Flip 3 - WORTH IT
Austin Evans
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  • Zadies

    I’ve been watching Austin since the Ultimate PS4 Build, Time really does Fly.

    • SuperFly

      ive been watching him before his house burns down. and you're right time really does fly by

    • Relentless

      @Bruh Bruh bruh

    • Lius

      @Bruh Bruh someone come get their kid lol

    • Max Howard
      Max Howard

      @Tarkus i am 18 so youre spot on

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf

      Me too

  • The Tech Loop
    The Tech Loop

    I ended up getting my Z Flip 3 a few days before the release day since I preordered mine. Holy crap, I never thought just pulling out my phone would gather so much attention at work, at the bar, and out in public. It was weird, but I guess it shows that people do think it's a cool concept. Just different from every other standard candy bar phone that's out there.

    • agolloh

      @omkar Nira mithra k physically, no

    • omkar Nira mithra k
      omkar Nira mithra k

      It's not better than nokia 3310 , right? Nothing could beat it

    • Kevin Peng
      Kevin Peng


  • Andizzle

    They just need a bigger battery and better volume up and down keys, other than that it's a badass phone.

    • Droo

      @Investigate Old but charging on flip is 15 watt so it takes forever and the phone dies hilariously fast. Had to give it back due to how long it takes just to get a half charge


      for my use-case i don’t need a large battery so I think I would personally favor it to be thinner. However I do understand thats not the same for everyone

    • Investigate Old
      Investigate Old

      @Andizzle I don’t want a chunky phone, idc about charging, charging is fast, and it’s enough for 2 days or even 1 and half or 1

    • NLZHF

      @Devin me. I love small phone since my handbag full of stuff.

    • Lexan Projects
      Lexan Projects

      @Devin it's pretty convenient for me when my phone is in my pocket all day at work & things are bumping into it. I don't usually have an issue with the battery either unless I'm using it all day or have some game on the phone that I'm addicted to. Neat little thing. Picked up a 1st generation for $300, so either way not a bad deal


    Flip phones: “You couldn’t live with your own failure, where did that bring you, back to me”

    • Netherex

      They're the true failure here

    • TurboPOG

      U see me everywhere

    • Keiko the dog
      Keiko the dog


  • Pat1980

    Even when the Flip 3 is closed, it looks like a modern console. But it does smartphone tasks as well. Amazing how far we've come. Foldable displays? Micro-laptops like this? I don't need a mini SNES or PS1.

  • Anima

    Austin: I bought my cellphone with my own money. Me: what a brave man

  • Christopher Powell
    Christopher Powell

    I loved my Flip 5G, but I'm so glad I upgraded. Every concern (outside of improved battery) was addressed with the Flip 3. I couldn't not be happier.

  • Brosfight

    One aspect that I really like is that I usually pay so much attention that nothing is facing my display when i have multiple things in my pocket. Now I don't really need to worry about it because the screen is always covered. It sounds so weird, but it is a huge plus for me! I'm thining of trading my iPhone for a Flip 3... even though I'm a iPhone user since day one. Just because of that

  • Brendan Callahan
    Brendan Callahan

    I totally agree that it's great to have something exciting going in in phones again. That said, still a gen or two out as a "wise purchase". It's still just "cool". But I agree, the future is gonna flip, but for now, I'll keep my Note 10+.

  • kit Corpuz
    kit Corpuz

    I remember the satisfaction of flipping the razr open to answer calls and the immediate release of anger by folding it aggressively after a heated call during high school. But I think what's going to be a fun tech is a rollable phone/tablet like the rollable tvs that we have now. It would just look like a modern day scroll.

  • willg955

    I actually got a Z Flip 3 on launch mainly due to how much you always liked them. It's been an amazing phone so far and the battery life isn't even as bad as I expected it to be.

  • Jeroen Schram
    Jeroen Schram

    Thank you Austin for all your great video’s I enjoy watching all your content and you really turned me into a pc and tech enthusiasts Thanks Side note: I also love how Khen brings saltiness regrets and competition to your video’s

  • Pat1980

    I originally wanted the cream but the more I look at my phantom black Flip 3, the more I realize I made the perfect choice. The previous Z Flips are fingerprint magnets. Matte black is not. Looks so stealthy.

  • Tim

    The z flip really reminds me of an over engineered galaxy A7 2018, has the same fingerprint sensor, has the same amount of battery, and has almost the same camera setup

  • Oscar Vidal
    Oscar Vidal

    I feel jealous. The flip 3 was your favorite and the 3rd generation is such an improvement in nearly every category across the board. The main gripe I had with the flip 3 was screen brightness, if there were no clouds in the sky I couldn't see a thing.

  • Sebastian A. Cardona
    Sebastian A. Cardona

    I changed from my Iphone Xs to the Flip 5g on April and I'm absolutely in love with this phone.

  • Team Adore
    Team Adore

    Omg Damn As A Kid I Would Always Watch You

    • TrixietheGreat915

      @Austin Evans welcome to the club

    • Drawf55Playz

      @Austin Evans Lol

    • Neutro Plays
      Neutro Plays

      @B34r117 he ain't a kid

    • B34r117

      @Neutro Plays bro this dude isn’t lying, he is a kid so technically he’s watching Austin now

    • B34r117

      So now?

  • DaEpic

    I been using my flip 3 to watch video in portrait by only flipping it slightly and laying it on its side. Been working well so far. I need to figure out how to do the slide down thing you showed looks useful.

  • MAry-Vlog Go to My Channel
    MAry-Vlog Go to My Channel

    Before watching the video, this is THE review I've been waiting for...from a real long-term flip user

  • unmakeyourself

    Having run the Z-Flip for the last year, I adore it, but the nerf to everything else was what broke it. Once it's up to par with the flagships, I'll pay extra for the flip

    • OrdinaryGamer

      @unmakeyourself well the cameras ill agree with but it has a SD 888 it would slaughter an s9 in processing power

    • unmakeyourself

      @LucidLando like, lower camera, processor, etc. In comparison to the s9 i was running the year before

    • LucidLando

      What nerf?

    • Timothy White
      Timothy White

      It's pretty damn close. Man so keep your money saved it might be flagship tier next year or 2

  • Le John
    Le John

    Yep I agree about the wow factor . Owned the note 10+ 512gb and no one could be bothered. Changed to a zfold 2 . Till today its a conversation starter and still a head turner . Out right the phone that draws the most attention

  • Khiriel Khanafie Kifli
    Khiriel Khanafie Kifli

    I like these types of video. It's literally an honest review that is really informative. 🙌

  • RaisinBar

    I love the Z Flip 3, and I've been holding off a new phone since the S10 until I found the perfect phone, and the Z Flip is it. It's developed enough and has good specs, pricing is low enough for me to get it at 35 a month for 24 months (Canadian Dollars) which I plan to keep for 2 or more years as long as it works, and the half folded has many uses for me, and since I use my PC a lot my phones stays on my desk and I can quickly check notifications without unlocking, and it just has that novelty on top of its actual use. The compact design also helps, along with the fact that I won't scratch up my screen in my pocket or desk. Finally, the design, it's just nice, and then all the stuff you said.

  • Akash Sarda
    Akash Sarda

    I thought people who want a small phone (including me) want a manageable phone so we don't drop it while reaching for the corners, not so it fits in pockets. PS - Loved the iPhone mini

  • Michael Kamphuis
    Michael Kamphuis

    I had the Flip 3 for a little over a week and really did love most of it. But in the end, the aspect ratio of a few of my horizontal apps so was skewed, it was un-usuable and I had to return it :(

  • 安迪

    I hope that some day Samsung leaves Google behind with Android and build their own system.

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez

    I honestly love my S21 ultra and it's hard to think about switching phones but I honestly would think about getting the zfold if the screen was better.

  • Justice Clark
    Justice Clark

    I've been watching you since before the fire at your old house. You've come along way Austin and your drive and passion inspire many. Thank you for doing what you do ❤

    • PSYCHO

      A long. NOT along.

  • dmelton_

    With the future of the Galaxy Note series in a weird place, this has been the only phone I'm genuinely interested in. Guess I'll have to see what happens next year.

  • Pat1980

    Fold 3, Flip 3, Razr 5G, and Surface Duo are the only interesting devices currently out there in a sea of slab. When closed, the Flip 3 looks better than the original PlayStation 4. And the OG PS4 design is gorgeous.

    • PSYCHO

      LG Wing too and LG V60 with the dual-screen case which has better aspect ratios vs the Duo for watching movies and web browsing. P.s. Why the hell are you comparing the Z Flip 3 to a PS4?? 😂😂😂

  • Hades The Pyro
    Hades The Pyro

    Sidekey swipe is a feature I missed from my note 8 and 9. Glad it's here for the folding phones at least.

  • Ese1Pac

    Hmm. I’m upgrading from my 11 pro max soon. Hard for me to go back to Android since I’ve already tried switching over 3 different times but this phone looks really cool. Might actually try this out 🤔

  • Ian Slade
    Ian Slade

    I really liked this review, you’ve got a new sub! How has the crease held up? The only thing stopping me from buying this phone is the stress fracture in the crease that is being reported, and was rife for the original Flip / Flip 5G

  • Nihal S
    Nihal S

    i like this review, its more honest. from someone that can use higher end phones, he chose to use a z flip. thats cool. I can't see myself getting one just yet. To me its still in its beta test phase and the people who can afford it are the beta testers like with every new tech. Keep it up guys, please improve it. Folding glass in new and it needs to be perfected.

  • Tejas Pratap
    Tejas Pratap

    Austin is always coming up with informative and entertaining stuff!

    • Mate 507
      Mate 507


  • JGC

    I have large hands, the z fold feels really well when it's either closed or open. I like that it can replace a note and I'm more than willing to get on board later down the line.

  • 0522 ryan
    0522 ryan

    It's actually cheap compared to other phones, considering the innovation and design in the flip

  • thomas gerrald
    thomas gerrald

    Lol currently watching this on my flip 3 🤣 so far I love it, super nice that the foot print is halved in my pocket now, really missed that from the og flip phones

  • Just A Fellow Doge
    Just A Fellow Doge

    flip phones be like: "I'm back baby!"

    • Ninja Doge
      Ninja Doge

      Fellow doggo

    • a person
      a person

      nice pfp

    • Logan T
      Logan T


    • Just A Fellow Doge
      Just A Fellow Doge

      @Bruh Bruh yep your content is so much better. He has 5,000,000 subscribers and you have 401. You make MUCH better content, lol

    • mad576

      "you couldn't live with you're failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me"

  • Souk Khanhsila
    Souk Khanhsila

    For a moment I actually thought about getting a robot vacuum cleaner just out of pure laziness. Then I snapped out of it and decided to get a new 4k tv. Priorities, man.

  • austin miller
    austin miller

    Can y'all do some testing of the cases for the z flip and fold? I'm curious if the cases that promise shock resistance actually work?

  • Metal Cousins
    Metal Cousins

    Awesome review, I purchased the z flip 3 based on your review and I love it thank you

  • Experimental Popsicle
    Experimental Popsicle

    Just bought myself a z flip 3, thanks for being the deciding factor in my phone buying endeavor!

  • john hudson
    john hudson

    Samsung needs to scale up the zflip to 14” per half and make the hardware optimized for Windows12. They could take on the MacBook head-on. Bottom half could be a fully-customizable touch-screen keyboard/trackpad

  • Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
    Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    This is how phones should be these days for that price, we should have even more options/features too


    3 videos without a break, nice , you helped me get through quarantine.

    • Just Another Youtube Channel
      Just Another Youtube Channel

      @Slurples I’m not Australian but from what I’ve seen in the news they are only importing the Astra-Zeneca vaccine which everyone is refusing to take, so no one is getting vaccinated and covid is still massive there. They also implement lockdowns as soon as the cases climb at all, so they’re on number 8 now with plans for a ninth.

    • Slurples

      @Just Another ITmores Channel how, in Canada were not stuck inside nor do we really wear mask lol

    • xPUNiSH3R

      @Just Another ITmores Channel oof

    • Just Another Youtube Channel
      Just Another Youtube Channel

      @Slurples not in Australia

    • Slurples

      Bro Quarantine is over lol😂

  • Jacob Keel
    Jacob Keel

    Literally been waiting on this video ! I love my Zflip 3 and agree 100% with everything in this video

  • Nevermore

    I hope that someone will deem folding phones illegal. This is so, so too early to even be on the market...

  • Damien

    I have the 1st gen Samsung Galaxy Fold which I really like. I use it at work and it is very handy with the bigger screen, but I also do get a lot of heads turning and people asking me what is that phone.

  • Harji

    The best thing about filp is that you can make it a gameboy sp

    • Salman

      hell yea

    • Billy-wayne Jeffcoat
      Billy-wayne Jeffcoat

      @Hector Rodriguez that sounds awful with touch screen buttons. Still have my hyperkin smartboy that I use for a controller on phones.

    • Hector Rodriguez
      Hector Rodriguez

      Oh yeah Gameboy SP emulator would work fine

  • Cloy Calumpang
    Cloy Calumpang

    Finally! I've been waiting for your review on the flip3. Aside from michael fisher, you two are ones who first trusted and use foldable phones.

  • Big D.
    Big D.

    i just binged almost all your video's and watching Ken just buy the most expansive products because its not out of his pockets makes my blood boil lol, mayb im just jealous.

  • Ansel REX
    Ansel REX

    I think as a person who used the original z flip, you are the main person to go to for a good review and comparison of the new release. 👍🏿

  • YamiGekusu

    I definitely agree that Samsung customer service is amazing

  • Gacha Pawn
    Gacha Pawn

    cant afford it for now but im always been a fan of flip phones and for years now i was kinda sad that phones look the same. Samsung changed that, that z flips game changing. when they first revealed this i was so excited eventhough i cant buy it lmao 😅😆 and then they keep improving it. I do get your point how amazing z flip is.

  • Jc Fontaine
    Jc Fontaine

    Tbf, while the screen might get stress cracks from not being as durable as a regular smartphone screen, it was awesome and great that samsung released a service to get those screens fixed easier at the same time

  • ibbyseed

    I love the flip but as someone who spends much time in dust or sandy areas, I hope future gens fix that

  • Francesco Stabile
    Francesco Stabile

    Phone are fun again as mrmobile says. Thanks to you I'm in the zflip gang, and happy as ever!

  • BearJew655

    I watched this as my first video on my zflip3 thanks for just reassuring me I made a good choice!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This has to get way more perfected and the price has to come way down before I'll be very interested in it. Nobody wants to be a beta tester for technology that could break and cost you a small fortune.

  • Dabbing Duskullz
    Dabbing Duskullz

    Excellent customer service 👏 Had me laughing my z flip cracked along the fold and they said user error

  • Fernando A. Torres
    Fernando A. Torres

    Motorola has folding tech at the same level than Samsung, their hich system is different but effective too

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker

    wondering if EUFY have fixed the design flaw with their robovacs , they power and gear the left 'brush' motor in all their models in such a way it usually fails within a year.

  • Ivan

    The overheating issue is interesting, something I didn’t think about. But if you think about it, isn’t that kind of a an advantage since the battery won’t deteriorate as fast because of the heat?

  • The Nostalgic Future
    The Nostalgic Future

    I think its totally awesome for emulation also 😉

  • Jenkem

    My sister has the new z flip, its nice but I’m getting the z fold 3! Ive been wanting it sense the 1st fold but was waiting for it to be better and my contract ended right as the fold 3 came out! Just waiting for it to be back in stock lol

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    At first I was kinda upset that Samsung killed off the Note to focus more on the foldable phones. But seeing how the latest Z Flip and even the Z Fold turned out, I think this will pay off in the long run for Samsung. Even though the Z Flip is cool, I still prefer the iPhone.

  • I_am_ENSanity

    *Looks at my S20+ 5G that I got for about $500* I just can't imagine paying $1,000 for a phone now a days.

  • Chaperone

    the zflip 3 feels like the final mainstream product whereas its predecessors felt like prototypes

  • Ahmed Alnashri
    Ahmed Alnashri

    Before watching the video, this is THE review I've been waiting for...from a real long-term flip user

  • Jani Tiainen
    Jani Tiainen

    Keep in mind it's still fairly new technology and it will take at least a couple of more generations for it to be "perfected...ish".

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker

    wondering if EUFYT have fixed the design flaw with their robovacs , they power and gear the left 'brush' motor in all their models in such a way it usually fails within a year.

  • Junhao Lye
    Junhao Lye

    Been waiting for your take on the Flip3. Proud owner here :)

  • Pablo Pineda
    Pablo Pineda

    I want a arm band with the flexibility of the screen. It's time for Samsung to do it💪

  • Wooly

    Love your honest opinion on this man!

  • Puddingfuzz

    Austins face is so well animated when he speaks

  • black7 rc
    black7 rc

    No need for side key swiping...Alternatively on home screen settings, the swipe feature allows you to swipe down anywhere on the home screen to pull down the notification panel.

  • 10 Hour Videos
    10 Hour Videos

    I really like that’s the videos aren’t all “mystery tech” haha

  • rat smacker 69
    rat smacker 69

    bro austin uploading constantly makes me so happy its insane

  • Billy-wayne Jeffcoat
    Billy-wayne Jeffcoat

    I honestly like the form factor of the LG wing more, but they had to go and put budget specs on that phone. When will companies learn that enthusiasts looking for quirky phones don't want subpar specs. Same reason the ZTE axon m pissed me off.


    Just got my 256GB Z Flip 3 for $298 direct from Samsung, their customer service walked me through everything, and I got a new pair of Buds 2 included free of charge. Samsung FTW!!!

  • Pat1980

    Duo is the better complementary device to a Flip 3. Can do tent mode and whatnot. Better at multi-tasking than the Fold. Two screens beats one bending display. But wait for the next one. First gen feels very dated.

  • voltare2amstereo

    I got the RAZR 5g, the out side screen gets a lot of work with watching videos when I don't want the big screen open.


    I can tell that Motorola sponsor you greatly 😎 I mean the z flip is the Samsung product and the future 😇

  • Cossak Rose
    Cossak Rose

    In regards to being "the future of phones", what REAL benefit is there to this over traditional phones? I've yet to see any REAL benefit to this. It just feels likes a novelty or gimmick.


    austin taught me how to build a pc in the pandemic with no parts! so i got a prebuilt 😂

  • Angel Balderas
    Angel Balderas

    Wait until they improve the Cameras and increase battery life and get the software smoother Simple, and then totally go for it.

  • Bend D.
    Bend D.

    Will you research this device and inform us how energy efficient it is and how much heat it generates?

    • pvsweetypie


  • DoubleCTech

    If I was Android user I would 100% have a Z Flip or Fold. I can’t wait for Apple to make one, hopefully by 2025.😅

  • Jasdeep Rawan
    Jasdeep Rawan

    3 days, 3 videos, THANK YOU AUSTIN

  • MirraKirra

    If I could get free money, I would definitely upgrade my gen 1 Z Flip to the 3rd gen.

  • L' Cynote
    L' Cynote

    Samsung is going a different direction and I like it👍

  • Codulu

    Got a fold 3 and love it so far.

  • Pat1980

    I bought an Araree Aero Flex case for my Flip 3. It comes in black. So even if I got a different color, it wouldn't matter any way. The black case would just cover the color. Plus phantom black arrives the earliest.

  • Marty Burgess
    Marty Burgess

    I bought a Z-Flip outright and have never looked back. Love it!

  • Pat1980

    My phantom black Flip 3 has become my favorite thing I've ever owned. And I love my Pixel 3 which was the last phone I got in the previous decade. Flip 3 is the most fun phone I've ever used.

  • Ian O'Dowd
    Ian O'Dowd

    I have the Z Flip and absolutely love it.

  • Gipsy D
    Gipsy D

    FINALLY I've been waiting for this video since the Flip 3 was released 🤣

  • Son Brick
    Son Brick

    First we had brick phones, then we had flip phones, then we had flat touch screen phones, and now, we have flip touch screen phones.... Funny how things always come full circle.

  • Jo3xyy

    I got a Z Flip and now I'm happier than ever, this thing CHANGED MY LIFE! But now I'm part of the Z Flip gang