BROKE vs PRO Gaming Setup
Austin Evans
Is a PRO gaming setup really better than a BROKE gamer? 🎮
Last episode of BROKE vs Pro!
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Build Showcase:
Micro Center’s Folding@Home Team

Austin’s Pro Setup:
Next Level Racing F-GT Dual Position Simulator:
Next Level Racing Black Monitor Stand GT:
Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer:
Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals:
ASUS ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming Computer:
ASUS VG278Q 27" Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor:
ASUS Bezel Free Kit:

Ken’s Broke Setup:
HP 15-db1032nr 15.6" Laptop Computer:
Accessory Power ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad:
Microsoft Xbox Controller and Cable for Windows:

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  • -L-

    Let me say this: "Hey guys, this is Austin!" There you have it!

    • Mr bee
      Mr bee

      @Jason Hiatt most American thing i have ever heard

    • Jason Hiatt
      Jason Hiatt

      @C373 Hey dumbarse, you mean period?

    • Jason Hiatt
      Jason Hiatt

      @Saturniun YT Tech He meant Dunkin Donuts

    • mega gamer
      mega gamer

      The hero we needed yet not the one we deserved

    • idk man
      idk man

      Does anybody know how nice he is?!

  • TheMJrealms

    austin: 1080p, what a low resolution me with a 480p monitor:

    • Narelle Teejay
      Narelle Teejay

      This makes me feel bad with my 2160p moniter

    • Fungus

      @Lethal *takes everything you have*

    • Fungus

      Me with a 1p monitor:

    • OctoFiucan

      @TheMJrealms me with nothing only phone:

    • mouse abuser
      mouse abuser

      @Austin Jiang whats ur budget?

  • The 8-Bit Nerd
    The 8-Bit Nerd

    Ken: “Too expensive, too expensive, too expensive, Chromebook, too expensive, perfect 299.99.”

    • Dylan Coakley
      Dylan Coakley

      @Arre Barre chrome books are cheap laptops that break after a month, and can hardly run roblox

    • Saturniun YT Tech
      Saturniun YT Tech

      @Me "how will he play the controller"?

    • Raene on mars
      Raene on mars

      @Me Yes lets ship their teacher to brasil for being a classic milennial

    • Me

      @Arre Barre The Only Thing You Can Play On A Chromebook Is Google Dino SIKE SHIP HER TOO 🇧🇷

    • Me

      @Arre Barre How Will He Play The 🎮

  • HydrininjaDMF

    Austin roasted his own video when he said: "If I scripted the video it'd be much better than this."

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    I love when Austin acts as if the gear shifters on the wheel would be the rpm.

  • Rocky Alessandro
    Rocky Alessandro

    Ken: * being the broke side * Also ken: * pulls out his apple watch *

    • ToXicityUser

      @Shaggy has Cancer oh boy my friend this didn’t age well google acquired fitbit lmao all data is gonna be sucked by google apple is private

    • Sun Lyheng
      Sun Lyheng

      Me as a random student that is using a trashy 3$ normal watch: I see

    • Icarus

      @Nate Vemuri As a Series 0 user, it is still a perfectly good smartwatch in 2020. It just doesnt have the fancy dancy calculator

    • Joga Nodagala
      Joga Nodagala

      And here's me coming along and looking at this beef in a comment section under a video where a person plays f1 on 'his' broke laptop in his cardboard box............

    • Nate Vemuri
      Nate Vemuri

      @Shaggy has Cancer 100% agree

  • Minecrafter Pictures
    Minecrafter Pictures

    Ken the broke player: Wins a Championship Austin the Pro: Fails at anything. That's backwards than suspected.

    • Priz

      guess the broke player wins since Austin won in a different video where he was the broke player

  • Leona Bajas
    Leona Bajas

    I had fun watching you guys. Keep it up. Love it.

  • Da Gamer Is Here
    Da Gamer Is Here

    Hey Austin!! Love the video, but will you do Broke vs Pro Console version ?? Sounds pretty good to me :)

    • Tiko Gupta
      Tiko Gupta

      Atari vs ps5

  • That1BohuslanicDork

    I love watching Austin, He always makes me feel stupid

  • Ryzen OP
    Ryzen OP

    I love seeing things that i can't afford.

    • Grand plat
      Grand plat

      You are talking about the broke setup right

    • Cheetah Man Gaming
      Cheetah Man Gaming


    • Lukas Games
      Lukas Games

      U and me both

    • Aries Jhay Dalisay
      Aries Jhay Dalisay

      Same i really want a switch but i cant afford it😭



  • ItsHawck

    when the “broke” setup costs more than your setup

    • Fritz

      @Bacons_Jailbreak1234 im british what is best buy

    • Bacons_Jailbreak1234

      @Fritz I’ll give you some options! Amazon, Micro center, Walmart, and Best Buy!!

    • Fritz

      @Bacons_Jailbreak1234 where to build a pc?

    • Bacons_Jailbreak1234

      @Fritz I suggest building a pc and getting any keyboard and mouse on Amazon a very great deal!

    • Fritz

      @Bacons_Jailbreak1234 I suged dik for years to get my pcs. how u get urs?

  • mcbarge

    I'm shocked that the laptop ran f1 that well tbh. Was expecting like 10 frames

  • Dimitri617

    genuinely concerned for the passengers safety when austin is driving.

  • Brennan Epps
    Brennan Epps

    “I don’t think this is RGB, I think this is just G”

  • warlar

    Ken: *literally sits in a box* Austin: THIS ISNT ACTUALLY THAT BAD

    • Matty

      @TheReal_Yash This was 10 months ago, I don't give a singe shit about it.

    • Night

      that was my setup when i first moved into my new house

    • andry6702

      i purple it in my voice

    • Chris Alvarez
      Chris Alvarez

      @Miguel i brown it in his voice

    • Sahib Singh
      Sahib Singh

      Haha austin says Ken good but a box

  • Quiflick

    I love seeing all of those gpu's.... it gives me hope for the future

  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi

    This guy is making microcenter grow and keep that place alive forever

  • EnigmaOfTheEchidna

    I wanna try that steering mechanism that Ken used, probably the only product not tagged.

  • 7Luke

    The cheap one actually looked kinda comfy with the box.

  • evictilion

    Even his chair more expensive than ken’s whole setup

    • JustSumFella

      The pedals cost The same amount as Kens laptop in this video

    • redd

      My char is more expensive than the broke setup lol

    • Claire Spence
      Claire Spence

      INTENSE FIVE bro it’s literally a chair and he was making a joke how come no one in this comment section can take a joke

    • Lilly Khan
      Lilly Khan

      INTENSE FIVE why tf u streching it out and how is it mean its fax

    • TheBigChuck

      Stop being soo mean

  • duck

    When your setup looks more broke then theirs

  • Seymour Buttz
    Seymour Buttz

    Haha Ken is awesome. He cracks me up.

  • paloma blanca
    paloma blanca

    austin : who builds their own pc thats for losers also austin : builds pc more times than ken

  • Mohammed Shahin
    Mohammed Shahin

    Controllers will always be easier to control but wheels give you the realistic feel

  • CoolWolf Gamer32
    CoolWolf Gamer32

    Austin's electric bill: **Chuckles** I'm in danger

    • Yoyo Thingz
      Yoyo Thingz


    • Arre Barre
      Arre Barre

      @Ronny D. B. Lopez mmmm.......$

    • minecraft noob
      minecraft noob


    • Jackie Shockley
      Jackie Shockley


    • nolanotoolemusic

      He should get solar panels

  • Σ

    12:30 this speaks to me on a whole different level

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson

    I'm curious where he got the clear side panel for the rog. I have the same case, but no idea where I can find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏

  • Papi Junior
    Papi Junior

    They should do more broke vs pro, with more insane peripherals and specs

  • Mumrik

    I like that it basically says 'FGT' on the back of the racing setup Austin got.

  • Horacio Spinelli
    Horacio Spinelli

    I really hate the usual racing sim break pedals, So hard to press.. these looked better though?

  • Michael Fernandes
    Michael Fernandes

    Austin definitely wore his best shoes to flex for the pedal shots!

  • Sid S
    Sid S

    I feel like I have friends when I watch Austin and Ken (whose jacket is so tight)

  • Allen Young
    Allen Young

    Love your videos they really cheer me up thank you...

  • Hugo Gijzen
    Hugo Gijzen

    I love how the micro center guy knows him.

    • FrostyChuck

      The guy there: YES let’s hope I can get a big tip

    • AidenO7 II
      AidenO7 II

      @MoistyRade lmao 😂

    • eli

      they sponsor him so i think that’s why

    • David The Percussionist
      David The Percussionist

      Micro center, always happy to help

    • Limen

      Micro center guy: *I HAVE NAME UKNOW*

  • why am I here
    why am I here

    "rich am I paying you to be here now" "no" "see true friendship"

  • B R
    B R

    I've never heard of microcentre but it looks awesome

  • Imsulamo

    I’m using your “how to build a gaming pc 2020” video to build a pc. Mine is going great so thanks so much! Left a sub for you

  • chris sercombe
    chris sercombe

    I wonder how much the pro setup costs?

  • Darslit

    Broke: I can relate Pro: I can’t relate

    • Kuzey

      My pc has a default graphics card lol it doesn't effect my computer

    • Billcipher225

      Neither can anybody else

  • Syntheus

    I always find it kind of boring when Ken sees any type of monetary problem, he just picks the easiest option, which also happens to be the least interesting. It's doesn't look fun when you just buy an Xbox or Laptop, dude.

  • tobyjr242

    Ken tried to delete system 32 to stop Austin's computer from working so ken can win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • oisin mcdade
    oisin mcdade

    I would love to see pro vs pro or broke vs broke

  • NoName Studios
    NoName Studios

    Ken could've bought a $20 steering wheel from Amazon

  • Roberto Durand
    Roberto Durand

    "I don't think this is RGB... this is just G." 💀😂

    • Roberto Durand
      Roberto Durand

      @Anthony_9456 carry on mate glad you are still living after this.

    • Finn Gibson
      Finn Gibson


    • Optic Shrooms
      Optic Shrooms


    • Flow FFA
      Flow FFA


    • The long wong River
      The long wong River

      You are top comment

  • ASnowyBeat

    austin: *laughs* ken: *proceeds to fake laugh* 8:57

  • Mahhew

    “Pfft that’s for losers who builds their own pc? I’m just going to buy one.” Boys I’ve found the impostor

  • Aswathi Mahanta
    Aswathi Mahanta

    1:07 Wait. Does that mean that Austin was preparing us to be losers so that we can build a pc?

  • ATL Gaming
    ATL Gaming

    Welcome To Another Episode Of We Cant Afford!

    • NoobPyxl

      @SimBoss okay "mister i think 3000 for one game is affordable"

    • SimBoss

      It really isn’t that expensive Actually pro would be 200,000 and Some simulators are in the millions

    • x3nori

      Welcome back to another episode of *B I T C O I N*

    • Dylan Coakley
      Dylan Coakley

      welcome to another episode of *i n v e s t i n g*

  • R e v o x z x
    R e v o x z x

    I never getting bored of austin videos haha

    • ChaoticMe1ty

      I like your car profile pic

  • Dj Miller
    Dj Miller

    It’s not the set up it’s the gamer 💪🏽

  • Michael Marcial
    Michael Marcial

    10:20 did you see how freaking thin is austin's TV

  • The Pingman
    The Pingman

    When the broke setup costs more and is more powerful than your current laptop...

  • Isak Zaw
    Isak Zaw

    Feels bad when Ken actually has a better setup than me, even though he is supposed to be broke

    • Josh Abraham
      Josh Abraham


    • Alex_blox


    • Undead


    • Crazy


    • Astral


  • piececontrollkyle controll
    piececontrollkyle controll

    you should put led in the room so it looks cooleer

  • Trish Gupta
    Trish Gupta

    19:52 that's what happens when you forget to turn on traction control

  • UnrealWheels

    man, i wasn't expecting sim-racing here...

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY

    Austin : *Makes a Broke Vs Pro Video* Microcenter Sponsor Everything : *Aah Sh-t, here we go again*

  • Username

    Him: *plays good games with decent graphics on a 300$ laptop Me: *can barely run a decent graphic game on a crappy 1,000$ laptop*

    • ZROCK

      @Guesty integrated graphics is built into the processor. Dedicated graphics uses a GPU “graphics processing unit” which is separate from the processor

    • Guesty

      @ZROCK that makes sense and im still confused what is integrated graphics and dedicated lol

    • ZROCK

      @Guesty its called integrated graphics. they don't have a dedicated graphics card

    • Guesty

      @ZROCK hmm how they can display correctly without graphics card then? There should be a graphics card installed just for apple macbooks

    • Fake Lol
      Fake Lol

      @Username sell it if u can good money out of it

  • Jayce Evers
    Jayce Evers

    When you own something from Austin’s setup 😎 When you own something from Ken’s setup🙁

  • Diallo Hooker
    Diallo Hooker

    austin with a pro setup is like pouring milk before cereal

  • bunta fujiwara's disciple
    bunta fujiwara's disciple

    This proves that despite with cheap setup, Ken is actually the better gamer.

  • OperationX25

    I like how Ken said Chromebook then moved on 😂

  • lonzo for mvp
    lonzo for mvp

    Austin: *gets made fun of for his intro* Austin: stops saying “hey guys this is austin” Audience: *surprised pikachu face*

    • JboyFN

      your cringe asf

    • Diskonnekz

      lonzo is not good for mvp I want Giannis to be mvp

    • Your mom
      Your mom


    • Testey

      That’s fucking cringe bro

    • KentWithRandoms


  • LyrcusYT

    not breaking with your left foot feels so wrong as a sim racer

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King

    Not gonna lie but the mechanic of the steering wheel for the controller looks nice

  • the random
    the random

    "Thank god this isn't a real game or Austin will be dead" Ken ~ 2020

  • Carter Mack
    Carter Mack

    He should have a vr headset on to feel like he's actually driving a race car

  • Vyncke.Kyle

    "This wheel is very accurate" "Wheel set to 1080° instead of 360°" *Facepalm*

    • Luke McKeown
      Luke McKeown

      Formulamatt 22 no not good

    • Radyon

      You could use 320 i find it more precise

    • Luke McKeown
      Luke McKeown

      ShiekEXE in gt3 cars you use 2 pedals and left foot brake

    • ShiekEXE

      @NALStudio you got me there

    • NALStudio

      @ShiekEXE Roborace?

  • bbc

    Back in the day where pc parts were normally prices. In these times. Those prices look like sale prices.😭

  • Γιάννης Λεμπιδάκης
    Γιάννης Λεμπιδάκης

    5:36 this literaly me right now trying to find the perfect laptol under 400€ 😂

  • Wayne Fields
    Wayne Fields

    Austin: are you trying to format my computer or something Some guy I can't remember the name of: no **proceeds to delete system 32**

  • Jason Lin
    Jason Lin

    Actual Sim racers be like yeah that’s a real nice budget sim

  • nikos nikos
    nikos nikos

    I am really curious how Ken managed to play F1 2019 on a 300$ pc

    • BOSS

      me to ha

    • Mini Nunbread
      Mini Nunbread

      @random weird ITmores channel the fuck how

    • nikos nikos
      nikos nikos

      @daniel neen But fortnite is a game meant to run on potatoes. Not to mention it is not the most graphically demanding game on the planet

    • daniel neen
      daniel neen

      Eww fortnite

    • Logan Cressy
      Logan Cressy

      I mean I’m able to run literally any game that works on pc on my weak laptop

  • Fizzy

    Ken's setup is still worth double my pc

  • Yedi

    When you figure out you have the same laptop as the broke setup.

  • Logan Gaming643
    Logan Gaming643

    7:40 look how many monitors he has 😂

  • Mangekyou

    The "broke" setup is still expensive than my setup

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Austin: (Buys a pre-built) **PC connoisseurs are typing**

    • SwolePapi15

      @Hambo theres a good chance they just loaned him the pc. That would be my guess as to why he went prebuilt

    • Hambo

      he literally could've gotten MicroCenter to build it, but he went for the prebuilt...

    • Blade Mastr
      Blade Mastr

      He prolly did it so he can easily return it after the video was done.

    • Ritik Shrivastava
      Ritik Shrivastava

      In his defence..... The damn thing was hardcore

    • Fanta Stick
      Fanta Stick

      I found you

  • VeeryBoyLol

    His monster stand costs like almost double the price of my actual moniter

  • xvnzg

    i love the pro setup i wish i had it

  • LucasPLayzGamz

    when they are getting it all setup it looks like my house on christmas morning xD

  • Idky

    1:21 rich was so earnestly sorry. He just kinda curled away... Respect for that man

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson

    Austin: "Cody, I need some help..." Cody: (Obviously in the middle of something but sees the camera) Hey... Yea, ok Person Cody Was Helping: Where the hell is that salesperson?

  • Talha Anwar
    Talha Anwar

    Ken should have gotten a laptop for 250 and a used logitech driving force gt or pro cus they cost like 20-40$

  • The Little Mellow
    The Little Mellow

    Imagine playing Mariocart on the pro setup XD

  • Luke Favo
    Luke Favo

    Here’s a prequel joke for Austin Austin getting the pro setup: Me: you have become the very thing you swore to destroy. You see it’s funny because in the first episode he said it’s skill that matters.

  • FrØstyStãr

    Austin: puts cushion behind back Also Austin: I can just be chilling here like AHHHHHHHH

  • Riley Rawlings
    Riley Rawlings

    you guys are so good on camera, and the camera work is great.. seriously i really do appreciate it, they dont keep anybody in frame for too long and it avoids any awkwardness. yall are 10/10

  • Astio Gaming
    Astio Gaming

    he spent so much money and yet he wasn't able to buy an professional sim-racing setup like a fanatec

  • Y🅱️G🅾️ttem🔫

    Why does Austin always lose broke or pro he loses either way 😂

  • Johnathan Lee
    Johnathan Lee

    Everyone’s fighting in the comments on how the pc 300$ is really nice while I’m just looking at the dude that work at micro center and how he’s like a more refined version of Austin lmao

  • Lexle

    I would probably use the broke gaming setup

  • Aaaron 74
    Aaaron 74

    RIP "Hey guys, this is Austin." Once again.

    • dear sir dear you
      dear sir dear you

      @DeadlyBladesmith don't you think him talking about safety is more important then a intro

    • dear sir dear you
      dear sir dear you

      @Citizen of the Bikini bottom thanks

    • DeadlyBladesmith

      Petition to force everyone to downvote "dear sir dear you"s comment because he doesn't appreciate tradition.

    • Citizen of the Bikini bottom
      Citizen of the Bikini bottom

      @dear sir dear you that's ok, welcome to the channel!

    • dear sir dear you
      dear sir dear you

      @I H just don't you ever get tired of a intro

  • rupi

    I like the micro center guy, ya’ll should invite him to do vids and skits some time

  • ImAGoatBaaah

    Austin going to fast Me: Press the brake.... Austin: Smashes clutch

  • Kamal Sarees
    Kamal Sarees

    I love seeing new things i can bye for my gaming setup

  • H4n5er

    When you can’t afford the broke setup.

  • Jacob

    I’m jealous of the 299 dollar laptop

  • Marto Uzumaki
    Marto Uzumaki

    Like how Ken can't build a broke pc lmao