BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC Challenge
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AOC AG493UCX 49" Dual QHD 120Hz FreeSync HDR Curved LED Gaming Monitor:
Logitech G Pro Hero Gaming Mouse:
Logitech G G513 Carbon LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

Austin’s PC:
Intel Core i5-9400:
ASRock B365 Pro4 Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus Graphics Card:
G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2400:
WD Blue SN550 500GB NVMe M.2 Internal SSD:
PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply:
Fractal Design Meshify C Tinted Tempered Glass Midtower Case:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Universal CPU Cooler:

Bitwit Kyle’s PC:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600:
Gigabyte B550M DS3H Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus Graphics Card:
Neo Forza RGB Mars 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200:
WD Blue 500GB SSD 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive:
PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply:
Solid Gear SDGR-500BX 500W Non-Modular Power Supply:
NZXT H510 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Computer Case:

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  • Timothy Nguyen
    Timothy Nguyen

    First time I went to Microcenter I was like a kid in a candy store

  • Krablz


  • vedant Yadav
    vedant Yadav

    plz give me that pc i need it plz bro supporty

  • Ephriam 270
    Ephriam 270

    Linus is better...... jk

  • Broken Lolz 1234
    Broken Lolz 1234

    Austin Evans vs techsource

  • Whyy Shovel
    Whyy Shovel

    Broke vs por

  • Whyy Shovel
    Whyy Shovel

    Broke vs por

  • DrivenWord94

    They have replaced ken 😂

  • Kavish Varkey
    Kavish Varkey

    The same music used for the stickers getting removed is used in the Sidemen Pro Clubs videos

  • david do
    david do

    The dull reading pathomorphologically boil because pyjama parallely damage into a blushing dungeon. charming, tacit faucet

  • Dreaim Ugobanda
    Dreaim Ugobanda

    You should make a broke versus pro channel

  • zackgaming 297
    zackgaming 297

    The pcs you made are way better then mine

  • anderson smith
    anderson smith

    i have always dreamed of having a pc I would love if you guys can make me a custom pc

  • chandler wilder
    chandler wilder

    I promise if I had 2 mins I would make the best and expensive pc possible

  • Iñaki Iturriaga
    Iñaki Iturriaga


  • cool cat 9982
    cool cat 9982

    The fact that I didn’t notice when he first said broke vs poor

  • unknown person
    unknown person

    19:45 he said a bad word

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    You could’ve gave away the other monitor on ITmores

  • Cohben Owens
    Cohben Owens

    With that monitor, screen peaking is back and it's scarier than ever

  • JuicyIsTaken


  • Fodbold Lucas
    Fodbold Lucas

    But i live in denmark

  • -_MANAS_-


  • synth -_-
    synth -_-

    when their "broke" pc is more expensive than ur whole setup Sadge

  • HI HI
    HI HI


  • Nicholas Gorsuch
    Nicholas Gorsuch

    Get this comment the most likes on ITmores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Garcia-Diaz
    Alexander Garcia-Diaz

    How much FPS were you guys running on csgo

  • Scooby

    The closest micro center to me is 1500 miles away 😐

  • abdunaziz emad albalawi
    abdunaziz emad albalawi

    half of this video is collecting the stuff

  • Ethan Forsyth
    Ethan Forsyth

    Should I be using these videos to get laptops

  • Td Mkr
    Td Mkr

    Congrats on 5Mil

  • Mukund Bhuwania
    Mukund Bhuwania

    Do rich vs rich gaming set up


    I don't have pc and u want one but I can't have on bc we can't afford one :(

  • Wlqking_

    I love to watch these when i want to chill and have time to kill

  • Send it Squad
    Send it Squad

    cant really go budget with a 3060

  • ayoub DANJOR
    ayoub DANJOR

    i need help for buy pc 😢

  • Azulllx

    Damn Im so broke I cant even afford either one wanna help I would even care what I got tbh but I love these vids 🌟

  • Dylan De Taeye
    Dylan De Taeye

    what pc is broke and what pc is pro? my pc is much beter. i7 10700k an 16gb ram and a 2080 that have beter peformence than an 3060 ti

  • snipes_YT

    How do you do a benchmark test

  • RGT _Assassin
    RGT _Assassin

    Where is this? I needs these parts (;

  • Chimapansin 2 YT
    Chimapansin 2 YT

    you know when your a kid you grab the Toy you want on a Box but your mom want to look more in the Shop but your exited To open the box that's what I Feel

  • I2pro4u2

    Dude these video have become dog shit relax with all the bullshit talk about micro center building crap fookin sell out

  • Sentinel 0_0
    Sentinel 0_0

    I have to drive to Tustin to build my first pc😤

  • Jareque

    "Broke VS Pro" Both Proceed to have rtx 3060 ti's.

  • Brandon Taitai
    Brandon Taitai

    This makes me hate Austin.

  • Furno Rxt
    Furno Rxt

    Unfortunately I live in India where there isn't a Micro Centre

  • DarkLink299

    why not lyle lol

  • C1 Tenz jr
    C1 Tenz jr

    i will message you in instagram

  • C1 Tenz jr
    C1 Tenz jr

    Can you build me a pc pls austin ay really need it to edit videos

  • Clash Lord
    Clash Lord

    Can u tell me Austin why I get so many iqoo adds on u r video only?

  • VoiceCrack 2018
    VoiceCrack 2018

    “Your local, friendly microcenter” Nearest microcenter: 13,721 km away

  • Danny Thibodeaux
    Danny Thibodeaux

    That screw with confidence shirt is dope rofl.

  • Jack

    Anyone know the micro center equivalent in the UK

  • biel andrada
    biel andrada

    Me watching this while having 600 In my budget yet my mom won’t let be because she thinks If I plug something in the wrong spot it will explode smh

  • killer of all sayings
    killer of all sayings


  • MastrRailGun7

    i would love to see broke vs poor

  • Aykut Ata Kalkan
    Aykut Ata Kalkan

    why you broke it ?????=???????____?_?_??__?_?_?_?_?_??__?_?_?_?_?__???_?_?_??_?__??_?__

  • King CCbro1
    King CCbro1

    Jesus and God loves you

  • King CCbro1
    King CCbro1

    God is amazing

  • King CCbro1
    King CCbro1

    Jesus is the only way to heaven

  • Archer Anthony
    Archer Anthony

    If they didn’t get the graphics card free Austin would’ve got 2270 and Kyle would’ve got 2275

  • Axel Young
    Axel Young

    I go to Townsville state high school in Queensland

  • xXWillXx - Model Trains, Gaming & More
    xXWillXx - Model Trains, Gaming & More

    Hip Hop Pro By Pro Reese

  • LoneWolf

    patience is a virtue

  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco

    Looks like the only thing lacking is for Austin to live a day inside Micro Center

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    My local microcenter is 1’754 km away 😂

    • AverFN

      lol i have a microcenter less than 5mins away fro me!

  • Breezi TV
    Breezi TV

    Isn't it fun when austin basically wins by default? lolxd funny

  • Mango

    WTF Kyle looks like Howard Stark in the first Captain America movie

  • xexplosionsniperx

    I would love to have any pc that they build

  • Blue Slime
    Blue Slime

    Broke vs Poor 😂

  • Luc1d Phenomenon
    Luc1d Phenomenon

    austin has the same exact setup as me , but i use a laptop 😂

  • Cedric Moore
    Cedric Moore

    Kyles plan to build a pc was foiled by Lyle,

  • CryX0Zz Nyaa
    CryX0Zz Nyaa

    not tHe b450m ds3h

  • son goku
    son goku

    plans for next broke vs pro: give the broke and pro person RTX 3090 founders edition! and give them the rizen 9 5600 3 gen zen 3 CPU. maybe have the broke budget be $2500 pro budget: $200,000 and this comment will be the best and worst plan ever commented. lots of boxes, your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AyoEddyy

    Where is that micro center I have one really close to me

  • Kanishk Saha
    Kanishk Saha

    you call that broke ???

  • Krugz

    What about this is broke?

  • M rastic
    M rastic

    Dude your living the dream I need money for a gaming pc

  • mrLeL 187
    mrLeL 187

    austin's giving him a house tour

  • Honor

    If $1030 is poor im poor+++

  • Abdanamah Gaming
    Abdanamah Gaming

    When he was putting the PSU outside I like how Kyle said if your going with a Cyberpunk theme it will look good 🤣🤣

  • Evan Roth
    Evan Roth

    Right when Kyle's timer went off, an alarm of mine went off too lol

  • bhavya parekh
    bhavya parekh

    Hey Austin, what do u do with the pcs after u build them

  • Pipa Lulu
    Pipa Lulu

    Austin: Spends 1000 dollars on a bughet pc Me: Spends 1000 dollars on a full setup

  • Prodigy__

    Broke vs poor

  • Gamingwolfies


  • ThatHamRadioGuy

    Dammit, why isn't there a microcenter in Arizona?! We're stuck with the dead corpse of a fry's electronics!

  • Mr. Pingu
    Mr. Pingu

    You are so good

  • great ball
    great ball

    The real cheapest uses their friends old gaming gear that they don't use

  • Makailee Hamilton
    Makailee Hamilton

    you look like logic

  • Jora Bora
    Jora Bora

    Wow this is awesome to watch

  • Coswolf

    6:12 So either way Kyle would win

  • Yash Reddy
    Yash Reddy

    Did anyone else think of sidemen pro clubs when they heard this 14:13

  • Nicholas Alfisi
    Nicholas Alfisi

    PRO vs PRO Gaming Pc Challenge

  • TAG_Zwirley

    4:03 never knew that GPU is another way to call a MOBO lol

  • ZippVR

    I like how Kyle had a better mic than Austin, the owner of the channel.

  • Iqbal Umran
    Iqbal Umran

    Bruh the broke setup is much more than mine

  • Maxpower gaming
    Maxpower gaming

    This is how to ppl bulid pre bulit

  • Raffaele Bianco
    Raffaele Bianco

    Me, an Italian:Michelangelo The subtitles: Michael angel o'

  • ERL _13
    ERL _13

    what's austin's keyboard

  • George Jones
    George Jones

    Who else dont have one of those stores IN THERE COUNTRY.