      LOL 😆

    • oPlains

      @SauceBroskie laughing

    • WetBlox

      f. that issad

    • SauceBroskie

      @Derek Gleason lol

  • Stephen Goh
    Stephen Goh

    Super wonderful! Love it. Thank you.

  • Firecrest Fanatics
    Firecrest Fanatics

    i'm very curious to know how long this build has lasted, my experience with that brand of PSU is not very positive, having ruined multiple rigs with multiple versions of their PSUs.

  • Alexander Jesus
    Alexander Jesus

    Me coming back when I finally have all my pc parts

    • Gary Williams
      Gary Williams

      How’s it going?

  • Bikelife Vas
    Bikelife Vas

    I was like oh nice it’s not that expensive to build a PC Graphics card: hold my beer

    • Siccboi _27
      Siccboi _27

      Since coronavirus the cost of graphics cards has exploded exponentially. Reason number one being that people are investing more into indoor recreational activity since the coronavirus due to the lockdowns. Secondly because the places that create, engineer, and build them are shut down or have low employment so they are not making them as fast as usual. Combine those two things with the facts of simple economics in that the more a product is purchased or the more rare it is which is both happening here, the more the price is going to go up. If you’re looking to start PC gaming right now you have picked a rough time but I just started my first build yesterday myself. Just make sure to look all over the Internet for secure websites where you might find a diamond in the rough for a good price. Other than that hope you’re ready to pay up lol.

    • Espix Ace
      Espix Ace

      Nah da CPU

    • Korci Diamond
      Korci Diamond

      @Hamsterdam Doubt...Have you looked at crypto currency?

    • Davyan Vazquez
      Davyan Vazquez

      Nvm its 733 i was off by 100

    • Davyan Vazquez
      Davyan Vazquez

      Ye the entire thing cost I THINK 833 bucks

  • Kylee Milam
    Kylee Milam

    Thank you so much!!! you explained everything greatly and I understood....some of it 😀 no but fr this helped alot thanks!

  • Patriks Vanags
    Patriks Vanags

    Im getting my first ever pc and im really excited and this vid really helped me understand how to build a pc without breaking anything

  • Andre_OE

    This is the very video that got me addicted to pc madness. Good going Austin

  • Archie Sutherland
    Archie Sutherland

    Tip for those on a budget: the Ryzen 5 3600 is just a tiny bit worse (roughly 5 percent) than the 3600X for only 2/3 the price. Something to keep in mind.

  • Tnooti

    Me: spends an entire month watching yt vids to build a pc Austin: builds a pc in 22mins

    • iStaffz

      would this run warzone at 165 fps and at 1440p?

    • Apianbelle Archive
      Apianbelle Archive

      you know, most of the video has been cut down so the build took more like an hour. take it from someone who knows how to build entry level systems, they take at least half an hour. so... I know this is a meme but... just so you know, it takes longer than 22 minutes. just saiyan

    • lab galaxy
      lab galaxy

      I'm waiting for the 3050Ti so it'll probably take me more than a month

    • The Motherfucker
      The Motherfucker

      I doubt he built it in 22 minutes, he probably edited out unimportant parts and stuff so the video wouldn't be as long

    • Crazy Tiger Spy
      Crazy Tiger Spy

      You guys talking about these new cards and me as a console peasant is still impressed on how well my gtx 1650 super will perform lol

  • ChillinScar

    Hey there.... my gosh you have no idea how helpful your video was... i am building a gaming pc and this helped me connect the dots.. spot on.. 😍

  • PuffTV

    I got a bunch of parts for Christmas, and im building it with my stepdad soon. I just found this so I can get the general idea of how to build it, and its really helpful! Thank you so much!

  • HoodedAxo

    Me: wants to build a gaming PC Also me: ordering all the parts to build the PC not knowing what to do with them. 😂

    • Nazrin Ong
      Nazrin Ong

      @ExtraCelestial Gaming there are cheap component..

    • Gamzeelmao

      @ExtraCelestial Gaming /j means joke btw. I was making a satiristic joke.

    • Gamzeelmao

      Just say your rich and move on 🙄 /j

  • Abyss

    This actually helped me a lot im working to building my own pc only thing i really struggle on is cable management -sigh-

  • Mikey

    Building my pc tomorrow, wish me luck guys Edit: It went pretty smoothly although I did have some issues with the power cables. Although in the end it did post!

    • spooky owen
      spooky owen


    • bruh 4890
      bruh 4890

      I'm building a pc in a week

    • DenzoPlayz _
      DenzoPlayz _

      @Mikey how many frames?'

    • EvoXenon

      Are you able to play games? It’s saying I don’t have the correct drive when I try to run any game

    • tempsuh

      I doubt you will reply to this but I’m planning on building one too in a few weeks and I was just wondering, did you build this PC that he showed here or did you pick all the parts? And how does it run, does it have decent FPS on high graphic games? Sorry for asking so many questions if you do see this i’m just curious

  • Dabbing Clan Official
    Dabbing Clan Official

    thank you so much this really helped me build my first pc and i am so glad i found this before i gave up

  • The Industry
    The Industry

    I’m currently building my first PC, I’m just waiting for all the parts to arrive lol I’m watching build videos to make sure I don’t screw it up too much 😂

  • Ellie

    This guy is so good at talking! Makes me think that i am not on a poverty community.

  • Yana

    Wow! It's so helpful ! Thank you so much!

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker

    The parts for my PC build arrive tomorrow. Nervous about building it is an understatement.

    • Centipede

      Benjamin Klein what FPS does it get

    • HarlanShakey

      Untried Carrots it looks pretty easy as well lmao

    • ethanAOE


    • Frederick Lugtu
      Frederick Lugtu

      I barely have enough for the pc (the thing people call cpu)

    • a very wealthy man
      a very wealthy man

      @Crxssairs but im tempted to sell it, Think im just gonna wait till I have the money tho

  • nahvy

    Who else built the courage to build a gaming PC in lockdown. Thank you Austin Evans You have helped us all especially me being a guy who used to know absolutely NOTHING about computers

  • itzcriso

    Thanks man, this was really helpful!

  • kidblaze2115

    Can you use any case for this setup? Or must you stick to the h510?

  • the big outside
    the big outside

    I built a pc early last year and I watched you video "How to Build a Gaming PC in 2020" and my system posted first time! I finished my 2nd PC yesterday and watched this video posted first time! Great build guide!

  • Yusei 5Ds
    Yusei 5Ds

    Looks amazing. I don’t have any experience building pc and I am not confident to attach all parts the correct way around (for example the fans). Do you have a suggestion for beginners?

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      If you happen to have an old PC laying around that you don't mind experimenting with, you can use it to learn about PCs. That's what I did as a kid. I would take apart an old system and try to put it back together.

  • Smiley

    Austin:Don’t touch that Thermal paste Also Austin:*Touches Thermal Paste*

    • Kobe Nims
      Kobe Nims

      i did it too lmao

    • greengoon

      Every pc build video puts so much emphasis on what NOT to do and actually act it out and show you how to to the wrong thing. It's ridiculous.

    • pHuZe Hybrid
      pHuZe Hybrid

      I touched mine and I’m scared now

  • Gaulthier Ambatzidis
    Gaulthier Ambatzidis

    At this point I've watched so many "how to build pc" videos I'd consider myself a veteran pc builder without building one yet

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer

    Hi - What case, memory, cooling system, power supply would you use for the following build - AMD Ryzen 9 5950x, ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO motherboard, 2 x M.2 SSD and RTX 3090 ?

  • Angel Pina
    Angel Pina

    Been a console gamer for a long time, and finally I decided to move to PC gaming, should have all the parts at the end of this month. So excited!!

    • Swiss

      Tom White sane I just need my motherboard and my gpu and I’ll have all the parts. Hope it goes well 😊😊😊

    • Mistyyy

      I’m saving up for a gaming pc! Ofc i also was a Xbox player lol

    • Angel Pina
      Angel Pina

      @Evanplayz Is going great, when I started playing, my gpu was steaming and overperfoming , but my friend download me something that make my PC a lot cooler( literally like 20-25°C less) and with a lot more fps

    • Jelly

      How'd it turn out bro?

    • VoltShroom

      @Angel Pina Some work and some don't usually works tho

  • Jenue

    thank you soooo much. I was planning on building myself a pc but i couldnt figure out how to do it and all the other videos were so confusing.

  • Reginald

    Thanks man this helped me build my first PC

  • Kelly Curbello
    Kelly Curbello

    thank you for this tutorial because me and my son are making a gaming computer for Christmas and we needed some help, I liked and subscribed cause we will have to return to this video when all the parts arrive. Thank you again and merry Christmas

  • 면봉

    After you have built the PC, you said something about changing the speed of the RAM, are there many things that you have to adjust in the settings before you begin using the computer?

    • Bryan Owen
      Bryan Owen

      Ok so this pc was built in 2010 i changed the old parts with new one but when i start pc the monitor showed no display and the usb ports stoped working, then i met RYANSROOM617 on Instagram he help me setup my PC back and is working perfectly, he also helped my kids unbanned their ps4 .. He's a pro hacker and legit 👩‍💻 You can also text him on WhatsApp +1 442 233 0240...

  • TheCanMan

    Computer price: “You can’t defeat me.” Me: “I know, but they can” *My grandma sending me money*

    • carlos 123
      carlos 123

      You should be ashamed smh

    • CryptFC

      How much is the pc he made?

    • SadXSamurai


    • water_king1

      I get around $300 in total for every birthday and every christmas. Hopefully next year I'll have enough for my build. I earn $20 on average from doing a lot of chores.

    • Ben Ferguson
      Ben Ferguson

      thats me

  • Justin Bee
    Justin Bee

    By far, the best walk thru and guide.

  • Braedon K
    Braedon K

    Built my first pc with this video and it was a nice and easy process, second pc and nothing will display. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fix?

  • Mr Midlife Crisis
    Mr Midlife Crisis

    This video isn't even a year old and it already feels nostalgic. I miss when pc parts were cheap.

  • Juan Paolo Catral
    Juan Paolo Catral

    I can't afford to buy a pc but watching someone building it is so satisfying

  • Memehub

    Austin: Go to your nearest micro center Me: *gets on a plane to america*

    • 0pt.x

      CK zoidYT true im buying off websites anyway such as scan, amazon and overclockers

    • CK zoidYT
      CK zoidYT

      @0pt.x yh currys is over priced and will do anything to rip people off tho

    • 0pt.x

      I’m in eu london but we have a shop legit called pc world 😂

    • CK zoidYT
      CK zoidYT

      @Marc Llorin best buy is mostly in us my guy thats why its harder for ppl in europe


      I have to go around the world, since my country is on the other side of the planet. After I am done traveling, I need money 😅😅

  • RealReverse

    I thought PC building was kinda complex but it's actually not too hard

  • Jezza

    I’ll be back in a 3-4 years when I can actually afford all of this

  • Adzy

    Hey Austin! just wondering if you could tell us the screwdriver you use in this video? that would be great. thanks!

  • Samuel Neely
    Samuel Neely

    Great video! I wish there was a store close to me. But it doesn't seem that hard! I might try it.

  • Paranormal

    I like how they make everything simple, straight to the point, i like it.

    • Gvnady

      As if Austin is one of the staff who work there xD

  • Koula Saroglou
    Koula Saroglou

    Thx for the advice appreciate it, I’m slowly getting parts for my pc.

  • Zephyr or somethinh
    Zephyr or somethinh

    I like the part where he skips over important steps

    • Zephyr or somethinh
      Zephyr or somethinh

      @Novelia Yuki about half of the installing parts process is skipped. The actual case used in the video's power button wire doesn't connect to the motherboard meaning that while yes the motherboard will turn on your pc won't actually turn on

    • Novelia Yuki
      Novelia Yuki

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    • AQUA Z
      AQUA Z

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  • splooxi

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  • Aaron Gibson
    Aaron Gibson

    First time building a gaming/streaming pc I’ve previously purchased premade or used ones. Anyone know any advice on what’s a must to get i7 i5 I’m so overwhelmed and confused what’s good 😂 my budget is $1000

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    • CFAirsoft


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    • Anthony Dube
      Anthony Dube

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    Detective Ed. Sciple

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  • Waffle

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    Gabriella Ramirez

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    Julia A

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    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

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    Justin Noble

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    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      I suggest looking up PC form factors. That will help you understand if parts will fit inside of a PC case.

  • HolySpaceGeek

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    Helix Adam Oxford

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      Will M

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