Building the Ultimate Xbox 360
Austin Evans
The Microsoft Xbox 360 was THE game console but how does it handle the ultimate treatment?
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  • Elijah

    In that xbox 360 I had over 60 games and only a quarter of my storage was full, Xbox one with 1 terabyte is completely full with 6 games

    • fat cat
      fat cat

      @Jay Jay 106 it's called slow internet.

    • Player_ Anonymous721
      Player_ Anonymous721

      In total of xbox 360 games I have 150 games and it held it all but my xbox one 57 games

    • Brockp1

      Well more modern games take up more space because of how there made

    • Anything Views
      Anything Views

      Cause the new games are big cause they have great graphics

    • MJAMMGKH Račić
      MJAMMGKH Račić

      Yeah about that if you have a console that is older and thus is weaker. And games are smaller. And while before they tryed to save as much on game becouse they wwere forced by reality that dvd maximum capacity 4.7gb bluray is 50 later it was 100 so games didn't need to be smaal and digital games are one way or another ports of disc games

  • Demon

    Austin: “This all feels straight out of 2006” Me: 👶

    • purpleFrosted

      Me: doesn’t even exist in 2006

    • SomeOne Gaming
      SomeOne Gaming


    • Unknownwill 4th
      Unknownwill 4th

      @AnAveragePerson reddit moment

    • Sus Frocklet
      Sus Frocklet

      @Kevin Hirasawa I was born in 2006

    • Staringcorgi6

      @AnAveragePerson don't need to bully someone over a game they like

  • Nugget YT6
    Nugget YT6

    Xbox 360 250 gb, never filled up the hdd over 20gb Xbox one 500gb filled up half an hdd with 5-6 games. I miss the disc era.


      nah i remember filling my 360's hard drive several times then getting the e68 red ring of death (e68 means your hard drive is full)

    • sam torres
      sam torres

      No kidding. I believe the 360 will be the apocalypse Xbox master race when networks cease to work.

    • Staringcorgi6

      1 tb Micro SD for switch is dangerous

    • Staringcorgi6

      Unless you're a digital user

    • Long Live The Black Mamba
      Long Live The Black Mamba

      Even with disk that doesn’t help lol

  • Inazuma

    The only reason why the HD DVD player didn't work is because... YOU NEED THE HD DVD INSTALATION DISC FOR THE 360!!!

    • Sugurain

      @Mubeen Ahmed Noooope! That's why it flopped so hard! hahah

    • Mubeen Ahmed
      Mubeen Ahmed

      The HD DVD player also allows BluRay discs right?

    • Isabelle Drennan
      Isabelle Drennan

      I wouldnt have thought it needed an installation dusc, ive got one of those plugged directly in to an old tvs usb port, and it shows up as a media drive, and it will happily play dvds/avi/mp4 etc straight from discs on my (at least 10 year old non branded) spare room tv. If it doesnt need installation on that im sure it wouldnt need installing on a 360 would it? I might be wrong. But thinking back i plugged it straight in to my 360 from new, and dont remember having to install it.

    • halo3odst

      I dont see how it would even be optional, by my understanding the disc didnt just contain the drivers for the player, it was an actual firmware update disc. This means that if your firmware is higher than that on the disc your 360 will activly ignore it. Just like how it ignored me when i dried to reinstall the NXE dashboard after seeing how shitty the metro dash looked.

    • Inazuma

      @halo3odst You're right, my friend did that when I bought an HD DVD Player weeks ago but I think the installation disc is still optional to use.

  • ArcaneTuber

    8:45 Not having to wait for a game to patch and update, it just starts. Aww the good old times.

    • Xi Jinping
      Xi Jinping

      PS4 be like:

    • Wilfredy Nunez
      Wilfredy Nunez

      Some games do have patches, but they are tiny at just 1 - 10 mb. So they download quick and don't even notice them.

    • WovenGoal シ
      WovenGoal シ

      Emyrebk disks mate

    • team moonlight 1
      team moonlight 1

      Yes I loved those times

    • michimuffins

      besides stuff like world of tanks, etc

  • Kirby

    The thumbnail makes it look like a military weapon

    • Destroyer 1456
      Destroyer 1456


    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      Me: casually sees a military add before the video

    • ZaneBoi

      Yez yez yez

    • ZaneBoi


    • ZaneBoi


  • Bskrts

    Dudes really shocked at the amount of dust in the console like he's never owned one for more than a week

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus . .. ....

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      I got a PS2 off of Mercari that smelled so badly of cigarette smoke. The things you can never know just by looking at a listing, I tell you!

    • Some Random Person
      Some Random Person

      @Yadie54 I still use my Xbox 360 and my wii

    • Yadie54

      I still use my xbox360..

    • Some person
      Some person

      Yeah I have the exact same model of 360 and it collects dust in less than a day

  • Commenter 1
    Commenter 1

    2018: building the ultimate xbox 360 2021: *building the ultimate xbox series x*

    • Long Live King Von
      Long Live King Von

      @James Lewis he’s already done the ps5

    • Lataas


    • Average Enclave Enjoyer
      Average Enclave Enjoyer

      It’s 2021 now

    • one.masquerade

      aka reinventing the samsung smart fridge

    • Zach Hutchins
      Zach Hutchins

      Nice :)

  • Hans Li Engnell
    Hans Li Engnell

    The HD DVD add-on was actually pretty cool. For €150 I got the next gen video format (or so I believed) and it did wonders with my HD ready 32 inch TV at the time. It was great for watching regular DVD's too since the add-on, unlike the actual console, was pretty quiet.

    • Nostalgia Gaming
      Nostalgia Gaming

      I had the HD DVD copy of Jarhead and genuinely bought a Samsung 720p LCD for the "HD" experience. 720p was amazing back then compared to SD and Composite hahah.

  • sean robinson
    sean robinson

    I had one of those nyko chargers! That thing was awesome! Damn this video brought me back to the days of playing mw3 with my buddies back in freshman year HS. Cheap turtle beaches, playing over AV cables, OP quick scoping. Those were the days... sigh

  • BlackNinjaTh

    I remember the days where you would be playing cod with some friends and your controller died and you didn’t happen to have any AA batteries and quickly ran to the shops to get some ahhh the struggles

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus ...

    • ً

      @KillerKitten753 yes

    • TG Anims
      TG Anims

      when the controller was about to die id just snap it onto the Nyko charger dock and continue playing so the controller would be charging while im using it

    • Atari

      @P&S Productionz it worked for me once lol

    • Endotl yeet
      Endotl yeet

      Rechargeable batteries?

  • Sean Mondout
    Sean Mondout

    I guess this proves literally anyone can have 5 million subs. By the way, the Wii (which shipped a year later), not the 360, was the last of the major consoles to stick with a dual-layer DVD. That is, unless you don't consider the Wii, which won the 7th Generation and outsold the 360 by a lot, a major console. And it goes without saying the ultimate X360 would be RGH3 modded.

  • Nicholas Durant
    Nicholas Durant

    This was hilarious. I was expecting a modded xbox or some sort of spray on the case....but this was a good substitute xD

  • Beau

    I fell asleep watching this and dreamt about making a xbox in Skyrim

    • ExplodingCreeper

      Fun fact: Microsoft brought Bethesda.

    • Deine Mudda
      Deine Mudda


    • darkchoosen123456


    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people about jesus also tell them to get saved by jesus ....

    • SecSed


  • Federico

    Muy buen video, y mejor aún los subtitulos en español.

  • Filip Westerberg
    Filip Westerberg

    *This literally made my day. I don't care about current gen and all games. It's all so easy to find and no ps4 games are really that rare to find in average. What my heart beats for is The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. I play these to the fullest still today May 31st 2018!

    • MasterofDemons

      yusuf naeem gosh you have to have the best graphics and the best multiplayer.

    • MasterofDemons

      Add me bro I'm Goodbears2376

    • ship ghostfire
      ship ghostfire

      Filip Westerberg the 360 was still an evolutionary leap in the console industry along with the PlayStation 3 and the games were being developed on the 360 ported to the PlayStation 3 at most games were done this way to cut cost that's why the ps3 version of games sometimes looked real bad compared to the 360 the PS3 and never really use the full potential of the cell processor for the RSX chip cell processor they didn't use most of the cores in it to render games to relieve stress off the RSX chip there for games ran real bad on the PS3

    • Ryan Fuller
      Ryan Fuller

      Well the 360 released over 10 years ago...

    • yusuf naeem
      yusuf naeem

      they're so bad.... Bad graphics, not much multiplayer, not many recent games (i also used a xbox 360 up until recently)

  • Dillon Snowder
    Dillon Snowder

    I think the intercooler actually works because of how the 360 is, if you play more than an hour the 360 starts getting hot

  • Retro Guru
    Retro Guru

    It's really amazing how this guy is aware of all the accessories out there. Personally I would replace the internal SATA HDD with a 16GB nand cache SSHD if I can find someone who can flash the firmware on the drive itself to be compatible with the Xbox 360, I would not go with the rechargeable battery packs since they are nothing more than Nickel AAs and instead buy the new rechargeable lithium ION... Or lithium polymer AA/AAA, most importantly is LUBRICATING ANALOG STICKS WITH SILICONE GREASE so the controllers don't break in 1/2 a year EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • Ettnoll Bajen
    Ettnoll Bajen

    Bought a 250gb today,can't believe how fresh it still feels!

  • William McDonald
    William McDonald

    I know it's an old video but I assumed him to open it up and replace hard drives and fans etc but hey it looks cool

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    My whole family had their own Xbox 360's and I remember when my dad came home with a Xbox 1 for the first time. We were all amazed with how it worked. Now we all have our own Xbox 1's, starting to move onto PC's

    • The Vicious
      The Vicious

      ok boomer

  • Zaheer Nazir
    Zaheer Nazir

    I’ve owned a 360 slim for 6 years and it still works perfectly, no delays or lags

    • Nostalgic simou
      Nostalgic simou

      Unlike the ps4 and it's dumb fuks

  • Sam Houston
    Sam Houston

    Complains about dust, then proceeds to blow out dust all over the room.

    • Geddy Lee's Owl Nose
      Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

      Typical soy boy

    • carlos videla
      carlos videla

      At least I’m not the only one watching this video so recent

  • seazon

    the 360 slim has such a nice design i love it

  • Ryan Mayberry
    Ryan Mayberry

    its weird how hit or miss the 360 was, some people went through like 5 of them and others have had the same console for 10 years

    • Oskar De Oz
      Oskar De Oz

      I used to own the one that looks like the original with the hdmi, and the E version.

    • Арсений Бабенко
      Арсений Бабенко

      Ryan Mayberry There were different hardware revisions. Xenon, Falcon, Jasper, etc. The Jasper was the last revision of the “fat” Xbox 360 and it had a cooler graphics processor so it won’t overheat and have a 3 red light failure.

    • SirOptimal

      I still have my original Arcade Edition Xbox, and it still works perfectly. I've played the heck out of it too throughout the years.

    • J Arnett
      J Arnett

      Blake Bridger, definitely my favorite console of all time, I really hate the UI of the Xbox one though, I wish it gave us an option to have the 360 home screen. It's probably just because I'm more familiar with the 360 UI over the One, but I prefer the PS4 to Xbox one.

    • Balakeh

      You're not wrong, I've got 2 Originals, one that still works perfect after all this time, one with a dead drive that I painted, and a slim I've painted green that works perfect as my normal use 360, getting a modded slim in 2 months too which will replace my normal slim. Was such a great console.

  • The_Faithful_Lumberjack

    I think the reason why it failed was because the HD DVD player was too old If it was brand new I think it would have been the ultimate Xbox 360

  • TheRedFox

    I wonder if that HDDVD addon will work on a PC. I'm asking because I found a box of HDDVDs in my new house while moving in and I want to see if they work.

    • NOLOAF

      TheRedFox it does!

  • McLarenSenna418_GTX

    You should make a museum that displays all your ultimate consoles. I'd pay to visit!

  • emiliano zamora
    emiliano zamora

    I had the 4 gigabyte version from 2010 to 2016. Don't ask me how I survived for 6 years off of 4 gigabytes of memory on the console that I used the most of the time

  • FloraWorld

    u know, i remember on tv shows like "Ghost something" some years ago they were using a kinect to see ghosts and u know, for the time (around 2011 or before) that was kinda amazing (and really freaking funny, like a "ghost" was going on the kinect :') )

  • Greatest Assassin
    Greatest Assassin

    Just gonna say, I prefer how the Xbox uses AA batteries so I can quickly run to the back room and grab two batteries and do a reload of my controller dropping the old batteries out popping the new in and rushing back to not die in a black ops 2 zombies match

  • Charles Champ
    Charles Champ

    Good to know that external SSD works with 360. Gonna pick one up now.

  • Crunchg111 7
    Crunchg111 7

    I love that Xbox controllers can use batteries or charge kits

  • 194-Debesh Kumar Jena
    194-Debesh Kumar Jena

    Plans to build an Ultimate Xbox 360. Buys a second hand console.

    • ben land
      ben land


    • Sejn


    • XRC Gaming
      XRC Gaming

      Omg rich people

    • Soon to be deleted
      Soon to be deleted

      of course, because manufacturing ending means that ALL unopened unsold units, magically dissapear, just like you cant even buy stuff thats far older

    • Liofa

      Debesh Jena --- Exactly, when he says he going to build something, you at least expect him to build a case for it. Ben Heck would be laughing his tits off at this youtube promoted douchebag.

  • Marvel: Knights & Deities
    Marvel: Knights & Deities

    I know I’m late to requesting this, but after seeing the other videos you did about building the Ultimate. Could you do one about building the “Ultimate PlayStation 3”? I still have mine, it works great still and I wanted to know if there is anything I could add to it to make it the “Ultimate” version of itself.

  • Joseph Palma
    Joseph Palma

    HD DVDs made by Warner Bros had an issue with the glue on them coming undone over time and preventing the disc from reading,but it also plays regular dvds

  • RIL3Y 3R12TA
    RIL3Y 3R12TA

    i use to have the original xbox 360 (the one with the bulk on top) when the console was about- 5 yrs old- i was 3 at the time, and i used it for forza mainly, never got the connect, but i had 2 of the drives- one had my deadly top end games (gta 1-5 cod ect.) the other had my racing and more kiddy games (forza, crash bandicoot ect.) i still have it now and it still runs :)

  • ColeCrafty

    8:41 the problem with Xbox 360s is the tray 90% of the time refuses to open when it’s standing up

  • kent chase
    kent chase

    You should have used the xbox 360 elite for the 500 gigs right off the bat but, still looks awsome keep it up.

  • catkitty catkity
    catkitty catkity

    This was my first console ever. I still have it and play on it

  • Coco

    On a technical level, the Xbox 360 Phat and Slim hard drives are exactly the same thing. You can easily unscrew a Phat hard drive and insert it into an Xbox 360 Slim.

  • Cody Looney
    Cody Looney

    My old xbox 360 had the red ring of death and it still worked even after being slammed on the ground

  • M.Hasan Alware
    M.Hasan Alware

    when there is a Xbox 360 build in 2018 you know you are going to have a good year

    • GAV165

      M.Hasan Alware innit

    • Raymond Sanders II: Ultimate Edition
      Raymond Sanders II: Ultimate Edition

      it has been a very sad year rip avicii and x ;c but there has been some good things


      Zach the Sports Guy hmu if you wanna talk about it

    • Big Mounchi
      Big Mounchi

      So, you're just not really feeling it?

    • Neko420 blank
      Neko420 blank

      Until you get the red rig of death

  • PrimeTF

    Can you please make the "Ultimate" for other consoles? Such as NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Classic Xbox, GBA(SP), Classic Gameboy, and any other "retro" consoles?

  • zooey mama
    zooey mama

    The only console I have is an Xbox 360, and I never knew it used AA batteries. I thought that the nyko dock and the batteries were stock

  • adidas1984x

    I had the hddvd and loved it . Too bad blu Ray won I had a great collection back then

  • Ahmed Husic
    Ahmed Husic

    Ah, the old days man. Even though it's 2020 I still play on the 360

    • S0ul245🧡

      I just bought the 360 ;)

  • SilverStormShadow

    Austin: The 360 was the last of the major consoles to use DVD's Wii: Am I a Joke to You?

  • TerrariaTutorials

    RGH it and put a 2tb 2.5 inch ssd with sata (it works on 2tb and below only). Load it with a bunch of SNES games and there you go, make sure it is dual nand. This brings me back to when I had my Kinect and my NYKO charge base S.

  • OfficiallyFar._

    I've had the Xbox 360 for 8 years and I never got the red ring of death. It still works perfectly fine now, just the controllers are broken.

    • Blue Lobster
      Blue Lobster

      The original model?

  • DerpO Kat21
    DerpO Kat21

    The loading speed isn't because of the drive, it's the fact that the entirety of the game is on the CD.

  • pokeyyy.

    Kinect Adventures was one of my favorite games, so the Kinect was a success for me.

    • juice

      For me it was only good when my cousins came over :/

    • PestilentSabreS

      I loved kinect sports when I was younger

  • Jimmy de Leon
    Jimmy de Leon

    I love your effort for enthusiasm, xbox 360 still is one of the best ones

    • inoh join
      inoh join


  • WildEliteGamer Channel
    WildEliteGamer Channel

    If I remembered correctly that model of 360 doesn’t need to use the external hd-dvd drive, it was actually built in. I remember watching HD DVD version of Matrix my friend brought over and we just popped it in and it worked

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker

    I bought one in similar condition! But I took mine apart and found a world of dust and debris in it..took apart the parts i could take apart and cleaned it out and looks brand new inside. It's just a challenge to get into. But there are helpful videos on here on how to do so without breaking 💩. I put in a secondary fan inside because those 360's get pretty hot sometimes. I don't know if you call that a mod or not but definitely noticed the difference as far as heat conduction. Next project is to replace controller parts inside..worn rubber, buttons etc. Whoever had it must've slept with it in their hands 24/7. Apparently you need a specific screwdriver or something to get into that. I'll just swap parts from controllers i have lying around tho. 👍

  • John Robb
    John Robb

    My old 360 had 4gb storage, and it was perfectly fine. Because back then the game was actually stored on the disc so you didn’t need to download it

    • Nostalgic simou
      Nostalgic simou

      I have a x360 and it have 500 gb storage and it have still 20 gb left and the Xbox 360 NEVER EVER DID A PROBLEM OR FRUSTRATING ME UNLIKE THE PS4 ITS LIKE HAVE A RETARDED DUMB BRO

    • ShadowWolf6802

      You download it so you can fit more stuff in the game, and load faster, otherwise we wouldn't have big fun games like mgs, gta, battlefield, and cod, if it was stored on the disc, it would be impossible to fit it all and if it did, it would load hella slow

    • Anthony Clancy
      Anthony Clancy

      John Robb not all games

    • Phillip Suarez
      Phillip Suarez

      I have a 250 GB in my old slim I never filled it up, have like 140 downloaded games and a bunch of games copied to the HD anf still had 120 GB left lol

    • Brenden

      Exactly! I miss the days of actually putting a disc in and being able to play it. It’s absolute crap now how you buy a disc and then it has to download. It makes no sense.

  • Mr Magician junior
    Mr Magician junior

    if you want to add more space all you need is a usb port and you can add loads of other accessories

  • giles852002

    That HDDVD probably had disc rot. So many HDDVD’s don’t play anymore due to poor manufacturing. WB ones are the worst for it.

  • Nothing To See Here
    Nothing To See Here

    I assumed you were gonna literally build the ultimate console from parts which would enhance the whole experience in one unit. This just sucks.

  • RetroPCGamer

    The slim model may not have a red ring of death, but my Xbox got a red "DOT" of death that had the same effects of the red ring of death.

  • BlackFox2240

    Great video as always! Makes you just want to play some Xbox 360 right now. I miss the Halo 3 days so much.

  • Russell Hadden
    Russell Hadden

    You know your Xbox is dirty when it gets clean on camera. Savage. I love it.

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    The Xbox 360 and the PS3 still have their place, even in the modern world.

  • Jack O Trap
    Jack O Trap

    thanks to you austin i want an xbox 360 and not an xbox one thanks for making me feel nostalgic!

  • Mr-Wabbit

    I had that exact spec xbox back in like 2013 or 2014, except with like 250gb of storage

  • Dawn Betancourt
    Dawn Betancourt

    In my opinion the ultimate build would be a console that can play games from its predecessor like a PS4 that can play PS1 PS2 PSP PS3 and ps4 games

  • Troychipsahoy

    You should have used the Xbox 360 E because it was the final one and would have make it way better.

  • Pato L
    Pato L

    As a guy that the Xbox 360 was his first console I love this

  • Thedrakanmaster 124
    Thedrakanmaster 124

    I guess you learn something new every day I didn't know you could put a hard drive in the thing

  • MattTheMightyMeme

    This means he's gonna make a ultimate ps3 build... Lol

  • TheGinger Gamer
    TheGinger Gamer

    I don’t think Austin realised that an XBOX 360 can also be used as a DVD player lol

  • THE ANGRY HIKER 7.62x39
    THE ANGRY HIKER 7.62x39

    The disk tray thing is common, and I still use mine to this day for gaming, not competitive or anything just fun

  • Jaguar Eagle
    Jaguar Eagle

    i had a 360 with kinect and imo kinect sports was so good it was better than wii sports. the entire system was a revolution and it was a major update for me after my psp got broken

  • Jack Wagon
    Jack Wagon

    I have a fan for 360 that for a while I didn't even know we had which really helped & I 1000000% recommend

  • J Dot Loc
    J Dot Loc

    4gb isnt a lot of storage, no, but remember that they were the days you didnt have to install the games from your discs

    • TheStoryGamer

      Me who only has CoD Ghosts for my 360: *sad nostalgic noises*

    • Unknown warrior presco Knight grey
      Unknown warrior presco Knight grey

      That's the either an Xbox 360 slim or something else.

    • Jacob.Calloway

      Gay Ur mom Halo 4 had a download disc. It amazed me when I was a young kid.

    • Kaas stengel
      Kaas stengel

      But HOW doesn't it need to downlaud

    • Jhoenny lol
      Jhoenny lol

      i have 500gb lol

  • EradifyerAO

    Did they ever use the HD-DVD technology to ship any larger games? I recall Halo 4 came in like 4 DVD's so that era could have theoretically benefitted (although HD-DVD died within like a year or something right)?

  • memememe

    There's an issue that's popping up with the 360 S consoles. Many people are reporting that their consoles are getting RDoD's out of nowhere, therefore it's actually better to get an older Jasper model.

  • Ghosts

    When i was in pre k in school my mom got me a kinect and all my friends would come over and play cause it was SO cool at the time new stuff for the year it was actually fun...😂

  • Capicous

    Ah, 4GB. I remember getting mad cause I didn’t have enough space when GTA V came out, so I went to go get a Hard Drive and I was so stoke.

    • PandaHat 17
      PandaHat 17

      Yes I to am STOKE

  • Cole Rumpel
    Cole Rumpel

    The 360 slim is still a stunning modern looking machine by today's standards. there should be a way to install the xbox one operating system on the slim, since it still has pretty much post modern equipment.

  • Creeping creeper Wood
    Creeping creeper Wood

    Amazing how you selected a *dirty* Xbox *360* to make into the ultimate Xbox.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    Bruh my siblings and I used to store our USB drives for our 360 in the hard drive compartment when we didn’t have them plugged in. How did I never know what that area was for?!?!?!

  • Edris Rasa
    Edris Rasa

    It looks like a military weapon build by gaming parts

  • Eyeparody U
    Eyeparody U

    the Xbox 360 has to be,one of my favorite game consoles of all time,and right now the games are at a such of a low price there is no reason,for anyone to not be buying games,for this excellent console

    • SuperSabie21

      @Eric B my dad has an xbox 360 (og white)that has never rrod'd. He bought before I was born in 2005 and it still works.

    • Soon to be deleted
      Soon to be deleted

      @Eric B my slim e rroded

    • Popinmo

      @Eric B it's not the hardware idk what it is I have like 4 or 5 they never have done it

    • james m
      james m

      @Eli I have a wii, I have a lot of good stuff on that too

    • Eli

      @james m you can get a wii. Its backwards compatible with the gamecube, it opens you up for a larger library.

  • SK Productions
    SK Productions

    I remember the days of the late 2000’s where my brother and his friends played Halo 3 on his 360 with tons of accessories

  • Sugurain

    You forgot the Wi-Fi Wireless-N adapter! ;) The X360 phat didn't have wi-fi and, although the Slim model did have it built-in, it was the slower Wireless G!

  • Ex0da

    that much gb is overkill for an xbox 360. i highly doubt youll need that much space for games.

  • BigBeanGames

    The 4gb internal storage lasted me 6 years with about 5 games.

  • Join My Whiteley
    Join My Whiteley

    I loved the Kinect, it was my childhood and still is cause I’m still a kid, lmao

  • Kanturpon

    Green has been my favorite color. I think xbox 360 might be the cause of that.

  • Colby Greene
    Colby Greene

    Imagine having this when u were like 10

    • Ennard

      bruh it would the best childhood

    • Kevin Hirasawa
      Kevin Hirasawa

      I had this at 10 :D good times...

    • Stringys

      I am 10 soooooooooooooooo i would still use it because i have a 360 and a i3 3rd gen and intel Hd grahics 400 so this would be epic

    • OISADHASJODHAoojahdoaA

      @OfficiallyFar._ same

    • OfficiallyFar._

      I would stay in my room for a week straight

  • Esqueakiel

    When most people see an Xbox 360 they think oh that’s nice I think pure joy

  • ectxssy

    when austin’s ultimate xbox 360 has more storage than your $127k pc

  • Super Duper Paratrooper
    Super Duper Paratrooper

    I've heard this Console is capable of 5k 60fps which is amazing. 😮👌

    • S0N4R

      It's 1080p 50hz

    • Jonathan Sexton
      Jonathan Sexton

      Ayethatsjosh looks like your eyes can’t see them spelling mistakes though. 😎🤣👀

    • jatko mummo
      jatko mummo

      You're wrong its 120fps

    • Luos

      Super Duper Paratrooper you mean 5k of mb?

    • Jon

      @veale011 my eyes can only see 320p lmao

  • PixarMan2001

    The only reason your HD-DVD didn't work was because all Warner Bros. HD-DVDs are extremely prone to failure (disc rot). Your disc was probably rotten.

  • Mmm Monke
    Mmm Monke

    The Xbox 360 slim was almost the perfect 360

  • SnowballTheTactiHusky

    I have an intercooler on my phat elite because my launch model RROD'd. But I have the nyko TS one which has it's own dedicated Power Supply and only kicks on if the internal tempature gets to a certain level, no issues.

  • Zormyyy

    The sad thing is the hardest thing to find in this video, is the Xbox 360 itself.

  • Jason Dsouza
    Jason Dsouza

    Building the *Ultimate Atari 2600*

    • ExplodingCreeper

      building the *u l t i m a t e f i s h e r p r i c e c o n t r o l l e r*

    • S0N4R

      Building the ultimate *fairchild channel f*

    • driftk04

      *m a g n a v o x o d y s s e y*

    • obama

      @jon felpo lol

    • Two Eye
      Two Eye

      Atari VCS

  • Nathan Orput
    Nathan Orput

    Who else remembers seeing hd dvds in blockbuster and wondering what the hell it was?