BROKE vs PRO Gaming
Austin Evans
The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
The latest BROKE vs PRO episode!
Ken's setup - Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:

Austin's setup - Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:

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  • Aastav Choudhary
    Aastav Choudhary

    His cheap setup is my dream setup lol

    • Vaishnav Suresh
      Vaishnav Suresh

      same man

    • Badhrinadan B
      Badhrinadan B

      I know right?

    • Priyanshu Kumar
      Priyanshu Kumar

      Which game are they playing

    • hixfrost

      Same lmao

    • It's just a burning memory
      It's just a burning memory


  • Alex Pop'z
    Alex Pop'z

    Austin: "Cheapest gaming gear you could possibly find out!!" Me: "my normal gear."

    • Trent

      Is this man flexing ill buy a 3k headset 250 is cheap

    • Trent

      All but 200$ will be custom eh I might get a drop shift high profile

    • Trent

      Exspensive is 200$ for a keyboard huh my for now keyboard is 200$ and I will buy a 500 $ custom and a 300$ keyboard and 400$

    • jalow

      @Something Went Wrong I got a keyboard for 20 dollars with a mouse for free how did you get the keyboard for $6

    • Something Went Wrong
      Something Went Wrong

      @meir this ain't broke vs pro Just lower price vs pro

  • tim141600

    While I do agree that a cheaper monitor can be pretty good, I cant stand the fogginess of the picture. when you switch between 4K and not 4K you can really see the difference in clarity.

  • Boba Fatt
    Boba Fatt

    'I'm going to beat Ken at his favourite game because he's... a weeb.' - Austin, 2019.

    • Boba Fatt
      Boba Fatt

      @Tea 👑 Lol 😆

    • Boba Fatt
      Boba Fatt

      @Priyanshu Kumar Overwatch I think...

    • Priyanshu Kumar
      Priyanshu Kumar

      Which game are they playing???

    • Tea 👑
      Tea 👑

      @SpeedySocks Lmao the guy was asking what keyboard the ancient one ken has, not the setup they used in the video

    • SpeedySocks

      @oopp ww its in the description

  • Randy Barnes
    Randy Barnes

    Wow looks amazing! Since this is an awesome setup already i think the only thing thats missing is some stuff from Music Computing !

  • Armaan Minhas
    Armaan Minhas

    As long as your having fun it doesn’t matter what your playing on.

    • Leo playz gamming
      Leo playz gamming

      @Armaan Minhas yeh I play on an Xbox

    • Somebody whoCares
      Somebody whoCares

      True, But as all men like, We like things. Especially If it makes things easier or better. Better is always a Go To.

    • angel tello
      angel tello


    • angel tello
      angel tello


    • angel tello
      angel tello


  • MR MoHrAf__
    MR MoHrAf__

    "What kind of gamer uses a wireless mouse?" Todays market: yes.

    • Banana gun
      Banana gun

      @mrfoodskater idk what to say, but it annoys the hell out of me

    • mrfoodskater

      @Banana gun you must have a weird setup if the wire gets in the way or stuck

    • Banana gun
      Banana gun

      @Priyanshu Kumar maybe overwatch idk

    • Priyanshu Kumar
      Priyanshu Kumar

      Which game are they playing

    • Banana gun
      Banana gun

      @Just Another ITmores Channel but when i had wired mouse, i sometimes couldnt fucking move it cuz the fucking wire wqs stuck somewhere! Has that ever happened to you?

  • Capitus

    Gaming isn’t about how good your setup is it’s about how good you are and the joy you get from it :)

    • WoXo

      @Floxksi yep, i have a 60hz monitor, with 144fps in game... not the easiest to play on

    • Floxksi

      Yea that is true but u also need a somewhat good setup so that you can actually play the game properly

    • eeth

      Yeah thanks Socrates havent heard much of you in a while

    • ShadowSlalur_

      U r right

  • nick fitzenrider
    nick fitzenrider

    Ain't nothing wrong with Linus Tech Tips. Great video. 👍

  • Comet

    I personally think one of the best headsets you can buy for cheap would be the Astro 10 I don’t have a PC but for Xbox A10 are so nice really reliable and Just good

  • john doe
    john doe

    I felt offended when Austin pulled out the same headset as mine.

    • Hgbfg

      sad I have a 400 dollar custom orange switch keyboard and a dt 990 pro headset@Just Bp

    • Ben Comeau
      Ben Comeau


    • Waifu_Non

      bruh doesnt that only have like only 2 dimension speaker lol

    • Crestinu_


    • Henry_The_Animator

      i have the same mouse

  • Me

    Kens smile makes me laugh at the way it looks😂💪🏻

  • RobloxBSSPlayer

    Ken:"Do you wanna open it up?" Austin:"No it's fine" It kills me everytime xD

  • NotPixelCat

    When you try to replicate this but you only get the broke option 😂

  • Kartik

    16 $ for a keyboard and calling it cheap , I got the same one with blue lighting for 4.5 $ from local market in india and it still working from past 3 years

  • Tim Park
    Tim Park

    It's a tradition to watch this every once in a while.

    • Baggerz


    • JayCray

      Bruh this is like my 6th time watching it

    • Agent_ Kartik
      Agent_ Kartik

      fr man like fr fr

    • Rye Donnelly
      Rye Donnelly

      Lol same

    • arm


  • Gabriel Shen
    Gabriel Shen

    Swap out the keyswitches means hotswappable. You can always swap the keycaps on mechanical keyboards.

  • iKezza

    Love the video like always Austen ❤️

  • Anianger Duschgel
    Anianger Duschgel

    Austin: You don't need an 3000€ setup for gaming. LinusTechTips: Laughs in next video about 3090 + 8k gaming

  • Lthegamer

    The cheap stuff actually look great

  • Channel ZeBoi
    Channel ZeBoi

    Too be honest the “cheap” set is kinda nice. Probably better for me XD

    • blaze the blue fire
      blaze the blue fire

      @KyunaaWTF yeah replace wasd with spongebob keycaps

    • blaze the blue fire
      blaze the blue fire

      Vegetables hulk

    • Nerditor

      @KenDrei redragon K552 is best for the price point

    • E

      @Flow Gaming money dosnt mean everything and the cheap one was actually decent even if it wasn’t as pricey as the pricey one

    • your mom
      your mom

      @KyunaaWTF how do u guys even play on mechanical keyboard its weird

  • Dumpling

    Cheap Logitech mice are actually really nice spent $15 and I love it

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez

      Yeqh the g304 is such q good mouse and it coupd be wireless and its 14 dollars its a very good mouse i recommend as well as the g pro wireless and the g502 hero

  • SSD

    austin: “oral bliss” toothpaste companies : “wonderful”

    • xMattsMIND

      underrated comment

  • super5aj123

    I actually have 2 Sceptre monitors for my setup, and they're surprisingly good for the price, if you don't care about super high refresh rates.

  • JH c of d
    JH c of d

    I actually bought the red dragon mouse and keyboard and it's pretty nice to use

  • Daniel Yahalom
    Daniel Yahalom

    "I watch linus tech tips religiously and I learned that skill is optional" -Austin Evans, future member of LTT's blacklist

    • spyder


    • Miksi0784

      @John Schmidtz lets not talk about TF2 players spending thousands on a frying pan, especially since melee in TF2 sucks so bad, except for demoman and spy

    • Lmax Fn
      Lmax Fn

      I wouldn’t even buy a g502 because it’s so heavy and for just £50 you could get a Glorious model o

    • Teji FN
      Teji FN


    • PhanTom

      can u explain what happened

  • Atlas

    Ken legit just went on Amazon and set it to Highest to Lowest and bought the first thing he saw.

  • SpeedrunRichard8

    Ken literally spent the amount I spent on my entire setup on a monitor

    • Elite Alpha
      Elite Alpha

      Yeah same

  • Timon Lopezz
    Timon Lopezz

    Isn't about the setting, it's about the skills👁️👄👁️

  • Bouno Playz
    Bouno Playz

    I use the same "beexelent" headset and i really like it lol O've been using it for like 2 years, and in my opinion its pretty reliable

  • ChazzBurger

    I like how the “cheap” monitor is better than mine

    • Herconary Angga
      Herconary Angga

      lol I'm only have a normal laptop monitor, that's all XD

    • Baggerz


    • Scorching Phoenix
      Scorching Phoenix


    • Aaju Bhari
      Aaju Bhari


    • Sweat CODM
      Sweat CODM


  • systemBuilder

    I've been programming with that RedDragon 602 mouse for the past 5Y its no slouch! Top-5 on Amazon for MANY years! You can get lots of kills on that mouse! Also, Red Dragon has many fantastic mechanical keyboards $30-$60!

  • LeBanana

    50 years ago my gaming equipment would be above average 😎

  • Gen Tech
    Gen Tech

    this was awesome! I'm gonna watch all of them now...

  • NotZach

    Austin chose the same mouse that I use in my setup 😂

  • Aidan O
    Aidan O

    Austin: who uses a wireless mouse? Me: who stands up when they game?

    • JustJacey


    • BajanAlex


    • Zoaph

      The first one is right too

    • Black

      Honestlyest!y wireless mice are the worst mice to use, they are garbage, atleast the ones I bought, they always break super quick, but wired mice are really durable, maybe just my personal opinion.

    • Pokémon puller
      Pokémon puller

      I stand up all the time

  • Decrypt PlayZ
    Decrypt PlayZ

    i love how the monitor of pro setup costs as much as my whole set up including desk and chair :/

  • shiba00f

    I love how 99% of the comments are saying that the cheap setup is like 80x better then their setup Well I can relate

  • Cameron Bernier
    Cameron Bernier

    ironically i bought both that cheap headset, and cheap monitor. i bought the 22', and the 24' version. perfect monitors btw, the headset though is a different story. after a little bit the cord came apart at the part where you plug it in, and just stopped working. i used it for gaming yet it fell apart in just a couple months.

  • Koala Games
    Koala Games

    I love being able to see kens monitor and still flexing, mines literally 8 inches larger, it’s ridiculous

    • Coffee Mug
      Coffee Mug

      That doesn’t mean it’s better

  • Kent Liao
    Kent Liao

    Him: spends 150$ on Logitech g502 acting like it is cheap Me: spends 50$ on Logitech g502 acting like I spent 5000 dollars

    • ThiccDuck

      @Izaaktyler hey Peter

    • Keiko the dog
      Keiko the dog

      @K A R T I K I got the one with white

    • dragon demon999
      dragon demon999

      The g502 is like $50 at best buy now

    • eliyahツ

      uhm my mouse is only $1.10-

    • Blox Dog
      Blox Dog

      @oBluekat I’ve heard of it but I’ve never seen it before and I don’t want a random brand of mouse I barely know anything about. Plus, I like having my own DPI and I heard that mouse doesn’t have any software to make it have your DPI. Also, it’s not something to laugh about, they are uncommon types of mice. A lot of people don’t know what it is. I’m sticking to brand brand I know practically everything about and use, Logitech.

  • RigXui

    how much does the broke setup cost because it looked preeti nice?

  • Hunter Daves
    Hunter Daves

    Hey Austin, I was wondering what you did with the computers when you’re done with them like when you make one for a video as I cannot afford a computer.

  • nathan almacen
    nathan almacen

    what switches does massdrop ctrl come with? is it tactile, clicky or linear switches?

  • Hampsterkeed

    i got the g502 and regretted it soooo much, it was just too heavy for me.

  • maxmel17

    "What kind of gamer has a wireless mouse" What kind of gamer stands up when gaming

    • gtbsligo

      One without a chair

    • DIY Tech
      DIY Tech

      Searching .....

    • sorrychangedmyusername

      Jokes on you. Standing up actually makes you think better. This is also the same reason why mathematicians stand up on a big ass blackboard and scientists rarely sit down.

    • Dimithegoat

      My dads mums sisters pets owner mother 3rd cousins child’s wife turtle

    • xSqmething

      That one me sometimes

  • welcome2havoc

    Austin pretty much has my exact setup. Guess I'm poor

  • _Shen_

    Imagine spending $200 or over on a gaming keyboard just to flex, that has to be a big yikes.

  • KiddoMiddo

    Austin: This is my "cheap" pc everyone else with bad pc: wait... thats illegal

  • termanis

    the predator monitor literally has almost every major thing that mine has with a 144hrz refresh , g-sync nvidia, and costs like 140$.

    • Luci

      I got basically all the specs on that moniter apart from the 4K and the 144hz. Mine is 165hz. Mine cost 125 in a sale from 170

  • agentbomz

    Ken is the only person on Amazon that goes price:high to low

    • Kestrel89

      @Human Hello i know, I thought it was funny that this kennedy person spelled it peaple

    • Human Hello
      Human Hello

      @Kestrel89 it is people

    • Human Hello
      Human Hello

      @Kennedy Prefontaine spell people correct

    • SoulReaperGOD Gaming
      SoulReaperGOD Gaming

      @agentbomz Hmmmmm why do u have a cursed profile

    • Smug Slider
      Smug Slider



    Can we get Ken wear the Love Live shirt with Austin one day

  • Jules Peterson
    Jules Peterson

    That Acer monitor seems over priced if 500nits is the highest brightness. I have the same monitor from a year or two ago that maxes at 400nits and it was $850. 4k 144hz and all that.

  • Lily

    When the cheap gear is pro gear to you...

  • Dogestan

    5:50 hey at least he saved 350$ on the monitor, so much for “PRO” gaming

  • Xuro

    spends 1600$ on a monitor, doesn’t get one that has 240hz

    • Treato Please
      Treato Please

      @Hemal Jindal Thats what EVERYONE should do. Thats what Pro league players play on, except they have a 3090ti and a top notch ryzen and 240 hz monitor 😬

    • Hemal Jindal
      Hemal Jindal

      @Treato Please i agree. that is what i play on

    • Treato Please
      Treato Please

      Eh. After 144 hz there is not much difference. Even If u are getting 240fps at all low settings, u r sacrificing so much just for a tad bit less latency. Just play on 1080p or 1440p 144hz ultra settings. That's the way to go.

    • Tommy3301

      btw at my country, there was monitor that have 360hz but only 927$ rather than the predator x27 that cost 1600$ but dont have 360hz .-.

    • Hemal Jindal
      Hemal Jindal

      @AidenThatGamer i would say 60 hz is low then, no need for a 240 hz monitor since its not that much of a difference between 144 and 240. So try to get 144

  • Milo Webber
    Milo Webber

    Imagine spending 1600 on a 144hz monitor

  • Larry McIntosh
    Larry McIntosh

    I have that cheap headset and it works great!

  • rendre

    i love how the wireless g502 i just got is 70 - 80 dollars lol

  • The circle
    The circle

    Possibly the best broke vs pro gaming video not because it was the 1st one Edit: I think Austin is blessed because he will every broke vs pro gaming ever

  • dgfhjdgfhkj dgfhjdgfhkj
    dgfhjdgfhkj dgfhjdgfhkj

    Broke: = $132 Me: So what am I, broke+?

    • Luna

      I am broke+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    • PranavFlixツ

      my setup is a switch lol

    • tofu

      @Saeleos And so? Even though you won't relatively use it for gaming, a headset is so much better in so many ways compared to audio speakers. But that's just my general opinion, everyone has their own preferences to go with.

    • Adiflied

      My PC's entire peripherals cost $10

    • Linda Lewis-White
      Linda Lewis-White

      You do realize that there both the pro? Right?

  • Josiah Desameau
    Josiah Desameau

    i wish i had one of those setups

  • Fish

    Love how he says $132 is cheap

    • LemonDigit

      It is not cheap but not much money either

    • Bima Zivanovic
      Bima Zivanovic

      Literally what i thought to myself

  • Spaghetti_ jeje_32
    Spaghetti_ jeje_32

    You know your broke if the cheap setup is not “cheap” enough


    There’s no way the cheapest head set he bought is my headset ;-;

  • Jacob Nolte
    Jacob Nolte

    I love how Ken's mouse is more then Austin's whole setup not including the PC

    • AMV Gaming
      AMV Gaming

      @ibrahim dalia That might be a sensor.

    • ibrahim dalia
      ibrahim dalia

      @AMV Gaming there’s like a little circle in front of the mouse and I’ve been wondering what is it can y’all tell me what is it

    • AMV Gaming
      AMV Gaming

      @ibrahim dalia mx master

    • merlin kale
      merlin kale

      LiackAlotTaPuss the thing at the top? i think thats just deco but i wouldnt know

    • ibrahim dalia
      ibrahim dalia

      Can anyone tell me what’s that thing that’s moving with the mouse at 0:18 seconds

  • Stelq Sucks
    Stelq Sucks

    Even the "broke" items are too expensive for me

  • SWA_ Aidan
    SWA_ Aidan

    I just love watching people buy the most expensive gaming setups ever knowing I will never have one😰

    • Miksi0784

      @Glitching Ninja maybe he will find a new job or something

    • Glitching Ninja
      Glitching Ninja

      @Miksi0784 what if he didnt get hired?

    • Miksi0784

      when you become an adult, choose some of the highest paying jobs and then buy RTX cards, 32GB RAM, RGB, 30000 FPS PC and then you can finally enjoy

  • Mike Ohk
    Mike Ohk

    And then there's me, who can't even afford a mouse

  • Aayan Panjwani
    Aayan Panjwani

    His monitor is more expensive than I'm planning to make my entire gaming setup -_-

  • Skull

    I love how the "broke setup" is ten times more expensive than mine

    • zogames

      @Tgplays 21 I forgot I switched computers now. It was Lenovo tho.

    • Tgplays 21
      Tgplays 21

      @zogames where did you get that

    • Rafortrob


    • Jarquavius


    • Liam games
      Liam games

      @Import Folder mines a laptop keyboard mouse pad mouse and a headset

  • Casey Mendoza
    Casey Mendoza

    This is that one video where I watch it like a tradition at least once a month minimum

  • Equal Gaming
    Equal Gaming

    Love this content !

  • Joshua Evan
    Joshua Evan

    I love that they know so much about computers but not keyboards

  • Sus Obama Productions
    Sus Obama Productions

    I return to this video every now and then for one simple reason. It brings me peace.

  • Sahil

    I saw my headset on the "broke" side of the thumbnail. I thought my headset was pretty good for my standards. It hit me hard.

    • Raghav Goyal
      Raghav Goyal

      Yea I have the same head set but eh I find it ok

    • Skeppy Cooking Channel
      Skeppy Cooking Channel

      Don’t judge I have Bugha headset😭😭😭

    • Harry Trg
      Harry Trg

      Omg same and feel bad

    • Caleb Harmon
      Caleb Harmon

      Remember these guys have thousands of dollars to put towards computers

    • Ok animations
      Ok animations


  • 1v1 me
    1v1 me

    I used to use that cheap mouse. I cant believe i actually used that 😂

  • Matthew

    Ken: Its like Logitech and Deathadder had a child Little did Ken know that Deathadder is Razer

  • EmaazBlox

    Ken's headset costs more than my whole pc

  • Don T. Panic
    Don T. Panic

    this was more "broke vs expensive." a headset from 2009 would need a driver update if it was even still supported lol

  • U Perm
    U Perm

    broke: $132 me who has a $133 setup: hehe

    • Just Another Youtube Channel
      Just Another Youtube Channel

      Aside from my PC itself I don’t think my entire set up costs $132 although I think it is close, most of the money coming from the monitor.

    • osasushi

      my setup is prob around $700

    • LwkySad

      @Dwayne Barack Johnson not even, I’m just trying to be humble.

    • Dwayne Barack Johnson
      Dwayne Barack Johnson

      I guess you qualify as pro

    • Knightmare

      @Xeno Gen sure buddy

  • [UwU] SC00T3RH4SZ King of England
    [UwU] SC00T3RH4SZ King of England

    "Your 250 headset doesnt light up and my 20 dollar one does" wait so we arent going to talk about some of the best most well known gaming headsets of all time *cough cough* (every Razer Kraken headset ever) *cough cough*

  • Phazz

    The cheap setup is my dream setup LMAO

  • Geographics_

    I love that the "cheap" mouse is better than my entire setup

    • Dodger

      it's honestly not, reddragon mice suck ass

  • Spoonymanynoops

    How is a 132$ headset broke? That just screams privilege to me

  • 24

    That feeling when your setup is worse than the ”cheap one”

    • Ugly Goblin
      Ugly Goblin

      That feeling when you can’t even afford the cheap set up

    • Syras

      @Josh Purks I’ve payed for most things except my room and carpet

    • Syras

      @cycility yeah because I was being sarcastic lmao

    • Traevion ASMR
      Traevion ASMR

      @Primal Mangat lull

    • Josh Purks
      Josh Purks

      @Syras and inalready know your dad payed for everything for ypu

  • raxyls

    kens monitor is literally more then my entire gaming setup XD

  • Bacons_Jailbreak1234

    When the “cheap PC” is better than yours LOL

  • Jaquarzz

    The fact that his monitor is more than my whole setup including pc, monitor, key board and mouse

  • Jack Starkey
    Jack Starkey

    so ken... do you know what hotswap actually means? it means you can swap the switches

  • Nativeboytyler

    I like how everything he got is more expensive than my setup

    • tr0mbka

      @bruhd sussy 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • imTokyoLOL

      @Unkown Man me to

    • Xx_Randango_xX

      Fell you bro all I go is a xbox TV and bed but I'm making a gaming setup so in looking for what's best

    • spobyyy

      more that my life

    • Dr0pz Clan
      Dr0pz Clan

      @Austin Evans nice fake Austin Evans

  • Neev

    For a couple of dollars more, he could have got a reddragon k552 with red switches.

  • Ronald Mcdonald
    Ronald Mcdonald

    I feel like austin is a physical manefestation of younger siblings

  • Devro

    "when it comes to mice I don't spend much money on it" me who has a 60$ mouse

  • Zak

    POV: You just want a good PC

  • masterminecraft

    “What if Austin wins?” “We delete the channel” -famous last words

    • Chilled Coder
      Chilled Coder

      top 10 amime twists

    • Icyy III
      Icyy III

      69th like

    • ThatMrZombie

      Y e s

  • Diamondball2090

    When he pulled out the headset that I use I almost cried. He called my headset broke! 😭


    The fact that the cheap setup was the same as mine…

  • Lil Neura
    Lil Neura

    The true pro gamer can play with all Keyboards, Mouses and Setups 😌

  • Mr takx
    Mr takx

    I would happily take the cheapest gaming pc