Can You Play Fortnite on a $200 Laptop?
Austin Evans
Fortnite Battle Royale is great on gaming PC but how about a cheap laptop?
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  • Cletus G.
    Cletus G.

    The good old days when you didn’t need a quantum computer to even get into a match

    • LdawgJ27




    • Zenko Dragota
      Zenko Dragota

      You should see it now

    • clitxz

      U can literally get in a match on a phone if u can't do it on ur trash PC than DATZ TUFF

    • Bigass69

      true my gaming pc lags in Fortnite now but didn't before


    2 years later imagine this on performance mode

    • The Joestar Killer
      The Joestar Killer

      Bro I put performance mode on and I was playing a lego PlayStation 1 game

    • OjasError

      @Strive Luna I play on 1000$Pc on performance mode 😳

    • T1G3R

      @abnerrr buy a ssd

    • Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺
      Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺

      @cilantro I use to have a $200 laptop same one he had but was windows 8.1 hp stream 11.1

    • Purjz

      Fr 🤣🎮

  • IDK

    The golden days when i could get 60 fps constant on my 7 year old laptop 😭

    • Atom

      Search up fortnite or any game actually optimize commands

    • Verly.MusicUuu

      So true! My laptop specs around 3 years ago when I started playing was an I7-6600u, 16GB DDR4 ram, 512GB ssd and it could run 1080p 100% res on medium settings with 40-60 FPS average. Now the laptop doesn’t even run 60fps on 720 100% res. They really f*cked up their game:(

    • Chara Official
      Chara Official

      I have a 12 year laptop and i cant even run The game

    • Artics RyZe
      Artics RyZe

      @INCREDIBLE SAM that could be bro but also is that Fortnite depends more of FPS


      maybe its because of wear and tear time gave? try giving it a modification and a servicing at a good place will make it more than usable

  • Alfonzo Corado
    Alfonzo Corado

    I play fornite in my mind, "Says the one with a $100 laptop"

    • Split girl
      Split girl

      @29 Shayden Rodrigues yes I play minecraft wanna play.

    • Alfonzo Corado
      Alfonzo Corado

      @SomeCow lol

    • SomeCow

      @Alfonzo Corado fun fact: no facts are run so this is a boring fact.

    • Alfonzo Corado
      Alfonzo Corado

      @Fire wtf I posted this 6 months ago 😂

    • Bruh Man
      Bruh Man

      @29 Shayden Rodrigues I play both.

  • Mxnty

    I played years ago with a 7700K and a 1070, with a solid 32 gigs of ram. thing that really brings it down is the 2TB HDD. Acer Predator G3-710 so fairly old but specd up.

  • nixk

    Back when the game didn't have Kratos default dancing😥

  • ømř.

    Its funny how after 2 years u can finally run this game on the 200$ laptop and have a playable fps

    • ToastViktor

      true and thats kinda nice to be honest now i can finally play fortnite lol

  • Jerome Barry
    Jerome Barry

    The oddest thing with my Windows 7 (64-bit) computer. I was able to play fortnite up until the most recent season release. Suddenly, fortnite demanded that I update my video driver. I tried that, and began a series of unfortunate performance events such that I gave up and decided to buy a new computer. Yes, that's drastic. Still, running a self-test on my unfortunate computer revealed two error codes for hard drive, one for memory fan, and one for network. That salved my conscience, as it revealed to me that my old Windows 7 pc is on it's last leg anyway.

  • 𝔏

    I usually have 100-200 fps in season 3 chapter 2 it is infact pretty smooth

  • ahsan barbarian
    ahsan barbarian

    when a 200 dollar laptop still runs smoother than your desktop PC

    • Viralspider909

      Same here

    • Subtl3

      damn must be an apple 0.0

    • Eww A White boy
      Eww A White boy

      @oh yeah yeah nobody cares

    • haha 127q
      haha 127q

      @A R same i have a hp all in one its a trash desk top

    • Potickles

      ahsan barbarian yeah that’s me

  • UltraTheCat

    I play on Celeron G1610 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz, AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series 2GB VRAM and 230GB HDD, 30FPS low settings 64% 3D resolution at 720p. It's actually better than it sounds.

  • vGamer

    I run it on a £400 laptop that can only run the game up to 30 fps and it does lag a fair bit and I can't make the graphics super high but it gets the job done

  • Piepopipo

    Lol i had a laptop from 2012 and i used to play fortnite with it. The experience was very similar to the 200 laptop one

  • Carbood

    “No one is gonna buy and ultrabook for gaming”. Razer blade stealth: am I a joke to u?

  • lil tide pods
    lil tide pods

    5:29 is what you came for thank me later

    • Your_Sagittarius_Bestie ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ
      Your_Sagittarius_Bestie ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ

      Thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Immortal Gaming
      Immortal Gaming


    • Komeyl :))
      Komeyl :))


    • Woon

      Hey twin

    • SharkyStfu

      𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙢𝙥 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙨𝙖𝙫𝙚𝙙 𝙢𝙮 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚

  • Connor Kennedy
    Connor Kennedy

    I play on Acer swift 1 4GB of ram intel Pentium silver processor and it runs on 1600 to 900p witch is pretty responsible over all 60 frames per second all the time witch is good

  • Jester Plays
    Jester Plays

    I love how the Switch runs Fortnite like the LG Gram 🤣


    U can lower settings on predator labtop for more fps

  • AlphaCraft

    I love how a $200 laptop can run frontier better than my $600 laptop… even tho I have lowest settings and lag so bad

  • KyloGD

    Back in the day where i thought that fortnite was amazing with a gtx 960M 8gb ram and an i7-6700

  • Pufulete

    yes you can you can play on 60/100 fps on low graphics i have a hp laptop thats cost €300 i found it in the trash and it's work very good

  • James Donnelly
    James Donnelly

    I play fortnite on my switch and it runs really well on the graphics end like 720p with all high graphics but you only get 30 frames

  • Sky

    The performance of the gram is the equivalent of my dell XPS l702X’s GT 550m

  • Layth Z
    Layth Z

    6:37 this is my FPS when I land to a house Edit:I don’t mean FPS I mean the 3D houses and buildings now the game is little fun

    • Shocks

      That happened to me when I played on mobile

    • Incog nito
      Incog nito

      Thx god theres now performance mode

    • saleh


    • Arturo Müller Matheu
      Arturo Müller Matheu

      Downloaded razer cortex really helped

    • Huzaifa Khambhati
      Huzaifa Khambhati


  • Mr. nœb
    Mr. nœb

    Man's realy thought a 200$ laptop would work. 🤣

  • C0R3

    wait, you're telling me that i could've gotten the $200 laptop when fortnite was actually good, and run it without crashing for a bit. INSTEAD OF FRICKING 2 FPS

  • PaullyBoiPlays

    my main question is "can you run fortnite on a crappy old 20$ pc"

  • ultimategamer

    Me playing fortnite on 25 fps with everything low me thinking it looks pretty good and Austin popping in and ridiculing that

  • Hyper Spikes
    Hyper Spikes

    Not being funny but I'm not the type of person to spend 3k on a laptop

    • Its_ProGamer and Editer
      Its_ProGamer and Editer

      @Pedro in my contry a 100 dollor mouse is like a 1 dollor mouse where you live

    • Its_ProGamer and Editer
      Its_ProGamer and Editer

      @Pedro yes bro

    • Its_ProGamer and Editer
      Its_ProGamer and Editer

      Me to

    • LeQuietKid

      @Pedro What the fuck? Who spends 100 bucks on a mouse, and then plays with a fucking controller? My laptop only costs about 5-600 bucks, doesn't really run fortnite that well but that's fine, and I also bought an $9-11 mouse, along with like 7-9 bucks on my headset, and they work perfect. 100 bucks for a mouse is too much

    • LeQuietKid


  • Saturniun YT Tech
    Saturniun YT Tech

    The real question is..... Can it run DOOM?

  • Goku__Black __
    Goku__Black __

    I used to play fortnite on a 300 pound pc 😂 and by the time i got into a game i was off the battle pass and was at the end of the map (landed) but my pc now can run a drcent 120 fps

  • James Donnelly
    James Donnelly

    I play fortnite on switch and I appreciate getting 30 fps after watching this video 😂

    • ً

      lmao me too

  • Basic Videos
    Basic Videos

    $1000 for a gaming pc that can run on 70 FPS?!?! My friends Elitebook 840 can run (kinda) on 360 FPS!

  • Sam Perkins
    Sam Perkins

    Just to see how far I could take it, I tried a Dell T7400 series workstation from 2009. It has dual quad core Xeon 5405 CPUs @ 2 ghz. It has 16 gigs of DDR2, along with an ATI Radeon 5450. The game actually plays very smoothly at the 3rd res all the way up to 1440x900 (the resolution of my monitor). It runs at 60 fps without any lagging or dropped frames. Overall, I am very impressed!

  • BlueWyvern

    You realize that the iPhone 10 cost as much as a decent gaming laptop

  • I hate math
    I hate math

    With the LG ultrabook, at least you can move 🤦🏼 Try a HP and you will think the LG is a quantum computer

  • Saad Adeel
    Saad Adeel

    Fun Fact I Play Fortnite On A 90$ PC And It Sometimes Works A Little Not The Best But It Also Takes 20 Minutes Just To Join A Game Because It Takes Too Long To Load Up Lol

  • Forrey's Bricks
    Forrey's Bricks

    when it runs better on 200 dollar laptop than my 900 dollar laptop

  • Abandee

    When you have the same $200 laptop, and your trying to figure out how to increase the fps

    • Deno 504
      Deno 504

      You not lyin

    • T-Rexboy 24
      T-Rexboy 24

      @Khizar Bhatti cool! What brand is it like is it an asus one or a founders edition one? I'm getting the Asus rog one

    • T49TY GAMING
      T49TY GAMING

      my intel n4020 processor is having a bad time with me playing games at high resolution.

    • LERiK

      I got a pc with i5 4570 gt 740 gddr5 8gb ddr3 ram for 280

    • InducedGraph128

      @Khizar Bhatti give.

  • Zaid Lameer
    Zaid Lameer

    im thinking of playing on an i3 4th gen 3.7 Ghz and intel hd 4400 should i or is it better not to

  • Gama Beans
    Gama Beans

    I play ever single console phone and pc and trust me it’s really hard switching

  • Tasso Demo
    Tasso Demo

    Yes I know you can run fortnite on a phone, but my phone would die in 20 minutes if I played that 😂

  • StUntitled

    Performance mode be like 120fps on a 200$ laptop

  • Pexzel

    I play fortnite on my toaster any one else have that console?

    • Chelsea Kuhlman
      Chelsea Kuhlman



      @Ivan Topic mine goes from 200fps to 300 fps in my gaming laptop

    • Ivan Topic
      Ivan Topic

      My fridge 240 fps

    • deegs_42

      I play on my light switch


      I play on a pc

  • Surge_Gaming01

    The gold days when it was fun

  • Rudy Moreno
    Rudy Moreno

    The last one looks like how I usually play on my iPhone 6s Plus

  • Andreytop1gg

    I Play it on a $850 Acer Aspire 7 (a little bit better then the Aspire 5) with a 5th Gen Ryzen 5, 8 GB RAM, and a GTX 1650 Mobile GDDR6. At 1080p Max settings (forgot what they're called) its 50-60 fps

  • Leo Riley
    Leo Riley

    I play fortinite on my calculator. it can handle around 240p and just about 2 frames per second

  • Cyx12

    I used to run fortnite on my pc with the lowest graphics until I got a gaming graphics card and fortnite used to crash for me even though it was at the lowest settings

  • Djanbari

    my laptop was bought for 99$ and it has 16 GB ram ddr3 1080 SLI, 2 TB HDD, 128 GB SSD, Intel i5 8145. It was bought second hand last month works perfectly

    • Flying Banana
      Flying Banana

      @Not Vix Yeah the 330s is a very good laptop too!

    • Not Vix
      Not Vix

      @Flying Banana Thx for the advice. By the way Is the Lenovo Ideapad 330 a good laptop to run fortnite?Its 450 and u could get like 200 fps.

    • Flying Banana
      Flying Banana

      @Not Vix You can buy the Acer aspire 5 with a Ryzen 3 CPU, with built in vega 3 graphics, and 4 gb of ram. But I recommend adding another stick of ram to it. The aspire 5 is right now $350 and if you get it turn off Windows 10 S mode. You should be able o play Fortnite at low settings and get about 60 fps with no lag. Also turn off shadows and play at 720p. You can also play GTA, PUBG, and many more games.

    • Not Vix
      Not Vix

      If u know any laptops that are good that are cheap could u tell me

    • Not Vix
      Not Vix

      Lucky iam trying to find a good gaming laptop that is like under 600

  • Alvin Playz #Shorts
    Alvin Playz #Shorts

    Respect to him for actually using the touchpad

    • R0N D4V1D
      R0N D4V1D

      Using touchpad is pain but he is a legend

  • Ansar6211

    When a $200 laptop is the same as your pc..

  • ZombieElmo

    That moment when the Iphone X costs as much as a Laptop that can run fortnite at 60fps on epic settings

    • Scan

      You do realize that you also get a 1080p OLED display, a great camera, great build quality and great portability?

    • zayd 1111
      zayd 1111

      desktop noy cheaper GPUs are overpriced

    • der aw ki
      der aw ki

      U dont buy an iphone for fortnite smh

    • why u read dis
      why u read dis

      100fps+* and the desktop still being cheaper

  • RainingAnvils

    2:52 im really feeling those 3 smgs

  • Dipoke Shinmon
    Dipoke Shinmon

    That's the same pc I have. Imagine getting mocked because u can't play with more than 30 fps and 50% packet loss.

  • somar904 plays
    somar904 plays

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7020U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.87 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display gpu intel hd 620

  • Despair_ ful
    Despair_ ful

    i stopped playing fortnite a while ago now but when i did play it on 2020 hp gaming laptop with gtx 1050 3gb and i5 10300H with 8 gb ram i got around 60 fps on high

  • Clarence Okojie
    Clarence Okojie

    That moment when a 200$ laptop gets the same frame rates as your 800$ laptop

    • Fnaf Carlos
      Fnaf Carlos

      Clarence Quack Tv ikr

  • روسلان

    Low end pcs: can run fortnite in 60 fps My Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS : *you shall not passs from 30 fps* Actually runs on 15 fps

  • aneej

    there is no way , fortnite runs in that 200 dollar laptop. He must have installed a better ram card and installed a good processor

  • Windows Deathstar
    Windows Deathstar

    I play on a Ryzen 3 for laptop and it runs extra well

  • Vivian

    I play on an ASUS TUF gaming laptop. Considering I used to play on a desktop with a core 2 duo, my gaming expirience is way better.

  • Prince Orphee
    Prince Orphee

    Pffft I play fortnite on my calculator, I'm on that high tech stuff👌👌

    • Anthony Harper
      Anthony Harper

      or is it idk can you play minecraft on a cauculator ???

    • Anthony Harper
      Anthony Harper

      sorry dude playing fortnite on the cauculator isn't possible

    • Avi

      @Wii-G oh

    • Wii-G

      @Avi it was a joke cuz you asked somone their age

    • Avi

      @Wii-G y

  • The Anonymous Master
    The Anonymous Master

    lenovo thinkpad pro with the pen included so its touchscreen.Thats what i play on.

  • Jermo Does Stuff
    Jermo Does Stuff

    The good old days when fortnite was on mobile

  • DogStunts

    Ram: 8.00 GB Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10110U CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.59 GHz

  • Mythic’s

    I use mobile, then when apple decided to take it off the App Store things didn’t work out so well. I play on a 2013 MacBook Pro. It crashes / overheats whenever I even run Roblox! ( Non intensive application ) I decided to give up! 👍

  • Matthew

    Wow he can play Fortnite in minecraft graphics!

    • Max Emir
      Max Emir

      haha made my night

  • Azurtez

    i play on the knife but when i lose things get messy for everyone by the way you should try it it has a lot of aim assist mine started out grey and black but now its red

  • FeliksIsSlow

    remember when this could be playable with a core i3, and 8GB ram, now i need a ryzen 5 3600, 16GB ram, msi rx 570 amour oc GPU (good thing i have lol)

    • FeliksIsSlow

      @crowned axis no

    • crowned axis
      crowned axis

      performence mode?

  • Asher Trotter
    Asher Trotter

    I just got my first laptop with 8GB of ram and 500gb of storage with an intel i5 processor and I’m going to be playing fortnight and Minecraft on it! Only $330

  • Shaurya Dwivedi
    Shaurya Dwivedi

    The reason Austin probably didn't like the mobile experience that much could be because he was playing on an iphone

  • GaryGary

    I tried to play Fortnite on my $100 desktop (the Acer Revo mini-PC with Intel Celeron,) and the battle bus was half-way across the map when I loaded in. Then I played it on a $700 HP Omen (it was on sale at Best Buy,) and it ran Fortnite at epic graphics with little to no lag.

    • Shidou TSC
      Shidou TSC

      @Fabian M lucky bastard 😢

    • xz7

      TheOrangeCreeper I play with toshiba

    • Breadifies

      My intel Celeron inspiron has me load in midfall after everyone has already dropped

    • dededachina4

      I play on Dell XPS 8920 with a gtx 1050 ti with no lags too(lol)

    • DefinitelyJustJJ

      @Kendra Mormon but better than my 300 dollar one

  • vcqal

    I think that Fortnite is just lacking optimisation. I'm able to play other games on high graphics on my laptop but Fortnite doesn't even work on its lowest

  • Cyroxezzy

    when cranking a 180 was equally as crazy as hitting a quad edit

  • BruteTheGamer

    I play fortnite on Samsung galaxy note 10 plus and a hp pavalion 11.6 inch laptop its really cool and the laptop gives me 360fps

  • aeaeaeae

    Overclocking: allow me to introduce myself...

  • Yeet

    Austin : im really impresses with the optimization Me : try playing fortnite in 2020

  • Criptix

    What the heck , I tried to run fortnite on my laptop It has some fairly good specs(similar to the lg gram) .My computer CANNOT EVEN GET PAST THE LOADING SCREEEN( it did once and it was stuck)

  • ZireoFN

    you can use geforce now on low end pc

  • Liqwd

    on a 40fps pc but im atleat im thankful with what i got , i dont need to a good 240 hz monitor to have fun i dont need good periferals to win a game, and i dont need fortnite to run on its fastest by buying a gpu (price that could they help others in need)

  • Nabil

    Video starts 5:28 Thank me later

    • Night28 Khai
      Night28 Khai


    • Kora Backup
      Kora Backup

      3 months later thank you

    • Ryoshi

      Thank you👉

    • Gamer X
      Gamer X

      Subscribe me and I will sub you back promise

    • Reg R
      Reg R

      thank you

  • Zayyans Gaming Zone
    Zayyans Gaming Zone

    If you wanna go for a good gaming laptop check the Lenovo legion series out they are the bay

  • Floor

    Answer : yes but you will be very laggy. (im saying this from experience)

  • Flakeyy

    Playing Fortnite on a laptop is like playing on a first gen iPhone se

  • Moiz Murshad
    Moiz Murshad

    i was playing fortnite in 200 dollars laptop but it has no experience because it was lagging and the gameplay was very choppy so i stopped playing fortnite

  • jesus rivas
    jesus rivas

    My cousin own that cheap hp and it had 32gb of storage

  • SN34KBOI

    the specs are intel celeron N4020 4gb ddr4 ram and intel UHD 600

  • Leader Games06
    Leader Games06

    I don't play fortnite, but if I did, it would have been on a ryzen 5 2600 and an RX 570, not terrible but not the best either.

  • Shy Guy Shane
    Shy Guy Shane

    Wow the $200 Laptop running better than my $800 Gaming Laptop

  • FionnVEVOTV

    this is a fortnite video but its not 10 minutes? WOW!

  • NoSkill

    Can the $150 ca. Chrome book play FORTNITE and PUBG?

  • Cptbotboy12

    I used to play it on a : acre predator triton 300 : 16GB ran Nivada RTX 3070

  • 1000yani

    I play on the Dell precision m6800 laptop it has an i7 Intel cpu and gpu is nvidia Quadro k4100m and in season 7 it runner for 240 fps but the more sea on the lower fps now I have 60 - 70 fps on performance mode low 100% 3d resolution and if I put it in high quality it runs 30 fps

  • AKA Moisty Fortnite
    AKA Moisty Fortnite

    i play fortnite on a 475$ budget gaming pc(1650 graphic card ryzen 3 ) it runs like 165fps on medium settings

  • Santiago Monroy León
    Santiago Monroy León

    Gotta love how he mentions fps so much but we can't see a damn difference because this video is at 24

    • Tenuun Bolor-erdene
      Tenuun Bolor-erdene


  • ezMoon

    When he played on the IPhone X he could even play but on my 400 $ laptop i cant even join one

  • M0nstr0us

    i have an i5 3400 with a gtx 660 i can get really good frames now in creative which has just buiding i can get 180+ fps

  • ShxdoWLoqR

    Nov getting 10-50 fps on a 800 dollar laptop The good old days when the graphics werent that detailed.

    • TK_Spectrumツ

      Bruh use performance mode

  • Charger

    3 years ago I was attracted to fortnite. But now in 2021, I now start breaking my window just to think of Fortnite and it’s current state.