Building the Ultimate Xbox One
Austin Evans
The Xbox One 7TB upgrade: is this the ultimate Xbox?
Building the Ultimate PS4:
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD on Amazon:
Microsoft Xbox One Media Hub on Amazon:
2TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive on Amazon:
Nyko Data Bank on Amazon:
4TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive on Amazon:
Antec X-1 Cooler on Amazon:
Nyko Controller Charge Station on Amazon:
XIM 4 Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Adapter on Amazon:


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  • lilg00se 15
    lilg00se 15

    I love that you get right into your videos and don't have a 10 minute intro

    • Safe Privacy
      Safe Privacy

      There should be an intro or introduction for ones who need to know what is in this video....

    • Elijah Smith
      Elijah Smith

      Well yea because it’s Hey guys this is Austin, and this is paying my bills.

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus . . .

    • Im Here
      Im Here

      I agree. that's what I love about it. And he is also well detailed. in his facts.

    • Ex0da


  • ElnStal

    Austin: Builds the greatest Xbox Power bill: *laughs electrically*

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus . .. ... ....

    • puffygreendragon123

      People who use solar energy

    • Derpy Montagne
      Derpy Montagne

      @Anthony Gill laughs in electricity

    • RainbowWaffle

      Go see my recent video! It took me a while to make!

    • Aurex

      Got u ur 1000th like

  • lulu

    let me fix the title: creating the ultmate data bank

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus ...

    • MegaIconSlasher

      @lulu moment

    • lulu

      honestly didn't know this comment existed cause I don't check yt notifs and I come back to this lmao

    • MegaIconSlasher

      690th like moment

    • DylanTheVillain

      Beta dank

  • Rosendo Garcia
    Rosendo Garcia

    who else watching this wishing you could afford that stuff

    • TechGaming69

      @Rosendo Garcia ok cool I ain’t gonna brag much so all ima tell you is that I have an Xbox one, just be happy on what ya got. Some people are not able to buy something like that, so just be happy :D

    • TechGaming69

      @An7iph0bia but what if you can only afford an Xbox?

    • TechGaming69


    • SHDW Spritzy
      SHDW Spritzy


    • mycool

      @wyatt_watts I’m also a kid

  • Sko0p

    I can imagine the console gaining xp from each piece of armor equipped

    • Dillon Snowder
      Dillon Snowder

      I like it toph

    • CosmicNinja

      @Random man no

    • Random man
      Random man

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  • Ron McIntyre
    Ron McIntyre

    If it helps, you can unlatch the front cover from the top of the console case. Snap the top of the case back on lining up and pushing straight down. It goes in easily. Then just engage the bottom of the front bezel, swing it up and after inserting the locking tabs under the top cover just push it in until they latch. It makes it so much easier!

  • Raheel Khan
    Raheel Khan

    Austin: Today we are going to build the ultimate xbox one Buys Pc Austin: That’s how you do it folks!

    • Thomas Fandetti
      Thomas Fandetti

      jokes on you, I cant afford a good one

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      *Austin makes a bit of gains at the gym:* Today we are going to be wearing the tightest T-shirt known to man.

  • Eric Noonan
    Eric Noonan

    The only thing I would do is max out storage. I already have a 4tb external harddrive. Its always good to have as much space as possible, especially if you game alot.

    • clayton smith
      clayton smith

      Eric Noonan very, VERRRRY true

  • Theevs

    Microsoft in 2013: yo, i just got the best idea for a console. I call it the xbox one Xbox one designer: alright. I have decided to make it look like a massive dvr player. Austin: alright lets add to that design and make it larger....

  • Redlinx

    This guy could go for the world record of most games downloaded on a single Xbox no joke

    • Jiraiyaboy106

      Internet : "chuckles" I'm in danger

  • Sayofi AN
    Sayofi AN

    I love how when he makes these types of videos it’s like he’s putting Lego’s together 😂.

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus ...

  • Log Roller
    Log Roller

    Good thing that works for cooling your Xbox is setting a fan on top and setting it on 1 power. Never gets hot and when I’m done, it’s completely cool.

  • Mr. Titan
    Mr. Titan

    Hi Austin great video. For keyboard and mouse support you dont need the plug in thing. You just need to plug your K,B & M in and get an app called xbox insider

  • Omar Merhi
    Omar Merhi

    *Plugs in console* Meanwhile, half way across the world... "Yo who turned out all the lights?"

    • HoloKola

      @Zach Barnes its becsausce hes dieying

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus ....

    • BloxyBoy

      @MISSINGNO no he needs grammarly

    • ⠀

      @Szduu do you are have stupid

    • Akomim

      @Ryzm lol xd lmao!!!

  • Andrés David
    Andrés David

    2:31 (Hard drive falls off) Austin: Not magnetic! (dies laughing)

  • Dylan Harvey
    Dylan Harvey

    nobody: Absolutely no body: Austin: drops a 300 dollar storage drive *BaHaHaHa*

  • Charles Hohn
    Charles Hohn

    That looks so awesome Austin it really does

  • Alex Turcotte
    Alex Turcotte

    Hi Austin! Love your content. Literally! I just bought a 500gb/ms external 500gb ssd and today I’m getting in the mail thermal paste and a USB fan like seen in your video. Now, being 3years later.. is their anything I can buy or have a computer geek remove and install stronger components to make my Xbox one x the baddest machine! Can I make this as good as a pc no lags no nothin !!??!

  • fatihburek_99

    Hey Guys! This is Austin! And welcome to a episode of "I cant have enough Hard Drives and storage!"

  • SeanTheGeetarPlayerLive

    Pretty crazy now we need a performance upgrade for 60fps

  • Anilatergaming _
    Anilatergaming _

    3.5" hdd, many usb ports, and k&m. Sounds like a underpowered pc

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x

    in fairness that side mounted thing is quite an elegant soloution to getting more storgage and more usb ports, saves having my current setup of having 2 hard drives stuffed back behind my monitor

  • TechGaming69

    The Xbox I play on was bought in 2013, and it still works well! But it’s starting to lag and apps take long to load, and Roblox always takes to long to load and gets an error. But other than that, I’m good with my Xbox!

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy

    “2TB obviously isn’t enough.” “…SO LETS ADD AN ADDITIONAL 4TB!” *Amediatley drops it and almost breaks the $250 data bank.*

  • TheM8Y87

    The thing about adding storage is that you really only need like 2tb of space. I have a 4tb external USB harddrive and I have 70 games Installed and I barely takes up 35% of my storage. (The Xbox itself had a 512 gb harddrive). I really feel like adding anything more than 2tb is a bit overkill because you probably won't use all that space.

  • James Widstrup
    James Widstrup

    I did like the side mount with the extra usb ports

  • Jack Gempler
    Jack Gempler

    this should be renamed to adding a ton of storage to the xbox one



    • YourfaceToots


    • little tech kids
      little tech kids

      Or adding a ton of unnecessary crap that you will never use.

    • Devin Pop
      Devin Pop

      Jack Gempler this is crazey

    • Joe Semergu
      Joe Semergu

      Jack Gempler fddddddsddddddghwrgbwrfvwdfvqerv

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James

    I don't think I'm going to go to those extremes but it's good to know that is an option ...

  • Copycatkbox Youtube
    Copycatkbox Youtube

    Man i remember my xbox 1, i had to blow into the cooler to try and make sure it dont overheat but it fortunately never overheated.

  • matt sweitzer
    matt sweitzer

    Not bad. Proved to me I am better off. I have 15tb total on my xbox one x. A 6tb, a 4tb, another 4tb and then the 1tb internal. Will eventually swap the 4tbs for 6's.

  • Raed Rules
    Raed Rules

    I need to clarify, you don't need an adapter to have a key and mouse support. just plug them into the back of the xbox

  • Hyperbole

    Awesome SSD man! Nice video. Impressive hub addition as well. Definite two cool products to upgrade the Xbox experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Bad Arsenal Player
    The Bad Arsenal Player

    I remember my Xbox 360 would over heat regularly and after I got my Xbox one x I’ve never had anything over heat

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange

    Wow!!! With all that storage, you can fit COD Cold War and Vanguard with enough space to maybe fit 1 indie game

  • Craig

    With an xbox one s (idk about original) you can just plug a mouse and keyboard into the 2 USB ports at the back and the one USB port at the front

  • Ghost Goblin
    Ghost Goblin

    Well on the Xbox that I have, you can already use a mouse and keyboard just by plugging it in the back USB ports

  • iUltimate

    Its like watching food videos while being hungry

    • Jayden Lanier
      Jayden Lanier


    • marek eben
      marek eben

      How about watching food vids while in the hospital with diabetes

    • nancy CONTRERAS
      nancy CONTRERAS

      @Zach fax

    • Uvuvwevwevweonyidwewe Bwiomiobwimosas
      Uvuvwevwevweonyidwewe Bwiomiobwimosas

      Or while eating

    • DJ Titan
      DJ Titan


  • Mazakie Lynn
    Mazakie Lynn

    "Once you get it working, it works pretty well" 2 Seconds before that: "Wow did it really just break"

  • Cholo Gang
    Cholo Gang

    Austin should remake this but for the series X just to see how what he could do to the Xbox Series X

  • Deadeye Gaming
    Deadeye Gaming

    There is always that one unnecessary cooling fan 😂


    Wow...... so many internal storage. Recommended for gamers!!!

  • Moldy Moss
    Moldy Moss

    You have good quality videos and I appreciate that I can tell a lot of work is put into these videos well done!!

  • Lm Brosgaming
    Lm Brosgaming

    Imagine that's what the Xbox actually looked like

  • TheironkenGG

    Austin my Boi does any of the storage and performance Pieces come with the terrabite hardrives? Or do we have to buy them separated

  • RubberDuck221

    Great video but. I put 1tb ssd inside both my ps4 and xbox one original I also add 4tb portable hard drive to both of them. I also add 4 port usb hub to my ps4.

  • aksalaheddine78

    Cant wait till the day where replicators become publicly available, and consoles don’t become obsolete. Instead you removed old components, trade them in for details for the new components, and boom. You have the latest tech. But we live in 2021, not 2344.

  • Luuk W
    Luuk W

    If you want to talk like Austin, you say the last word of the sentence slower.

    • itsTSolliboy


    • OzKo

      Holy hell how does this wwwooorrrkkk

    • Victor Cruz
      Victor Cruz

      I know

    • CammedLS3


    • adm

      Luuk W My names Austin too

  • AntPlayz-_-

    Imagine combining the ultimate ps4 he made with the ultimate xbox he made in this video it would be over powered I call it the X4 or the XS=X Station

    • AntPlayz-_-

      What Do you think

  • Avgeek10

    Y’all realize you just plug the USB for the kbm into the back, you don’t need the extra hub

  • Nolan Murray
    Nolan Murray

    My man's really out here buying a $200 512gb SSD when I got a $75 1tb USB 3.0 SSD for more storage but cheaper and it works perfectly fine on my Xbox One

  • CDGames

    Somebody should put that 100TB SSD inside of the Databank, and throw that in the Xbox One and see what happens (or maybe Xbox Series, it depends on when people will make accessories for that)

  • Collin Bellamy
    Collin Bellamy

    Think about it in just a couple of month Austin will somehow find away to build the ultimate ps5 and Xbox series X

  • Nic Irving
    Nic Irving

    You can use a mouse and keyboard always you just need some USB ports open you don’t need the connecter to make it work

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle

    2:10 if u thought 3.5 tb of storage was good enough, well then u would be wrong because we can add an extra 4 tb of storage

  • impxls

    You do know that you can just plug the keyboard and mouse into the usb ports and it will work right?

  • ちょこころね

    Good lord. I can now finally play a game on a printer.

  • PacX

    Theres usb ports in the back of the xbox you can use those to plug in a usb keyboard and mouse so 1 item was completely unnecessary

  • Glizzy gawd
    Glizzy gawd

    If having a keyboard and mouse day in and day out killed my power supply for my Xbox I think this would DESTROY THE XBOX

  • Stimpak

    Consumer: hi id like to upgrade my xbox. Microsoft: did you say hard drive?

  • RayyzXLR

    Austin: you need an extra adapter to play on a keyboard and a mouse, Razer + Xbox collaboration: are we jokes to you?

  • Lil ice iz -
    Lil ice iz -

    Even if the extra fan doesn’t do a ton anything helps some of my xbox internals got so hot they melted

  • demonic gaming
    demonic gaming

    Austin be like 2tb is not enough so we're going 4 tb Me I would appreciate even with 200gb

  • Somehow Surviving
    Somehow Surviving

    "with this adapter, you can use a mouse and keyboard on console" ... you can do that without adapters on the ps4 though

  • Spaceman

    I just find it satisfying to see it gradually look more and more ridiculous.

  • james W.
    james W.

    I expected something like going in replacing the graphics card. Better hard drive inside. Replacing the processor. You know actually BUILDING a better Xbox. Not just adding stuff on to it.

  • apple9212

    Your content is amazing

  • Eli Mon
    Eli Mon

    I’d be careful with the side mounting accessory as mine fried my Xbox...

  • drunken assassin
    drunken assassin

    the nyko storage isn't magnetic its just got really good rubber grips also i guess my xbox was enhanced somehow i've always used 3 external usbs on top of the 500gb in my xbox one v1 and all 4 drives are always detected

  • LuZx Clan Fortnite
    LuZx Clan Fortnite

    Wow now you can just plug in a keyboard and mouse to Xbox by the USB ports

  • Ashton Dumontier
    Ashton Dumontier

    "with the Xbox one the internal drive is pretty much what you get" laughs in changing my day one xbox ones hard drive to a 1 TB

  • Shawn Wollard
    Shawn Wollard

    When you realize most xbox games already support mouse and keyboard and it's pretty much plug and play

  • Justin Roman
    Justin Roman

    Up next: Building The Ultimate PC

    • Alfie Morrisroe
      Alfie Morrisroe

      WitherMC//Jan Maurick 1000 SUBS WITH ONLY ONE VIDEO but thar wasn't funny at all

    • The Crouton Cave
      The Crouton Cave

      Traumâțu' Mîț Mîț I built it

    • zekchard

      CockRoachist Autocorrect problem??? If It has I'll screenshot your comment and send to this guy who reads autocorrect fails is Matthias! A youtuber!

    • Cairo M
      Cairo M

      @CockRoachist Waste*

    • CockRoachist

      Waist of money.

  • Ducky54

    I can feel how warm that xbox would be

  • xxDooMsdays1x1

    I have a charger like that but it's better it lights up red or green depending on rather or not it's charged and you could just plug it in to the wall as well

  • Robotz WZ
    Robotz WZ

    When you realize you can already use a keyboard and mouse with a xbox

  • Lord Gamerz
    Lord Gamerz

    1:46 we will never know if the media hub was ever properly attached *clenches heart*

  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz

    Wonder what the ultimate Xbox series X will look

  • Unfortunate FL
    Unfortunate FL

    It’s a big LEGO piece

    • A Bacon Sandwich
      A Bacon Sandwich

      @Green Becker r/wooosh

    • WSP_DS12


    • HG Sweat X
      HG Sweat X

      Then the wallet would get hurt

    • Kguy221 K
      Kguy221 K


    • ginger

      Jonathan C yeah it might not hurt you too bad, but it’s gonna fucking annihilate your wallet lmao

  • Genaral Taco
    Genaral Taco

    I already had that controller charger 🔌 found it after 3 years or so of having it

  • Veczey

    I’ve only ever had Xbox but have to admit it ain’t that good anymore, ps4 has taken command and when I got one was amazed by how much better it really is

  • RG Media
    RG Media

    5:51 what Austin didnt realise is that the xbox one s has built in keyboard and mouse support

  • MobileMC

    Austin: creates the ultimate Xbox Also Austin: plays mouse and keyboard on Xbox

  • Minecraft Star 2
    Minecraft Star 2

    Finally another ultimate Xbox video!!

  • Teo

    Honestly , the 4tb is just an overkill lmao

  • Grobar1

    When your console is pretty much the same size of a gaming PC after all of this

  • Lanceifer

    Wonder if the cooling unit works on the Xbox x? Keyboard thing sounds like a mess

  • LimeOnMc

    Does he not know he can just plug keyboard and mouse in the back 😃

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Imagine if he just made a pc and installed game pass on it

  • Jojje L
    Jojje L

    So you needed to upgread the Xbox more to get to the same level as the upgeded PS4 so that means that an normal PS4 is better then a normal Xbox One

  • heartless1nobody

    4:55 "...or we could have gotten a PC" lol

  • GuardianXwolf

    I'd probably just go for the charger and maybe the keyboard also the side connect for extra usb connection

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm

    I'm just realizing that really the only affective thing is the storage addition

  • Mathew Hart
    Mathew Hart

    So you basically turned your xbox into a gaming pc

  • Lil Yeety
    Lil Yeety

    That barracuda HDD has SMR tech. and it's also 5400rpm. I wouldn't personally use it. Use a WD Black drive instead.

  • Seblodoesstuff

    You don't have to get the last one. You can plug your keyboard and mouse into your xbox.


    He calls it a monstrosity I call it a beast

  • Sean Salvador
    Sean Salvador

    Why do you want to add more space? Does it increase performance

  • TheKHfan358over3d

    add an mCable or mClassic. to improve video quality, cause the OG Xbox One most certainly needs those to improve picture quality.

  • Shaurya Asthana
    Shaurya Asthana

    LOVED the both consoles upgrading

  • urmom96

    You can just plug keyboard mouse into the usb and it’ll work. U don’t need that usb hub thingy