Building the Ultimate PS2
Austin Evans
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The Ultimate Sony PlayStation 2 is harder than it sounds.
We built the ultimate PSP:

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  • krypotico

    "Finding things that are 21 years old is not an easy thing." Have you tried a bar?

    • Lawrence Irvin
      Lawrence Irvin

      😂 I see what you did there

    • Nott Joey
      Nott Joey

      You can find anything that exists for a price

    • Demetre


    • Nolan Brouse
      Nolan Brouse

      Guys fr be careful with hoes at the bar the 21 yr old I picked up there was NOT a good experience lmfao. Fr

    • 春樹ニコラス

      @Benson gaming look again

  • Colton Kellam
    Colton Kellam

    I love the PS2. In a broken home growing up, it made a hell of a difference

    • InDan _Ger
      InDan _Ger


    • Shabazz Prophet
      Shabazz Prophet

      Perfect escapism

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    I like how they devolved the "building the ultimate ___" series to just dumping a pile of disgusting trash on the desk lol

    • _your_local_sad_boi_

      @Luke Glover lmao

    • Luke Glover
      Luke Glover

      @_your_local_sad_boi_ like, unlike, and like again? lol

    • _your_local_sad_boi_

      How do you like a comment twice

    • alessio_bedegni official tik tok
      alessio_bedegni official tik tok


    • Luke Glover
      Luke Glover

      @yeetusbeetus hmm. You sure? Lol they'd only be 13 or younger

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly

    The PS2 was the best thing to ever come into my childhood. It was so good and had so many great games that my friend who had a PS3 liked it even more than his own console.

  • Super Guy
    Super Guy

    Austin and his friends makes me realize how much of a nerd I am.

    • FollowingStorm0


    • Parker rainville
      Parker rainville


    • Cruz


    • venomwise 4321
      venomwise 4321

      Me too buddy you're not alone

    • Cartoony_skit

      @Super Guy :) will do so you to

  • Tiago Marques
    Tiago Marques

    Incredible that you just could easily build the ultimate ps2 using that hdd and Free McBoot but i guess sony would not approve

    • Rossy

      don't even need a memory card you could just have freeHDboot and VMCs, I used to have all my games and pretend memory cards on there it was awesome(until both PS2s broke)

  • Jutsch80HD

    Many European PS2s were allowed drinking 5 years ago ;) Wow, last time I used Opera was on Windows Mobile, where it actually was by far the best browser available

  • Bryant Guzman
    Bryant Guzman

    This is so entertaining, if you happen to have any other failed experiments or bloopers, you gotta release them 😂

  • Carlos Oyuela
    Carlos Oyuela

    Austin: "Is the hard drive useful for something else other than Final Fantasy X?". Homebre community: "Not unless you hack the heck out of it and pirate your games, Austin".

    • Nott Joey
      Nott Joey

      I'm planning on buying a network adapter, a SATA conversion kit (not a Chinese SATA adapter), and an SSD in the future for homebrew on my PS2.

    • Carlos Oyuela
      Carlos Oyuela

      @ScarfFox and Friends Yeah, I also noticed but I realized it too late to rectify it.

    • ScarfFox and Friends
      ScarfFox and Friends

      It's Final Fantasy XI, not X. Plus, he didn't even say a number in that sentence you're "quoting".

  • K W
    K W

    Been playing the ps2/3 like crazy this year. Finally playing the games I couldnt get when I was younger. Love it

    • Cocoa Puff
      Cocoa Puff

      Yup! I didn't grow up playing the PS2 like that but once I was a teen and finally got the access to getting these older consoles, I went crazy. Now I have a N64, Gamecube, and PS3 (my PS2 just broke but planning on getting another one or even a 60gb PS3 instead).

    • Mathieu Prevost
      Mathieu Prevost

      Is that why your pfp is Snake? I can respect that.

    • Maxgaming Playz
      Maxgaming Playz

      You could mod your ps3 to get the games for free! there are tons of tutorials out there on how to mod your ps3 but you need a specific firmware (i think so) because i was planning to buy a ps3 slim/super slim but end up having a ps4 slim from my relative that doesn't use it as much.

    • Maxgaming Playz
      Maxgaming Playz

      @Moses Devadass you mean, throw it into the garbage then end up in a landfill? or gave it to somebody else?

    • Maxgaming Playz
      Maxgaming Playz

      do you own a copy of grand theft auto IV?

  • A Vought F4U-4 Corsair
    A Vought F4U-4 Corsair

    Recently I've been looking back on one of my favorite PS2 games like Speed Racer, mainly because the soundtrack is fire.

  • Aarnav Srivastava
    Aarnav Srivastava

    Even though SOOO much chaos in this video, it feels touching! I had my cousin's PS2 slim and used to play games with my best friends. I'm always gonna miss that time. Loved the team's genuine love for the PS2 era, Austin! Love your work, team. Keep it up!

  • Virgatecomments

    I’d love to see a part 2 because the PS2 is one of my favorite consoles

  • The Lemooor
    The Lemooor

    OPERA? Just testin that browser bro! Looks funky to me! Better than Chrome Linux!

    • Lukas Ahlqvist
      Lukas Ahlqvist

      Opera has a history of selling data

    • Legend Cox
      Legend Cox

      Yeah it's a bit sus to me their business model is the same as the rest (sell ads), the company was bought by a Chinese firm in 2016. Now they are trying to grow their userbase and gather more personal data by having people use their VPN and feeding that metadata into their ad platform.

    • Daniel Del Aguaro
      Daniel Del Aguaro

      Just do what I did. Create your own vpn. Not that hard. And free

    • Daniel Del Aguaro
      Daniel Del Aguaro

      Opwra vpn is absolute crap.


      No just no lol no one uses opera

  • Rihaan Natani
    Rihaan Natani

    I would love to watch an ultimate WII video, that would actually be interesting.

    • TSwany


    • Ibrahim Diab
      Ibrahim Diab

      Yes, and if it happens then try to find the model with the backwards compatible gc controller ports that'll be cool :D

    • Rihaan Natani
      Rihaan Natani

      @jakob findlay Okay!

    • jakob findlay
      jakob findlay

      @Rihaan Natani it's been done. So many times Infact people know exactly where to cut the PCB until it fits in a game boy case

    • Rihaan Natani
      Rihaan Natani

      @jakob findlay That would so dope, playing wii anywhere you want 😂😂

  • branflakes423

    Kind of ironic how Opera boasts the fact that they "care about your privacy" when they've had a shady history with your data for pretty much the entire time they've been around.

    • Onib Rehman
      Onib Rehman

      @GlennHobble I am not from the US but I would never recommend something like opera to anyone for privacy. Using something like firefox could be a better alternative. Privacy is a real issue now a days and I would much rather prefer something paid than someone probing my as 24/7.

    • Onib Rehman
      Onib Rehman

      @Living on the edge i remember reading a post about opera something like 6 months ago, and it was mentioning how opera was selling user data.

    • The Dave
      The Dave

      @Afx_1000 If you wanna push something privacy based, Vivaldi is where it's at, NOT Opera

    • GlennHobble

      @Living on the edge there is no shady history. For US big tech any company which has even financial links to an Asian country HAS TO BE SHADY! Professionals call it propaganda. That is the naked truth

    • Afx_1000

      For you, everything is spy and dark-powered. For god sake dude, He is advertising a browser that is an alternative to data-sucking chrome and cow-slow microsoft's browser. And you're looking for some dark connections, you read to much on reddit forums.


    How would you make a PS2 portable? :-) BTW: What kinda of critics rolled out in the comments on the Opera. It s funny to see how guys who use the browsers of the largest technology companies write about privacy issues and VPN's. No arguments, only rumors. Funny and sad at the same time.

    • BLUD

      Chromium Degoogled doesn't steal your data. Neither does Pale Moon.

    • La Amelie
      La Amelie

      They don't care if the facts are different. They are worried about personal data, giving it away to everyone. However, they do not pay attention to the functions of the browser.

  • psychorabbitt

    You were right when you said you upgraded to component cables, as those are the ones that do HD. You can remember the difference because composite has an S in it, so it's SD.

  • Tom Cole
    Tom Cole

    How have you managed to get the most unreliable PS2s I’ve ever seen 😂 mines never had a problem

    • Deathstranger

      Mine only has a reading disc problem as the disc flap needs a little bit of weight to make the laser read discs but i also need replacement controllers too but thats why i just have a emulator on pc

  • Luke Woods
    Luke Woods

    I was playing my ps2 nearly daily for 12 years no problem, some of my happiest memories are playing on it, got me through so much

  • XmasterArson

    That was waay more entertaining than watching a ultimate ps2 build lol!

  • Ralph Moses Royeca
    Ralph Moses Royeca

    Austin: "Where's the ultimate PS2?" Ken: "Maybe the ultimate PS2 was inside us all along"

  • I_am_ENSanity

    I actually had that screen for the PS2! Used it on family vacations when we were driving.

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan

    “You must be the tech” Confirmed Austin is a robot

    • Piece of Schmidt Gamer
      Piece of Schmidt Gamer

      @Spacething7474 Nah, everyone knows Marky Mark came out of the primordial ooze. He has no real family. The ones he advertises as his family are paid actors.

    • Bimi siKocheng
      Bimi siKocheng

      Tbh they does looks kinda similar

    • Blake Shukis
      Blake Shukis

      Building the ultimate terminator

    • Alexander_martinez

      Did you ever doubt? 😂

    • willboygaming4


  • Your favorite E-Boy
    Your favorite E-Boy

    It wasn´t what i was expecting but it turned out way better, i loved that the video was all over the place

  • Wack Central
    Wack Central

    I wouldn't say I really enjoy much of their videos, I just like bizarre tech. But this episode, so entertaining

  • AlmightyWillz

    I remember those buzzer controllers 🤣 I can’t remember what the game was called but I had it! It was a family gameshow! Great memories 🤣

  • vivisectvi

    You could also install maps for SOCOM 2 with the HD on the PS2, also run games of the HDD if you had a modded system, which I sure as hell did back then.

  • Alif Athallah
    Alif Athallah

    I like how the employees are ordering the boss around lmaoo they're such good friends


    I like when Austin ask what the hard drive is for.The moment he asked I was like how about Free HD Boot.

  • Hey Just J
    Hey Just J

    I feel like my PS2 setup was the ultimate. Had the fat one with an HDD, memory card exploit to run HDloader (basically no load times), emulators, and homebrew like GeoTron and Super Mario War. Also modified case for top loading games (which I didn’t really have to do after it was modded and I could put the games on the HDD. Had both versions of the GunCon controllers with all the Point Blank games and a bunch of others, silver eye toy, hard DDR mats with every DDR version from USA and Japan, Guitar Freaks with the controllers (pre-guitar hero), Beatmania with the DJ controllers, and all the Bemani games, and a bunch of other stuff. Ended up selling it all to a collector and a lot of it is likely on display somewhere because I had all the boxes and stuff in fantastic condition. Brings back memories for sure.

  • Khalid Muhammad
    Khalid Muhammad

    Don't be disappointed, for me this was the funniest ultimate build, I really enjoyed it!

  • Safeboot

    As a person who's first console was the PS2, this was the video I was waiting for.

    • Sum Teng Wong
      Sum Teng Wong

      It was entertaining, but tbh, a BIG let down. Nothing was prepared, nothing worked, and not much thought was given into this video. The ps2 has sooo many accessories but looks like they rushed this. And ppl, we are talking about the BEST SELLING GAME SYSTEM OF ALL TIME!!! I hope they remake this one and give it actual respect.

    • Restrictedパピ


    • Saif Alexander
      Saif Alexander


    • JackNoManYT

      Same,the first ps2 game i play is gta vcs at about 7 years old(yeah,below 18)

    • Zach Eslick
      Zach Eslick

      @bruh Good to know that my kind of comedy isn’t your funny bone will keep that noted

  • Jippo Clothing
    Jippo Clothing

    In my eyes the ultimate PS2 is the backwards compatible PS3. HDMI and a wireless controller to play classics natively? Sounds ultimate to me.

  • ethan slade
    ethan slade

    You know there is something that I'm surprised you didn't reference that could be the ultimate ps2, and that's the ps2 television, I honestly don't know if you can find one but it was a tv with an integrated ps2

  • Yes

    So does that mean we’re going to get a slim ps5 😂 I can only imagine how that’ll look and how many would be available

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    Bro has clearly been working out, well done Im proud of you mate.

  • Michaelangelo A Barreto
    Michaelangelo A Barreto

    Wish I knew you guys were looking for these. If I'm not mistaken my PS2 does run Linux and it's fully functional. Literally was playing with it like a week ago LOL.

  • BT_YZ

    A wise man once said “sometimes you can’t just review the tech you have to be the tech”

  • KiraHirosho

    Also there was the PSX a japan exclusive that was a PS2 with the Media Bar and tv input with HD built in. Please get one of those on the show!!!

  • popcorndinosaur123

    When that Taiko box came out I flew back to my childhood. God I loved that game.

  • Steven Laster
    Steven Laster

    I remember buying my PS2 immediately after graduation. Walked into GameStop in my Cap and Gown like it was nothing. The most memorable console purchase ever. Lol

    • 👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram
      👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram

      Thanks for watching you just won an iPhone Send me a message now👆

  • Ethan Uson
    Ethan Uson

    finally, the console that has the most amount of units sold finally gets the "Ultimate" upgrade treatment... sort of.

  • Lord Corgi
    Lord Corgi

    Watching this while playing FFX on my PS2 that still works after about a bajillion hours playtime😎

  • Suytry Chhen
    Suytry Chhen

    The last few weeks, I got our ps2 running and my wife and I have been playing Timesplitter: Future Perfect non stop.

  • Jareque

    sometimes you cant just review the tech, you must be the tech - Austin Evans

    • MonoType

      Yeah, you watched the video

    • MarkTwain09

      And then there is also Dreamcast guy

  • Desmuu

    Could you try to build an ultimate PS2-Slim? I was super curious as to how far it can be pushed

  • Cxpteeer

    I love how he made it look like a pc

  • Mubashshir Hossain
    Mubashshir Hossain

    Lol I love my PS2. Got an emulator for my PS2 to run PS2 games off a flash drive. Was one of the rest things I did. Now I need to find a controller that will last

  • doitall

    Loved my PS2! BUT, I've got to give the PS3 credit after picking up my first one last year, it can make a better PS2/PS1 than either of those two systems! How? Modding, unadulterated modding 😈 any PS3 CECH2501A or prior can have Custom Firmware installed, allowing you to play your older PS games on the system (even PS2 on incompatible models)! You get beautiful PS1 smoothing, wireless Bluetooth controllers with rechargeable batteries, and HDMI without converters /quality loss / additional input lag. I'm going to play my PS1/PS2 until I die, but aside from PC emulation, the PS3 is easily the definitive experience for these classic consoles. Just wish my good one hadn't burnt out 😅 Side note: the PS3 is the ultimate Dance Dance Revolution machine, playing ALL of the PS1/PS2/PS3 DDR games. Added bonus? The PS2 DDR loading sequences are non-existent, getting you straight into the game! Just make sure to grab a 3rd party USB foam dance mat to REALLY live it up ✌️😎

  • Rossy

    The ultimate PS2 loads all of your games and (pretend)memory cards connected via the network with SMB using homebrew, that's actually a thing believe it or not

  • Flick S
    Flick S

    I used to have one of those screens to play PS2 when I was away at college, it was utter rubbish! But still playable, so 🤷‍♀️

  • HerbertElayda

    PS2 will always be forever in my heart. ❤

  • Padverus

    Lol I have that exact same PlayStation 3D monitor. It’s actually great for consoles that use a component cable like the PS2 or Original Xbox.

  • Weeb Trash 「オタクゴミ」
    Weeb Trash 「オタクゴミ」

    A Fatty Ps2 with a HDD and Free McBoot is the ultimate PS2. You get the brooks converter so you can run your newer (PS4) controllers on it, and there ya go, best PS2 ever.

  • Ian Fullen
    Ian Fullen

    After spending close to $100 in repairs and accessories, I got my ps2 working, but for $0 and 20 minutes, I was playing the same game.

  • Tech ProYT
    Tech ProYT

    my ps2 is almost mint and it still reads discs like its brand new and I used it a lot when I mean a lot I mean a thousands of hours its been used but works really well

  • Tierra Billy
    Tierra Billy

    Getting the HD Advance for the PS2 made it the GREATEST CONSOLE OF ALL TIME for me

  • Brazen Hammer
    Brazen Hammer

    Finally, I've been waiting for this one Is what I thought before I watched it... Great video guys

  • Ace Solomon
    Ace Solomon

    For the sake wholesomeness & friendly troll, I gave this video a like. Would've been interesting to see the fighting sticks a little more. Especially for Bodukai 3, that game was beyond incredible.

  • Carl Wilson
    Carl Wilson

    I’m gonna guess the majority audience are barely old enough to have experienced the PS2 in its glory days. 😅

  • DylHomeAccount

    Seeing those remotes with the huge red button on the top gave me nostalgia of playing BUZZ! with my family

  • Dicey

    Austin is hilarious to watch lmao.

  • Nikolas Efthimiadis
    Nikolas Efthimiadis

    I remember eye toy. I used to play the sh*t out of this game and thinking it's soo cool to be in the game. Played it with friends too. We had way too much fun for what it was. You know, back then when you could enjoy a game with your friend playing split screen.

    • Carlos Oyuela
      Carlos Oyuela

      I never had an EyeToy nor the chance to play with one of them. However, I had a cheap dance mat. My little brother and I spent hours playing with it, so much that we ended up damaging it beyond any repair. Ever since then, we can't find a suitable replacement. The dance mat and the Logitech G25 racing wheel are my favorite non-standard PS2 controllers/accessories.

  • Alex Bourg
    Alex Bourg

    That was really weird, Austin started smelling the thrustmaster thing and INSTANTLY I could smell it too. That scent is definitely lodged deeply into my remember box

  • DerkuiDerkui

    Damn, I am old. I remember when these first came out. They were sold out for a year and hard to get.

  • Powdered Toast Man
    Powdered Toast Man

    Maybe in the future you guys can come back to this with some working equipment haha. Maybe a Phat PS2 with the HDD loaded with OPL so you can boot games off of it and even force some games to run in 480p instead of its 480i/256p. Also if you get the Multi-tap (x2) it brings you up to 8 controllers which works on like 3 games. And there are even internet games you can play (if you run one of those modern day servers since the old stuff shut down)

  • nabhussad

    Awwwwhh no ultimate ps2, what a shame was looking forward, I think you need to do another video of an actual ultimate ps2

    • ShinigamiRIP

      @Pedro Henrique I agree. They say building the ultimate PS2 when the first 13 minutes of the 15 minute video was an opera ad and them just playing with random controllers

    • Thomas Mathis
      Thomas Mathis

      This video was more like PS2 mystery tech than ultimate ps2. If this is how the ultimate console videos are going to be I think they need to rebrand the video names

    • Ivan Pekic
      Ivan Pekic

      @BREAD Me too

    • BREAD

      @Pedro Henrique I disagree

    • Pedro Henrique
      Pedro Henrique

      Yes this video is crap

  • WhiteSoxFan

    You were able to download extra maps for socom 2 on the hard had to buy the demo disks from the ps2 magazine... awesome days

  • chrisonthedot

    I had one of those screens on the PS2 when I was kid. I swear my sis and I played Cat in the hat on fuckin roadtrip my guy! That shit was a clutch on our boredom. Mark my words

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie

    This is hightening my need for classic consoles.

  • GoldSilverAxel

    Out of curiosity I looked up if my old PS2 could run Linux and it could

  • Gene Kwagmyr Singh
    Gene Kwagmyr Singh

    6:10 I actually got a pretty large check from Sony because I had one of those. Good times.

  • brad spitt
    brad spitt

    yes, ps2 hard drive plus special software equals boot from drive game back ups. that was my first console mod.

  • IKONIK GUY2005
    IKONIK GUY2005

    PS2 was my first gaming system I have a lot of memories with it 😭😭😭

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H

    You realize that your gunna have to redo this and make an actual ultimate PS2 right?

  • Sum Teng Wong
    Sum Teng Wong

    The #1 best selling game system of ALL TIME!!! and there's soo many mistakes in this video 🤦‍♂️ not giving the ps2 the love that it very deserves.

  • bonanzabrandon

    At the end of the video they finally handed him the real ultimate ps2, an emulator.

  • hentaidancer

    Funny enough, i actually got that same taiko drum bundle sealed for $1 and it has the game

  • Poplel_

    "You must be the tech" - Sun Tzu, the art of war

  • DJ Painkiller
    DJ Painkiller

    I still have a Sony PlayStation 2 now this makes me want to build the same thing

  • elucid DNB
    elucid DNB

    Hard drive also helped play killzone online on the ps2. Needed it for the maps. Also the modem

  • NoUsernameHere

    i can now officially confirm that i've seen the dustiest controller on this planet

  • Deek The Geek
    Deek The Geek

    Did you guys install the HDD into your ps2 that came with final fantasy online? You can’t have the ultimate PS2 without that!!!

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma

    "You must be the tech” Confirmed Austin is a robot

  • Noah

    Whoa the ps2 design looks so good

  • Juvii

    Now we need the ultimate Wii setup!

  • IzzyNashty

    I remember ps2 being my 4th console, this was nice.

  • stiffbiscuit

    Omg yes he did it fr thank you ive been waiting for this since he stated this series

  • Just Another Youtube Channel
    Just Another Youtube Channel

    You guys should try one of those PS2 TVs from Europe!

  • big-z playz
    big-z playz

    I like how he already knows we want a wallpaper with him in it.

  • netu

    I like how the sponsor is Opera which supposedly “cares about your privacy” which is uploaded on a platform that’s owned by google which supposedly doesn’t


      @Feng Lengshun In my opinion, it is one of the few that still has a kinda of independence. See an example ....their VPN - they had to turn it off recently in Russia. Why? Because maybe it just works!

    • Feng Lengshun
      Feng Lengshun

      AFAIK Opera is as bad as the rest if not arguably worse because I recall them using their platform to push some money lending scheme. While the others may profit off your data, at least they weren't also pushing you to go into debt.

  • ted wertman
    ted wertman

    I have 2 old ps2, one with mod chip and hdd. Almost every game made even other regions. Been sitting for years, unsure if they still work.

  • Cauê Carneiro
    Cauê Carneiro

    "I can't wait till you find them" just destroyed me lmao

  • Jose Arroyo
    Jose Arroyo

    You guys should do “The ultimate Wii” it would be epic 😁

  • Buildy Arka
    Buildy Arka

    Ah yes the PS2 my fave console it has 4 (that I think is)great

  • SuperLuigi

    This video was complete chaos... I love it

  • Josias Eliyonai Castañeda de la torre
    Josias Eliyonai Castañeda de la torre

    Now i feel bad that i still have my PS2 pluged and running in my living room.

  • Grumpy Wolf Gaming
    Grumpy Wolf Gaming

    Giant fail, first off you should have gotten a hdmi adapter for it. I have one on my ps2, works great. Also the hard drive can be used to rip games. There is a lot you can do with it.

  • Producer Evan
    Producer Evan

    When you order a large fry and they forget the fries, the ultimate PS2.