Building the Ultimate PS3
Austin Evans
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The Sony PlayStation 3 meets Building the Ultimate: PS3 edition!
We built the ultimate PS5:
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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    Go check out Jimmy on PSReady!

  • john Dingo-Fox
    john Dingo-Fox

    The PlayStation 3 3-D display basically had a huge flaw its flaw was a faulty firmware that prevented the display from turning on if your display blinks red or just blinks blue with no picture on the screen you need to replace the onboard CMOS chip with the replacement repair kit CMOS chip this requires micro soldering in order to fix the display and fix it permanently it was an issue because Sharp made the display and the display has a cheap ass Firmware on it that prevented the display using its full functionality this is why they recommend replacing the firmware chip and going from the consumer chip which is a pile of junk to a non-consumer chip which is the professional CMOS chip for that display that’s why you now have CMOS repair kits for this display

  • Ewan TFG
    Ewan TFG

    Now you know what you have to do.... THE ULTIMATE PS2

  • F1mph

    PlayStation 3 was ahead of its time. What a masterpiece.

  • Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen

    To note: There were backwards compatible 80 GB PS3's that shipped with a Dualshock 3. FOr example, the MGS4 Kit in the US did so. the way to tell the difference is the 2 vs 4 USB ports on the front, and whether or not there is a card reader in the system. just above the usb ports on the thick part, that would flip up to reveal a card reader on backwards compatible PS3's.

  • Dylan Montealegre
    Dylan Montealegre

    I respect a man who keeps his most valuable items together...

  • Diego2thebay

    Fun fact: That OLED was actually manufactured by Sony not LG. It was available at Best Buy too.

  • EposVox

    I live for this kind of ridiculousness

  • 44r0n

    We cannot do old vibes without his old intro “Hey guys its Austin”

  • Benjamin Dover
    Benjamin Dover

    Me and my brother had the 3DTV, and to me the absolute best feature was playing split screen games on it. One person would see one image, and the person with the glasses would see another. It made split screen games so much better

  • Felipe Panini
    Felipe Panini

    This is about 50% the ultimate PS3. How about all the software modifications available?

  • Game Original
    Game Original

    Austin: "There's no way a PS3 would play games from the hard drives"

  • john Dingo-Fox
    john Dingo-Fox

    OK Austin let me explain the max size you can go on a PlayStation 3 is a 1 TB hard drive it cannot exceed 1 TB which means you cannot use a 1.2 TB or a 1.3 TB it Hass to be a 1 TB or else you will not be playing Blu-ray movies it basically prevents you from returning to the main menu in your Blu-ray movies when your movie finishes when your movie finishes and it’s supposed to return Back to the main menu it doesn’t go back to the main menu it freezes this is because of the hard drive size being locked to 1 TB only

  • 𝙗𝙧𝙞𝙖𝙣69

    Buying that New PS5 Dude? Nah bro, I'm buying a PS3.

  • Egg_Socks13

    i just like how Austin's character is getting killed in the background by zombies, while he just gets suprised by more stuff ._.

  • Rohan ved
    Rohan ved

    This is the only channel where even if I don't get your videos in timeline, i actively search for your channel to see if you've uploaded a new video.( Yes I know the bell icon exists but I don't want youtube notifications when I am working)


    I have that 3d monitor, its great. Resistance 3 on 3D is a great experience. Also PS2 look really nice if you use good component cables, best flat screen for ps2 without an upscaler. There's also a PSP zoom mode but I dont have a PSP. Would be interested to see how it looks

  • Donis GamingPortal
    Donis GamingPortal

    This is awesome! As someone who grew up with ps3 I will say sony did a great job on giving us so many cool and fun features and attachments for the ps3. A lot of this stuff was ahead of it's time lol.

  • JayQuan Rhodes
    JayQuan Rhodes

    Ken's just magically pulling out all of these random accessories lol he's the gift that keeps giving 😂

  • Aidan Macgregor
    Aidan Macgregor

    Austin, the store isn't shutting down anymore, Sony backtracked!