Building the Portable PS4
Austin Evans
Ready for portable gaming on the PS4?
GAEMS Vanguard on Amazon:
Anker PowerHouse on Amazon:


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  • Fortunate Talisman
    Fortunate Talisman

    At the park? Bring your PS4. At a concert? Bring your PS4. Wife giving birth? Don't waste time just sitting there, bring your PS4!

    • Aarav Andiboina
      Aarav Andiboina

      @Good Vibes lol

    • VGV gaming
      VGV gaming

      Baby sitting your neighbors kids bring your PS4

    • VGV gaming
      VGV gaming


    • Dendro Slime
      Dendro Slime

      Hotel? Trivago

    • E O
      E O


  • Jake Deguire
    Jake Deguire

    Video: *starts* Austin: *buys psp* Video: *ends*

    • MaxBoomingHere

      the psp is more of a portable ps2 and the psvita is more of a porrable ps3 so I disagree with this

    • prodstacc

      @Camron Cherry i think the videos need to be at least 10 minutes for monetisation

    • dont have a name yet ee
      dont have a name yet ee

      That interoperates the ps3

    • Arnav

      But it’s PS4 not PlayStation

    • HAXWUW

      @The Gaming Cash ok idiot

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account

    You should build the Nintendo switch stationary

    • Thor

      @Carson Elias Whoosh me again, I dare you.

    • Carson Elias
      Carson Elias

      @Thor r/woooosh That’s the correct way.

    • Dutch van der linde
      Dutch van der linde

      Have you got your plan and moneh yet Arthur?

    • Golden.Nχc

      Gorilla glue

    • Adrienne O'Callaghan
      Adrienne O'Callaghan

      How about the lite model stationary

  • henryh10x_

    "The ps4 seem like it's... ps4-ing." -Austin Evans

    • Benji Roman
      Benji Roman

      Beautiful quote 🥲

  • Gershom Ellis
    Gershom Ellis

    Sure 19 inches doesn’t sound huge, but when you’re this close up especially with something that’s going to be used in a portable situation it actually doesn’t look that bad. A video script taken out of context is a beautiful people, a beautiful beautiful thing.

    • pop-shot-rico

      Gershom Ellis that’s what she said

  • Hammer2Dead

    Great setup. A friend of mine used the vanguard to continue playing with us (our party) while on a trip. Worked pretty well. I can definitely recommend the Vanguard.

  • ツFiggz

    Thank you so much! This video really helped me when I went on vacation and I needed to board on a plane. Perfect size, and perfect when you have nothing to do on an airplane. TYSM!!!!

  • moses ibanez
    moses ibanez

    i wish i could buy that for some reason i'm totally jealous, why some brilliant people building this, It is so fascinating i loved it very much.

  • TheAmericanRedhead

    Just an odd question, how long would that battery run this setup?

  • Kusal Uprety
    Kusal Uprety

    That thing makes the Acer Predator 21x look portable.

    • cRoM


    • Mad_Cat

      that makes Macintosh Portable actually look portable

    • CADS

      alam uddin Ok

    • alam uddin
      alam uddin

      A Lllll P

    • Apbowler

      don't cheap shit

  • Dojo San
    Dojo San

    Im planning make this on my 24cf390. The most amazing screen i ever used to play videogames in my life. The curved and high Contrast make It better than a VR headset. It really makes any game into 3D game.

  • sheikh baka
    sheikh baka

    connects ps4 to screen *plays music*

    • Dior Duncan
      Dior Duncan

      pizzagames okkkkkkk

  • BruhMomentum

    I would legitimately by that portable console thing, it looks pretty cool


    I remember how awesome the ps3 was and now I can play ps2 games on my phone. Someday we'll play mobile ports of games like the last of us or even something like battlefield

  • ? Anonymous
    ? Anonymous

    Mum : 'go outside, you spend too much indoors' Me : building the ultimate portable ps4

    • Arsh

      forgetting man god of war

    • Lil Trip
      Lil Trip


    • Jiten

      U should be added to genius Guinness World Record

    • Prod EYWav
      Prod EYWav


    • vlone_driipy

      I was just about to type this exact message

  • Todd McGee
    Todd McGee

    If You are going on a trip or traveling it would be nice to have your system with you but my questions is what about the people that don't have digital games ?

  • GwenStacy08

    No kidding man, holy mann, u are really the hero of the day fak! I've got to find this thing and buy it mannn its huge


    Is it possible to make a smaller version of this? Ya know, less bulky?


      @Vyond This comment was a year ago but okay

    • Vyond

      I mean the PS4 is pretty much outdated now because of the ps5 but oled panels are really thin plus the PS4 slim exists

    • ItIsYourBoi Fluff
      ItIsYourBoi Fluff

      I think there is an app where you can stream your ps4 stuff to ur phone,so use that,and another option is the Psvita

    • just a random cultured human
      just a random cultured human

      The monitor mount from the ultimate ps4 pro video, a controller mount, the battery and mobile data on your phone.

    • Scarlett

      ps4 vita

  • Sergeo Angel
    Sergeo Angel

    That was an interesting idea and video. I must knew it was possible!

  • Idriz905

    when your mom tells you to play outside.

    • A Mas
      A Mas


    • KayHeal Beats
      KayHeal Beats

      IdrizIsLive That I was going to comment but I saw your comment😂

    • Hacks cracks
      Hacks cracks

      Fuck, i was about to make that joke. Fuck you.

    • lasse larsen
      lasse larsen

      ahhahah lol indeed

    • Elvis10

      just grab ur ps4 and ur screen and a 2000000000000000000000000 MILLION MILE CABLE err that should be good enough

  • MrDeleon9999

    Dude!! I'm so going to build this for gaming traveling.... Thank you so much for making this video... I totally subbed your channel... Thanks for the info and links... Cheers from southern Oregon!

  • scsxc

    You can call it PS Vita Pro

    • Mindful Aura
      Mindful Aura

      Vita 2

    • Mmm Monke
      Mmm Monke

      Or Nintendo switch

    • Ken Brown
      Ken Brown


    • Mystic_memes

      Or a ps4p playstation 4 portable

    • coconut lol
      coconut lol

      Or buy a psvita ;-;

  • Matías Castrillón
    Matías Castrillón

    Yeah totally this completely portable you will just need a gigantic ultra expensive case, a battery bank bigger than my head. I mean this completely portable

  • flik wood
    flik wood

    Does the monitor come with the gamecase? You said its 120w max so what are you powering the monitor with? Also how many hours do you get out of the powerbank?

  • MOR Games
    MOR Games

    This would be a great idea if your hydro went out for a good amount of time and your ps4 is just sitting there waiting for the power to come back on you would hardly notice anything happened lol

  • Rage ML
    Rage ML

    I calculated, you could play about 4 hours with that setup as long as the power bank is at 100%.

  • C S Karthik
    C S Karthik

    Wow, so getting a GAEMS Vanguard and an Anker Powerhouse would be like buying 2 PS4s!

  • Night Spirit
    Night Spirit

    That is really cool for camping/outdoor activities but for sudden wet conditions, it is a real concern

  • Chaotic Thinker Reviews
    Chaotic Thinker Reviews

    "19 inches isn't even that big" -Austin Evans -Woah, what is he packing?.

    • Circlesmartstudios !
      Circlesmartstudios !

      very mature

    • Demon? Demon
      Demon? Demon

      U sus

    • Isaac Gabriel
      Isaac Gabriel

      That's what she said

    • DavesArtBook

      He's packing nothing. Absolutely nothing at all, he's smooth and streamlined down there, just like a Ken doll.

    • T.T


  • Jimmy dostuf
    Jimmy dostuf

    2:15 I love this song 😍 Austin you have really good taste in music, Dreamville for life

  • IceKing

    “PS4 looks like it’s... PS4ing...” -Austin Evans

  • Guy Flies
    Guy Flies

    I’m cabin crew and I take my PS4 with me on layovers. I just plug it in to the hotel TV. No giant case, no huge and heavy battery. A PS4 slim in a laptop style carry bag is only slightly bigger than most laptops. I guess if you want to play in a park (for God only knows what reason) this is your option, but for practical travel you’ve used your entire baggage limit.

  • Blockey

    Austin was like “ we want to make this more portable” (adds more heavy stuff to weigh it down and adds a lot more wires)

  • CraqZ ViipeR
    CraqZ ViipeR

    Mom: go out and play Me: ok

    • Someone E
      Someone E

      Jokes on you mom

    • Kimberly Bryant
      Kimberly Bryant

      CraqZ ViipeR Karen’s be like: that’s not what I meant

    • Elias Coelho
      Elias Coelho

      Oo9œœ😆😙😥mrmfttm I got

    • Joc Gemo
      Joc Gemo

      Mom: POOP Me: PEE

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      @SGT QAAS I'm the 420th

  • TJ Cherry
    TJ Cherry

    Well now I wanna have this setup whenever I go to my family reunion or my grandparents house

  • Edgarlinho Ramirez
    Edgarlinho Ramirez

    I’m looking at doing the same thing for 5hr+ drives & other things. What do you recommend other then the anker powerhouse due to price?

  • PacePython

    I still wonder if this would work for a PC

  • UndeadAirwaves

    Was kinda just wondering how long the battery would last. Kinda wish I learned that.

  • Duane Jensen
    Duane Jensen

    I have the previous version of the Gaems system and unfortunately they all have brightness/contrast/darkness issues.I did a little test and the SNES classic seems to look better due to the bright games. The screen WORKS but even a fishing game looked too dark so don't expect much from gloomy or dark games. ALSO the footprint of any GAEMS system is way too large to be considered portable.

  • Keith Holley
    Keith Holley

    Awsome set up I love it

  • reyfn

    I actually used did this to my ps4 pro 😂 it’s amazing!

  • Robia Poter
    Robia Poter

    Love you're channel Austin Evans.

  • Brotes Pie
    Brotes Pie

    Mom- Get off your console and go outside play Austin- Alright mom (takes the portable ps4 and play outside) Mom- WTF......

    • moi !
      moi !


    • SuicidalManiac666


    • Reaction Boi
      Reaction Boi

      I’m the 1000th like

    • egc_Mearaq

      Brotes pie 😂🔫

    • Gegatron

      Or you could just buy a vita...

  • Karmacide

    Nice, now build the ultimate portable ps4

  • Gennaro Sole
    Gennaro Sole

    Had a questions about the power source that you used. I'm actually looking to get one for a project that I'm doing but looking for one much smaller. My aim is to power a Nintendo switch, 15in monitor, and speakers for about 4 hours give your take. You stated that this was 120,000 mah and would last about 7 hours? So would a 60,000 mah one last that setup 3.5 hours or is it skewed? Also, is the power source you used able to be charged while being used or does it have to be disconnected to be charged?

  • Krazy Plush Adventures
    Krazy Plush Adventures

    I want to make my Nintendo Switch portable. oh wait...

    • Excellence Medical
      Excellence Medical


    • The Airtime Enthusiast
      The Airtime Enthusiast


    • noobmaster69

      Switch lite

    • ballar dollar
      ballar dollar

      HOLD UP

    • Toxic hardud
      Toxic hardud

      Lol everyone is triggered because one man didn’t know it was a joke he never said anything mean he just Krazy plush the Nintendo switch is alwrady portable what if he was joking lol 🙃 stop getting triggered cause he didn’t know it’s not his fault he didn’t know it was a joke

  • Hot Rod Mercury
    Hot Rod Mercury

    I do a lot of traveling. This is great, will try!

  • Yerson

    Knowing that is portable you dont have to bring a big ass tv or u dont need to find a power source its damn bad ass tbh that 720 is still HD thanks for the video

  • Simone

    normal people: to recharge my smartphone with a 5000mah battery it takes 3-4 hours Austin: it takes 72 hours to top up my giant Power bank, just to play the PS4 slim for 3 hours

  • Hero

    With the powerhouse you can make a portable wifi just put in your rogers or bell inside a backpack with the power tank then your good to go

  • noxiouscat95

    Now you need to make the ultimate portable wifi system for the ultimate portable ps4

  • Aunathon

    this costs more than a gaming laptop that will outperform it

    • vinicide

      Playing games on a plan with no mouse would be horrendous

    • JustOdee'N

      Blue Behemoth lool I can play nintendos exclusives on my pc nice try though

    • Angy

      Lol what question exactly did you ask?

    • Aunathon

      Paul Theexpertgamer Instead of answering the question you insult me. Who is the kid in this situation?

    • That_Canuck_God

      Mr. Shah You're obviously a kid that plays cod.

  • bluerose160

    Would this setup work with the older, fatter PS4?

  • KnowledgableTrex4684

    For this price you can grab a pretty nice laptop tho

  • Gorillaboydan

    I like how he just starts playing j.cole😂

  • almighty dagaot
    almighty dagaot

    They should make one with a power bank in side of it

  • Fairex

    The return of the PSP

    • UntoldRelapse

      @jelly SUNY 🌞 me too

    • Fatih Smith
      Fatih Smith

      I still have it but it's broken AF

    • SoLar Koolaid
      SoLar Koolaid

      Fairex you mean the psp4

    • corsa prata rebaixado
      corsa prata rebaixado

      In xxxxxxxl size

    • ΔLiEN OG
      ΔLiEN OG

      I feel like the psp was too advanced for its time, I still have mine tho lol

  • BAK

    When will u build "Ultimate portable Austin evans

    • kayru wijaya
      kayru wijaya

      Buys himself

    • fuck xbots
      fuck xbots

      Haha so fun..

    • AniVision Animation And Gaming
      AniVision Animation And Gaming

      Next New Millennia

    • just a random cultured human
      just a random cultured human

      Pornable *lennyface*

    • para

      That already exists.

  • Abeel plays
    Abeel plays

    That battery will give you a bit over 4 hours for those who are wondering and it's possible to use your data package for internet as well, though I'd not recommend that unless you're rich

  • warpspeedchic

    I watch these videos and dream of me being able to afford a ps4

  • Josh P
    Josh P

    Make a video like for the PS4 pro please? The hardest part is finding a power brick capable of running it portably.

  • xxnike629xx

    Now all you need to do is set up a solar charging system for the portable battery and you'll have infinite power. =D

    • Cbaha

      xxnike629xx not quite, well you see solar energy may not give enough energy plus if it is rainy or a climate without sun in your area solar panels are hell for places without sun and they don't distrubute enough power meaning you would need alot

    • Otirik

      George Boyd are u dumb solar power storages the energy so u could use it later geez

    • Kevin Bhasi
      Kevin Bhasi

      Apparently, from what I seen, Anker does sell optional external solar panels for their "Powerhouse".

    • Suds

      xxnike629xx 10/10 would do in a zombie apocalypse.

  • zenvio

    What if it sensed that it had 5% battery and that it somehow safely turned the console off

  • Philippecr

    I want that 'powerbank' for my gaming laptop.....

  • Dig Duke
    Dig Duke

    Oh god!!! Now do an outside VR settup 😂😂😂

  • MAD- MASON03
    MAD- MASON03

    This is pretty cool but if I was going to game on the go (besides smartphone / psp etc) I would just get a laptop

  • Nelson Gil
    Nelson Gil

    Will this work with a switch? Oh wait

    • Roy

      Relict 805 and the video was when idubbbz called out leafy and then leafy was saying his shit videos take days to edit

    • Roy

      Relict 805 my PC is more than capable for a piece of shit Oculus and for you to make a video showing it doesn't work I'm sure uploading in the something above 360p will allow someone to see that, because from what I saw was two giant pixels moving

    • Roy

      Relict 805 and I saw your "oculus" video and that is also a piece of garbage who the hell records in 360p??

    • Roy

      Relict 805 you can write a paragraph but I still don't give a shit, the switch is a 300$ piece of fucking garbage

    • Aqua

      DustAmac But it's for gaming though, why would go on the internet and watch videos when you could be gaming? also they'll add a browser soon.

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.

    Also that amphitheater has power. Most do. I used to practice with my band there and rack up the bill and got ours shut down though lmao

  • Itz Spidey Gage
    Itz Spidey Gage

    Looks Amazing

  • carterdoesthings

    Shove it all into one big backpack and set up a solar panel outside the backpack, then wire that up to charge the battery as you walk around.

  • xkiller_1092

    Just imagine putting your sky box in the bag😂😂😂

  • Sushant Thapaliya
    Sushant Thapaliya

    I think if I wanted to play my ps4 outside so badly, I'd carry my TV and generator in my trunk.

    • Subham Dubey
      Subham Dubey

      Hello I'm fine

    • Nitty

      サパリーヤスシャント p

    • Cetriphentotrugula

    • Subham Dubey
      Subham Dubey

      サパリーヤスシャント your comment made me laugh so hard

    • Orion

      サパリーヤスシャント Wow how original

  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony Roman

    I wonder how long that power house takes to charge

  • itsalex355

    when you think of actually trying to do this but realize the power bank is 500 dollars

  • jsk ate
    jsk ate

    This would be the coolest thing ever to have

  • TCO Creation Studios
    TCO Creation Studios

    This should be something I would do if I wanted to play while I'm in college

  • Mdot

    i think we all forgot what a laptop is....

    • Yuru Shi
      Yuru Shi

      most laptops don't have HDMI in tho

    • Minibereza

      any decent gaming laptop can crush a console...

    • AqsaShock

      Vysair, lolololol a gaming laptop with a GTX 1050ti will destroy a console.

    • Naerys

      Holy shit, I always read that pc gamers were butthurt kids but you guys take it all to the new level.. Do you really care what other people game on? If so, something isn't right up there man. Besides, you do know that the terms "pc master race" and "console peasant" are actually from a YT video mocking the PC gamers who annoy everyone with their crap. Who cares what other people do with their lives. Seriously, find a hobby. I'll tell you what people like about consoles: it's cheap, you know you'll get good games (no flimsy ports like batman arkham knight, if you get them at all), a lot of nice exclusives like red dead and horizon zero dawn. But above all that, a it's easy, accessible and most just like hanging on the couch with a controller instead of sitting behind a desk with keyboard and mouse. And because it's accessible (the games that are developed will run on everyone's machine, so devs are guaranteed a certain market-size, whereas the PC users are so moddable that it is a risk for devs). And nobody gives a fuck about PC gamers disliking consoles. I own both and wish everyone would just stop the childish crap.

    • JefffxX Gaming
      JefffxX Gaming

      X T R Ξ Λ M M Ξ guess what i got more frnds on ps4 so ill choose ps4 over laptop or pc anyday

  • vlad kedrov
    vlad kedrov

    You’ve invented gaming laptop, congratulations!

  • SpookyStork

    Austin: It works with any console PS5: Are you challenging me?

  • Nismo PR14
    Nismo PR14

    How long did this all last on one full charge?

  • The Casual Gamers
    The Casual Gamers

    Hi I dont know if you still look at the comments but i was wondering what the dimensions are of a case big enough for this the length width and depth

  • Vinicio Amores
    Vinicio Amores

    "Sure, 19 inches doesn't sound huge." Daaaaaaamn Austin can take it.

    • Vinicio Amores
      Vinicio Amores

      @Bassam Helal Likewise my friend (;

    • DeadPixel

      my profile pic took the 19 inches ;)

    • DeadPixel


    • lol ded dont bother
      lol ded dont bother


    • Andrei Justine Panlilio
      Andrei Justine Panlilio

      Vinicio Amores Lol

  • Itz Sh0ckerz
    Itz Sh0ckerz

    When your mom says to go outside and play to get fresh air.

  • HadesRageTV

    How long would it normally last?

  • Castro 
    Castro 

    you sir have got yourself another subscriber!

  • Carol Yohn
    Carol Yohn

    wait a minute the powerhouse is more than the ps4 and the portable tv!

  • Breadcrumbs by Ace Nallawar
    Breadcrumbs by Ace Nallawar

    Austin's mother said to go out and play... He went out and played 😶

    • Normaali Ihminen
      Normaali Ihminen

      I see what you did there

    • Kyrie Estrada
      Kyrie Estrada

      Ace Nallawar lol good one

    • john johnson
      john johnson

      facebook joke

  • Playlist iPhone
    Playlist iPhone

    The problem with that powerhouse power bank is that you won't be able to fly on commercial airlines with it. Ironically, the airport is probably one of the best spots I would utilize this setup for those long delays waiting for my flight.

  • Crab tank
    Crab tank

    This is the most useful group of stuff ever

  • Gönner 2.0
    Gönner 2.0

    if you combine your Powerbank with a portable PV-Cell you never need to recharge it at home. You can charge your Battery during the day and play in the night.

  • Noob Animation
    Noob Animation

    Would this work with psvr? I want that

  • Nick Devoti
    Nick Devoti

    Does everything look like a car battery to him??

    • one punch man
      one punch man

      Bet some

    • crow1dr

      *sees human being* Him: tHaT lOoKs lIkE a CaR bAtTeRy

    • Exacron

      I actually think it's like a toaster

    • M1co29

      @Ayman_idk he is, he loves Grand Turismo

    • IceKing


  • Rival God
    Rival God

    I bought this just so I could move around the house without unplugging everything

  • blank

    or you know, you could just get a gaming laptop with a power bank

  • Alexander Quinn
    Alexander Quinn

    Did the power station make it have wifi? I wanna know

  • Jett Williamson
    Jett Williamson

    what if you make the ultimate portable PS4/Xbox one?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Damn, wish it supported the Nintendo Switch and PSVita

    • Sylvia Jones
      Sylvia Jones

      +Adolf Hitler yes he didn't got it xD LMAO people these days...

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler

      @John Leonard Guessing you didn't get the joke

    • John Leonard
      John Leonard

      Ps vita wth . that is all you need any way just hook to internet and if you set it up you can play any game you have downloaded on the vita through your ps4 AT HOME. lol

    • Uncle Bunner
      Uncle Bunner

      AnAsian duh

    • Tree Trunk The Stump God
      Tree Trunk The Stump God

      damien cotton have you considered being a detective? You are good at this!

  • R 3 L A P S E {9 9 9}
    R 3 L A P S E {9 9 9}

    Ya know this is something you would do when your mom tells you to go play outside

  • EO- Fikret Alp
    EO- Fikret Alp

    Video: Starts Austin: Go outside pull out his phone and remote play Video: Ends

  • jesse quema
    jesse quema

    how long does the battery last?