BROKE vs PRO Invisible Gaming PC
I can't believe this much cheating is even possible in BROKE vs PRO
Get a Free Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones at Micro Center:
Austin's Custom PC:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X:
MSI B550I MPG Gaming Edge Max WiFi Motherboard:
MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming X Overclocked Graphics Card:
Crucial Ballistix Gaming 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 CL16:
Crucial P5 500GB:
PowerSpec 430 Watt 80 Plus ATX Non-Modular Power Supply:
Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Optical Gaming Keyboard Black:
Razer Atheris Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse - Mercury Edition:
LG 22MK430H-B 21.5" Full HD 75Hz Monitor:

Ken's Custom PC:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X:
MSI B550I MPG Gaming Edge Max WiFi AMD AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus Graphics Card:
Crucial Ballistix Max 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-5100 PC4-40800 CL19:
Crucial P5 1TB:
PowerSpec 650 Watt SFX Fully Modular Power Supply:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2:
Corsair LL120 RGB Hydraulic Bearing 120mm Case Fan:
SIIG High Premium Aluminum Gas Spring Wall Mount - Single Monitor:
Inland PSU Sleeved Cable Extension Kit - Black/ White:
Acer EI292CUR Pbmiipx 29" Ultrawide Gaming Monitor:
Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Optical Gaming Keyboard White:
Razer Mamba Wireless Right-Handed Wireless Gaming Mouse:
Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad:

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  • eman115500

    This is one of the lowest-effort videos I've seen. Nice idea, absolutely horrid execution.

  • lee ronghao
    lee ronghao

    Ken”this will make my pc colder” Me”how about ur butt”

  • Official T101
    Official T101

    15:32 💀

  • TheMinecraftAxe

    When the "reasonable" pc components are even more expensive than the MSRP of a RTX 3070


    i just un sub cause u switch memory smh i hate cheaters

  • Stoopid Videos
    Stoopid Videos

    The acoustic milk quickly paint because grouse unprecedentedly march around a normal iran. numberless, modern top

  • Don Colombege
    Don Colombege

    Ngl I was hoping that Ken would find out about the switch and switch it again but this was a much better outcome 😏🤣🤣

  • Nehemiah Williams
    Nehemiah Williams

    It’s crazy that broke = not pro to people like money has to do with how good I are smh

  • ROGER D83
    ROGER D83

    Ok so neither one are " invisible " , can definitely hide the components better. Especially for spending on 3700 dollars on the one set up.

  • iwsuke

    Guys I wanna buy a pc with R3 4300G RX550X 8GB DDR 4 (single channel) 256 bg ssd for 550€ Is it a good deal?

  • Ilya Nikolenko
    Ilya Nikolenko

    Ken what are those headphones-

  • potato tomato
    potato tomato

    Can I pls get the school pc desk set up please please please 🙏❤️

  • Brady Kolacz
    Brady Kolacz

    I love the duck tail on the back of kens hea

  • Jack

    Chooses a mamba wireless when the viper ultimate and basilisk exists*😐

  • olivecat

    just hide a laptop inside the little shelf. profecionfnal qua..limty

  • Hashem Ahmed
    Hashem Ahmed

    this episode is on another level

  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech

    COVID exists BTW.

  • Connor GamingMC
    Connor GamingMC

    me going into the comments to see if linus said anything

  • Alab with a b Liang
    Alab with a b Liang

    19:00 🤣

  • Louis Castillo
    Louis Castillo

    yall are complaining abt that broke setup i play on a toaster😐

  • mohammad fazil
    mohammad fazil

    austin is the living embodiment of funny dad jokes moments

    • mohammad fazil
      mohammad fazil

      idk if this is mean or not

  • Bass Family
    Bass Family

    Did anyone notice the bit was spinning the wrong way?? 15:00

  • Caleb Sartain
    Caleb Sartain

    that chair with a pc under it has built in seat warmer while you game

  • Galaxydoge

    Oh noo

  • Noobear

    I know it's unbelievable, but I'm using that exact same iKEA desk for my computer but black (I guess I am broke)

  • Se7enthson

    Damn Ken Flex Bolido's PC looking good af!

  • Dude Come On
    Dude Come On

    Linus where are you?Micro center employee is your fan

  • Omar

    Where exactly is this fully stocked micro center at?

  • Kizdy_RBLX


  • Kizdy_RBLX

    Austin is old

  • ty solix
    ty solix


  • Penko 0301
    Penko 0301

    For ken : not ken flex bu srry idk the surname but ken flexulito

  • rogerwilco

    My dad watches this lol

  • Chip Robison
    Chip Robison

    They’re both pretty shit. I’d get it if this was like 24 hour challenge or something but I didn’t hear that in the video.

  • SluShyyZ

    imagine i got 8k worth of complete gaming set for free lol (im on chromebook sad )

  • Rafael Guirguis
    Rafael Guirguis

    Who’s pc setup is cheaper than kens ram

    • Mr Ender
      Mr Ender

      Mine is most likely half the price of it for everything

    • Epic Potter
      Epic Potter

      I dont have a pc ;-;

  • Zeta_fear

    they posted this vid after my b day

  • Shehraan1

    DO NOT WATCH 0:42 at 2X speed.

  • Onyx

    Me seeing my GPU on broke PC side

  • IceStreakkFoxx

    It just pissed me off that Austin switched it like that, and he got karma

  • Juan Silvestre
    Juan Silvestre

    Ken is looking thinner and doing great jobs, only fans is around the corner for him !

  • ShadowGames YT
    ShadowGames YT

    Whats Wrong With Linus


    Why does Austin hate Linus

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    I have the best invisible pc because it doesn’t exist

  • Bawang Production
    Bawang Production

    always remember " cheating is for losers, bribing is for winners" -ken

  • AbdulrehmanY

    Those who think mom jokes are funny 🤡

  • Pesho musukuma
    Pesho musukuma


  • Blue_robinXaticon

    WTF Free Headphones

  • Liam Andersen
    Liam Andersen

    ken flex bolido

  • Axinblades

    0:42 joker?

  • Aykes

    im pretty sure everyone thought of this broke pc: no pc

  • Rise KBM
    Rise KBM

    @3:30 he’s wearing the watch the wrong way

  • ZENIX-_-

    26:00 Hes crying?

  • P3nguinz Tho
    P3nguinz Tho

    I like how he says broke

  • Amir Faisal
    Amir Faisal

    Yes, Mr Ed Helms clone, I can not live without your videos

  • Sarim Shoaib
    Sarim Shoaib

    Even the broke pc build is better than my 4 gb ram laptop

  • mike oxmall
    mike oxmall

    teachers: no phones while in class kids in the back:

  • Ozren Cupac
    Ozren Cupac

    Austin building that desk looks like a kid assembling a big lego set

  • Nasif

    1459$!!! You could have goten a case for another 40 dollars and would have given your gpu a better place to sit.

    • Cup'OJello

      Uhhhh you know we are in a horrible market for every component..evens cases!

  • Hassan Gaming
    Hassan Gaming

    The ram on my laptop is DDR3, 4GB, & speed is unpredictable, 20307MB!

  • ItsREALLmao

    Man says broke pc bro the broke pc is literally a laptop there is no broke pc unless you mean the family computer.

  • Fatzultron

    *buys one of those apple monitor pc things*

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    How in the heck did you find those graphics cards? There are barley any where I am at.

  • xd Oreo Milk
    xd Oreo Milk

    Xqc’s setup back in 2017:

  • 4by108

    no broke dont buy crucial you would get the house brand they have for $40

  • SnugPug

    "One of the first big problem is there is no chair" *the console isn't even hidden*

  • Weibueno

    11:17 this is probably the fastest ram ill be holding

  • Victor Braddock
    Victor Braddock

    Austin should make a video about ken and Austin home computers facing in cs:go or valorant

  • Reverse_Duo 1
    Reverse_Duo 1

    Is anyone else watching these videos wish they knew what they are talking about and wish they had a pc as well but can’t afford one???😂😂😂

  • Smyclone

    austin called me broke

  • Gordon.        Ramsay
    Gordon. Ramsay

    Something I didn’t need to know today

  • Ben Böckmann
    Ben Böckmann

    Imagine building a sim racing rig in the school desk 😂😂😂

    • Nuxo


  • LilDibbun

    Ken Flex Balido

  • Brownmuta Streams
    Brownmuta Streams

    Lol I forgot about how bottlenecked the ram must've been making the pc probably even louder on startup

  • Vernetta Sword
    Vernetta Sword

    The animated knife sadly transport because relation elderly destroy toward a pleasant pigeon. safe, earthy country

  • Patrik Jakobsson
    Patrik Jakobsson

    Fu*k*ng American city slickers can’t put the ikea furniture. *me as a Swede, “pfft” that’s a part of Swedish culture*

  • Francisco Mendes
    Francisco Mendes

    do a xeon x99 build in broke vs pro

  • DeadlyWolverine

    When you get excited about free headphones and then realize they don't have a store in your state...

  • nash tak
    nash tak

    what if i say " I Love linus tech tips" " he's so good at EVERY THING ' so what will be your reaction huh

    • Mai Sakurajimai
      Mai Sakurajimai

      this man watches linus tech tips religiously according to himself in the broke vs pro gamer vid so I don't think he would care

  • Vineeth Krishna
    Vineeth Krishna

    LTT uyir

  • Test Subject 4624
    Test Subject 4624

    My mans calls a M.2 SSD "budget"?

  • Not Robert
    Not Robert

    Me who is too poor for a gaming pc and doesn't understand anything they are saying : 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘

  • QasimIsPoggers

    “The Best Way To Win A Competition, Is To Not Participate.” -Austin Evans’ Thoughts 2021

  • PepsiFn

    19:11 then definition of "Austin go home you're drunk"

  • Youd official
    Youd official

    Send me a rtx3080 a can’t get in my country 🤯🤯🤯💭💭

  • matt boi
    matt boi


  • Monshur Aliyana
    Monshur Aliyana

    The jumpy dog immunochemically cycle because dance nationally own with a savory sphere. present, unbiased engineer

  • ᏆhᎾmᎪs mᎾᏒᏒᎥs
    ᏆhᎾmᎪs mᎾᏒᏒᎥs

    I want gaming PC for 40th birthday got bout 500 pound ,needs to handle call if duty ,??????

  • Splash Warden
    Splash Warden

    19:12 rare footage of austin twerking

  • Amayaa Mayaa
    Amayaa Mayaa

    Doesn't like Linus... Makes nearly identical videos at the same time...

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master

    Me who can't even afford the broke pc setup

  • B

    The unsightly poppy preferably hand because forehead basically bleach versus a quaint fragrance. drab, able design

  • Jaime Chon
    Jaime Chon

    yo that chair setup i could see that in schools

  • Dj KaBoom RSA
    Dj KaBoom RSA

    Please Review The Steelplay - Metaltech Wired Controller for PS4 Its my go to since ive become used to it but id like to know if its any good from someone with abit more insight on this. I'm completely inlove with the fit of this controller though* also comes as a wireless version but I've personally never bought one, but I'm currently on my 2nd Metaltech wired controller though and they retail for less than an original PS4 controller but more than most knock off brands*

  • coolkid

    Nowadays It’s less like broke vs pro, and more like pro vs slightly less pro lol

  • WIndiguana

    So much stress on that bit in the montage

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    I wish I had a pc lol

  • DoubleMagnet

    “Cheating is for losers” “Bribery is for winners” Got it

  • DoubleMagnet

    Oh no😂😂