Building the Ultimate PS3
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The Sony PlayStation 3 meets Building the Ultimate: PS3 edition!
We built the ultimate PS5:

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    Go check out Jimmy on PSReady!

    • Eranga Atapattu
      Eranga Atapattu

      pls can i get a ps4 pls i am not askking ps5 its too much pls

    • Yodas Raytraced Retro Studios
      Yodas Raytraced Retro Studios

      Use my mods you charming mother lovers.

    • The Blue Man
      The Blue Man

      Halo 3 on ps, something is off

    • Timothy Lundberg
      Timothy Lundberg

      Install cfw you can re enable the ps2 emulator

    • Henrique Fernandes
      Henrique Fernandes


  • Granny_Gaming

    this is the almost ultimate ps3 since you dont have backwards compatibility

  • Loqu.a

    its only ps3 chill out

  • The Memester
    The Memester

    Ultimate ps1 immediately its like min maxing your worst gear

  • Gears Of Inspiration
    Gears Of Inspiration

    That 8tb would be good for games using webman-mod.

  • Evilbenny

    I was intrigued until I heard 3

  • Mohammed Noor
    Mohammed Noor

    Worst Tech Reviewer Ever! 🤢🤮🤮 He's Even Worse than UNBOX THERAPY ! I think No one's LAUGHING ON HIS SILLY JOKES, He is the only one Shouting & Laughing on his Own jokes!..

  • Reisak

    “E-Y-E? that’s ewe” “Are you fucking serious?…..” “Yeah” “E-W-E. is ewe Arin…”

  • Zeta24x7

    ps3 to the moon 💯☝️

  • Zeta24x7

    Ps3 🚀🚀🚀 to the moon

  • OTXgaming

    Being surprised that a usb controller works on the Ps3. LOL

  • Luck Wilder
    Luck Wilder

    Good video Austin Evans

  • Pp

    Hey austin, if i was gonna buy a ps4 slim wheres the best place to buy it?

  • Shashika’s Gaming Corner
    Shashika’s Gaming Corner

    I subbed to jimmy

  • Christopher Ewing
    Christopher Ewing

    You should do a PS5, if haven't already done so.

  • Ghastify

    the old gta5 days

  • Gianni Knies
    Gianni Knies

    I had/have the black ps3 but I like the white one more

  • SnoipaBoi

    You bought an Olympia on zombies 😔

  • TakachiShiro

    I actually own the 3D Display when it first came out and it's still alive

  • Bifinley

    we need to revive the ps3 and make it popular again


    I have that 3d monitor, its great. Resistance 3 on 3D is a great experience. Also PS2 look really nice if you use good component cables, best flat screen for ps2 without an upscaler. There's also a PSP zoom mode but I dont have a PSP. Would be interested to see how it looks

  • AndrewsRetroGames&Tech

    I have no idea how he didn’t know about PS3 BO3. That was such a controversy back in the day!

  • Nayops 20
    Nayops 20

    9:06 Nothings happening lol

  • Flynn


  • The Retro Challenger Ⓥ
    The Retro Challenger Ⓥ

    What was the exact name of that small oled? I actually need one like that

  • Thinesh Gamingz
    Thinesh Gamingz

    Pls Do Ultimate PS2

  • Adqm

    humongous chungus= the kids, cracked me up

  • Jose Manzanilla
    Jose Manzanilla

    Soooo you literally "build" the ultimate ps3...just installing an SSD.

  • juan carrasquero
    juan carrasquero

    Gente aquí hay gente escribiendo en español o no?

  • Basketball Freak
    Basketball Freak

    Look at my name

  • Butters

    That's not building anything. That's upgrading what you already have. I can't believe you actually have this many viewers. They can do the same exact shit you did. I already did back in 2010. Building means you built it. It doesn't mean you upgraded. More misleading information.

  • Onur

    That ps tv is actually really good stop complaining.

  • Xx_KhaledTheSlayer_xX

    i also have a japanese model not modded and still in great condition but i cant find games for it anywhere sadly. imagine it with 1tb and a big library of games installed that would be awesome

  • David Ausemus
    David Ausemus

    They forgot the ps3 sound bar

  • Kaveh Gaming
    Kaveh Gaming

    Hey guys i cant install any games in my ps3 pls some one help me

  • dalecio tavares
    dalecio tavares

    sou brasileiro não entendo nada oque vc fala mas adoro seus vídeos.

  • TheCoregalore

    Ssd make a difference?

  • Alexander Feliz
    Alexander Feliz

    We are in 2021 why not ps5

  • d34th53kt

    Imagine someone puts 1 terabyte to ps3 lol

  • xXFrostyKidXx

    7:10 Aahhhhhhh yesh, the CS: GO for the PS3 version was exactly how I reacted when it was first put out on the store! Good to see that flashback comeback to me! BTW: can someone spare a PS5 cant find one cause of scalpers. ):

  • Tomy Sens
    Tomy Sens

    This is NOT the ultimate PS3. The ultimate PS3 would be a PS3 Model CECHA00 (the very first model with full backwards compatibility for PS2 games) with a case mod featuring some holes in the bottom at the place where the big main fan is located (the named fan would be replaced by a later revision 19 blade fan instead of the original 15 blade fan). It would have been diassembled fully to replace all heat pads and the thermal paste on the heat spreaders and UNDER it (for that you need to carefully take the heatspreaders off which can be a pain in the a$$). And it would have the most recent 4.88 Custom Firmware in Cobra Mode, webMAN mod and a bunch of other homebrew installed on an internal 1TB drive, including SENenabler to ensure a save access to the PSN . All the games you have on disc could be easily backupped onto an external USB drive and played very easy with the installed webMAN mod from XMB (every game has a size between 5GB and 50GB, so decide the size of the external drive wise). And don't forget accessories like a modern TV or a home cinema sound system, why use a too expensive old PSTV while most modern TVs support 3D? Because it is from this time? Makes no sense to me.

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    So we just going backwards now huh

  • Adam Hilw
    Adam Hilw

    Lol I’m still using the PS3 tv on my current PlayStation

  • jakethreesixty

    I was given a broken PS3 super slim and I managed to get another year out of it, but the hard drive went, and it keeps corrupting drives. Ironically, the 12GB onboard flash memory works fine and I still play games on it, but it's whooped, the hard drive panel is broke (from raging about the corrupting hard drives) and is rough looking in general. What a trooper

  • jakethreesixty

    PS3 got a bad rap, but I thoroughly enjoyed mine. I had a lot of music on it, and even used it in a dj setup at my friends 16th birthday, I actually have video of that day on here, it was on a trailer towed by a lawnmower lol

  • Neko-chan


  • Popcoolboi


  • Roomba 6 4
    Roomba 6 4

    Ultimate Samsung fridge

  • Kody DIY
    Kody DIY

    Build the ultimate wii plz

  • ruben salas jr
    ruben salas jr

    So annoying

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen


  • Nerf nerds
    Nerf nerds

    The store is not shutting down anymore sony said it was a bad decision to try to shut down ps3 and vita stores

  • Габриел Ангелов
    Габриел Ангелов

    Now do the PS3 slim ultimate edition!!!!

  • LT. NOOB
    LT. NOOB

    Why does it sound like TimTheTatMan or Sallyisadog is in the vid?

  • Dios

    How do i get my hands on one of this?

  • shm4v

    i would love to play spiderman web of shadows on that thing

  • pontus traas
    pontus traas

    Your tv looks like a giant psp go

  • Gilligunz


  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    The ultimate PS3 can play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5.

  • Niels

    Photo is a bit of a clickbaid in my opinion looks like watercooling

  • Caden

    Ultimate ps5!?!

  • Everything gaming 360
    Everything gaming 360

    The ultimate series x ?

  • Dies Roelofs
    Dies Roelofs

    How do I have the 500gig model than (fixed it bcause ylod and checked the harddrive

  • just another guy
    just another guy

    ultimate wii u???

  • wnynj

    I like the tv because its in the shape of a psp

  • RGBtrashcan

    Gosh that ps3 model is amazing

  • Ricky Irwanda
    Ricky Irwanda

    give me 1 PS 3 give me 1 will not make you poor I'm from Indonesia ps 3 just normal already makes me grateful plisss

    • RuinedFox

      No bozo

  • fatboymachinegun

    Hate this virgin dude.

  • Bertrand Bijou
    Bertrand Bijou

    Now the ultimate PsOne

  • Berin Avdievski
    Berin Avdievski

    The OG ps3 is forward compatible with controller.

  • Happe CJ
    Happe CJ

    The true ultimate console must be jailbroken with a custom ui

  • Heheheehwh

    The ps3 came from Japan and they used the DualShock 3 for every ps3 but in America they were sued so in the American ps3 they have another controller

  • Emiliano

    why not use ps3 slim ??? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Golden Hawk
    Golden Hawk

    This man bought the Olympia

  • Isaiah Gagnier
    Isaiah Gagnier

    Can you make a ultimate ps1

  • The Boxing Lounge
    The Boxing Lounge

    I belive I have the ultimate PS3 set up 😎

  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz

    What happened to the rest of the sleeves of your shirt 🤷‍♂️

  • cactus jack
    cactus jack

    I actually found the ps3 3d tv this year for $80 brand new with the glasses also new.

  • ali Baazaoui
    ali Baazaoui

    Ps3 can't run games from external hard drives? Multiman says hello!

  • Dangle Dip
    Dangle Dip

    Where’s the part where you actually build the ultimate ps3?

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie

    Missed opportunity to use the rifle move controller instead of the regular one

  • Proff Cortez
    Proff Cortez

    Yo!! Can u buy me a PS5 😭😓

    • RuinedFox

      Yo go get a job

  • Aki Sato
    Aki Sato

    Csgo was on xbox 360 as well

  • Street Lethal Garage
    Street Lethal Garage

    my face when stupid LG fanboys always say that LG invented OLED.. no, sony did, and sold the patent to LG Display because theyre a panel manufacturer.

  • Beastace ✓
    Beastace ✓

    Next make the ultimate ps tv. Then use all the ultimate playstations on the ultimate tv

  • Bored Internet User
    Bored Internet User

    Now do the ultimate PS2 you cowards

  • Manuel Caceros
    Manuel Caceros

    no doble display monitor on the ps3? damn it.

  • Sad User
    Sad User

    I had one of those ps3

  • Shohan Music
    Shohan Music

    Logic just said “humongous chungus”

  • kevin Facherito
    kevin Facherito

    XD XD halo in PS3

  • Andrew Poulter
    Andrew Poulter

    Where did you purchase the PS3?

  • Yeon Sha
    Yeon Sha

    I actually understand Sony marketing tactic of making console, the smaller the ps3 shape the higher the chances of getting YLOD.

  • WzJuju Official
    WzJuju Official

    PS5. Wzjuju

  • WzJuju Official
    WzJuju Official


  • Mighty Mudkip
    Mighty Mudkip

    9:06 "double fisting"

  • Ruben Guerra
    Ruben Guerra

    All ways made it easy to up grade hard-drive until the ps5

  • Jack Keilman
    Jack Keilman

    Come on Austin!!! Ultimate Wii!!!

  • Loren Chapman
    Loren Chapman

    Ultimate ps3 = so much extra money spent that it’s not even worth it. Unfollowed!!

  • 𝕣𝕒𝕦𝕝 𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕫
    𝕣𝕒𝕦𝕝 𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕫

    Who playing ps3 2021? 🔥🔥

  • Manuel Hurtado
    Manuel Hurtado

    Now the ultimate wii

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