Building the Ultimate PSP
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The Sony PSP has met it’s ultimate match.
We built the ultimate PS3:

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    I SAID PSP-NESS y'all need to chill

    • Zanix

      Ouh i thought it's "PSP-ENIS

    • Joao Pedro Matoso
      Joao Pedro Matoso

      Right 😏

    • Fawn Dell Maibalz
      Fawn Dell Maibalz


    • Fawn Dell Maibalz
      Fawn Dell Maibalz


    • C4DeadCharge

      @Unking bruh

  • Galih Lubis
    Galih Lubis

    Abang ini blm tau pvp

  • Voidwalker

    Ape escape and Daxter are the best games. Fight me

  • Sean TDS
    Sean TDS

    Three days Grace - Home in the video? Nice

  • Sackoybroz

    I remember playing avatar on my PSP

  • Malfuncxion

    He's having more fun playing poker than he is in any modern game xd

  • Franklyn Daisy
    Franklyn Daisy

    I still have my psp. Sony needs to bring back the psp. Thought they would have brought out a new one, after the switch came out.

  • Jeff Castillo
    Jeff Castillo

    16:33 *cries in high quality*

  • the gamer of pak
    the gamer of pak

    He talks about the vita a lot so he should make a video titled the ultimate psvita

  • Not Enough Ram
    Not Enough Ram

    my psp came with a 32MB memory card lol

  • Tony Ngo
    Tony Ngo

    Just discovered this 'joke' of a tech youtuber -- 17 minutes wasted, what a complete farce this guy is -- orders a bunch of peripherals and third party crap and hopes shouting and slinging memes are going to help


    PSP is my favorite portable electronic device

  • Nathan Sharma
    Nathan Sharma

    who else wants Sony to make a new psp or vita that will be much better then the switch or as I like to call it Nintendo shid that is the worst non rip off console ever made I want Nintendo to be like it used to be

  • Geoffrey Evans
    Geoffrey Evans

    I think the component cables said "PSP 2000 Only" because the 3000 didn't exist at the time, and the cable wasn't meant for the original model.

  • Chijioke Uche
    Chijioke Uche

    7:26, this is my exact reaction when hacked my Switch for the first time, and when I download and play modded games.

  • Juan Azariah
    Juan Azariah

    Its amazing how almost all psp games is in ppsspp

  • Kevin Gutierrez
    Kevin Gutierrez

    Send me one psp please

  • Akura JamakasiLOL
    Akura JamakasiLOL

    We do need new Sony PSP to rival Switch, so maybe then Nintendo prizes (for games not a console) will be more down to Earth :)

  • AnarchyKidd (NoPainNoWayne)
    AnarchyKidd (NoPainNoWayne)

    I remember having a home station for my paper too! I thought I was the only one!

  • 遊具も数化

    I annoyed my parents to buy me a psp1000 back then only to discover YouP. Best teenager years of my life. Told me many moves and actions school cannot. Made many girls hooked on it. Sadly it was just that. Sfriends.

  • EliteWeebMan

    *cries in the no internet street version of the psp*

  • _Inverse_

    You forgot the psp street the forgoten psp model xd

  • Kevin Mena
    Kevin Mena

    I’ve never had such fun with a video. Subbed the fuck up. 💯

  • Kevin Mena
    Kevin Mena

    3:33 you are getting closer and closer to being a new best friend 😂😂😂

    • Kevin Mena
      Kevin Mena

      Dude. Like exactly the same story. If you drove by my house you would see the little fat kid I was standing almost in the middle of the street, just to catch the front neighbor’s wifi, to download vids and come back to cave 😂

  • Kevin Mena
    Kevin Mena

    Dude. Dude. This was cinema. Like I came here for nostalgia and PSP-NESS . And it feels like a beautifully put together sitcom. It all so natural. I can’t describe past that. Feels like a good ol’ episode of Seinfeld

  • FN montages
    FN montages

    Hol up what did u watch on the psp

  • Church RICO
    Church RICO

    Austin saying “fucking legit” always has me rolling. 😂

  • AllThatSheWants

    So many stuff that couldve been better tbh

  • Infedius

    Really makes me mad that sony stopped making a handheld device... I mean Imagine how cool it would be if you could play God of War 4 on a PSP (lowered graphics of course) but that doesn't stop it from being cool.

  • Blake Ellis
    Blake Ellis

    My PSP has 128GB. this is what happens when you have a micro SD adapter

  • Itz_Just_ Grayyy
    Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    That stereo stand sounds amazing even through ITmores’s compression and phone speakers!

  • Itz_Just_ Grayyy
    Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    Invizimals is like the early early version of Pokémon go….what if Pokémon too inspiration from it?🧐🤨

  • Gregory Butcher
    Gregory Butcher

    We got jibaited. I thiufht he was going to use the ps5 controller. Naaah bro you weak ASF for doing us wrong like that

  • C4DeadCharge

    I don’t think Ken realizes that PSP cfw is compatible with every PSP model lol

  • Alexander Vanmeerbeek
    Alexander Vanmeerbeek

    Do a ultimate psvita

  • Bharat Rathod
    Bharat Rathod

    After watching 15 min of this video I realised I wasted my 15 min.

  • Muhammad Nasrul Mahazair
    Muhammad Nasrul Mahazair

    mannnnn.... i need your duck shirt right nowwwww

  • Adriano Ricardo
    Adriano Ricardo

    Psp 🇧🇷

  • Ninja_Bloxy126Films

    16:15 That Best Sound Stereo PSP i ever Seen

  • Yuvy

    Bruh I still use PSP can you upgrade it for me 🤗

  • cacadodo666

    Dude. That TV was one of the few Sony tvs that had a patented PSP Zoom feature via component. Redo this vid and give that tv it’s props.

  • Louis Ng
    Louis Ng

    Nah an ultimate psp would be a jailbroken vita with a psp emulator giving you unlimited psp AND psp vita games

  • Games We Play
    Games We Play

    Lmao good old days with them small *ss cd's

  • RRebel 993
    RRebel 993

    Hehe PSP*nis


    Truer words haven't been said. 3:47

  • Radical Traffic Cone
    Radical Traffic Cone

    now we need the ultimate vita

  • Ankit sushi
    Ankit sushi

    i still have my psp working ☺️

  • Get your Bitcoin up
    Get your Bitcoin up

    Jesus Christ love you

  • John anthon A
    John anthon A

    My psp is broken

  • K King
    K King

    Why did the screen randomly say "Broll" am I dumb or-

  • gamerbot2000

    Why not the PSP-GO

  • muh


  • BH4VVY33T

    Now build a tiny xbox one s

  • BDChupacabra

    i just found two of my psp 3001s 3 weeks ago! its fucking crazy how every single time i find this stuff I get recommended videos without even searching for em.

  • InkLink


  • Hussain Namazi
    Hussain Namazi

    I lost my psp 3000 but ppsspp which is an app available in mobiles allows u to play psp games on ur phone Ppsspp just made me complete my metal gear solid missions

  • Random 24 Tarot
    Random 24 Tarot


  • Addy yang
    Addy yang

    the PSP is so amazing and i still own 4 psp slim 2000 and 3000 model

  • Putra Hidayah
    Putra Hidayah

    Thank god, I didn't sell it.

  • James Pound
    James Pound


  • Conor Callaway
    Conor Callaway

    PSPN*$ 😆 6:21

  • God Mansus
    God Mansus

    Exact P NESS

  • Norman Readdis
    Norman Readdis

    I have all of those shit including the TV But not the stand tho Best 2007-2010 of my portable life

  • Soloids

    Best PSP feature is that you could play a game with the disc removed for a while, I played with my siblings Star Wars Battlefront and we use 1 disc.

  • yxbi

    هلا هلا استمر 👍

  • Backend Bluff
    Backend Bluff

    I’m actually going to buy one lol i miss the PSP

  • Jarek Korytkowski
    Jarek Korytkowski

    Make a PsVita Video

  • Th3FuNNY JoKs
    Th3FuNNY JoKs

    Este man se parece a Logic XDDD

  • Yuvraj Ganjawala
    Yuvraj Ganjawala

    Yo bro you have so many PSP please give me one I have none of them

  • RandomActs OfGaming
    RandomActs OfGaming

    I bought my psp day 1 at a midnight sale at Walmart, I still play it to this day

  • Khudadad Towhid
    Khudadad Towhid

    It just feels nostalgic. My dad was once on a tour to Singapore for business back in 2010. He bought the psp 3000 for me. Ahh. Memeories : *refresh*

  • Tony Capella
    Tony Capella

    bruh this dude is fkin cringe lmfao

  • umayr Sn
    umayr Sn

    Make a ultimate ps vita that's would be sick

  • AWT Man
    AWT Man

    can I pls have one psp go it came out the year I was born.

  • CaptainWolfsAlot

    PS-P-ness just imagine that being announced on stage.

  • Ally Hash
    Ally Hash

    Oh you support lgbt.

  • Axel

    Smartphones killed the PSP

  • Matt 316x
    Matt 316x


  • Wilmer Turcios
    Wilmer Turcios

    I been waiting to someone to do this since 2016 finally someone did it I can rest in peace

  • Terrence Franco
    Terrence Franco

    that boot up sound at 4:34 sent me to my 7 year old past

  • Prakash Srinivas
    Prakash Srinivas

    i have using 2nd psp 1000.. and not original charger.. normally how many hours takes psp to full charge?

  • shoreseventyeight

    this was my first "console"" ever so thank you for covering it

  • Alex Stava
    Alex Stava

    the 1000 was the best. I miss mine.. I now have a 2k and 3k

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson

    Sony made the ultimate psp. It's called the Vita

  • Brendan Witt
    Brendan Witt


  • The creativity Channel
    The creativity Channel

    Bro we’re you on crack austin

  • Dawud Adam
    Dawud Adam

    Can you please give me a psp 🙏🏾🙏🏾😭😭


    14:28 Austin inhaling fine China dust

  • Luke Stephens
    Luke Stephens

    So you made a precursor to a Nintendo switch?

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    Great video But when are you actually going to build an Ultimate PSP?

  • Torsten Stütz
    Torsten Stütz

    Defective psps with broken screens cost 20€ on ebay. TV out works as we all seen in this video. With some tinkering, you can couple an ESP32 microcontroller to a ps4 controler via bluetooth and wire the microcontroller to the psp motherboard, so you can control the psp with a ps4 controller. The ESP32, the psp and a component2hdmi adapter i have are all running on 5v dc. So it is in theory possible to build a stationary psp that outputs to a tv....

  • kocner

    this is my childhood

  • Norberto Torres jr
    Norberto Torres jr

    The psp was most definitely better than the Nintendo’s switch

  • Dandre

    I had to pause the video and laugh at the start of 3:14 because I already knew what he was talking about and was going to say😂😂😂😂

  • Erick julian
    Erick julian

    Looks like an unboxing for me

  • Skyler McNeal
    Skyler McNeal

    That really was the best part of the psp 👀

  • banana B
    banana B

    Good old guys

  • Zee Kay
    Zee Kay

    I love this thing. it for reals.

  • Warden Wei
    Warden Wei

    Well shame on sony for leaving portable consoles........

  • James Blas
    James Blas

    The psp connected to the playstation tv just looks like a wii u but sony owned it

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