Building a Gaming Best Buy??
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We built a gaming PC at Walmart:
Building a laptop is "possible"

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  • Underdog Soduzz
    Underdog Soduzz

    Dude my Best Buy is so much better last time I went it had about 5 3060s 3070s and like 3 3080 all rog strix

  • Atu7t

    They have good stuff but there all sold out

  • Main

    It needs MORE leds. I want leds with a computer built in not the other way around. Love how they blind and distract me from the game on screen. So many leds i need to ask " god is that you"? My mom asked is there a rave in your room i said no thats my p.c..😑

  • M Kay
    M Kay

    lets build a pc at best buy..... (Buys a pre built)

  • Byteboi

    My guy said a 580 for 380 will be expensive and bought a 850$ pre build for a 580

  • Itsjosephboy

    How do you shit your pants

  • マスターPink

    I wish I had a pc

    • マスターPink

      But I have no money I want to die😔

  • Zeta_fear

    i also get about 200 fps

  • Zeta_fear

    i have a cyber power tbh its not that bad but it only has one RAM

  • AshenBlazen YT
    AshenBlazen YT

    Why would anyone expect a low price on a gpu at this time.

  • beast maker
    beast maker

    lol I sold my rx 580 8gb for 500

  • SrkiWeb

    You should build some old pc's from the early to mid 90's with old parts.

  • Sin Arix
    Sin Arix

    i be playing black ops on a 570 😂 70 frames on medium-high 1080p

  • Not Zulio
    Not Zulio

    The pc u used for parts is the pc I got now 😊

  • Nugget Real
    Nugget Real

    Austin I love your content and that helped me with making a oc

  • Dr.Vbuck

    Me need pre built for like 1,300

  • Gød Kratøs of Gaming
    Gød Kratøs of Gaming

    Can u give me pc please


    i swear they almost always use amd cpus

  • wyattj retasket
    wyattj retasket

    bro best buy has a 3070 for 499 dollars

  • Prxlz

    Intel 5 only for 160

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio

    God bless everyone

  • ᏆhᎾmᎪs mᎾᏒᏒᎥs
    ᏆhᎾmᎪs mᎾᏒᏒᎥs

    Did I hear you say u build for customers, I'm in England Manchester its my 40th in August and really want a PC to play cod, can it be done for 500 pounds

  • Manga Ki
    Manga Ki

    Can’t even find the GT710 in the east course.

  • Mousa Abdlnour
    Mousa Abdlnour

    Where the ram ???

  • Castle Gaming
    Castle Gaming


  • Fredy Beans
    Fredy Beans

    I bought my rx 580 3 years ago for $130 I just sold it yesterday for $380

  • mint keegan
    mint keegan

    I feel poor watching him

  • Dinozeira

    My dream is to have a gaming pc but i think i will never have 🥺

  • CaSiNoCOD

    Ahhhh cmon don’t make fun out of my friend the gt 710 it serves me well since 2 years now. Delivering me like 30-45fps in league of legends 💪

  • Carlos De Nully
    Carlos De Nully

    I’m 42 now but when I was younger 16 or so I remember I was really smart in computers now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 lol I rather just buy it lol

  • random dude
    random dude

    Intel 🤮

  • Zach Galante
    Zach Galante

    Nick watching this video: 🥲

  • Rekless

    Ayo I have that pre built

  • Tommy Hazelwood
    Tommy Hazelwood

    Where are you located to have 4 best buy stores? I have two within 50 miles of each other


    I have in my country the 550 is for 550$

  • Slurpzy._.

    Is a 560 grafics card good?

  • Spannzzyy

    Can u give it to me please


    You can get playable prebuilt for the only 100 dollars more than a ryzen 7

  • anderson smith
    anderson smith

    i have always dreamed of having a pc I would love if you guys can make me a custom pc

  • Nate White
    Nate White

    Some one needa buy me a pc frfr I am tired of 30 FPS on a switch😭

  • Not Toasty
    Not Toasty

    nice shirt austin

  • Aahan Sehgal
    Aahan Sehgal

    Ryzen 7

  • MyPetEskimo

    I got a 580armor and it says it sells for atleast 600$ ….

  • Ayden Wayne
    Ayden Wayne

    I haven't even watched the vid yet but I have watched the one where he tells how to make a PC in 2021 and almost all the stuff he listed can be bought at best buy or atleast from what i looked at so this shouldn't be a problem mostly

  • Expandedsky

    I still used the GT 710

  • Ny1ka

    Austin: i need the best graphics card Also Austin: not Rx 580 for $390 Nick: *picks Rx 580 for $390*

  • Ny1ka

    wait... you want a graphics card for fortnite? i have one right here for..$19 dollars. $19 dollar fortnite card!!!!

  • Eduard Kropf
    Eduard Kropf

    Can you give me 1 pc plz i nedd i dont have nothing

  • Remedy

    My friend Josh has a way better computer!

  • LamaKings

    Never buy gaming laptop

  • Rathstar

    What would win price wise ? Your custom build pc with the rx580 for 380 compared with the cyberpower pc with a 2nd stick of ram.

  • ringworm

    what the hell? this wasn't 2 months ago. got my crappy gt710 (the 1GB version!) at best buy in nov 2017. it was 35 bucks, and it barely outclassed the 7800gt it replaced.

  • Marky


  • Bagels are nice Indeed
    Bagels are nice Indeed

    That prebuilt is exactly the one I got from Best Buy mine just had a different case and no rgb fans. Literally everything the same except the case and rgb fan and I got it for around $500

  • That Epic Gamer
    That Epic Gamer

    Nice Shirt

  • rangski

    My gpu is raedon rx 570

  • SkelePlayz Valorant
    SkelePlayz Valorant

    My fav youtuber playing my fav game at 20x better fps than me but playing 1/3 as good as me. RIP Austin.

  • Zalama

    Me: Who dosent understand anything about a pc but still watches him Also me: i like your funny words magic man

  • cappohhhh

    man i cant even get a office laptop😅

  • Robert Howe
    Robert Howe

    this was a horrible concept , sorry austin...

  • jakey pooo
    jakey pooo

    When all he has to do is buy my dream pc to get a single part for the Best Buy pc

  • Bliz

    Better FPS then mine wtf

  • dimacity GxT
    dimacity GxT

    wait is that the best buy in new york

  • Jeronimo Benavides
    Jeronimo Benavides

    They say a 580 is old and i dont even have a computer because things in argentina are very complicated😖

  • Marioghini

    Im rly contemplating spending 950 for a 1660 super and an i5

  • Peggy Robinson
    Peggy Robinson

    Look what shirt he wearing

  • ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴛʜᴏᴡᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇʀ
    ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴛʜᴏᴡᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇʀ

    As long as it can run GTA: San Andreas, It's acceptable.

  • Nino Piccininni
    Nino Piccininni

    The daily dressing intermittently perform because package hepatosplenomegaly invite save a acidic cartoon. tranquil, lovely hook

  • Damien Welch
    Damien Welch

    What was the total cost if all this stuff

  • Kuda

    and whats the whole point of doing this on their website and picking it up 😐

  • Kuda

    i can understand u making fun of aliexpress or a place like Walmart but best buy is a high end place to build a pc or hell even by one

  • L K
    L K

    10:38 does anyone know what shirt that is =

  • ᑌᑎIᑫᑌE

    I wish I had a pc dude

  • Son Of Man
    Son Of Man


  • DemonBebula

    can't belive this is is possible considering that best buy almost never has anything in stock

  • madcat 404
    madcat 404

    I have no idea what he's talking about

  • Muzaffer Saeed
    Muzaffer Saeed

    Its funny that its better then my pc Lo

  • Big Flickz
    Big Flickz

    He’s so ass at valorant lmaooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fury

    Man spent 800 $ for the same thing he could get for 300$ Him after : *stonks*

  • MrFerd

    Why is Austin yacked

  • Dey's Stuff
    Dey's Stuff

    He is wearing *1 of the best* t-shirts lol

  • Jovee 133
    Jovee 133

    You gonna give any of these away?

  • Post Horizon
    Post Horizon

    I got all my pc parts early 2020 and still can’t find a graphics card

    • Fenix Spider
      Fenix Spider

      damn, it's been almost a year searching for a right gpu? for you

  • Lil Mo
    Lil Mo

    I thought he said nigg lmao

  • Efex 17
    Efex 17

    Can i have that plis

  • Bryce Israelson
    Bryce Israelson

    is that the boulder best buy?

  • Octane2916

    Bro you should give me the computer in that bro that’s cool

  • Malakai Campbell
    Malakai Campbell

    What will I have to do to win a pc

  • Nannybasher 64
    Nannybasher 64

    Can some one help me pls I’ve no clue about computers and I wanna get a pc for under €200

    • Nannybasher 64
      Nannybasher 64

      @Jose Javier Flores ok thanks man and ye it’s for gaming

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      Yeah good luck with that. You're not going to find any decent new computer for that low of a budget. Is it going to be for gaming? If so, I strongly recommend saving up a lot more money.

  • javi

    That pc is better than mine and I paid 600 for and it’s got gtx 1650 in it

  • Landon Riebe
    Landon Riebe

    So your telling me 25 fps is bad on minecraft I have been playing with that for ever

  • CoIvr


  • WookieeEatsEwok

    Haters gonna hate. I like BESTBUY and no one has gpu's dude

  • Doug Yarusso
    Doug Yarusso

    Thought this was logic for a second

  • Juan Ortiz
    Juan Ortiz

    It’s the same videos all the time PC build Pc Build PC Build

  • Maldo_Mumin

    Bruv I have the 710 and it’s so bad

  • Giovanni Hernandez
    Giovanni Hernandez

    Im getting a oc and idk nothing about pc

  • mrtablehandnosepencil 21
    mrtablehandnosepencil 21

    could you find a site were someone could find a gtx 1660 for a good price?

  • Felix Rodriguez
    Felix Rodriguez

    One piece of the pc 400$ me finds a pc that is 300$ all to together

  • Dexyy

    Can I get the pc?🥺

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