Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro
Austin Evans
Upgrading the PS4 Pro with some questionable tech.
Crucial MX300 SSD on Amazon:
Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro cooler on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro USB hub on Amazon:
G-STORY PS4 Pro monitor on Amazon:


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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    Ken needs to be stopped. It's for his own good.

    • Im NOT Bornadestroyer
      Im NOT Bornadestroyer


    • LegoMotion

      @Zain Dhanani ps5 xboxseries s/x

    • Hyper pixelz
      Hyper pixelz

      NO Ken get him to build an ultumate ps1 Hehehehe

    • SPAWN X
      SPAWN X

      He probably won’t

    • SpideyBoi

      After the gamecube video Im afraid his condition is only getting worse

  • Guillem Chesa i Franch
    Guillem Chesa i Franch

    Now add a 100.000 mAh power bank on the bottom and you get the Ultimate Portable PS4 Pro

    • tina

      You can also get one of those things that turn the Sim card into Wi-Fi so it’s completely portable

    • davetron22

      Plus a portable hotspot

    • Alica Acharya
      Alica Acharya


    • 19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha
      19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha


    • SPayee


  • KI11 J0Y
    KI11 J0Y

    Yo this guy is gonna have like 1 ping and 600 fps lol

    • Miki Savic
      Miki Savic

      @Some random guy who doesn’t have a PS4 Tf my brothers ps3 runs GTA 5 on 40 fps wha?

    • Miki Savic
      Miki Savic

      @UC-NwhcQybx4BTxpOoPT78jQ 1. NO 2. You have Router Cables and considering you dont have a pc screen thats a problem 3. Fuck off n-word

    • Miki Savic
      Miki Savic

      @Jacob Yup

    • Some random guy who doesn’t have a PS4
      Some random guy who doesn’t have a PS4

      @David Bob bro what my ps3 ran GTA 5 on 20-25 fps

    • laomd

      @ControChip most games only run at 30 tho

  • Arnold Werschky
    Arnold Werschky

    Imagion pulling that out on an airplane lol

    • Sxoalor-

      @𝔽𝕋ℙ𝟝𝟡 you’re wrong

    • Oscar Byers
      Oscar Byers

      That is the airplane

    • llukewastakenbyaliens

      @Syamim Fikri yes unfortunately it is

    • RaHo

      @Mirza Islam imagine being that dumb that you cant read a sentence with a little bit of bad english

    • Thomas P
      Thomas P

      Imagine playing cod and planting a bomb but your headphones getting unplugged.

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl

    Would have been nice to see a before temp. On the ps4 exhaust. I know something like that cooler is not going to increase performance. I would hope that by making the ps4 possibly run a little cooler that you could increase the overall life span of the console.

  • DietSugar

    Ultimate PS3: Power!!! Xbox One: Oh boy what is he up to now Ultimate PS4: MORE Power!!! Ultimate PS4 Pro: *MAXIMUM POWER!!!!!*

    • Ben

      @The Hollow Restricted power 😂😂

    • Im Here
      Im Here

      @Beluga’s Italian Cousin ...More power to the to you

    • Beluga’s Italian Cousin
      Beluga’s Italian Cousin

      Vergil’s PS5: i. Need. More. *POWER.*

    • Simon Ghost Riley
      Simon Ghost Riley

      But know the pa5

    • Im Here
      Im Here

      @Shayan Rao Yes indeed.

  • tdog 1996
    tdog 1996

    you just made a ps4 into a laptop

    • Carson

      You are wrong he made a ps4 PRO into a laptop 😂

    • Drawde_064

      Mohammad Jawad you think a Laptop has better performance than a PS4 Pro?

    • Lach1503

      The worlds bulkiest laptop

    • Xonply_

      Mark Zunnberg jnnoo no

    • Skiddo

      @Matthew Addai noone asked

  • 9A6 - Đỗ Minh Khang - 12
    9A6 - Đỗ Minh Khang - 12


    • Bearmonkey13

      @Brlph duu Origami

    • art neri
      art neri


    • Brlph duu
      Brlph duu

      And now this ps5 looks like a crumpled up paper art

    • Baseballbman111

      Captain Clips omg

    • Spider-Man

      @Kiwi ps5 pro

  • Darrensilver78

    That usb hub is what I've been needing. I play ffxiv and that will help with mouse, keyboard, headset, and controller. I do not care for the fan or the monitor. But hey, I'm sure there are those out there that would enjoy them

  • Og _ Noob
    Og _ Noob

    Dang I didn't know you can customize you're PS4 pro console into an EPIC laptop

  • TSwany

    this one might be my favorite just because of how everything matches the triple stack design

  • Juan Pablo Galvez
    Juan Pablo Galvez

    I think you should make a video like this with the Playstation 5 just imagine it would be great and I think it would be viral ^_^

    • October

      Oh boy do I have news for you

    • Isaiah


  • Chace Hall
    Chace Hall

    I love how this console starts looking more and more like a sandwich

  • Ela Nesh
    Ela Nesh

    Can't wait for "Building the Ultimate PS5"

    • McChunky

      @Aida Mirza I wonder when’s that gonna come out

    • G 2 G N
      G 2 G N

      It on

    • sheepcraft3r_123

      Its online

    • Aida Mirza
      Aida Mirza

      ps5 pro: am i a joke to you

  • eggboy1987

    Really liked the 4 stacked design!

  • Alex Karl
    Alex Karl

    I wonder how the heck they are going to upgrade the PS5... such a unique design might be hard to add a bunch of stuff to it

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike

    I think the ultimate ps4 pro is pretty good considering it's small and easy to carry around so my thoughts of it is it's amazing😍😍😍

  • Lloyd Quintana
    Lloyd Quintana

    Wouldn't this cause more power consumption for the ps4 pro resulting to more heat produced?

  • Galaxso

    I just love it soo much how u make it very tanky look i love things that look tanky and have so much power

  • its-Andr

    This is the only "ultimate" version of a console that ACTUALLY looks pretty nice in my opinion...

  • Foxyfoxgames 227
    Foxyfoxgames 227

    I see this ultimate ps4 pro as more of a portable gaming easy to setup platform than a “at home” experience

  • PrinceOfUchiha 921
    PrinceOfUchiha 921

    swear this one of my favorite ITmoresrs I definitely gotta share the link for this one keep up the awesome vids my guy can’t wait for the next 1.

  • Hasan Nasir
    Hasan Nasir

    Congrats, you made a gaming computer. :)

  • _S_

    now add a car adaptor or a portable jumpstarter power bank and you've got the ultimate PSP

    • FAT GuY
      FAT GuY

      Naitsab pp

    • Naitsab

      PPS4P Portable* PlayStation4 Pro *Kind of. You will need a table... or very strong legs.

  • New change unlisted_viewer
    New change unlisted_viewer

    Dear Austin, I've had my Ps4 Pro for a while now and I want to upgrade to ssd soon enough. How do I transfer/save all of my data and put it onto the SSD? Edit: could you do a video on ps4 with a keyboard and mouse? Sounds like a fun video

    • Rydoggo5392

      I believe you have to back it up to an external drive

  • Byron Sequeira
    Byron Sequeira

    Does the monitor work for the ps4 slim as well? I think it would but I'd like to know for sure

  • Dennis Fox
    Dennis Fox

    I think I found my favorite channel. I love this guy!

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan

    You guys should order the monitor now. They've made a new batch with better settings; gamma, individual color saturations, better/louder speaker etc. Its really sick.

  • Jayden Cavero
    Jayden Cavero

    Does the usb extended storage still work with the USB port hub? Sometimes it says it needs to be directly connected to the PS4

  • Raff Personal
    Raff Personal

    Bruh I never thought logic would be this good at tech. He’s smart af


    This is epic austin great work

  • Aaron TM
    Aaron TM

    I would love to do something like this but I didn't see this video until ps5 came out so still waiting on that.

  • Hemant Jagani
    Hemant Jagani

    Can you help me build the ultimate bank account

    • Average gg enjoyer
      Average gg enjoyer



      Crypto? Lol


      Get money l


      No your broke

    • darkness

      @Caelan Blair 2 XD

  • Jesse Cannon
    Jesse Cannon

    actually looks pretty sweet i only wish i could afford one lol i collect buy sell and trade retro games consoles and accessories as a hobby

  • Miciso

    i used a 4tb hdd... just use an extension cable. sure it dangles out the ps4. but having 4tb hdd is a massive investment in the long run. i can download nearly every game now that i got for free with psplus also im sure ssd wont do shit. because the ps4 is native ssd support it makes partitions for each game on its own. already making load times very fast.

  • Carlos Negron
    Carlos Negron

    Too much to deal with but I like how it all comes together

  • FiveHobbies

    So you can build pc’s and go full bolt on with consoles Nice👌🏻

  • Treychik

    Man, you forgot that to make it ULTIMATE! you should make it portable! So...get the power bank to feed this beast! 😈

  • William Van Parys
    William Van Parys

    Pretty cool man!!! Now if I could just afford the PS4 period!!!

  • Snotnarok

    Ultimate PS4 Pro: Making PC gaming look way easier than it's already gotten.

  • Dark_

    When the next PS console comes out it would probably have like 32 layers

  • Nightfall Alicorn
    Nightfall Alicorn

    Yeah, USBs can be dodgy at times with their mysterious disconnections. Looks like PS4 is no exception with that USB hub.

    • Vance Islander
      Vance Islander

      I recommend a hornet tek, it’s 2 tb and it haven’t broken on me yet

    • Liam S
      Liam S

      !Nightfall Alicorn

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher

    its cool to have lots of space with the ssd's but I can only use like 300go and I cant go pass it , maybe for people that got full digital games it would be useful, but why lose the resale value of a game ? lol

  • sima bachratá
    sima bachratá

    So cool! I would want this!

  • Reeve Callen
    Reeve Callen

    I feel like that screen on the top would make the ps4 alot hotter. Alot of heat is right on top

  • Mohamed Hosni
    Mohamed Hosni

    only problem as you mentioned is the USB hub in front of the ps4 pro we need a certified vendor who makes theses hubs in order not to disconnect just a thought

  • Anmol Raj
    Anmol Raj

    Next video...... *Building the Ultimate Austin Evans.*

    • ShockVort


    • eddy.H

      Ugh we already have that. It is called LOGIC.

    • Aidan Hanley
      Aidan Hanley

      Budinh the ultimate chromebook

    • Asian Kirby
      Asian Kirby

      And then he will huild THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA OF PS4'S

    • Aske Skjøt Møller
      Aske Skjøt Møller


  • michael brand
    michael brand

    I see that you have seriously upgraded your tools. I remember when you were just a young lad armed with a leatherman....

  • Tamjeed Anam
    Tamjeed Anam

    It's the best. The moment you said that the storage can be increased i was shacked

  • NarutoGaming5150

    Which ssd would you recommend for the ps4 pro

  • Jonathan Thoj
    Jonathan Thoj

    All you need is good SSD to make your PS4 Pro performance faster. That's all! No need to buy the other stuff. It's was waste of money. Trust me, a good SSD is all you need!!

  • Blu Techno
    Blu Techno

    When you switch the storage dose it mean that any previous storage is lost

  • Joe’s epic gaming
    Joe’s epic gaming

    I read that you shouldn't plug a external hard drive into the back of you're ps4 instead plug it into the front or else it will over heat

  • Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens

    Please do an Ultimate PS2 Build, with the HDD and BB Unit!!!!!

  • Despair'sLast22

    That game drive is the exact one I own for my PS4 Slim

  • Vaccum Robot
    Vaccum Robot

    I didn't know that you can make Ps4 pro bad I'm impressed

  • Phatcheeks19

    this is like a portable ps4 pro impressive!!!

  • ilyRod

    Imagine having 4 LAYERS on a ps4

    • light-cake 368
      light-cake 368

      this post was made by the PS4 slim gang

  • Kevin Ragsdale
    Kevin Ragsdale

    I wish I could get that excited about anything.

  • Phatcheeks19

    Hey real question... um I saw the building the ultimate PS4 and got a stand that supported the pro with the chargers and disks holders and fans so... can this all work with that except for the G-story???

  • Hanif Hamza
    Hanif Hamza

    Awesome man, ... Thanks for going through all the hastle ...


    Looks like the first laptop ever built... ;D

  • •Mezure Senpai•
    •Mezure Senpai•

    Austin does one "building the best PS2 slim", it was going to be awesome

  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer

    the only one maybe worth it is the ssd since u get those ps5 fast load times

  • Kusama WK
    Kusama WK

    The power supply will explode with all those stuff!

  • Mohamad Mahmoud
    Mohamad Mahmoud

    Man just imagine the ultimate ps5

  • Mohammad Saifi
    Mohammad Saifi


  • Wally

    Hey guys this is PS4 Pro. Today we will be building the ultimate Austin Evans

    • Liverpool Tuck The Win
      Liverpool Tuck The Win

      +RabbidPotatoe Gaming How could ya make a careless mistake in spelling...smh

    • Liverpool Tuck The Win
      Liverpool Tuck The Win

      +RabbidPotatoe Gaming How could ya make a careless mistake in spelling...smh

    • RabbidPotatoe Gaming
      RabbidPotatoe Gaming

      Sidsfooz me to thanks

    • BaRcOdE

      Wally Gee be original

  • JohnDoesTech

    That is the thickest ps4 pro I've even saw.

  • Eelis Kumpulainen
    Eelis Kumpulainen

    Now can you turn a laptop into a PS4 pro?

  • Rob Let
    Rob Let

    the extra cooling fans are questionable at best, what good are they when ps4 is played in a hot room next to a radiator that is on. problem is it can only cool as much as the air that is available. What we need is something to direct cool air into sude vents and that would help much more. some battle royal games are responsible for a lot of yellow lights on ps4.

  • Zakk Perez
    Zakk Perez

    I have question I have used a great amount of space on my 2T hard drive but i dont want to lose my game i have save on too the external hard drive and was wanting to go up to a 4T or 6T hard drive is there any why i can swap them over to the 4T or 6T harddrive or will I have to replace the 2T harddrive into my ps4 slim and replace the 500GB? Also I've been wanting a Gstory monitor will that work on the slim or is it just for the pro? Thank you and hope to here some advice you have.

  • Mistah Miggy
    Mistah Miggy

    500gb SSD for only 150??? Finally time to get one

    • Pandro

      Jin Furukawa Simply put, ssd's are much faster than your standard hdd. Plus ssd's are a tad bit more expensive.

    • DecodeX5

      Samsung has a 4tb ssd or id advise getting a nas

    • cosborne


    • Mistah Miggy
      Mistah Miggy

      I clearly know that, but my computer has been a bit slow recently. It can't be my CPU since it's an i5, and nothing in it could really bottleneck besides the HDD

    • Delicious

      iMiguelAOG that’s expensive you can get a better hard drive for cheaper

  • David Mcguire
    David Mcguire

    You can't just swap out the drive you have to have the firmware on a flash drive too or it won't work

  • Ben

    R.I.P his wallet

    • Shohan Music
      Shohan Music

      Considering that he’s platinum record selling artist Logic, I think he can afford it

    • ultra ytplays
      ultra ytplays

      He made over 6.8 thousand dollars from this video 😂

    • Facenti Productions
      Facenti Productions

      @DyBrado *6 million views*

    • V N
      V N

      @DyBrado instead of whining go check his social blade.

    • Devin

      Ben Z nigga his wallet is stacked

  • Red Onyx
    Red Onyx

    How do I transfer the data from the standard hard drive to the MX hard drive?

  • goldridder

    I stumbled on your PS4 video a while back and thought ‘yeahhhhh ok but not all that impressed.’ This is the boy!

  • Adam Scheu
    Adam Scheu

    I want the ultimate Atari 2600

    • Lutris

      @Carlos Saldana A E I O U

    • Revaille


    • Young Hannibal
      Young Hannibal

      Trinity Roberts u stupid lol

    • Robert Hincapie
      Robert Hincapie

      Adam Scheu me too but it can’t be customized I think

    • Carlos Saldana
      Carlos Saldana

      Gewoon Woef lol i edited my comment because i originally put an

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    try placing tape on the USB hard drive on the back of the screen, NOW IT LOOKS LIKE AN OFFICIAL ULTIMATE PS4 PRO!

  • Ray Horner
    Ray Horner

    Got 8T external SSD for gaming and 1T internal SSD for the Playstation operation system only.

  • Landon Sayson
    Landon Sayson

    Ultimate PS3 - I want the real ultimate console. Ultimate PS4 - I said the REAL ultimate console. Ultimate PS4 - Perfection.

  • Aurum TheBrave
    Aurum TheBrave

    Lmao this is actually perfection.

  • Avin Raikwar
    Avin Raikwar

    Just throw in a lithium polymer battery and BAM!!!!! PORTABLE PS4 PRO

    • Nöelノエル

      What about...NO? BAM!!!

    • Chef

      Multiple car batteries! BAM! NOT SO PORTABLE PS4 PRO

    • The_M_ustard_Cat TV
      The_M_ustard_Cat TV

      Avin Raikwar lol year

    • R C
      R C

      With 20 minutes of on-time! BAM!

    • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato
      potato potato potato potato potato potato potato


  • Gamer

    it looks pretty cool ngl but are you going to do one for the ps5?

  • Amar Shah
    Amar Shah

    My biggest fear with that is the ps4 screaming louder than the tv

  • Cody Durrance
    Cody Durrance

    Except you can’t use the external hard drive with the USB extender.

  • Static

    We now need: Building the Ultimate PS5!!!

  • Mr. Fusion
    Mr. Fusion

    Can we get an Ultimate PS4 Slim?

    • Good Troll
      Good Troll


    • Mr. Fusion
      Mr. Fusion

      RoboYolo I just want to see some accessories for it that work, since I'm too lazy to actually search for add-ons.

    • Czarex 08
      Czarex 08

      Ummmmm its at shop buy it or buy your life

    • RoboYolo

      John Spade It's the same as the regular PS4 just smaller. Just watch Ultimate PS4 setup

    • Renovski

      John Spade yeah , pleaaaseeee

  • Jacob Reveles
    Jacob Reveles

    I'm very surprised to see Logic build a PS4 pro

  • PlugZdahouseCat

    The extra usd ports come in hand when you have the vr head set an move controllers

  • Jimmy Productions
    Jimmy Productions

    I just find these satisfying. That’s why I watch it.

  • InZee

    Hey Austin, can’t wait for the same for PS5

  • johan g verdi
    johan g verdi

    That is looking a lot more like a PS laptop

    • Nolan Baker
      Nolan Baker

      johan g verdi that's a thicc laptop

  • Tay McKenzie
    Tay McKenzie

    *Waiting for Austin to Building The Ultimate PS5* 😂

  • Sssnipary

    Me: dreaming to buy a PS4 after buying a Xbox one x Austin: builds the ultimate ps4

  • olivr_ lay
    olivr_ lay

    That fan Is gonna be the next thing I will buy for my ps4

  • TheCocoaChild

    All these years and I never knew I had a ps4 pro

  • Gaming XP
    Gaming XP

    Might as well get the 1000 wat PSU solar power double a battery accessory for ps4 :! Do to all the accessories using power 😂

  • Star Killer 101
    Star Killer 101

    tbh if this just makes it much more portable and takes out the draw back of having a fixed place to play and removes the need for remote play

  • Angel Leal
    Angel Leal

    My electricity: oh no... Me: I'm about to end this man whole career