Building the Ultimate PS3

  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    Go check out Jimmy on PSReady!

    • pepe tech
      pepe tech

      Make the ultimate ps2

    • Sergio Reckoundji
      Sergio Reckoundji

      PS3 is sick look so nice

    • Andrei Mere
      Andrei Mere

      Make ultimate PS2

    • Yusuf Amr
      Yusuf Amr


    • Glizzy iOS
      Glizzy iOS


  • UndeadPianist16


  • Pirabeiraba Boy
    Pirabeiraba Boy

    "Here's my entire PS2 and PS3 collection" *has said collection in a CD wallet* I have mixed feelings about that lmao Nostalgia feels for the ps2 cases because I have one of those cd wallets, and bad feelings because the PS3 games don't have the original boxes.

  • Noaerrr

    *ultimate wii*

  • Stefano Jasso
    Stefano Jasso

    You guys should do the ultimate wii

  • first name second name
    first name second name

    What a jerk!

  • Kenneth Arriaga
    Kenneth Arriaga

    What is the name of the mini oled TV?

  • Aryan Abawi
    Aryan Abawi

    Can you do the Ultimate PS3 slim

  • Callan Kolles
    Callan Kolles

    That laugh though 😆 2:45

  • teddy quach
    teddy quach

    Please hook me up with a ps5

  • Michael J
    Michael J

    Lol I have that ps3 TV it was broken and I fix it I don't use it right now but think I'll set up my ps3 beside my PS5

  • Destiny Carrico
    Destiny Carrico

    Always check the model number! CECH-Axx, - Bxx, -Cxx, and Exx are what you want.

  • Gamer Joseph Aguirre
    Gamer Joseph Aguirre

    I realy whant a ps3

  • PandaStrike

    Plz do ultimate ps2

  • Jgfs

    Now it’s time to do a ultimate switch lite Austin

  • Booshcoco 2007XD
    Booshcoco 2007XD

    My guy playing the best game ever created: black ops 1

  • crazy man gaming
    crazy man gaming

    Finally he's done it he's a god


    I got a fully backwards compatible ps3. Sony offered to give a brand new system to trade it in. No doubt they would like to get these off the street. It currently went through its 2nd bluray drive. Not sure if there's some issue with the drive and the backwards compatibility but I don't trust Sony enough to send it to them. It sits in the closet waiting for a new drive❤

  • Nidhi Sharma
    Nidhi Sharma

    Can you build ultimate ps2 just like you did GameCube

  • YourBoyJay

    asian kid stays fuckign up i feel like lmao

  • Doris Doris
    Doris Doris


  • R.A.U.F Ahamed
    R.A.U.F Ahamed

    Go check mystics vid This is just a joke man’s just puttin external devices

  • Wajih Houbairi
    Wajih Houbairi

    في عرب هنا

  • andra syahlani
    andra syahlani

    Next: ultimate xbox series x/s

  • swavyy dee
    swavyy dee

    i have a working ps tv lol😂

  • HMMX Youtube channel
    HMMX Youtube channel

    make a portable ps3

  • Bum

    what is that sony oled tv called

  • André Nascimento
    André Nascimento

    I still have a lot of fun replaying some games on the ps3

  • HESH AtSeaLab
    HESH AtSeaLab

    Be weary of those fans, one burnt my first 360 up by shorting the port.

  • Kyezxid

    I Grew up with a ps3 but mine broke 1 year ago :( Im Getting A new one soon :D

  • AW-Custy

    0:57 is that a real dualshock me who got my ps3 second handed and it came with 2 REAL dual shock 3 controllers (the black ones)

  • beast craft
    beast craft

    He made a PS3 INTO PS8

  • Josh Moseley
    Josh Moseley

    See's 2 ports at the 2 minute mark. and I'm like "yep... that ain't backwards compatible". A tip for people looking for a backwards compatible PS3, check how many USB ports it has. If it has 4 you're golden, if 2 then it's a no go without custom firmware and praying the games you want to play work. Another way to check is the trim around the disc port, if it's like a matte silver (don't know how else to describe it) then it's not backwards compatible, if it's black or chrome then it's a winner (providing it ain't faulty). Last tip for trying to get one is look at the serial number, you want either CECHA (Asia/America) CECHB (Asia/America) these are the most desirable models as they're hardware emulation, then there's the CECHC (Worldwide) which only supports software emulation, which gives a bit less compatibility with the amount of games you can run

  • シKIA T R A S H G A N Gシ
    シKIA T R A S H G A N Gシ

    How about ultimate ps1

  • Kittxn Lxver
    Kittxn Lxver

    Congrats on your 5M subs austin!

  • Master Aayan
    Master Aayan

    Please do ps3 slim and super slim

  • Cian Andre
    Cian Andre

    Do the ultimate PS4 slim

  • Wiktor Banyś
    Wiktor Banyś


  • Aarish11

    the uktimate ps2 please

  • Rendi Sanjaya
    Rendi Sanjaya

    Indonesian sub plss?

  • Shawn Shields
    Shawn Shields

    i still have ps3store

  • Rodrigo Lima
    Rodrigo Lima

    From where did you borought thia PS3?

  • BlueSky RBX
    BlueSky RBX

    Tim the tat man

  • J Storm
    J Storm

    I have. Original 60GB 4USBw/ Card reader PS3 I thought about putting a SSD in it I did research the SATA controller wouldnt benefit from a a SSD since transfer speed are so slow so I put a Western Digital Black 1TB 7200rpm drive in mine works great !

  • micksterminator3

    My old roommate had a PS3 and a 3d LG tv around 2013. I ended up buying Shadow of the Colossus for it, I remember it being amazing!

  • Laurence Mills
    Laurence Mills

    Day one of asking for ultimate ps2 (it has to include the psx version and Linux)

  • P. Quill
    P. Quill

    in Argentina, it's pretty common to pirate consoles, so when people found a way to do it on the PS3, they would use 1tb hdd and add all of the games in there, or inside a pen drive, and the ps3 would read it ( no online feathures though )

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight

    i find it hard to believe that austin has never swapped out a ps3 hard drive

  • Jaser

    Today I turned on my ps3, and I found that an update is required, should I update?

  • Andrei Mere
    Andrei Mere

    Make ultimate PS2

  • Emerald

    There is a home screen on PS3?

  • Charlie Swank
    Charlie Swank

    Can you make a ultimate PS3 super slim.

  • dijion ledet
    dijion ledet

    I wanna get the ps5

  • Dhruva is live
    Dhruva is live

    how austin wondering getting dualshock 3 in ps3

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos

    Sony: awwn that's cute. *Proceeds to shut down PS3 online services.

    • Hantbill mereu
      Hantbill mereu

      They are no longer shutting down

  • XI I
    XI I

    Dude just started with five not kino but five he's a pro

  • Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh
    Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh

    The ps3 firmware and hardware will not work that well and with an ssd. the ps3 will work with an ssd but will significantly Decrease the life Span of it the best thing to do is use an sshd this will not shorten the life span of the drive and speed it up

    • Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh
      Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh

      The ps3 official controllers had Motion controls it was use in heavy rain and call of duty 3 + others

    • Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh
      Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh

      Csgo was in 2010

    • Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh
      Jdhfhsjgg Co xh Jdhsh

      The ps3 hhd is encrypted so it can be hard to to get your stuff from one to a different hard drive trying to install the ps3 os will be very very very hard so don’t do that clone it but that is hard to but not as hard as trying to install it later

  • Rylan Herrin
    Rylan Herrin

    Can we get the ultimate PSP?

  • Michael Ownage
    Michael Ownage

    My favourite game to play Back then Was Eye Toy play 2 you didn't need a controller you were the Controller

  • random gamer24x
    random gamer24x

    That's not the ultimate ps3 because it's not jailbroken

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi

    (6:19) I wonder if it's a Southeast Asian system… (6:49) Same for the Southeast Asian consoles!

  • Felik Makuprathowo
    Felik Makuprathowo

    They got cs go oN Ps3???

  • RÍANVO •
    RÍANVO •

    Do Xbox 360

  • Lux

    I cannot express how happy I am that the ps3 and vita stores will remain operational, ps3 is my tied favourite console ever

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    09:04 Say what?

  • Gabriel Wickham
    Gabriel Wickham

    i have black ops 3 disk for ps3

  • UTA

    white boi ps3

  • TazerTrit

    Nobody:... Russian Engineers which rework PS3 fully and added fan control system

  • J K
    J K

    I just want that white PS3 😎

  • Red Ring of Death
    Red Ring of Death

    Him: wants to buy micro-tranasction Also him: inserts credit card

  • OrdinaryCuteghost

    Do the ultimate PS2

  • Boss boss
    Boss boss

    9:05 that's what she said

  • MINI MR. E
    MINI MR. E

    My ultimate ps4 slim has a usb hub for keyboard and an exhaust fan

  • Mr Jaydemo
    Mr Jaydemo

    Is it just me or does the PSTV look like a big PSP Go screen?

  • Arakan

    i have the tv as a second monitor :)=

  • Martyn Williams-jenks
    Martyn Williams-jenks

    Logic look alike

  • Buddydude Guy
    Buddydude Guy

    But why?

  • SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
    SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

    looks sleeker and prettier than the PS5 actually.

  • Yusuf Amr
    Yusuf Amr

    I love that white color!👍♥️

  • ⃠ dog toy vs hampter gaming
    ⃠ dog toy vs hampter gaming

    In my opinion that white ps3 (stock) looks better than PS5

  • Sinjin Baust
    Sinjin Baust

    You need bigger shirts my guy

  • Dee Sliime
    Dee Sliime

    Suggestions Recommended Doing Decent .. I Wouldve Never Known Logic Stopped Rapping And Started Building Gaming Consoles

  • Coughdrop!

    Easiest way to tell if you have a backwards compatible model is to look for the Chrome trim around the disk slot. as opposed to the matte sliver one.

  • ItzNoxeu


  • Flamelux

    who else still plays on the ps3 sins 2007?

  • Kaze ni fukarete
    Kaze ni fukarete

    No one

  • FriedRice Productions
    FriedRice Productions

    I had a 2 terabyte harddrive in my first gen ps3

  • _Sebasuchan_

    Noice background music!

  • Dark Blader
    Dark Blader

    Where is my ultimate wii🥺

  • Doodle

    1kth dislike bc why not

  • Potion Potion
    Potion Potion

    Wait the PlayStation tv is 240hrz?? I have one just sitting above on my ps2 collection area and it’s fully working I used to use it for my old desktop I didn’t know it was capable of that

  • mateo alvarez
    mateo alvarez

    The ultimate ps3 super slim? Or The ultimate ps2?

  • MR T DOES ?????
    MR T DOES ?????

    PS3,PS4 Nintendo switch my favourite 3 consoles

  • Sohaib Yssef
    Sohaib Yssef

    Plot twist : logic s real name is Austin Evans , he began to play games rather than rapping ps:I m just kidding

  • Perfecttroubler

    7:40 so everyone will ignore Logic shirt

  • GRAY78

    Ultimate PS5?

  • Axec

    Not gonna lie the white ps3 looks better then the ps5 ahahah

  • Skott LeFever
    Skott LeFever

    Ultimate GameCube?

  • Fiber GD
    Fiber GD

    The ultimate 3DS

  • Phady


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