Building the Ultimate Nintendo Switch
Austin Evans
If you want to build the ultimate Nintendo Switch console, this is probably a terrible idea.
Upgrade your Joy-Con tutorial:
Nintendo Switch Joycon and Shell replacement on Amazon:
128GB MicroSD card on Amazon:
Switch Glass Screen Protector on Amazon:
Switch Wired LAN Ethernet adapter on Amazon:
Bionik Power Plate for Switch and Joycon on Amazon:
Hori Playstand on Amazon:
Nintendo Switch USB-C to HDMI hub on Amazon:
Switch Battery Charging Case on Amazon:
Nyko Clip Grip for Switch on Amazon:

Huge shoutout to Kevin Kenson!


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  • Jamie-lee Lineker
    Jamie-lee Lineker

    Imagine doing all of this and then Mario just drifts to the left

    • Elijah Chin
      Elijah Chin


    • diamond shadow
      diamond shadow


    • AFL Lightning
      AFL Lightning

      Do you guys have a lite, V1, V2 or Oled?

    • Colling


    • Lotlshot14

      Is that a star wars reference

  • misteridiot

    *attaches a third party dock to his switch* Good god how adventurous.

    • amNein

      @FamilyFriendly even so, Who says it can't happen again

    • Alan Lopez R.
      Alan Lopez R.

      @FamilyFriendly I thought it was the other way around, before 5.0 it didn't and now it does even up to today

    • FamilyFriendly

      I don’t believe they brick switches anymore but back when this video was made yeah probably.

  • Gman 613
    Gman 613

    I feel like he went to a GameStop or something and bought everything he saw related to Nintendo switch

    • Clawzz

      Nah he just bought everything in gamestop

    • Eean30

      Except games

    • PantsYT

      @Koopa Coop duct tape*

    • Koopa Coop
      Koopa Coop

      And tried to fuse am all together in the most unorthodox way possible

    • Koopa Coop
      Koopa Coop

      Gman 613 I think so too

  • JoeyD225

    I have the same screen protector. I love that it's a 2-pack and I've had my current one on there for almost 2 years. To prevent THAT from getting scratched from the dock, I actually lined the inside of the dock with the soft end of velcro.

  • Hedge

    I think these videos are just Austin buying a bunch of accessories for consoles and trying to connect them all together without it all breaking

    • Mikaeel Tabassam
      Mikaeel Tabassam


    • Miraz

      just trying to sell us shit...

    • Hedge

      @MilkShake TM yeah ikr

    • Scrabs

      *Legos in a nutshell*

    • MilkShake TM
      MilkShake TM

      @Hedge this is the internet for ya bud :p

  • Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
    Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

    The clear case for the joycons looks amazing, Nintendo should definitely do them, the joycon inside is way too pretty to be not shown.

  • Olivia Gilbert
    Olivia Gilbert

    Why isn't there a link for duct tape in the description

    • SlimeCrafterLP

      6:10 cos of this

    • Alex Redden
      Alex Redden

      @Rami Haj r/wooosh

    • AndZ

      Ik like that was the best part I really wanted to buy it it’s super rare

    • Rami Haj
      Rami Haj

      Type it on ebay or amazon or whatever

    • quationvx

      some dude that likes anime 😂

  • falcore91

    Love your ultimate console videos. The one thing I love about the other ones over this one though is that those videos ended with all the crap running all at once as additional pieces to a cohesive system. A lot of the pieces in this one were straight up contradictory.

  • Yupia

    This video is basically a Nintendo switch version of mafia city Lvl. 1 Switch Lvl. 100 *Thicctendo Swiss*

    • Vector Esports
      Vector Esports


    • Yupia

      I feel disappointed that people are replying to a comment thats a yr old

    • amNein

      .. wut

    • lunarwydd

      Lvl. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x 100: Nintendo.exe has stopped working

    • mizu

      ha ha hs aauha aha aHAB SGHSYSGBYATYGAVYG agaga aga agfabaha ah aha aya ahga

  • Tomo Mcintyre
    Tomo Mcintyre

    I bet that the accessories put together cost more than the actual switch.

    • KingDabc

      100% Agree

    • J S
      J S


    • ツsuoıʇɐɯpǝʇǝƖǝp R
      ツsuoıʇɐɯpǝʇǝƖǝp R

      I was going to like your comment but You ruined it by editing it smh

    • fuzpace

      But are you gonna send a video?

    • HomemadeProductions

      You know what, because you edited your comment to thank people for the likes, I disliked your comment

  • AbelSuperstar100

    Build the Ultimate Nintendo Switch *Lite.*

    • UBZ


    • Syrus Orelio
      Syrus Orelio

      @Default Dan I primarily use handheld but i love the added functionality of being able to dock

    • Someone E
      Someone E


    • Drumerdude26

      AbelSuperstar100 they did

    • Thehovergoat100 Evans
      Thehovergoat100 Evans

      More like *heavy* when he’s done

  • Bela Sziklassy
    Bela Sziklassy

    That joycon grip meant for a phone I would actually legitimately buy it it fit the switch safely. I find that controller to be much more comfortably than any grip/case they make for the switch. I amse it would net slightly lower battery life than handheld mode, but I don't even care.

  • Prasoon Kashyap
    Prasoon Kashyap

    Every 5 seconds, Austin: That's where this comes in

  • Zogloid -_-
    Zogloid -_-

    Austin should make a compilation video with all the "Thats where this comes in!" in every single video.

  • Alex Twine
    Alex Twine

    On this episode of "Pimp my Console", we'll be duct taping a 10000 mah battery to a Nintendo Switch...

    • al currie
      al currie

      Alex Twine i wanna know how long it will stay on with all the battries added. And dose nintendo have like their own duct tape?

  • Mathew Mora
    Mathew Mora

    Actually helpful in terms of what accessories I’d rather have with my Nintendo switch very informative I like it 👉🏽👍

  • PokeSh 6698
    PokeSh 6698

    Most of the actual usefulness of the accessories went over my head. Like I'm sure it's useful but half the time I had no idea what any of it meant. Ethernet and Battery packs I understood, I did want to know how precisely better battery tho

  • Mike Bircher
    Mike Bircher

    All of this stuff bricked his Switch after 5.0

    • Jan

      check out my other channel if you want to know how to brick a switch and other things

    • sagich dirdochnicht
      sagich dirdochnicht

      @ZVX "bricking" (as in a Device is bricked) means, that your expansive turned in Functionality to a Brick. Or a Paperweight. In other words, it's dead, not really fixable, not useable, dead. A Brick. This happened, because Nintendo, since they are fucking Stupid, use a USB C port, and all of that shit, but took a huge Dump onto the USB Protocol. You see, a "standard" USB Port delivers 5V, wich is fine, but ever since we got fast charging, Devices can "talk" now to the chargers to demand a specific Voltage. And with USB C, this became way more standarized. If a company uses a non USB Standard for fast charge, the charger can not really communicate with the device and keeps the voltage at 5V. This is what Nintendo should have done. But for some reason, they are using the same protocoll, but with somewhat fucked up output voltages. Wich for some weird Reason only happened after they made an Update. What happened, in easy terms, is basically that the Switch told chargers, it wants eg 9V in "USB- Language", but in reality only wanted eg 6V. That commad is basically the same, but the Output is different. A to high Voltage, even if it's just 3V difference, can, especially over longer time, damage a Product beyond repair. Wich totally happened to a LOT of Folks, that used third party Docks and Dongles, that technically do the same. Note: this is pretty much the ONLY fucking device this happens, because everyone else just does, what the USB Protocoll dictates. Even fucking Apple! You can not Brick your Macbook by using third Party USB Chargers, nor does the Apple charger brick your Phone, UNLESS the charger is seriously faulty and delivers wrong voltages. Tinfoil time: Maybe this was intentional by Nintendo, maybe they didn't like that with USB C, anyone could just buy a cheap Dongle, that does the SAME as the Switch Dock. Note: Those Dongles can't brick your Macbook or Smartphone either.... And Remember: An official Switch Dock is around ~120$ or something. The Tech inside there is seriously worth not more 20$. Seriously, this thing is overprized beyond believe.

    • amNein

      @Helix Adam Oxford take classes

    • DistractionCat

      @KtmriDmcy it doesn't matter if we aint on reddit or not

    • Freshta Rafi
      Freshta Rafi

      What is it Whoosh

  • Rickitts

    1:14 Get you a man who looks at you like Austin looks at those Joy-Cons

  • KingWulfgar666

    What if there was a mod or accessory that made the Switch portable?

    • Guardian Stalker
      Guardian Stalker

      @thesandvitch man Predicted the lite lol

    • Guardian Stalker
      Guardian Stalker

      @Lisa Kelly It was a joke idiot

    • YAD Kurriboh T4
      YAD Kurriboh T4

      ok wtf... KingWulfgar "666" with 666 likes ?!!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    • KinoFRFX

      @Microacb oH nO i'Ve bEen WoOoShEd!

    • Nextpoint

      Lisa Kelly r/whoosh smart ass

  • Owen V
    Owen V

    all these tech channels have the incredible true story vinyl and i love it.

  • John

    This is honestly the most Nintendo thing I've seen since the 90s lol. Do you remember the old magnifier/speaker/light for the original gamboy? This is basically it... just finagle a printer onto it and were all set. great modding guys

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen

    3:20, plug the cable into the top of the charger and run it to the back of the Switch stand. Controllers will charge on the switch, and two more will charge on the battery, while the battery charges the switch that is charging two of four controllers. That said the function of the Switch is that it’s a good portable device, and it would be docked at other places where someone already owns a switch. It’s a hot-swappable games console.

  • Vojtěch Švarc
    Vojtěch Švarc

    He just bought a lot of stuff to make a handheld console portable... Incredible

  • DaveSimonH

    I'd definitely recommend getting a glass screen protector, I got the Orzly protector for my Switch. Some people don't notice scratches from the dock, but I think this is down to slight manufacturing tolerances, ie. some will be a tighter fit. Even after inserting my Switch into the dock only a few times (very gently), it was starting to scuff the plastic, so I put it on the same day.

    • Duolingo Owl
      Duolingo Owl

      DaveSimonH mine came with a titaglads screen protector which is very useful

  • Austin Martinez
    Austin Martinez

    The one accessory I also suggest to have is the Nintendo switch backpack which can hold up to eight Joy cons as well as a pro controller and your switch and any other little accessory that you would want. I'm almost positive you could fit all of that stuff in this backpack.

  • Lethalbacon 3306
    Lethalbacon 3306

    Technically, the ultimate switch is the best switch, having 128 GB with the capability of holding 2 TB, means it is not an ultimate switch

  • Sub_Square

    3:54 That's the only real accessory I would recommend, and a second set of joy cons or a pro controller. Also stay away from those 3rd party chargers, they can shorten the lifespan of the joycon, and switch itself battery wise.

  • Nunchuck

    You should make an updated version of this list, so many more accessories have come out

  • poppet pala
    poppet pala


    • Boring Username
      Boring Username

      @young-blk-investor if you dont care, why tf did you reply to the comment? ever thought of that just leaving the person alone

    • CruiseBro16

      Uhh uh, well uh, I’ll ignore that

    • Fenix Evaluna
      Fenix Evaluna

      It's more in line with the Virtual Boy now

    • Derek the Lucky
      Derek the Lucky

      lol lmao

    • Doruk


  • Hayden H
    Hayden H

    I have the same screen protector, I love it, and it's barely scratched over the year

  • Nerd_World

    Challenge for you, use the multiple power banks/battery packs and take the switch on a camping trip and see how long it last

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co.

    I particularly noticed, compared to my phone LG Charge X, the Nintendo Switch has a drastically shorter wifi range.

  • Leo Vazquez
    Leo Vazquez

    I would’ve thought the ultimate switch would be a good carrying case to hold extra joy cons and the charger along with all the good games inside( Mario party, Zelda, odyssey, smash etc etc) with a 128 gb micro sd and for the Nintendo dock just the separate charger to charge 4 joy cons

  • Daniel Gatson
    Daniel Gatson

    Awesome! Do more videos with Kevin :)

  • Abigail Jaramillo
    Abigail Jaramillo

    Watching in 2019 my only thought is "what the hell it's gonna get bricked!"

    • Anomaly Detection Algorithm
      Anomaly Detection Algorithm

      Thanks Nintendo for fucking up a USB standard

  • It's 4aron
    It's 4aron

    You can use the joycon charger as a holder for games that use gyro controls

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    Would that USB-C - HDMI adapter allow you to output a Switch Lite to a TV?

  • Slick L
    Slick L

    Building the ultimate raspberry pi, with a heatsink and 4K TV and overclocking and a sexy case.

    • Spyromainia

      im down

    • Julian Elmo
      Julian Elmo

      The case looks like a giant boob

  • Kylo Jew
    Kylo Jew

    I love coming back to this video because you can visibly see Austin having an internal meltdown

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green

    I mean, you could use the double battery setup on super long camping trips... just charge all the parts up, clicker er all in, apply velcro to the second battery, stick it on the back, and play for like a week straight.

  • The Barbiter
    The Barbiter

    5:57 You _can_ use the Joy-Cons on Android devices, _but_ only one Joy-Con can be used at a time, and the is _really_ bad input lag.

  • Jeremy Surgeon
    Jeremy Surgeon

    So does any of this stuff you connected brick the system? Because I know that off brand/after market docks has been known to brick the Switch.

  • The pages of Killa Klown
    The pages of Killa Klown

    I’ve heard using 3rd party chargers aren’t good for your switch. What’s your take?

  • AJ08

    3:46 i know it’s about building the ultimate switch but damn that’s a lot of power moons

  • Blizzard

    Now that's what you call the Ultimate Nintendo Switch

  • Sub Zero The Ice Ninga
    Sub Zero The Ice Ninga

    Austin: "This type C dock is actually awesome" That moment when it kills the USB-C port.

  • Viathan

    can u build the ultimate toaster


      @the air accumulator Not funny, didn't laugh.

    • hy93r6284

      @the air accumulator r/emojipolice

    • Noah JT Thompson
      Noah JT Thompson

      Viathan can’t wait to take a bath with it

    • makumaku

      and ultimate bathtub

    • Tareq N. Gaming
      Tareq N. Gaming

      Buy a smart toaster

  • NoAverageMitch

    It was ridiculous and mostly unnecessary, but I loved watching it. The USB-C hub with HDMI was a really smart idea, especially so you don't have to lug the dock with you if you go to someone else's place with it! :)

  • edwardo flatwood
    edwardo flatwood

    Once upgraded, do you keep your downloads on the switch?

  • Inanimate.

    *sees ultimate Nintendo Switch, that comes with the game* *COME O-*

  • akuma

    I think that the best accessories are are the reskin and the micro sd card but the best accesories that the switch needs are the screen protector and sd card

  • Denracer

    The battery back plate thing is actually not bad for what I had in mind.

  • Analisa Willets
    Analisa Willets

    I love how he always says "and this is where this comes in.

  • Cameron Szachta
    Cameron Szachta

    6:31 You can just hold the home button and use the volume slider.

  • NeoVortex64

    This is crazy unesesary i LOVE it!!!

  • Egg

    And here we have a man using multiple batteries and docks to make the "Ultimate" Nintendo Switch

  • Rahimah Unwrapped
    Rahimah Unwrapped

    Lol super entertaining. I never even knew about that tiny dock. Thanks!

  • Celril

    Why not use a dock sock for the switch dock, it allows for even more possibilities than a screen protector, granted you can use both

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    Switch doesn't has a D-pad for 2 players. Example: Imagine your controller has X,Y,A,B buttons are like D-pad, it would be REALLY hard, isn't it?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Th reason ethernet to USB is so massive, is usually because ETH (Ethernet) to usb requires a few types of chipsets and whatnot to convert the power to digital usb stuff. (Not sure what it’s called but ok I forget a lot) that being said, it’s not that hard to just make it smaller

  • Miles Kratz
    Miles Kratz

    Imagine if someone actually bought all of these accessories

  • Tykaru Lobano
    Tykaru Lobano

    Im surprised he was able to use tv mode when he was using a power bank

  • ExplodingRubies collector of memes
    ExplodingRubies collector of memes

    I expected half of the whole darn room full of accessories all connected to one switch.

  • HeckSoap

    *Austin* : Introduces something to cause a problem *Also Austin* : introduces something to fix that problem. *thats where this comes in*

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A

    How do you perfectly align the screen protector on the switch? Need help cause I went threw like 3

    • Ally

      No one ever does it perfect I is a curse...mine has some fluff under it which annoys me...XD

  • Matthew Holland
    Matthew Holland

    Damn. Austin knew the title of the new smash game months before it was even teased.

  • Lyn Charles
    Lyn Charles

    The portable battery pack is a smart idea and nintendo should make an official one

  • rema

    Great job we all need this for sure🤣

  • Vision

    Should've modded it to overclock it and added liquid metal for cooling

  • Tafellappen

    This would be the kind of guy to set up a pc to run mac in vm and then use bootcamp

    • NPC

      colton clayson with a bit of rearranging, you could set up windows through boot camp then OSX in a vm, which is doable. Then try running Windows in a fm in the OSX vm...

    • colton clayson
      colton clayson

      that doesnt make sense. bootcamp doesnt run inside the mac environment. It is a setup for dual boot. You dont actually run bootcamp windows inside of MacOS. you could technically try to run windows in parallels in a VM though.

  • Fred

    legends say that upto 2020 Austin has never stopped laughing at lame jokes 😯


    There is also a USB-C extender stand licensed by Nintendo. It's smaller than the play stand.

  • LaserLauKon YT
    LaserLauKon YT

    What a time, 128gb sd now costs 13€

  • Mauricio Zapata
    Mauricio Zapata

    Now you can play smash ultimate THE ULTIMATE WAY with the ultimate nintendo switch

  • Ghost Zombies
    Ghost Zombies

    I'm disappointed that it didn't end up as a total monstrosity like the ultimate ps4 LOL

    • Doi

      Mathew Akad It wasn't really bad, it worked perfectly and opened up heaps of options. It just looked like something a hacker would make to by pass national security to steal from charities.

    • Mathew Akad
      Mathew Akad

      Ghost Zombies hahahaha that ps4 was crazy bad

  • E

    Me: doesn’t have a Nintendo switch Also me: watches a video about a guy building the ultimate Nintendo switch

    • Black Pirateking
      Black Pirateking

      BeastlyZack oof

    • Black Pirateking
      Black Pirateking

      Makes u feel broke

  • FruittyXD

    i got those protective glasses and i really recommend them i tried to scratch one with a screwdriver nothing happened util it broke with a lot of power

  • Goggle Hero Omega Maple
    Goggle Hero Omega Maple

    im afraid to use 3rd part chargers cause they may not have the same limiter as nintendo's and may reduce and or burn out the switches battery, i heard it that can happen

  • Monks the Monkey
    Monks the Monkey

    6:31 isn’t the quick menu when hold the home button u can control from there

  • Kierath Panesar
    Kierath Panesar

    Building the ultimate pc would be cool.

  • Reezy Bad
    Reezy Bad

    Nintendo is running it up with the gimmicks of a imperfect system

  • Drop Kick
    Drop Kick

    That's what it cost so much. Just have the Nintendo switch with a glass protector.

  • HelixJuice

    Here’s an Idea use the hyper x chargeplay clutch battery only and the use the hori split pad pro


    I'm surprised your switch didn't blow up with all that 3rd party accessories connected at the same time

  • Meily Villaverde
    Meily Villaverde

    *builds the ultimate nintendo switch* *uses duct tape to bind it all together*

    • fila1445

      Meily Villaverde as a future engeneer i don't see a problem

  • Z-13 Infinite
    Z-13 Infinite

    Now he needs to do the Ultimate Switch OLED!

  • Incap1ble

    when you dont know what to upgrade in a game so you just go ahead

  • FoxHawkPvP

    you should've added some fourscore like things so you could plug in two gamecube controller adapters with 8 gamecube controllers a few mayflash magic-ns adapters so you can use ps4, ps3, Wii U pro, xbox 1, wired xbox 360, and all the Logitech gamepads and also should've bought a pro controller

  • Tobstar

    Nice but can you make it portable?

  • Johnjohncar

    Austin, have you ever considered making a video on building a custom PC case out of legos?

    • Greg James-Roxby
      Greg James-Roxby

      pretty sure the legos would melt pc can get pretty hot. interesting idea though.

  • IrregularDoughnut

    If that battery had hdmi that would be ultimate

  • Cynical Player
    Cynical Player

    does anyone actually have that charging case and if so has it bricked your switch and is it actually good ?

  • Ginjirou ch. ぎんじろう
    Ginjirou ch. ぎんじろう

    Instead of building the ultimate ( name ) It should be building a super complex ( name )

  • BlankFX

    Now we just need ANY good game to play on on the Switch.

  • SomeAndrewGuy

    Building the ultimate "smart tv" geared towards generic smart TVs gaming etc.

  • The Chef 5897
    The Chef 5897

    Austin: Totally portable! (Points to plugged in Monitor)

  • airic6

    back when people didnt know 3rd party docks could brick your switch

  • Mr King Jeff
    Mr King Jeff

    I could see myself buying the screen protector.

  • gkid64

    I have a "new" switch(2019 revision) and the dock it came with has rubber on the inside to protect the switch