Can I turn COKE into WATER? Mystery Tech
Austin Evans
Today Mystery Tech tries to bust a viral video and Ken sniffs a phone.
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  • Loukoumakias

    Everyone: Please say "Hey guys this is Austin"

  • Duc Thinh Ngo
    Duc Thinh Ngo

    Ken and his waifu phone never stopped amazing me.

  • Yuhara

    I feel like everytime ken's phone make an appearance you guys should have him share the wallpaper link

  • DudeUnperfect

    It's like someone whispered, "ᶜᵒᵏᵉ" into a cup. That was perfect.

  • Abishek Suresh
    Abishek Suresh

    Just a tip: When u buy a new filter/ purifier, you should allow it to complete 1 cycle. IT IS UNFIT FOR CONSUMPTION

  • TheRon1n

    "Turn Cola into Water"

  • J K
    J K

    Before outbreak: Phone soap? No one will buy this!

  • Enrique Martinez
    Enrique Martinez

    I like how youtubers make it like a show but the film crew interact and make the video funnier.

  • PunjabiMafia187

    if the z flip ever gets support for dex, it would look really cool plugged into a lapdock. You would just need a right angle usb type c cable to make it look like you have a mini laptop plugged into a bigger laptop.

  • Jake Paxton
    Jake Paxton


  • Farid Saïdani
    Farid Saïdani


  • Ayden Bartlett
    Ayden Bartlett

    i love how Austin un-ironically uses the zflip

  • DJTech

    Austin: doesn't say "hey guys this is Austin"

  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth

    I really liked this episode of mystery tech, even compared to the other ones. It felt..comfortable, somehow.

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    I would actually like to see how long it takes to keep filtering the coke water until it tastes like regular water

  • Джон и Ева
    Джон и Ева

    I'd be interested in you putting the filtered Coke through a second time.

  • Ocha

    I like how Ken gently walk in the frame and show his phone that's full of love live

  • Temporal Enigma
    Temporal Enigma

    If only the phones had some way to record what was happening inside the box, to see if it was working.

  • Landon J
    Landon J

    “It better turn coke into water for $450 dollars!”

  • Jalil Sharrieff
    Jalil Sharrieff

    I’m super lit as hell and this is even funnier than usual! Thank you for making this video Austin!