Gaming PC Lies People Believe
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The Techbusters are here with some PC myths chosen by you. It doesn't end well.

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  • Kotsa

    I've washed keyboards, controllers and headphones in the dishwasher many times. You have to let them dry for several days almost a week. If there's even a drop of water that will short something out it will.

  • Kotsa

    Im actually really surprised that the cpu didnt crash off rip


    Facts OR cap

  • Anirudh

    11:47 Electroboom is disappointed in you. The true potential difference is only about 1000v and not 3.7 million volts!

  • saudseven7

    “Trained and licensed professionals” Licensed by what Austin “by ITmores 😃👍”

  • Oscar Greguol
    Oscar Greguol

    I don't think it was the magnetism that shut the GPU off, it was because it would have shorted a lot of different components on the PCB, as the magnet is conductive. For the hard drive that makes sense, I don't think its the moving parts that permanently die, they would just stop moving freezing the computer. What you would need to worry about is the magnets erasing data because that is how the data is written and read by using magnetic fields

  • MJ69MJ

    I run a mix match ram in my pc but i made sure they are all on the speed and all that shits

  • Google Seal
    Google Seal

    i just got the Honey ad feat. Linus Tech Tips when i started the video...

  • Master Vorn
    Master Vorn

    Like the video but...toothpaste might not be a long term solution...neither is a "grain of rice" application of actual thermal paste IMO. Whatever blows your hair back though.

  • Anonymoususer 1720
    Anonymoususer 1720

    All PCs were free volunteers who gave their lives for their precious gamers

  • olivecat

    you can use toothed paste. .. as thermalmpaste . .. . ....

  • olivecat

    dont hard drives use magnetic discs

  • Katie Sikkes
    Katie Sikkes

    nice t-shirt

  • Caleb Fraire
    Caleb Fraire

    I don't need a gaming mouse upgrade I need a whole gaming setup upgrade

  • Nooblessnub

    Bloody a70 is better tho

  • Ben Perfect
    Ben Perfect

    didnt have my eyes on the video at the start i thought my pc was about to blow up

  • Steven Case
    Steven Case

    you can wash motherboards in a dishwasher but you have put in an oven for about 20 minutes and let it it sit for a few days or let it set out in sun for almost a week to ensure the moisture is out of it befor you power it on or it does fry it

  • DragonHide94

    Let's test static electricity against pc components! LTT did that... with electroboom... Let's test weird thermal paste! LTT did that... multiple times... Let's wash pc components in the dishwasher! LTT did that... works quite well on keyboards...

  • Matthew Knowles
    Matthew Knowles

    My dream is to have Austin build my pc. It’s like god making earth 😂

  • Geekmagic 101
    Geekmagic 101

    Most ram has chips from the same 3 manufacturers no matter what brand. Crucial, Kingston, Trident, Corsair, they all use chips from the same 3 people. Those 3 companies are SK Hynix, Micron, and Samsung.

  • SNARCast

    14:47 I'm guessing Austin is trying to get a job at The Verge building gaming PCs. Stefan Etienne would be proud of that thermal paste overkill.

  • Kenneth D
    Kenneth D

    Jay actually had a whole video about how static electricity in his room at home caused his PC to turn off and on… so I’m assuming it does have an effect of some sort.

  • bevlander

    Who's the top?

  • Matthew Ganey
    Matthew Ganey

    As long as the components aren't energized, you technically can wash them without harm. I remember washing a non-working bug infested PS3 that I bought for $16, with soap and water, and it worked after I applied new thermal paste and pads. Of course, I initially dried it with forced air and then let it sit for a couple hours.

  • Dtr146

    you can't even mix ram kits anymore. I bought a gskill kit and my pc had troubles booting with dual channel

  • J Gray
    J Gray

    thats a really nice dish washer

  • H.Y.Tmarkers

    i need help upgrading my alienware aurora r10 (the one with an amd ryzen 7)

  • Potter Maximilian
    Potter Maximilian

    whats the RGB numbers for that green 5:05

  • HudsonGTV

    You can absolutely wash a motherboard in the dishwasher. You did not remove the CMOS battery, and you did not give it enough time to dry. People put vintage computer motherboards in the dishwasher a the time to clean them off.

  • Jshnellar

    Im not gonna do it at home ima do it and at my friends place (home)

  • Regular Films
    Regular Films

    me: processor austin: processor me: what? austin: processor Me: its pronounced processor Austin:that's what i said. processor.

    • MJ69MJ

      Wtf did i read processor and processor differently

  • Matthew Bauer
    Matthew Bauer

    Washing PC components in a dishwasher was really intended for retro components that had electrolytic cap leak on it. Nobody in their right mind would wash a Ryzen board or a modern Intel board. It is documented online that a dishwasher can aid in removing the cap juice, although you still have to do manual cleaning/prep prior.

  • KO Manic
    KO Manic

    Dont mind me im just helping the alogorphim recommend this video to more people

  • KO Manic
    KO Manic

    Dont mind me im just helping the alogorphim recommend this video to more people

  • Geckomacabre

    Hey guys this is Austin

  • Dakota Thorp
    Dakota Thorp

    i actually still have toothpaste and Vaseline on my older computer that still use hooked to my 4k tv to this day.

  • Anchovey

    3:13 is it me or is there dream’s speed running music playing in the background

  • coding human
    coding human

    Once my grandma put her laptop on a magnet and it broke.

  • chris

    is a hp omen gaming tower intel core i7-7700 a good pc for streaming

  • op Tiggzer
    op Tiggzer

    does hen look like chef Alvin from master chef CAN or its just me

  • Specimen

    Fire episode

  • SpedTech XR
    SpedTech XR

    If only your grandma could see this

  • Ensue85A

    The monitor that you're using looks stretched, what is it's aspect ratio?

  • Ensue85A

    Jayz Two Cents did tooth paste...

  • Ahmed Mostafa
    Ahmed Mostafa

    Didn't Linustechtips already do a video on all of these?

  • KIllenchill

    would a magnet kill a ssd or a m.2 ? yall did a a normal hdd what a ssd

  • I don't plug things in professionally
    I don't plug things in professionally

    I've used this HP mouse for gaming for a while now, and it works fine, and it doesn't glow like a xmas tree

  • athar chatha
    athar chatha

    Plz make the ultimate xbox series x and also get the exclusive xbox series x the castle one plz

  • Destrolock

    Long term toothpaste thermal test? :)

  • GiroDetectX

    Give away Garbage Pc austin ples

  • Double Phoenix Killer
    Double Phoenix Killer


  • Yiqnni

    rocket or row-cat (roccat)

  • Poul-Erik Rasmussen
    Poul-Erik Rasmussen

    There is Salt in a dishwasher..... Bad idea corrosion will happen, over time or as soon it has power plugged in

  • A_P3RS0N

    15:36 i got a crest advertizement here perfect timing

  • TechnoCain

    "now that the motherboard has had A DAY to dry"

  • LazyBobby240

    I think it's row-cat not rocket

  • GodsBadAssBlade

    Ah yes, these myths ONLY apply to gaming pc's, office pc's you can do theses myths with

  • CJR-Chase

    Nice video

  • Veiss seven
    Veiss seven

    Mayonaise works better than thermal paste. It's been tested. A day of drying out a motherboard with a dust shield that wasn't removed is not long enough. For keyboards, it's a week a least.



  • Velociraptor G
    Velociraptor G

    These mice are trash my Logitech. G502 better lol

  • SimplyDivine

    mum: let your cousin on the pc. Me: fine, but if he breaks anything hes out. my cousin:

    • Dinesh Dass
      Dinesh Dass

      sweaty balls😂

  • JongetjeTeun

    i had that problem at 3:12 a lot of times on my old pc but it was because it just falls out off the PCi-E slot with a litle shock

  • NotAPenguin

    I quite literally built my current pc in my basement, on the carpet, and with no esd protection. I also have mismatched brands of ram but all same capacity and speed. This might have been a problem in the past but I would trust the products can easily ignore normal amounts of static discharge.

  • Kilian Doescher
    Kilian Doescher

    i have actually fixed motherboards in the dishwasher usually older intel from smokers that i get you have to le them air dry for at least a week and they work about 20% of the time

  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes

    I know you don’t like Linus. But he has a pretty good video regarding static electricity ⚡️

  • Nickname s
    Nickname s

    They're literally just remaking Linus Tech Tips videos but worse.

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray

    so long as ram is of the correct generation ram is cross compatible the system will simply default to the lowest spec stick you will however run into system instabilities over time.

  • Trillionaire CEO
    Trillionaire CEO

    That was painful to watch considering I don't have any of these components. .or a computer for that matter

  • Jonathan

    A day is way too little to wait, also wheres the rice ;)?

  • Colin Shard
    Colin Shard

    a magnet will always stop a mechanical harddrive, that's why it's wiser to use SSD's they ar impervious to magnets, another youtube proved this bij holding a neodymium magnt asl close as possible to an SSD'and it didn't bother it

  • Olivier St-laurent
    Olivier St-laurent

    These tasers don’t actually output millions of volts... That’s false advertising, because its almost impossible to measure thousands of volts with a voltmeter, the same way its very hard to measure the actual capacity of a battery, so manufacturers (especially cheap Chinese products) will take advantage of this to mislead people and give totally false information so that they buy the product. For taser voltage, it comes down to the distance between the two electrodes (and factors like air density, temperature and moisture) but it will give you about ten thousand volts for a one-centimeter gap. In a very basic way to explain it, tasers work by very quickly charging a capacitor until it discharges itself through the air between the anode and cathode, over and over multiple times per second. The larger the gap, the larger the voltage. Can’t go around that. Smaller gap = smaller voltage. Increasing the gap size will increase the voltage, until internal components will short out first and kill the taser. A taser with millions of volts would need a gap of more than a foot between the two electrodes. Now that is different from a Tesla coil which can output continuous high voltage (a lot higher voltage than a taser, at lower current of course) but that’s another story. It’s very difficult to electrocute someone or something with a Tesla coil compared to a taser, so less useful than a Taser. The tesla coil works by ionizing the air around it until electrons can flow freely through that air. But when introducing other things, they will actually have higher capacitance then the ionized air thus not become a path of lower resistance and almost no current will go through it. The taser however, will electrocute whatever has less resistance than that air gap, which is most things except glass and ceramic. The reason is that it doesn’t continually keep the air ionized between the electrodes. Anyways, tasers usually output between 5,000 and 25,000 volts, and that’s the end of it.

  • WeeWillieTV

    my friend used toothpaste on the cpu and killed it

  • Honest to Whoo
    Honest to Whoo

    Cmon Austin the world is running out of semi conductors and you’re over here destroying it? 😂

  • boris charles nlogan
    boris charles nlogan

    Sometimes this videos just hurts my soul ,seing all this components dying,when i can afford it XD !!

  • Vishnu Prasad
    Vishnu Prasad

    When you are building a pc and forgot to buy thermal paste............. Solution: tooth paste 🙂

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    In the future you'll be able to cloudstream the entire processing power on the computer in the cloud Cloud Ram cloud GPU cloud vram Cloud CPU Cloud SSD Cloud motherboard you would just need a receiving and sending cloud computing internet signal device and they might get built into specialized computer chips this is my theory of the future there also would be wireless unlimited speed internet

  • Ronnie

    Was it the magnetism that cause issues with the video card or the fact that you probably shorted out a bunch of different traces on the pcb?

  • Nova Nightmare
    Nova Nightmare

    How did you dry the board? If you just let it sit, it may not have dried completely. You may need consistent warm / hot air to dry every part of it. Additionally, if you didn't take the battery out, there'd be an issue as well.

  • ArtisChronicles

    that dishwasher run hurt my soul

  • derekhammon

    I literally NEED a motherboard, mine has a cmos failure with no bios flashback, and you guys just put one in the dishwasher.......🤨

  • Yanda Avisena
    Yanda Avisena

    that's some good ass x570 mobo's on a dishwasher, like whyyy :""")

  • Gramer Habunal
    Gramer Habunal

    dang it i could still use the optiplex

  • Im1CrazyCow

    HEY Austin.... Roman aka Derbauer washes his MOBOs & GPUs After he does LN2 OCing to get all the left over water proofing materials he uses on them when he is doing LN2 Over clocking! Roman has shown in more than 1 video how to do this! If I remember right so does JOE at B.H. down here in FL and Steve up at GN have done it too so YES it can Be Done and done over and over with NO issues if done the right way!!! Cow}:-o)

  • Dressden Black
    Dressden Black

    Linus already did this. Static for the most part won't hurt Ram.

  • Marktheshark

    Try cooling your cpu with Mayo it actually keeps it cooler

  • Macyle

    "We're going to get one shot at this." *Tazes* *PC* PC Survives *Tazes* *PC* *again* ...

  • Fun With Minerals
    Fun With Minerals

    When my pc suffers an outage, it wont turn on for 4 days and I have to statistic it, I think it's ddr3

  • pho cho
    pho cho

    Him: Don't try these at home Me: trying them outside

  • Tsaini

    i used to play with those dollarama mini magnets and if it got close to my laptop the screen would shut off. They weren't even that strong

    • Bruno Marcelo
      Bruno Marcelo

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  • Nannybasher 64
    Nannybasher 64

    Can some one help me pls I’ve no clue about computers and I wanna get a pc for under €200

    • Nannybasher 64
      Nannybasher 64

      @Bruno Marcelo nah I’m not that desperate to fall for a scam

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    • Nannybasher 64
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    • Bruno Marcelo
      Bruno Marcelo

      @Nannybasher 64 tell him I referred you to him

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    We have the same dishwasher

    • Bruno Marcelo
      Bruno Marcelo

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  • Ye htut
    Ye htut

    I'm from myanmar brother i like u r pc set up video i'll hope one day i ll make video like u But now i didnt even have pc

    • Bruno Marcelo
      Bruno Marcelo

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  • PURESchlem RGB-Copter
    PURESchlem RGB-Copter

    11900k scores 11400 easy on geekpoop. I think the shock test matter when it's off and building it

    • Bruno Marcelo
      Bruno Marcelo

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  • CITI Advance
    CITI Advance


  • Matt Klinger
    Matt Klinger

    TLDR: It's pretty hard to kill a PC.

  • theAverageButler

    doubt that the stun gun is 3.8 million volts

  • VoteFurPedro

    I think if you gave the motherboard at lest a week to dry it might’ve worked

  • 2pmachine

    I’ve got 3 sticks of DDR4 3200mhz RAM for a total of 24gb of RAM in my system, 2 are corsair vengeance and 1 is ballistix RGB RAM, i’ve got a 3070 and a ryzen 7 2700x system, will this RAM setup hurt my performance since they’re all the same size memory and the same clock speed

  • FAZE trash CLAN rubish
    FAZE trash CLAN rubish

    Im looking for a pc for about 1300 any thoughts

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