How NOT to Buy a Gaming PC
Austin Evans
Is buying a gaming PC from a big box tech retailer a good idea? 🤔
The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC:

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  • Nick

    I love how you decide that the exact pc I have was rubbish XD

    • Apple

      @KingDeathInator that’s because hps are over priced shit

    • yokel

      Typical of people who value games more than the real world. Don't listen to them.

    • Average Diesel Driver
      Average Diesel Driver

      @Torpedo Same, and it runs great.

    • XPGamerBruh


    • Dr. Coomer
      Dr. Coomer

      Yooooo same bro high five

  • Sad Vibes Forever
    Sad Vibes Forever

    i bought my pc pre built due to the 2060 covering half the cost.

    • Helxy

      @Moon Presence you right dude I spent 3grand on this pc with the 3080 and I Have friends that almost runs the same fps as me. They only spent like 1grand on their pc

    • Fastfest Gaming
      Fastfest Gaming

      @Alex Games 3050 it very good tho, 90 watt with ray tracing, very worth to buy

    • Sacha VDP
      Sacha VDP

      @King Cartier JS LOL, so CHEAPPP just insane loooooool

    • Foxes

      @King Cartier JS if he waits a year for the 30 series then it'll be sad a year later when the new ones will come out. And the new ones will be sad another year later. You can't say something is sad just because something new came in. New GPUs will come every year, doesn't mean he has to wait until nvidia goes out of business.

    • King Cartier JS
      King Cartier JS

      @Moon Presence oh wow, I’m so offended ouch that hurt me so much, hey since you “have a life” why don’t you go fuck off and make something useful out of it since you’re not “gonna waste time on me”

  • luis

    "i3 6th gen is really old" Me just vibin with my i3 2nd gen

    • FlubbedBonsai38

      Damn, even with this grand new glasses I got… I can’t seem to find who asked

    • Captain potato
      Captain potato

      @Kermit Fish that’s my dream cpu!

    • FaZe Flames
      FaZe Flames

      bruh i have a core duo

    • DeathSniper

      @Satama Gftyf Your parents got you that so... Technically you don't own it.

    • Int3rStell4r

      How am i even using youtube with intel 4004

  • Juneiversity

    the pc talk is a different language and i wanna learn it 😂

    • Syahmi Shukri
      Syahmi Shukri

      You are new probbly not theis comment is a year ago

    • To ToPa
      To ToPa

      Damn i want to learn Pc language now

    • apextronaut

      It’s like that with everything, the first time you are gonna learn something you think it’s very complicated but when you learn it it’s not

    • apextronaut

      Yeah it’s a fun language but very expensive to speak 🤣

    • Default

      same bro. I'm so confused hearing them talk about graphics card lmao

  • KEY TV
    KEY TV

    “Solid State Hard Drive” Brain: That can’t be right...

    • M1co29

      @PCDYYD ironic

    • KEY TV
      KEY TV

      PCDYYD 😳😭😂

    • Seth Kauffman
      Seth Kauffman

      @Quadir Lovell thats what a hybrid is called, a solid state hard drive.

    • Leumens


  • rgs1987

    I gotta say, that customer service from best buy was pretty good, he offered to price match 2 weeks ago. At my local worst buy I was told to go kick rocks, when I asked them if they could price match last weeks price on a gaming monitor. I even called the customer service line and they said there was nothing they could do. All that shit for the price to drop a week later to the same price it was on sale.

  • Gamerguy Vlog 32
    Gamerguy Vlog 32

    Love how Austin introduces Ken although now he’s a main co host now along with Matt

  • samuricex

    Them: laughs at something ridiculous Me: Hahaha, wait, I don’t get it.

    • papa john
      papa john


  • anon ymouse
    anon ymouse

    Plot twist: Austin actually adopted Ken.

    • ITzDzerX _YT
      ITzDzerX _YT

      f266101463 (Loud Dramatic Gasp)

    • links 234
      links 234

      Lmao yall so stupid😂😂😂

    • MultimediaLucario

      Either that, or Ken gave Austin a codename.

    • Mobs

      Plot twist: Austin fucked ken's mother

    • Yatta! Success!
      Yatta! Success!

      Plot twist: Austin adopted Ken's daddy

  • jerbil

    “He usually lives behind the camera.” Man how times changed.

  • Jeferly Giraffe
    Jeferly Giraffe

    Honestly, I would just look at PC's by myself because I feel like employees will try to get me a pc at the max budget.

  • Exploration & Transportation
    Exploration & Transportation

    I wanted to build a PC but due to the pandemic I had to buy a prebuilt. Decent for the price and surprised they put dual channel ram in there

  • ssjMaximum22Goku

    That's actually a really good deal for what you got. I recently tried building a mid-ranged gaming pc, and when the parts were added up, I was paying over $800. That's quite a lot for mid-range specs. I ended up buying a HP Pavilion 690 series gaming PC (the mid-range version) and I paid ~$600 (on sale). The HP had way better components than what I was getting trying to build it myself. All I had to do with the HP was buy an SSD (I may also upgrade the RAM in tne foreseeable future). So deals do exist and you can actually getting something that's prebuilt with good performance.

  • D Ro
    D Ro

    "Can I just call my dad?" *calls Austin* 😂😂😂

    • William

      Yeah we saw, we ALL watched the video.

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card


    • Puku01

      Hahaha hahaha not funny didn't laugh

    • Milam


    • Milam

      That's the joke

  • DatBoiArdee

    I bought the hp pavilion at Amazon with a gtx 1060, an i7, 16gb ram and 2TB hard drive for $900(bought it 3 years ago still works like new)

    • HighShoko

      I know nothing about pcs but im looking to buy one and the fact you could get double the ram and double the storage for the same price 4 years ago is crazy to me.

    • ZainXD Al-Zubaidi
      ZainXD Al-Zubaidi

      That is good specs except the graphic card I advise you to upgrade to 1660s

    • Henry Berke
      Henry Berke

      That’s pretty good, just upgrade to a ssd and maybe the graphics card too and that would be a pretty good build

    • Nightmare

      Nowadays those specs for the price are garbage lolol

    • yeetmeguy [ARCHIVE]
      yeetmeguy [ARCHIVE]

      Get a solid state hard drive :P

  • Ass4Days

    “Solid state hard drive” BOI 😂

    • Ashfi Ariful
      Ashfi Ariful

      @bluepeng889 sarcasm?

    • bluepeng889

      @Ashfi Ariful SSHD means Solid State High Definition

    • Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith

      You guys sound like fucking idiots correcting a Best Buy employee .... Best Buy hires new 18 -20 year olds every week and very few know anything about computers. Always ask for the computer manager they will actually know shit, or find an employee that’s been in that dept for awhile. This kid doesn’t even get commission just a stupid picture on the wall when he sells a million dollars worth of product, no bonus or anything. Source: I worked here in college

    • Nikolas TeamGhoulPack
      Nikolas TeamGhoulPack

      ​ HellF1re24 It's not his fault really. They're selling bunch types of electronics in these stores - so this dude must have some knowaldge. I can imagine, that not a lot of people are buying pre-build PC's in electro-markets, so they don't even pay atention for proper empoloyee training on this.

    • HellF1re24

      When he said it I was like how tf did u even get the job

  • vizen the bot
    vizen the bot

    The video where Ken actually started appearing in videos.

  • Demonetized

    That moment when your parents got the computer. Can confirm, the graphics card is good, but it lags pretty bad on high power games.

  • El Indigeno
    El Indigeno

    I like how Austin is really excited speaking about a gaming PC.

  • Wyatt Howard
    Wyatt Howard

    0:11 hey dude, a bee got in front of your mic

    • The ultimate BRUH moment
      The ultimate BRUH moment


    • Vknxxz

      Thizzzz iz

    • DallelTheRandomDude


    • бабушка

      Wyatt Howard lol

    • Pat.

      Why did you even notice this

  • Aggr0

    4:27 it’s clear that he said Best Buy 😂

    • THE invincible channel with siddu
      THE invincible channel with siddu


    • merrcx


    • Malena Jennings
      Malena Jennings

      thats so true

    • Trenton Mossel
      Trenton Mossel

      I know!

    • IvJam

      It’s not clear to bots

  • PiANoGoOSe 2
    PiANoGoOSe 2

    Ah yes, back to the old days, where the “Hey guys, this is Austin” intro still lived

  • AccurateMrStuff

    I like how the pc doesn’t completely exemplify “gaming”. I like gaming PCs but sometimes I would prefer a system that just looks like a normal system but is a gaming system

  • Victor Rojas
    Victor Rojas

    Having Ken get off behind the camera more often was a great decision. Give us more broke vs pro :)

  • Ty Tyler
    Ty Tyler

    “can i call my dad” 😂😂

  • NorteX

    I got a premade PC for $500 with GTX 970 Ti and i5-6400, 8GB ram, I then upgraded the graphics to GTX 1050Ti and added another 8 GB (resulting to a total of 16 GB) of ram, now it's working smoothly in all games I have.

    • Fluent

      how much was it with the upgrade ? bc i know really nothing about PCs but i wanna build one for around the 500 range bc all i want it for is for gaming and it doesn’t have to be the top of a line pc just something that is solid

  • R.a. Wheeler
    R.a. Wheeler

    In 2014 I upgraded my Dell Precision t3500 to an XPS 8700 for less then $800 bucks and I bought it at Costco so I got Dell's pro support for zip, zilch, nada. That's 3 years protection. It came with an i7 4790, 8 gb ram and a lousy but useful Geforce 750ti, I swapped that out for an r9 280 and dual raid0 Samsung ssd and we still use it today. Granted we've upgraded the video to a 1070 for better rendering, and ram to 24gb but that computer has been reliable.Amazingly rock solid. It's 100% true I might have been able to build most of it for about the same price, but having that pro support package was in my opinion a wise investment. I usually spend upwards of $150 on my Latitude laptops just for that option alone.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    2017: It's better to build a PC than to buy a prebuilt 2021: It's better to buy a prebuilt than to build your own PC

  • A B
    A B

    i was on the verge of puking when he made it seem like 8 gigs of memory was a great selling point.

    • A B
      A B

      @chris alonzo imagine being so inept that you think 16gb is too high brow

    • chris alonzo
      chris alonzo

      Imagine being so entitled that you think 8gb ram is not good

    • Faulty Vize
      Faulty Vize

      @1111 You need at least 8-12 GB of RAM for just the game. But if you want other things like Chrome or Discord open at the same time, you will need 16.

    • 1111

      How much ram do I need I’m only using my pc to play one game (rainbow six)

    • Faulty Vize
      Faulty Vize

      I got 16 GB of Ram, it works really good and you can also stream or have other things open on that too.

  • Super Bacon
    Super Bacon

    I can only imagine what it's like owning a PC, even a laptop .

    • Drizzle RL
      Drizzle RL

      same lol

  • Rullies 123
    Rullies 123

    2:37 why he walk in like a gta v cut scene lmao.

    • carter


    • skinfish

      I don’t even play gta but this was funny

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans

      How to buy a gaming PC from BestBuy : 1. Buy the Demo model that's on clearence. (the ones you see out on the floor everyone plays around with...) 2. Check the BIOS settings are all maxxed to what you want. 3. Reinstall the O/S, with minimal install, no bloat. DONE. Now you have a new PC, clean, and at a low cost, typically a few hundred less than the exact same thing, new in box.

    • NnruleZ


    • SirShark

      Its the T pose and camera movement lol

  • Infinite reactions
    Infinite reactions

    I bought a HP Omen with a RTX 2080 super and an Intel Core i5 9400f for 750$.The processor could be a better one,but for that price it is a great deal.

  • sirwalkboy

    0:30 "This is Ken. He usually lives behind the camera." I just know that a part of Austin wanted it to stay that way.

  • Carmine Cinardi
    Carmine Cinardi

    Holy crap I got the exact same pc and a monitor, keyboard and mouse in a combo package on clearance at walmart for $250 I had no Idea i was this good

  • Ryan McAuliffe
    Ryan McAuliffe

    Im recently switching into xbox to PC gaming and one of the games i wanted to play was rocket league so the first game where you said it was running at around 122 fps i think correct me if im wrong on high settings which is good for my xbox standards and this now gives me a good sign to build the PC i want for £700. My monitor is only 1080 aswell but hopefully eventually gonna go up to 1440

  • Jeffery Cunningham
    Jeffery Cunningham

    "oh, it's an older CPU" was made in 2016. :|

    • Name Last Name
      Name Last Name

      Guys i don't even have cpu

    • Torpedo

      I have a 2ng gen i5 in 2020. I don't plan on upgrading my CPU soon.

    • Rush patriot
      Rush patriot

      @Kevin Smith I'm just playin. I'm about to build my first pc though so I'm trying to learn a lot rn

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith

      @Rush patriot I know, my Ryzen 1700X is very dated. Waiting on the 3950 to replace it.

    • Rush patriot
      Rush patriot

      @Kevin Smith laughs in 2019

  • SewerRat

    he did pretty well, i just recently got a newer HP Pavilion with a Ryzen 5, and it works amazingly

  • Eric Jaramillo
    Eric Jaramillo

    i ordered a cyberpower pc from bestbuy and when it came in it couldnt even connect to my monitor. a tech guy came to look at it and basically told me to return it. decided to build my own gaming pc.

  • Joseph Poe
    Joseph Poe

    I got my ibuypower prebuilt at Best Buy on sale for $800 and change. I've had it for two years and have been very happy. It has 2tb HDD, 120gb ssd boot drive, i5-7400, GTX 1060 6gb and 16gb ddr4 2400 ram. Zero complaints.

  • Girth Brooks
    Girth Brooks

    "This is Ken, he mostly lives behind the camera but today he has a mission"

  • TarrrzanJay


    • Mido

      TornadoQuest Can you explain this RGB meme to me please?

    • Jamesy

      Using a LAN cable and Ethernet -_-

    • πzza πe
      πzza πe

      I got a gaming PC today for $600, but before it was $800, I got it for $200 less

    • 2KS

      Case and box

    • 2KS

      LAN and cable

  • Nando Silva
    Nando Silva

    4:00 I love how ken gets all WOW on that single thing haha love ken

  • Christopher Quintanilla
    Christopher Quintanilla

    I got a 1060 3gb, i5 7th gen, 8gb ram, 1tb harddrive for $500... But finally decided to upgrade to 1tb ssd and 16gb

  • spceshipp

    I remember this being one of the first videos I watched when I was starting to get into PCs. When I watched it back then, I knew absolutely nothing about them. Going back, watching this, and being able to understand all the terms makes me feel good inside lol

  • Frank Velazquez
    Frank Velazquez

    I have never had my own PC. I bought a mantis with a 3800x a 2070 with a b450m. 1tb and 512... 32 ram for 1600 dollars. I feel like maybe I should have gotten a nicer motherboard and a 2070 super for 1600, but I really wanted the mantis case and wasn't about to pay any more than 1600 for the pc. And they have a 3 year warranty.

  • Marcus

    I was subbed to Austin a few years back when I was building my first PC and one of his videos really helped me put it all together and know what direction I wanted to go. Back then he had a several thousand subs, coming back here and seeing he has 2mil is absolutely insane. He has great quality work and knows his stuff. He's also been hitting the gym since then lol keep up the hard work Austin!

    • SadCat

      +Glenn V wtf bro

    • Glenn V
      Glenn V

      I've been a fan forever, he's so ripped, plz fuck my mouth.

  • MrGallbladder

    I got the same HP Pavilion but with a GTX 1060 for $600 from HP on Amazon. The same machine now is double that.

  • Corvus

    ive went to a store a few weeks ago to look around for a gaming PC prebuilt and i tried to ask for one but the people their that tried to sell it to me had no idea what they were talking about and all they had was absolute trash so i built my own lol

  • ZIRC

    if you're buying from best buy, you should look online first and buy it off of there. i couldn't find the PC i have at the physical store so i got it online, and it is pretty good and might run very well in the future as well

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez

    My regular desktop has an i7-6700, 16 gb of ram, and intergrated graphics lmao. I got a graphics card, gtx 1050ti, and it basically is a gaming pc now

  • Vance Kwan
    Vance Kwan

    We need more ken, what a legend

  • Justin Redilla
    Justin Redilla

    As an HP Pavillion owner, I can say that it’s not a good PC for gaming at all. It is meant for work and can store a lot of things. I got a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti for it and it made the games better but still not good

  • Kahntrast

    I bought an HP Omen from Walmart for $750 a few years ago, it has an i7 and GTX1070. Still runs games coming out these days at 60fps 1080p on max settings.

  • Charlibear _
    Charlibear _

    I have a HP Pavillion Laptop, not many hassles so far (touch wood), it games and streams really well (but you would hope so for a $1399 AUD system)

  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds

    My son has rocked a dual xeon 3.4ghz hp xw3400 from around ten years ago but with an Nvidia 1050i He can play most modern games. The cpus are getting a bit wheezy now but it stands that older fast machines have a long life ahead of them. Workstations especially will stand the test of time. Luv and Peace.

    • Ian Edmonds
      Ian Edmonds

      Buy a 5 year old workstation for peanuts from a corp and have 5 years of CPU defense.(No need to worry). You need to put a gpu in it but you needed that anyway. You also get very special ecc ram so your system will be bullet proof as well as a cooling system that will run 24 hours at 100% load guaranteed. OK you're new GPU may compromise that but I'd bet it will still be better than any solution you could make. That case will be almost entirely the best cooled it could be. HP engineers don't fuck around. I say HP because the absolute best workstations are built by HP. Buy Dell if you want. They might be good too. I know HP are completely bulletproof for 10 years plus. Massively over engineered. Maybe that's an approach? Luv and Peace.

  • ThatYellowGuy -
    ThatYellowGuy -

    That moment when the monitor,mouse,and keyboard are more expensive then the pc

    • John Nikoloudis
      John Nikoloudis

      @Jack Hawthorne ok man

    • Qocoshu

      notJacktlego ok good to know

    • fu*k vev0
      fu*k vev0


    • R P
      R P

      notJacktlego okay

    • MephistoGinger

      +notJacklego kk

  • Christopher Quinn
    Christopher Quinn

    I bought a cyberpower pc from best buy, It has an AMD R7 3700x with liquid cooling aio, 16gb ram, and AMD Radeon Rx5700 XT for $1050. Those parts put together on pcpartpicker cost $1300. There are really good deals if you look hard enough.

  • goat

    i bought a £200 pc with an i5 and a gt710 and i’m planning on getting a second hand 1650 for £70, hopefully will get me 1080p 60fps gaming at less than £300

  • That non gay furry
    That non gay furry

    Austin: A computer with a RX 480 for 664$ is a good deal. Me who made a computer with a GTX 1650 Super for 530$: ... really?

  • Mr.Universe

    So happy I didnt buy a pc from a big box store. Paid 300 bucks for a pc on Craigslist with an i5 7500, 1050ti, 16 gigs of ram with 250gb ssd and 1tb had.

  • DJ Nak
    DJ Nak

    Austin: "What's the deal?" *camera pans to glamour shot of PC* Ken: "It's an HP Pavilion something something something something"

    • wkssuh

      Nateusz is it good ?

    • ؏ــمۘــڕ

      I read this comment as the clip was running . Wtf

    • o

      @mAtueszqw oh alright I was going to plan on buying a gaming one. Thanks though :)

    • mAtueszqw

      @o yes

    • o

      @mAtueszqw so i'm guessing you have a normal..?

  • Liquid Mustard
    Liquid Mustard

    I know this is a fairly old video but I built my pc for 550$ 6 months ago from Canada computers on Black Friday. Specs are : ryzen7 2700x 16 gb ram. Rx570 4gb, 550 watts power cell.

  • Ralph Reenan Villa
    Ralph Reenan Villa

    I love your videos Mr. Austin! ^_^

  • IEatCrayons

    Hp pavillian 690-0024 is pretty cheap, and I've been using it for a while and games like Apex, overwatch, and fortnite run pretty good on it. Obviously not the best pc, but really good for a cheap gaming desktop

  • BananaBread

    i bought this same pc and just chanced the psu and im happy with my new actually powerful gaming pc

  • Shoesuke

    I love y’all a lot, when I need to learn about tech, y’all at the right time( also LInus)

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez

    As a sales person, the last thing I wanna hear is "let me call my dad". Then the dad never approves so it's like, "why waste my time". Haha

  • Anai Bendai
    Anai Bendai

    I love how the Best Buy guy just goes to the Best Buy website and just looks it all up. The CUSTOMER could do that from home. The reason you go into a store is to talk to someone who ALREADY knows all about this stuff - Geeks - nerds - gamers... in the old days (i.e. mid 90's) - you'd have extremely verbose and knowledgeable sales-guys at BB telling you exactly what NOT to buy - why their featured products sucked and why you should just spend the the extra money to order directly from DELL or ASUS and avoid BB HP Pavilions at all costs.

  • Drizzly

    i've legit had that same exact computer for like 4 years and i really want to build a pc now

    • TheGoldenDorito


  • Isaiah McClymont
    Isaiah McClymont

    I actually got the same computer and the same thing happened to me where they only had the floor model left... It's a conspiracy

    • bryntkent escalante
      bryntkent escalante

      Isaiah McClymont lie

    • Tdogg9mm Tdog9mm
      Tdogg9mm Tdog9mm

      Isaiah McClymont umpp

    • Greg

      Luis Morales i spilled water on my rx 480

    • holmzy 0
      holmzy 0


    • F.A.

      Hey could you tell me the specs of the gpu??

  • Winter Ben
    Winter Ben

    In Asia, you could actually get an rx 580 with an I3 9100f and 16 gb ddr4 2400 for below 500 dollars.

  • Roblox Explits
    Roblox Explits

    I bought a pc with the same exact specs except 16gb ram and I paid £745

  • Whomp

    I got one for 870 which had a 1060 6gb 16 gb of ram (which I upgraded to 32) an i7 8700 with 260 ssd

  • Skyz

    It's actually cheaper for me to buy a pre built PC with a 2060, ryzen 5 3600, 16gb RAM, 500 ssd and 1 tb HDD than to buy the parts and build it myself. The pricing for australian components is retarded.

  • Cashew

    Make a series out of this with different budgets every time please ! Edit: Holy shit thank you for the likes guys x

    • Cashew

      Anthony Cazares thank you

    • Anthony Cazares
      Anthony Cazares

      Cashew I love your logo and name

    • another Fan
      another Fan

      sexy stfu

    • Cashew

      TheOriginalPain18 Make it once a month or something

    • Cashew

      aLiEnCaKe He will make it back with ad money


    I bought my current gaming pc from Best Buy. It's from ibuypower. I bought it for 1299 in April 2019 and it came with 16gb of ram, an i7-8700, RTX 2070, and a 1tb SSD. It also came with a mechanical keyboard and a mouse that I never used since I bought razer stuff at the same time. I figured for 1299 that was a pretty damn good price for all that stuff and would be a nice entry point to get me into PC gaming.

  • The Cube inc.
    The Cube inc.

    Thanks, Austin. This *really* helped. 🙏

    • purpledino

      One year later and no replies

    • The Cube inc.
      The Cube inc.

      *BEFORE YOU REPLY* this is sarcastic

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored

    I bought it 2 mins ago and so far it can run cool math games at 494,967,385 frames per nano second, overall good buy but i wanted at least 500,000,000 fpns

  • EUAxro

    what is a good graphics card to buy but not for a very ridiculous price, I am mainly thinking around £100 to run at least around 120 FPS cause without one im running at 30 FPS

  • Galaxy

    But the real question is, who filmed this video?

    • bagasapra


    • kevin consume
      kevin consume


    • Englisch

      the camera itself

    • solairehimself

      Ken. He’s just that fast.

    • Deezboy2015 official
      Deezboy2015 official

      It’s dio, Duh

  • happy Gamers
    happy Gamers

    What are normal specs to get with around 1250 prebuilt or self made?

  • Sparky.mp4

    "i3 6th gen is old" me vibing with my intel quad core 2:

    • Michael Gary Scott
      Michael Gary Scott

      I use an intel celeron from 2013

    • Why ?
      Why ?

      @Sparky.mp4 what do u have now?

    • Sparky.mp4

      @Why ? bruh i upgraded since i wrote that comment lol

    • Why ?
      Why ?

      Bro quad core i have dual core

    • DOJO Studios
      DOJO Studios

      @Arafat Zaman I'm still "managing" a Pentium B960 2nd Gen

  • Azure

    So, I have what I believe to be the same desktop, maybe a little off, but the components and design seem to be the same, and it does not run games, like Rocket League, nearly as well...Could this possibly be the fact that I have a 60Hz monitor, if not, what else could be the problem..?

  • Morad Samy
    Morad Samy

    I have a hp pro 3500 from like 2012 and im surprised that this thing has the same case layout on the inside, oh i swaped it for a ryzen so ita kinda a sleeper lol

  • FSJ786

    Austin: 300W Power Supply! Austin's conscience: Hyperventilates

  • Jj

    I wish you were my dad so i could just call you and ask you what pc i should buy :/

    • Azoozi OGz
      Azoozi OGz

      @Mr. Pickle what’s the name

    • Mr. Pickle
      Mr. Pickle

      Just join a pc building server or subreddit. They'll help you out.

    • Omshree Bade
      Omshree Bade


  • Slayer Noblesse
    Slayer Noblesse

    3:55 when you have to act like they said something interesting but really you don't care

    • Altiveda

      Nah I had the same reaction a month after having my PC finding my usb c port

  • smoothjazzaxe

    Bottom line; you can build it better and cheaper than you can buy it out of the box.

  • sEdystic

    Watched this the 5th time still managed to lose few hundred dollars and buy a pc which crashes every now and then

  • Andy

    i remeber when i first watched this video i had no idea what those specs meant and now i'm here telling everyone about my ryzen 7 2600 and my rx580 as if they're not as confused as i was a few years ago

  • Flame boy
    Flame boy

    I actually own one it's actually really good for the price

  • Veljko Milosavljevic
    Veljko Milosavljevic

    Got Ryzen 5 2600 and Rx 570 with 2 terabytes HDD and 240 gigabytes SSD for $550 prebuilt. In my country that would cost around $650 if i bought it in parts

  • Dallas Rodriguez
    Dallas Rodriguez

    the duo reminds me of spiderman homecoming

    • comicchicken

      Dallas Rodriguez i cant un see it

    • Isaac Chase
      Isaac Chase

      Pete (Austin ) and Ned (Ken)they need to build the lego Death Star together “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”



    • Reign


    • Extreme Gaming47
      Extreme Gaming47

      Patrick Geary LOL

  • Lucifer

    I’d just like to point out that ken at 2:36 Tried Scratched his head but scratched his hat instead true legend

    • Ajae14

      Fun fact you can still scratch your head with a hat on...

    • raven tech
      raven tech

      Lmao i watched that part as i read that

  • Liam Visser
    Liam Visser

    You could use a dell optiplex then do a ssd and gpu upgrade then you could actually get as much or better than this pc for 200 dollars less if you find good deals

  • Niko 64
    Niko 64

    I bought a HP Pavilion last week at walmart that has a gtx1660ti, i5 9400f, 8gb ram and an m.2 256gb for only 500 lol

  • [GD] nMint
    [GD] nMint

    My little cousins has an hp pavilion all in one, and he said “my mom told me it’s meant for graphics” 😂

  • 123

    i3 with a 750 ti for 450?!?! That guy is worse than the Indian scammers

    • Gudgel

      @Unknown 750 ti is not a bad gpu dude

    • caillou theme song
      caillou theme song

      Yup I have core i5-3470 and gtx 660ti and it only costed my 110.

    • Fred Wilson
      Fred Wilson

      It's not bad at all people keep forgetting Windows 10 software alone is 100 dollars so if built yourself way over this price

    • EnigmaCOD

      I have an i3 with a 750ti and it was £105

    • ThickAnimeThighs

      Hey English here

  • Dylan Husky
    Dylan Husky

    My computer rysen 5 2600 and amd rx 580 4gb. I’m wanting either a rx 580 8 gb or a rx 590 8gb. Which one should I buy and what brand ?

  • ThatSSTOguy

    My dad’s computer (optiplex 9020 windows 8 pro) had been bit locked so we put in a graphics card, windows 10, and an SSD in it and it can play Forza Horizon 4 on ultra at 75 FPS. He had a warranty so he got a new windows 10 pc for free