BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC
Austin Evans
BROKE vs PRO is back with full gaming PC builds...well kinda.
The latest episode of BROKE vs PRO 💸
Thanks to Micro Center for sponsoring this video, check out the parts below!

MAINGEAR Vybe1 Gaming Desktop PC:
Microsoft Windows 10 Home:
ESET Antivirus:
Crucial Sport 4GB DDR4:
HyperX FURY S Pro Extended Gaming Mouse Pad:
Inland Professional 120GB SSD:
Solid Gear 400W ATX PSU:
Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030:
Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H AM4:
Kingwin 6-Bay Miner ATX Open-Air GPU Case:

MAINGEAR Vybe 1 on Amazon:
Inland 120 GB SSD on Amazon:

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  • FatNFurious_1

    When you're so broke you can't even afford the ”broke” set up.

    • Pikachu Pokeball
      Pikachu Pokeball

      im broker then broke (i have $0)

    • Sandhya Deshpande
      Sandhya Deshpande

      @Explore Life 906 mine is a broken pc and a raspberry pi 3B

    • Zaf


    • Aravintakshan G J
      Aravintakshan G J


    • SkullWemzz

      yup im broke only have 40 dollars

  • Andrew Bowman
    Andrew Bowman

    Ken: “visit your local micro center” Me:”ok so the closest one is 900 miles away from me so I’ll go do that”

    • Martins Ezergals
      Martins Ezergals

      mine is in a nother contry


      My country Doesn't have it

    • Gabrielposa2011

      closest one is a 10 hour drive :[

    • Eren_Jaeger

      Mines 200

    • Furwey

      Myself 1 hour away

  • Fraelite YT
    Fraelite YT

    4:54 that guy there invented how he shakes hands during the pandemic. Bring him respect

    • Char_netflix

      @XzNxghtmareX Covid started over a year ago lol

    • Char_netflix

      @XzNxghtmareX r/confidentlyincorrect

    • spaghetti gum
      spaghetti gum

      @Ohyhbsdm 2 months not a year

    • Ohyhbsdm

      @spaghetti gum Actually covid was in 2019, but in CHina.

    • Ohyhbsdm

      @NoCrea reditor.

  • Sahil Mistry
    Sahil Mistry

    “ by the way, the Apple section is over there” those were the last words Austin found

    • K1llsw1tch 21
      K1llsw1tch 21


    • ZoZu Aspect
      ZoZu Aspect

      When the apple section is more expensive then the normal pc section😎

  • Sai Krishna Pulivarthi
    Sai Krishna Pulivarthi

    It’s happy to see you guys are enjoying your work!

  • PickledKatsu

    Ken: “go visit your local micro center” Me who lives in the uk: *wimpers”

    • AYO😳

      I live on jupiter 😔

    • Shadowsofthedark

      Ah another British person

    • HeatoN Lee
      HeatoN Lee

      In UK, there are kinda lot. Like PC world. They have some good computers.

    • Zenitsu :3
      Zenitsu :3

      Ello’ I looked at micro center today and ,sadly, mates it is 1200miles away

    • Anandan Oliyath
      Anandan Oliyath

      Same here


    Walking in on the Interview for a plug was awesome and looked totally unscripted and great humor awesome guys love it!!

  • LuminalOwl

    Austin: presses button PC: "clink" Austin: oh shi.. PC: "blows up"

  • kahlil sanzsapp
    kahlil sanzsapp

    you got to respect that austin always takes the broke set up in these videos even though he is the one with the money

  • SnooZey

    Ken: millionaire buget Austin: my life savings buget

    • Bloxburg International Airport
      Bloxburg International Airport

      @MM Highlights hbu? cuz no one asked for ur opinion


      @MM Highlights imao u just got roasted

    • Kapitan Hank
      Kapitan Hank

      @MM Highlights imagine being garbage

    • watsgoinonhere1

      @del d ? What makes you say that? Also, I've had the laptop for months now.

    • del d
      del d

      @watsgoinonhere1 try to start a yt channel when you get your laptop

  • IBN

    Austin: Windows 10 is the best OS for gaming. Windows 7 Ultimate: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • Uthman Baksh
      Uthman Baksh

      Yes, because Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7

    • Sandhya Deshpande
      Sandhya Deshpande

      @XzNxghtmareX windows 7 just looks like vista, a look i personally like but ok... I like windows 10 too, nice ui

    • Konkov

      Windows 11 baby

    • XzNxghtmareX

      @ItsJiUi ur probably using 7 or 8 the 8 will be out of the support in like 2 years

    • XzNxghtmareX

      @ItsJiUi u are making me vomit

  • Benny

    Let's get an F in the chat for all the people ( including myself ) who don't have Micro Center near them

    • superplushvids


    • Jayden Mohr
      Jayden Mohr


    • yt 1234
      yt 1234


    • Gregortheprogamer


    • Some guy From the internet
      Some guy From the internet

      @Arrow Dynamics Inc. damn dude get so,e money then 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤬

  • Cashmir Agraam
    Cashmir Agraam

    Ken's drip is Godly

    • Emilio Duran
      Emilio Duran

      No Ken is Godly

    • Eric Elrod
      Eric Elrod

      He tries wayyyy too hard. Never looks good

    • Gandalf the Grey
      Gandalf the Grey

      @AJ Perm Yes, that automatically makes Ken godly. Because he’s a weeb. Obv he’s god. Since you are NOT a weeb you are not a god.

    • ryann04


    • AJ Perm
      AJ Perm


  • dF-Maarz

    I’m pretty sure that if ken has 10k budget the pc won’t go faster the 165 frames

  • RevoluFInn

    "Do as I say, not as I do" Just some Linus wisdom for you right there

    • Tommer


    • Nyxie


    • Alex Reyes
      Alex Reyes


  • Carlo Bacani
    Carlo Bacani

    I dunno why I want Austin's set up, I have an irrational love for it

  • Colton B.
    Colton B.

    I started getting into tech stuff and I watch Austin Evans almost daily

  • Vasav Aggarwal
    Vasav Aggarwal

    Ken: “mhmmmmmmmmm. Team poverty not looking great today.” Breaking news - it’s never great for team poverty.

  • KeyYapper 78
    KeyYapper 78

    Rich: cates about rob and pc looks Poor : *building a $67 pc that runs 60 FPS*

    • Boss V Death
      Boss V Death

      @ghastly fellow noice

    • ghastly fellow
      ghastly fellow

      @Boss V Death mine is almost new and runs 10-20 at best

    • Walker Jennings
      Walker Jennings

      @Doge makes sense with the upgrades but if you are talking about an old pc at least say that you upgraded because it's not a decade old pc if it can run minecraft at max render distance fancy graphics and also vsync dousn't mean that it is better it just means it synced with the moniter so you could some how have a 15 hz moniter and technocly you could have it at your max moniter frame rate and people expect moniters to be between 60 to 144 hz for normal people

    • Walker Jennings
      Walker Jennings

      @Doge if i am stupid and 16 gigs was in decade old pc's (without an upgrade later on) then pls tell me

    • Walker Jennings
      Walker Jennings

      @Doge 16 gigs of ram is normal for modern pc's also again if your still talking about the old pc idk how an old without you saying there is an upgrade would have 16 gigs

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat

    Ken: hey here's Micro Center Me: *laughing outside of USA*

    • Kons37 Flyingreaper
      Kons37 Flyingreaper

      @Gabriel Kroll I can only relate and feel your pain :(

    • The Dark Fighter
      The Dark Fighter

      Crying in Nepal

    • SantIsKindaCool

      dies in colombian


      @Anirvana *lol*

    • Tara Mitten
      Tara Mitten

      Crying in British

  • Scoovis

    Technically Austin won bc he did just as good as Ken WITH A BROKE SET UP :) Thank you for your time.

  • Trevor Mccord
    Trevor Mccord

    I love Ken's ad placement 😂

  • 09Bacon_YT

    Austin/Ken, what do you guys do when you are done with the pcs?

  • Nebad

    the high fps and stuff makes the game more pleasing and enjoyable it dosent necessarily mean that it makes you better, its based on your skill not your fps.

  • Sanjeevan Kumareson
    Sanjeevan Kumareson

    *Power supply is power supplying* - Austin Evans 2019

    • spoder mang
      spoder mang

      you have achieved comedy

    • gta v drippiest outfits
      gta v drippiest outfits


    • Noury


    • Abir Mahmud Dipto
      Abir Mahmud Dipto

      This comment is a comment.

    • Spot On Productions
      Spot On Productions


  • Taiyō

    Ken: of course I have to touch it. It’s a detonator Also ken: presses nut

    • Mark Trigwell
      Mark Trigwell


  • Party Fighter
    Party Fighter

    I could imagine these two with a gaming channel together

  • Alexander Radev
    Alexander Radev

    For this to be accurate you really need them to do more runs, play the same heroes at the same time and swap places in the middle of it to eliminate the factor of who is better at overwatch. Added benefit will show what maters more your setup or your skillzzz. ;)

  • TwistedFoxy55

    I'm just waiting for Austen's turn so I can buy the PC that he is going to get 😂😂😂😂

  • Snarrow

    “My bot team was awful, I carried everybody” Literally quote of of every overwatch player

    • JasonStarRising

      Snarrow 2404 IKR that’s literally me every fucking game

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha

      I I

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha

      L ppl lppppp.p Pop Pop lllpllllll

    • Bruh Idk
      Bruh Idk

      Haha i ruined the 420 likes lol

    • Eap2468

      Ya and they not even that good

  • axeonlotl

    In the end, all that matters is skill. you don't need some overkill 3,000 dollar setup to be good at games. honestly just play with whatever works for you.

  • Hapaa

    I love how the broke gaming pc is a lot more powerful and cheaper than i have

  • SkyH1gh

    Ken: “Go down to your friendly micro centre today.” Me: “Sure yes I’ll drive 975 miles to buy a pc.” Keep it up Austin

  • Senju 7d
    Senju 7d

    When your so addicted to watching broke vs pro you rewatch all of them 9 TIMES

  • legend of the wolfs
    legend of the wolfs

    i love how ken gets 110-120 fps while Austin gets 70-90 fps even though they have a $2000 price diffrence

    • Cake Monster6
      Cake Monster6

      you guys do realise that games have a thing called vsync that limits ur FPS to 120 to prevent spikes in fps?

    • Cake Monster6
      Cake Monster6


    • The Worker Of Memes
      The Worker Of Memes

      @sir_ethan nah nah, rtx 3090

    • sir_ethan

      Teh Gecko that is possible with the i9 and the rtx 2080 it

    • sir_ethan

      Teh Gecko in some games it can be possible.

  • Jeferly Giraffe
    Jeferly Giraffe

    Why do I feel like I'm watching a reality tv show every time I watch your videos?

  • Drxps sizzly
    Drxps sizzly

    I've watched your channel for like two years now and I've wondered where do you store your PCS

  • SkinnyJoeWalker

    Wouldve been better if Ken wasn't lazy and built an awesome PC knowing everything was going to be free

  • BaDdA bHoOs
    BaDdA bHoOs

    i think the broke setup won cause it may not have as good a cooling system and all that but considering the price u are getting a pretty Sweet deal

  • klowncodm

    Austin: "Care to 1v1 in csgo?" **Proceeds to play deathmatch**

    • desfefe

      @What if I wasn’t retarded? You know there is a casual crowd to Csgo. Here I am with my Deagle when they have a go at me with their cod gun....

    • What if I wasn’t retarded?
      What if I wasn’t retarded?

      Them playing makes me cringe

    • desfefe

      They don't know about third party servers

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson

    Ken was such a savage in this episode

  • ffemt917

    Which Ryzen cpu did austin use for his build?


    7:20 I love that 2003 Premiere Pro transition effect there

  • Midwest Avgeek
    Midwest Avgeek

    I bet the power supply manufacturer spent more on the box than the actual power supply

  • marmol_rm

    3:00 Micro Center Rep: "I'm about to end this mans whole career"

  • Karl Nillas
    Karl Nillas

    Hi Austin. I love you and your friend. Best duo I've seen on youtube.

  • BinkyFish

    Watched a video for a comparison between mechanical and membrane keyboard and now I’m binging all this😂

  • Glitch-mob gaming
    Glitch-mob gaming

    The pc that ken is buying is worth more than my entire triple monitor setup

  • Big Blast
    Big Blast

    I like how the profits from this video gave him a gaming pc

  • Rish The Fish
    Rish The Fish

    The joke about Ken being worried for another fire was hilarious omfg

  • Furious Lynx
    Furious Lynx

    for those who don't have a micro center in their state or country, Digital Storm is a great alternative

  • Jason Antonation
    Jason Antonation

    As long as it can handle the refresh rate at 1080p for “cougar shows new bull tricks of the trade”, I’m not worried about ms delays and overheating. Money shot is in the last 20 seconds anyway

  • Karan Bal
    Karan Bal

    Ken is my favourite he’s so funny he makes me laugh

  • SilentEyes

    The Power supply is "Power supplying" -Austin 2019

    • Cyph0r

      @MistakenForGaming *C O I P E D*

    • CosmicRetro

      C O I P E D

    • Areutriggeredlol

      MistakenForGaming *Coiped*

    • MistakenForGaming


  • JU1C3Y

    Micro Center Rep: " By the way Austin, the Apple sectionis over there" *Ken later in the video proceeds to walk around in airpods

    • Michael Crawford
      Michael Crawford

      Lol, that was soo funny

    • Jose Aguayo
      Jose Aguayo

      JU1C3Y those aren’t AirPods they are water pipes lol

    • JU1C3Y

      @-King - I know but I mean you know what I mean

    • xSWAGCATx

      And still is wearing an apple watch :p

  • Pershingoholic

    Ken deserves the pro setup for that Yuru Camp shirt.

  • DmanBurst

    hey austin i use the broke mouse and it works great. i also have a redragon mechanical keyboard and mousepad

    • 1mFrosty

      Redragon is reliable have fun bro :)

  • cclevel45

    Dude this store is so awesome lol. I wish I had one near me

  • Zulkhairi Iskandar
    Zulkhairi Iskandar

    i would definitely pull the power cord off the computer when ken is using it

  • Reau Jordan
    Reau Jordan

    Ken dresses like a middle schooler and it’s hilarious

    • uh huh
      uh huh

      @Michael Lin ni

    • rayyan alternate
      rayyan alternate


    • yt 1234
      yt 1234

      @Jeffy Paul exactly 😂

    • yt 1234
      yt 1234

      even middle schooler doesn’t dresse like that here🤣

    • Steel YT!
      Steel YT!

      As a middle schooler, I can agree this is completely true.

  • Arkham knight
    Arkham knight

    austin should have gotten the ryzen integrated graphics and should have got a pc case and have 6gb ram

  • Tactical Reptile
    Tactical Reptile

    "Team poverty not looking great today" That is the sickest burn I've heard in a while. I'm taking that one.

  • My channels name
    My channels name

    They make building a pc look so easy lol

  • Lucas Newlove
    Lucas Newlove

    Ken needs his own channel

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K

    “By the way Austin, the Apple section is over here 💀😂😂😂”


      Nice video

    • Simpson

      @Yeti Grandpa apple computers are not made for gaming, and more made like an office computer with higher specs, and Austin wouldn’t be able to game, and even if he could the graphics wouldn’t be very good, and if you didn’t understand the joke you should probably go watch someone talk about why a pc is better than a Mac.

    • Simpson

      @Yeti Grandpa yes

    • Yeti Grandpa
      Yeti Grandpa

      Am I dump for not getting the joke

    • DahDude101

      @Simpson same

  • Tubson Ross
    Tubson Ross

    The pc that ken bought had the purple led’s in it and it looked like dark matter

  • Andrew Trang
    Andrew Trang

    when you realize you bought your pc parts from the same micro center Austin Evans goes to

  • Francis Stapp
    Francis Stapp

    that handshake when he was holding the boxes was like a year a head of its time

  • Hyde

    They’re doing quick play tho so it gives ken an unfair advantage

  • Faisal

    Austin: "Some generic brand cable ties" **camera blurs and reveals LTT cable ties

    • boocedup

      @Raymi Guillen no Ken was sponsered

    • Seamus Byrne
      Seamus Byrne

      Can't wait to buy some LTT store etc 2090ti lightning z

    • Raymi Guillen
      Raymi Guillen

      @Nathan Friend I'm going to assume that they couldn't do that because the video was sponsored by Micro Center.

    • Nathan Friend
      Nathan Friend

      I half expected an LTTStore banner to appear when that happened

  • HaadIsBest

    4:20 you could've said "A broke yet playable fun gaming PC..."

  • Idky

    What does Austin Evans and Scott the Woz have in common? Bad experiences with fire...

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen

    The beexcellent headphones are actually quite good. My main rig has a pair with red lights

  • Ananas Ee' memes
    Ananas Ee' memes

    the employees are the best part. They are so nice

  • Nishant Tilve
    Nishant Tilve

    USB peripherals are USBing. ~Austin Evans 2019

    • Shreyas Aaron
      Shreyas Aaron

      @Marco Bonera American being

    • Marco Bonera
      Marco Bonera

      US being

    • CapezOnMyBack

      *are USBeing

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      I USB 2

  • Jester X
    Jester X

    When you cant even afford the graphics card in the broke setup.

  • []

    That powersupply is pretty sketchy...Ken’s un-ironically has a point in that fire joke

  • Manasseh Radrodro
    Manasseh Radrodro

    3:03 austin is literally dead inside.

  • Alpha

    He is the maddest Linus Tech Tips (after me, of course)

  • Axolotyl

    should we tell him that the vega 8 and vega 11 integrated gpus are faster than a gt 1030 or no

  • Asteric Gaming
    Asteric Gaming

    I wonder what they do with these pc's when the videos are over

  • Rocky C
    Rocky C

    austin’s power button looks like a keyboard switch 😂 it would be funny if he actually put it in a keyboard and would have a switch that can turn on the pc

  • P1S4P0RP01S3

    4:55 That elbow bump was ahead of its time 🙃

  • HelixorArts

    "team poverty not looking great today" me- *depressed tears*

  • znon

    That 3500$ PC almost had the same specs as a prebuilt I found that I’m getting for 1000$ lol

    • Blasze

      wtf send link

  • David Kim
    David Kim

    1:50 me when I take more than one candy from a house on Halloween

  • RockyzFn

    Me watching Ken buy a pre-built water cooled PC and me having a Ryzen 5: :0

  • Morryo

    Back to the good old, "Hey guys, this is Austin," days.

  • wrth

    Ken is that one friend in the group who tries to ruin everyone's day but makes it funny

  • OfficialGinger

    when your pc is like the same fps as the broke pc

  • atfII

    Austin didn't list his CPU in the description. You can see it at 4:59.

  • Tigerz 2
    Tigerz 2

    This is literally the best series ever

  • Nawaraj Gautam
    Nawaraj Gautam

    your videos are entertaning and fun to watch

  • Chetan Kochar
    Chetan Kochar

    "By the way Austin, The Apple section is over there. " Straight 🔥

    • The Sable
      The Sable

      The Be4st7 B0ys Pretty sure he’s an Apple Fanboy

    • J.Antonio VR
      J.Antonio VR

      yeah that 3:03 guy was savage x,D LMAO

  • Heart Less
    Heart Less

    when the budget pc pushin more fps than mine

  • Samuel Franco
    Samuel Franco

    All i got to say is that the fire extinguisher obviously won the entire thing without needing a setup since it kept everyone safe

  • Coyote girl
    Coyote girl

    Funny thing is my whole PC cost me $112 and it runs a AMD processor it's actually very good for the money it crashes but all it needs is a graphics card in will be perfect all I needed to do also is upgrade the RAM to 16 gigs and I will be one hundred percent perfect

  • Braintraingames

    All ken cares about is getting his checks on time 😉😉

    • tec7


  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray

    When you can’t even afford the broke setup

  • Xero Gaming
    Xero Gaming

    Could have gone with Rx 570 instead of 1030