Building a Gaming Setup at...IKEA??
Austin Evans
We built the ultimate IKEA gaming setup!
Explore the new IKEA gaming range here:
This video is sponsored by IKEA.

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  • Galaxxico

    Austin: "Did you learn how to elegantly capture the chair building process" Ken: "No" Ken: [elegantly captures the chair building process anyways]

    • LvAzure9

      That transition at 4:12 is just [chef's kiss]

    • Jamester The Gamester
      Jamester The Gamester

      Ken is the master.

  • Masift

    Austin: *physically teabagging the air* Austin: "I'm gaming, I'm a gamer right now"

    • Average gg enjoyer
      Average gg enjoyer

      @yooochoob lmao

    • Way2epic4you-

      ur ew

    • EtLeKake

      @Way2epic4you- why

    • Daniel Earl Antolin
      Daniel Earl Antolin

      I now see that

    • 69Meters Below
      69Meters Below

      @yooochoob Uranus

  • Paul Dethick
    Paul Dethick

    Austin and Linus both do a video on the same stuff at the same time, however I think Austin's is the winner. Less chaotic, more chill, nicer shooting too.

  • RittyPlay

    The transition at 4:14 is crazy awesome!

    • Nasty Cupid
      Nasty Cupid

      If you slow it down, you can clearly see Austins cropped hand, not a perfect edit, but enough to fool the general audience :)

  • Help me Reach 10k Subs
    Help me Reach 10k Subs

    This gaming setup is probably more expensive than my house.

    • GLXY

      @Josuke sadge

    • Josuke

      @GLXY i donno

    • GLXY

      @Josuke ur alive?

    • Josuke

      @GLXY i think it’s like a building u “live” in

    • GLXY

      @Josuke whats a house?

  • Will Larson
    Will Larson

    Yo, that cut at 4:15 was super fucking slick!! Good job to the editors on that one!

  • Gokul Krishna
    Gokul Krishna

    New studio already!!!! Had so much memories watching videos from the old one

    • Gokul Krishna
      Gokul Krishna

      @memealous no Austin just replied that this new studio is just for this project the old one stays😅

    • memealous

      old studio. ? - 2021

    • Feesh

      @Austin Evans a big project? Should we be getting excited?

    • Austin Evans
      Austin Evans

      Don't worry this isn't replacing the current spot it's for a new project

    • Feesh

      Or a apartment

  • WhoAmIWill

    bit of a hack for IKEA desks, look into countertops. They are the same price and size as desk/tabletops but will be solid the whole way through at prices where tables/desks will use the honeycomb cardboard throughout most of it. It'll be a lot heavier, but holds up better and, as a bonus, will usually be easier to clean.

    • Useless

      @Snap it’s not ‘bad’ it’s just not as durable as real wood alternatives and it won’t be as easy to clean as real wood but if your on a tight budget and those things don’t matter to you you’ll be fine

    • Snap

      @Useless wait it is bad? I will buy it soon I don’t want to make any mistakes

    • Useless

      Only the IKEA linnmon is honeycomb cardboard

    • Chieth

      @Tetra Sky Was it the Gerton? That was such a good option for the price, but they either discontinued it or almost never restock it in the US.

    • Tetra Sky
      Tetra Sky

      i got a beech tabletop at ikea. It's filled up all the way through and was only a bit over $100 CAD

  • Alex Ossan
    Alex Ossan

    With all the videos on this ROG collab, my desire has grown from just the pillow to include the peg board, cabinet, and the standing desk. Wish you had commented on how noisy the motor is, though. IMO that's a make or break for a lot of standing desks. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefer quietness over speed.

  • Jamester The Gamester
    Jamester The Gamester

    IKEA furniture is amazing. Convenient, setup is clear and a shopping experience like no other.

  • Robert Thomson
    Robert Thomson

    I definitely want to pick up some of these things, I like that pillow/cover blanket thing

  • Aditya Premsundar
    Aditya Premsundar

    This video is SOO on time because the other day I just saw all of this stuff and didn't know it was a ROG collaboration but definitely felt it cuz of the iconic ROG styling on everything

    • Adrianwe44

      Damn, that's epic

  • Den den
    Den den

    Nice one Austin! thats a great looking studio!

  • Just Random
    Just Random

    I enjoy so fking much your full of energy and derps content. Keep it up!

  • Rossi De Luca
    Rossi De Luca

    Austin never disappoints!

  • DJ Mance
    DJ Mance

    Still waiting for a Ken and Matt theme build. Make this happen... PLEEEEEAAASE! :)

  • Alpha Unit
    Alpha Unit

    Would love to see a video on the process of building the new studio

  • Zyn

    Dude I love how these furniture designers think every gamer needs a cup-holder for a litre of mountain dew 😂😂

  • iDeker

    Desk + chair = gaming setup Thanks Austin, you’re a genius

  • Preasan Rajah
    Preasan Rajah

    More behind the scene video's... Also meet the team... Great video... Entertaining as ever

  • 9lz

    Love how they are still calling the tower stand a "CPU stand with casters"

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      I think they'll find we prefer our CPUs properly seated.

  • Double Arc
    Double Arc

    Loved the build man. I just gave my first desktop a gt 710 as it's first upgrade!

    • snoopy_xdr

      I have my desktop a gt 740 as a first upgrade!

  • Vishal Kalicharan
    Vishal Kalicharan

    Congratulations on your new studio, Austin!

    • 👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram
      👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram

      Hi, Thanks for watching😊 Send a direct message right away,you just won an iPhone….👆👆

  • 26 - Deeptanshu Bhaskar
    26 - Deeptanshu Bhaskar

    I love how Austin and Linus both uploaded literally similar videos on the same time

  • JJ Basson
    JJ Basson

    The new studio is a great vibe 👌

  • Drew Laney
    Drew Laney

    hey Austin thx for helping me build my gaming rig a yr ago. tutorial video very helpful

  • ReviewClu

    Got the chance to check this out here in the UK a few weeks back it was pretty cool to see, particularly for the pricing, defiantly on my radar for the next Office build

  • Alexandru Tudose
    Alexandru Tudose

    The rainbow wave on the rog strix gpu looks so good, i cant make mine to look like that anymore 🥲

  • Nomad

    I love how others are worried about using power tool like it's so weird to me because im so used to using them there not scary or worrying at all to md

  • dynastes

    How stable is the desk? What maximum capacity is it specified for? Information quite hard to come by right now, it seemed. Somehow cannot find it on their website. I might be stupid though xD

  • Zyorex 816
    Zyorex 816

    Damn I wish so badly I had a set up like this, all I have is an old Xbox, a desk I found on the road for free, and an old Samsung tv under a loft bed

  • SurfinJackson

    Ken embodies what a great friend is supposed to be like when your best friend is in pain by saying “I love seeing you in pain” while laughing 1:25

  • James Devine
    James Devine

    I Luke new desk and pc but personally I think it would of been nice to c Austin build the pc and along the mention the parts used for that, but the ultimate build I would of like to seen while doing the gaming setup is building up the studio with everyone that would of been mad.

  • legoman12397

    4:14 that transitions was SMOOOOTH

  • Bryant Guzman
    Bryant Guzman

    Seeing something like this in an Austin Evans video makes my day everytime 2:24😂 Y'all are hilarious

  • Anthony Hamilton
    Anthony Hamilton

    I gotta say I think Linus's setup came out better xD But I still love it!!

  • TheGreekGuyNL

    Yes, you needed a new studio. The old studio wasn’t exiting enough in my opinion. Mystery tech felt too processed in that studio, I think

  • yukiskyhawk101

    look forward to more videos. stay cool dude.

  • Cutting Edge Gaming
    Cutting Edge Gaming

    Wait... did Austin and Linus both upload an IKEA video the same day?! That's great. Lol.

  • Jay Dorsey
    Jay Dorsey

    that desk base looks suspiciously like an Autonomous unit with a few ROG bolt-on parts.

  • Keycap

    I want to be like Austin owning a office with a crew.

  • djjolly 037
    djjolly 037

    Literally everyone in their mother releasing MacBook Pro videos Austin: We are going to build an ikea setup because why not

    • Saikq

      “In their mother” Wait what the fu-

    • alex12win

      In their mother?

    • Jamester The Gamester
      Jamester The Gamester


    • PimpTwzt

      LTT did too.

    • Phrea Nix
      Phrea Nix

      because -why not- money.

  • KazeNilrem

    Austin sitting while everyone is working reminds me of when kids "help" their parents put things together. It is the thought that counts right?

  • EboiP

    Another austin vid lets go! I hope next broke vs pro is a console set up :D

  • DctrGizmo

    Congrats on your new office!

  • Dawid the man
    Dawid the man

    I got a second desk at ikea yesterday the new one is for gaming and my old one is for fixing electronics i connected them togetherit looks very long


    I really love it when a new pop comes when Austin post a video

  • xdXot1c

    i love u autsin, keep up the i built a pc @ series!!!

  • Aaron Loomis
    Aaron Loomis

    Affordable automatic sit stand desk when compared to other brands. Also available in larger size. Many other brands don’t offer 70 inch wide 31 inch deep desks.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates

    The new studio looks cool Austin!

  • Camel

    Austin has inspired me to build a pc 🙂

  • Myriax

    I was so in love with the chair I got my entire family ones... So we bought 5 chairs, I'm sorry for the people who couldn't get them the week they came in because we took like the last ones. :'D

    • Myriax

      @Voixx Over here they're 170€ and there is a cheaper also alright of an option for like 60-90€ I think.

    • Voixx

      How much are they?

  • ronkemperful

    I love the simple, clean look of IKEA products; BUT after trying to assemble a glass-topped coffee table with miss aligned holes, I have sworn never to buy anything not already put together from IKEA. I almost went to the booby hatch and had to take the whole mess to the dump! Beware!!!

  • Samuel Page
    Samuel Page

    hey guys, i was thinking and i wish if maybe you could make pc's with other functions, like rendering, video editing, digital art, i think it would be intresting that yo go another way from gaming


    Cool 🔥👽

    • Piper

      opinions on shadow sonic x eggman

    • CreepyWhale


    • DiamondDev

      rare image of a verified with 2 likes

  • Ravin K
    Ravin K

    Congratulations on the new studio 🥳🥳🥳

  • MekaniQ

    The IKEA × ROG is actually pretty exciting! Too bad I don't have an IKEA :(

  • Giovanni_m_9

    Okay that transition at 4:14 with Austin's hand was smooth

  • DexGaming

    Using the wooden hand model for a headphone stand is genious

  • Strickland Garage & Aviation
    Strickland Garage & Aviation

    You guys are what I would call, "real nerds" and that's a good thing........sometimes. ;-}

  • Wrekte

    That's cool. It's almost like somebody tweeted IKEA or something, and said they should do this. lol

  • Pheonix

    Everything Austin said in this video makes me think Ken is majorly underpaid. ☺☺

  • Coalition Gaming
    Coalition Gaming

    Hiring requirements to work for Austin: Must have glasses. Got it.

  • Novus Nocturnm
    Novus Nocturnm

    Nice!! I (my gf) got a desk and draw set up from ikea. Aside from no anomalous activity and being able to actually leave ikea…. It’s a nice desk. Nothing special, but nice still.

    • Andrew Morris
      Andrew Morris

      Ikea legs and drawers here, Menard's desktop here.

  • graphicsgod

    Wait.. when did Ikea get real gaming equipment?!?! 😱😱😱

  • Cornelies Borst
    Cornelies Borst

    As a swede im going to say this is an genuine funny video

  • The Ultra90
    The Ultra90

    4:14 that transition was beautiful

  • Quons Lecn
    Quons Lecn

    Low quality IKEA stuff with ROG pricing. AMAZING!!

  • Mr Humor
    Mr Humor

    possible video idea: make a video where you and Ken go against each other and try to build the best possible pc setup/gaming pc just with components just out of garage sales

    • Mr Humor
      Mr Humor

      @Bogus Lawyer Basically, yeah

    • Bogus Lawyer
      Bogus Lawyer

      so scrapyard wars?

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    Great video! Keep it up! 👍🏻😁

  • Nasser DIY qtr DNY
    Nasser DIY qtr DNY

    What is the storage and ram and processor and graphics card types on this computer?

  • Brickimation

    Anyone else think the shot at 4:31 was trippy cuz the desk looked like the floor

  • Francis Mint
    Francis Mint

    According to google Austin's pronunciation of the "UPPSPEL" was actually kinda closer. It should sound like "oops-spill". HAHAHAHA

    • madcatplaysgames


    • Kb'd

      As a swed that was totaly off and Ken's pronunciation was really close :)

    • SpeedyMaGicXz

      Thats what I was gonna say he should've done lol should've got Google to pronounce the words or names and then said it himself lol

  • Agent X
    Agent X

    This was funny to watch and had me crying of laughter just because of the butchered swedish words coming from a swedish speaker.

  • MAX NeRD
    MAX NeRD

    That desk is noice! Might get me one eventually, after i sell my kidney first...

  • Mark Davenport Jr
    Mark Davenport Jr

    Nice. But I LOVE my realspace magellen performance L Desk with a nice hutch for all my storage needs. :)

  • Extreme Fn
    Extreme Fn

    Wow the new studio has a real windows this time LOL

  • Paul Downing
    Paul Downing

    $600 for a desk I’m putting together for nearly half that cost … corporate branding is a joke.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins


  • Alex Droog
    Alex Droog

    is jarred just apart of the crew now? I mean I'm here for it, he's been in the last few videos lol

  • Kacang terbang
    Kacang terbang

    Ken doesn't realize how powerful Austin is, Austin can literally fire Ken

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen

    Tbh, unlike other techtubers, Austin channel gives me the most positive energy.

  • Dog Doggington
    Dog Doggington

    New studio has a real window 👍

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    So how long does it take for one person to put together the desk from IKEA and how many parts are missing

  • BestNerdLife

    4:13 that smooth as anything transition though 👀 Edit: typo

  • Waleed Ashraf
    Waleed Ashraf

    damn bro the keyboard and mouse looks more expensive than my device 😬

  • Leo

    Funny enough, I just got the Matchspel chair as well.

  • Squid

    I wonder why I really enjoy his content...

  • Brian Lusiola
    Brian Lusiola

    4:52 Austin put in the sweat to switch on the PC.... 🤣

  • thacc

    You are the only person I've ever seen actually laugh when they hit their funny bone. I paused the vid to write this lmaoo

  • Rohan Abraham George
    Rohan Abraham George

    Love Your Content :D

  • Adrian XenoRay
    Adrian XenoRay

    people with gaming setups: 90% ikea, 9% other stuff and 1% selfmade

  • Ross Mc
    Ross Mc

    Me: Gets desk for gaming based on Ikea's standard products Ikea: Hey we've now got specific gaming based desks Me:..........

  • This is a Name
    This is a Name

    OKAYYYY with that transition at 4:14. I see you guys stylin

  • Pawel P
    Pawel P

    Wait... did linus just make an Ikea X ROG build too?

  • Lukeson

    Austin: reviews the chair and likes it. Linus: meh... its alright. edit: also stands on table.

  • YupThatsMe

    I kill literally copied that dust from another brand, I have the original brand and it is so much cooler and so much better, it has a carbon fiber layered table with a built-in mouse mat that you can take on and off. It has so much more to.

  • [Savage] DK
    [Savage] DK

    I love your videos Austin


    That's transition at 4:13.... Exquisite


    Sitting at a standing desk. What an absolute madlad!