Gaming PC Lies People Believe
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The Techbusters are here with some PC myths chosen by you. It doesn't end well.

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  • vip_bimmer vip_bimmer
    vip_bimmer vip_bimmer


  • Robert F. Jobin Jr.
    Robert F. Jobin Jr.

    You should have tried it with no paste, because the toothpaste may be doing nothing.

  • Maor Aharon Productions
    Maor Aharon Productions

    14:35 that's wayyy too little especially for a ryzen cpu

  • Anthony Grimaldi
    Anthony Grimaldi

    Recently someone was told “even the newest hp and dells aren’t good enough to play games” the person has an RX580 sitting on a shelf, and I was going to set up a Dell with a second gen I7 and a 750w power supply to put the 580 in, not the fastest option, but plenty good enough for gaming. Now that cards still sitting on a shelf, and they’re waiting until they can spend probably $1000 on a new pc, which they will then need a new GPU anyway to make that cost worth it.

  • ChrisRs

    The pc didn't break because it was hooked up and grounded tho, wasn't it? I would have tried with the components outside of the case and ungrounded, idk


    i would love that pc

  • Moshins

    The myth for washing things in the dishwasher was not components. It was for Keyboards.

  • ripinpeace

    sending voltage thru a green wire triggered me

  • It's okay To be a straight white male
    It's okay To be a straight white male

    Already tested the dishwasher one out about 10 years ago I can confirm it works. You only gave it one day to dry off and I'm sure you didn't run a fan or put rice on it, I did the same in my keyboard razor black widow nice and clean now and works perfectly fine. Secret is drying it properly.

  • Subboy Tris
    Subboy Tris

    Homemade thermal paste and toothpaste is bad for your PC due to overheating

  • Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka

    You guys should have let it dry longer, it definitely would have worked. As long as you let them dry and nothing is physically bent or broken from being washed or whatever happened it will work

  • Chicken Mc Nugget
    Chicken Mc Nugget

    I wash motherboards all the time even in the washer machine with detergint . Ur motherboard died from having water inside the plastic u forgot to take off those are coverings Also alot of water and the cmos battery tottaly fucked up ur motherboards internal chip

  • Djandr

    I dont know about putting an entire motherboard into a dishwasher, but you *can* wash computer parts with water. It isn't the water that hurts computer parts, its the minerals in the water. If you take the minerals out via machines meant to do so (and i mean all the minerals. They're pricey machines but they work) you can soak particularly dirty computer parts and then clean the water off via drying it 100% or solution safe for computers.

  • Aakash Kale
    Aakash Kale

    Idk man, Austin wastes too much of time rather than giving more info.. I guess the community is doing the same. Same with linus,they talk with people behind the camera and the same kinda editing and all

  • Jerone Gomez
    Jerone Gomez

    You haven't tried other brands of toothpaste though Austin, just saying.

  • Ben Tebbe
    Ben Tebbe

    I wouldn't wash the motherboard, but say something like a keyboard that actually gets soil on it would be smart.

  • Skylancer727

    You make fun of it, but Der8auer openly shows himself throwing motherboards and GPUs in the dishwasher after world record runs to get rid of the vaseline.

  • Roy

    When Austin mentioned the Tesla Coil, Red Alert popped into mind...

  • Adrian B
    Adrian B

    That’s what happens when you use TikTok for advice on how to build a PC (or any other mechanical or electrical device) instead of Austin/ GN / Linus / JTC and so on. It’s the same in other fields where people take horse meds to kill / increase immunity against CV-19. 🦖🦖🦖

  • G-Tech

    I feel trolled. Are you expecting viewers to have not watched the Linus videos doing the same thing? Those were very thorough, and I feel like you would have known that. Like I feel like the entire video Austin is trying so very hard to not bring up this has all been done before. Who do you think watches these videos? Makes for dull content.

  • S.J. Lattuf
    S.J. Lattuf

    Where's "Hey, Guys! This is Austin."?!?

  • Arnab

    What if you mix ram in a budget intel system? Mixing can happen coz it's on budget.


    Logic Fantano explains pc myths

  • Momo Chan
    Momo Chan

    Did you use soap in the dishwasher? I'm guessing that that could get in and eat away at some if the connections. Might be fine if you just washed it under a tap maybe

  • SuperHamSniper

    I mean, if you move the magnet back and forth over one one area fast enough, that will preak it, cus you would be inducing a curent into the pc, a current not supposed to be there

  • Scott Cabler
    Scott Cabler

    I took a Swifter cloth to my motherboard (while the computer was turned off and power cord disconnected from the power supply) to clean the dust off of it many moons ago and that killed my PC.

  • Remly

    My dad would kill me if I did that

  • Mr NoSkillz
    Mr NoSkillz

    I can't remember the last time I used an anti-static anything...

  • Earnist Se
    Earnist Se

    So what did you do today? I uhhh took a taser to my PC 🤣

  • GoldenEye168

    Stun Gun VS PC reminds me of Electro-boom and Linus Tech Tips using some crazy electric gun

  • McCool117

    Why is Austin testing if static will damage pc components, while it's completely together? The static argument is used *while* the PC is being built, not after it's built, a running system is already grounded with a power supply that's designed to protect it. He should've shocked a part that was uninstalled, and then tried to use it in the system.

  • IRON V8
    IRON V8

    I once washed a motherboard in the sink with warm water and dishwasher liquid and then placed it in the oven at 100c to dry it off and it worked without any issues.

  • IRON V8
    IRON V8

    You could probably cool down your CPU with only the heatsink without thermal paste.

  • Menagerie_OS

    Nothing against you guys, but the ironic thing about it is that most if not all 'gaming' pc myths come from big tech/pc channels and gets passed around to the viewers, who pass it down themselves and because of that, people very strongly believe it as fact. Its an incredibly sad thing to see when someone won't do their own research and just assume based on what someone else said. Again nothing against you guys.

  • Andrei Niculaita
    Andrei Niculaita

    Magnets... Ever heard of emp? Electro magnetic pulse, ussualy used in emp grenades or big antenna that sends an emp to the entire city, frying literally every electronics in 30 km radius

  • Weenie Hut Jr's
    Weenie Hut Jr's

    Hi Collin! So cool!

  • retro gamer sonic
    retro gamer sonic

    This is why I'm only a nostalgic console gamer because I can't handle both the 🗝️ board and 🐁🐀And also I'm not a fast typer too.


    Nice Logic shirt

  • El Kyo
    El Kyo

    Washing components isnt that bad of an idea as long as you properly dry it ... I had to actually do this for a client that came to us with a REALLY bad dust/mud (I mean mud due to the high humidity of that town) and after disassembling the whole motherboard, washing it with soap, warm water and a gentle pass of a soft toothbrush, we got it clean as new. Left it drying on silica gel for around 3 or 4 days, then put everything back together with new thermal pads and everything was as good as new. PC worked like a charm for over a year after that.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Get a handful of small rare earth magnets and toss em into the interior of the computer. That should be amazing.

  • Aman Lall
    Aman Lall

    Peter Parker and Ned is that you ? 👀

  • AimlessCinderKnight

    instructions unclear, pc insisted on being one with the water.

  • Malaka Jayawardhana
    Malaka Jayawardhana

    I paid for the whole tube, so I’m gonna use the whole tube.

  • Hassan Hamid
    Hassan Hamid

    My 14 years old PC is running fine on Johnson's moisturizing baby cream :)

  • Russell's Shorts
    Russell's Shorts

    Linus tech tips electroboom collab video

  • Omar Mahboubi
    Omar Mahboubi

    13:35 Never use the whole tube, unless if you're dealing with a 90nm Cell BE processor. In that case, use 2 tubes if you can

  • lorecast162

    Gpu magnet probably just shorted something on that pcb

  • Just_a_Chaffee

    15:30 Is this what the tenth dentist is doing with all the crest toothpaste?

  • Weijia Li
    Weijia Li

    lol u can turn off my school computers with a very small magnet

  • Ghastify

    i have to use mixed ram because i couldn’t get more ddr sdram for my 2009 pc-12gb

  • Dexter Speed
    Dexter Speed

    Dish washer soap actually has anticorrosive properties so that cutlery isn't corroded which can fix motherboards

  • S-Chassis Weekly
    S-Chassis Weekly

    You should’ve given the motherboard 3-5 days to dry and surrounded by rice. 1 day is almost asking to ruin it.

  • Daniellus Willfredo Matulessy
    Daniellus Willfredo Matulessy

    video idea: best toothpaste for thermal paste replacement

  • mello hello
    mello hello

    I actually use tooth paste as thermal paste for 2 of my PCs

  • Khalil Khalil
    Khalil Khalil

    try shocking it while the pc is turned off. then turn it on. Thats how I killed my system last time about 5 years ago, I woke up from sleep from some very static sheets. Touched the Ram sticks, felt the shock, turned on my system and it fried my motherboard.

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin

    stunguns cant get to 2 mill volts, it impossible and the 2 mil volts is just for ads so ye

  • Skkytex

    respect for the logic merch

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I'm watching yall destroy perfectly good PCs and PC components on my PC made from old components because that's all I can afford. I'm such a jealous broke boy! I can't afford to upgrade, or even get a Mac!

  • DavPro

    That's not 3.8 milion volts, 3.8 milion wolts would bassically be a lightning across your whole room, its that much, stun guns just say that so that you will buy them lol

  • Party

    This literal computer torture

  • Pavedog 4 life
    Pavedog 4 life

    What I learned: don’t wash your motherboard, what your cpu and put tooth paste on it instead of thermal paste.

  • Jose da big brain
    Jose da big brain

    like the logic shirt

  • CamPala

    I used to have to bake my ps3 motherboard at 350F for 15 minutes and reapply thermal paste every day to get it to work each day - no joke

  • Jeremy Ocampo
    Jeremy Ocampo

    You can actually wash a motherboard just don’t do it in a dishwasher. TechYesCity did a video about it going more in depth

  • Jeremy Ocampo
    Jeremy Ocampo

    14:34 I just do an X in the cpu like not too thick but also not too thin

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    It is much more harmful to use too little thermal paste than to use too much.

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    Only a day may not have been enough time to dry all the water especially any trapped in small spaces. you should have used a hairdryer or some kind of air to get most of the water off then allow it to dry for at least 3 days. Also you should have made sure that your dish washer didnt have a heated dryer function turned on since the extreme heat used to quickly dry dishes could have possibly re-flowed the solder or caused components to become destroyed.

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    roughly a grain of rice? I would not recommend using that little. of course you don't want to use enough to have it coming out of the sides when under pressure you still want to have enough to cover as much of the IHS as possible and a grain of rice isnt going to do it. you might get 20% covered using that little. you also dont want to use an X patter since that could cause air pockets to be trapped between the IHS and heat sink.

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    The long ass gloves you thought were necessary to wear when using a Tazer had me dying. LOL

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    Ive been building computers since the late 90's and have never used an anti static device and have never caused any damage to hardware from static discharges.

  • ItsInertia

    Its because you didn't put the motherboard in rice that's why it didn't work. jk lol

  • Michael Porto
    Michael Porto

    I work in a lube shop and we have those same exact yellow gloves lmao.

  • master mind
    master mind

    For the water use distilled water and see if it works

  • Sajidul Hoque
    Sajidul Hoque

    I'm using a 4GB and 8GB ram from different brands, both running at 2400. Doesn't seem to be hurting anything.

  • Viktor

    3.8 million volts ask Electroboom!

  • Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas

    Did you revmove the bios cell battery? (on the washed motherboard) if not thats what killed the mobo, i've washed lots of mobos with no issues BUT you have to remove the battery.

  • ClarksCracked

    pov: you save $10 using ur toothpaste instead of thermal paste xD

    • xlolopip

      @ClarksCracked yeah as toothpaste can't cool the same as thermal paste and can start to overheat your cpu and then it can be damaged and potentially harm other components

    • ClarksCracked

      @Tarzetio 😂😂

    • ClarksCracked

      @xlolopip wow i didn’t know that, thanks ☺️

    • xlolopip

      Just to harm your 2000$ pc

    • Netherex

      @Tarzetio that's cursed

  • Dead

    'I Accidentally killed my hard drive with a magnet while sticking on Magnet RGB strips. That hard drive had 2 TB of storage. I Spent 150$ what the hell " Do you think you could have just bought an SSD.

  • David Doan
    David Doan

    Coming from a guy that's scared of being static shocked, that stun gun myth hurt me a lot.

  • The Kraken 869
    The Kraken 869

    That poor Dell Optiplex 😅

  • Adrians gamers LV
    Adrians gamers LV

    Then my 2 month pc died out of nowere

  • Gallery 6
    Gallery 6

    Hey this is MY graphic card i have an optiplex 790 with an geforce 750 gtx

  • Luke Henderson
    Luke Henderson

    Shocking it while it’s grounded isn’t really a great test unfortunately.

  • Rayan Malik
    Rayan Malik

    omg love it u told us so much hacks and myth loveu ken and austin love the videos

  • SherryKDA

    He really took the LTT video, made it worse and uploaded it

  • Duet_

    “WE WILL RECYCLE THESE PCs SO NONE WERE HARMED” Continues to show the high end full rgb PC

  • AllRoundGamer

    that pc had sellable parts a core i series and 8 gbs of ram which are still sellable

  • Masked Head
    Masked Head

    I feel sorry for the Dell pc 😏

  • Rick Liebenthal
    Rick Liebenthal

    corrosion for the dishwasher thing

  • Sypheur27

    That desktop is the EXACT outdated pc my elementary schools used to always use, my county stayed on windows 7 all the way until 2018

  • andres m.
    andres m.

    Physically magnets wont do anithing to electric components that doesn’t depend on magnetic fields to work( hard drives use them) so you wont do anything to acomputer with a magnet unless is sufficiently strong and if theres a delta(increase decrease) in the area where the magnet is affecting or a delta in speed. This will generate a current that can harm your pc

  • Bryan Vos
    Bryan Vos

    The moment they washed the motherboard my mind just went to the lovely aussie tech yes city

  • Pali33

    "That is 3.5 million volts!" Lets hope ElectroBoom doesnt see this video.

  • Doggo Man
    Doggo Man

    In are school Chromebook if you put a magnet in the right part of the screen the computer will shut down

  • Walnut



    Washing it made it so fast that The bios couldn’t compute such speeds forcing it to crash before even starting

  • TheGingrrBoi

    i learned today that because i have the same pc from the magnet and shock tests, i have the highlander of computers

  • marlon Powell
    marlon Powell

    Here is my myth for the motherboard that got washed. If you submerge it for 15mins in distilled water or deionized water it will work again 😊

  • your mom
    your mom

    I had a friend kill an rog x570 with static electricity

  • everx7

    have mixed rams in my old notebook and rock solid stable, no crashes etc. so i can debunk that, also one is 2gb the other 4gb, but that doesnt matter, but both are diff speeds and diff manufacturer, yet it works great, its maybe not ideal,b ut i have what i could find for a reasonable price, so im ok with the performance of that old laptop

Il prossimo