BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC Build!
Today on BROKE vs PRO Ken joins the Illuminati and I build a garbage PC.
The last episode of BROKE vs PRO:
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  • Team Gumatas
    Team Gumatas

    8:24 Or I Can Spack Oh

  • Baldionic

    He's broke setup is I can't afford 200$

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G

    autistic rigs

  • Nepted

    why do you need a 10000006969x720 monitor

  • Paul B
    Paul B

    The paint was "already bought", as such so was the 3070 right? :)

  • Antone Moore
    Antone Moore

    I’m gonna buy one of yours one day

  • MrHakubi

    He wanted to lose with that $1000 monitor and $300 case🤣

  • Hussain Tiqi
    Hussain Tiqi

    kaka bola kaka loba blba akakak

  • Risk.

    austin had 100$ left for peripherals could’ve gotten like a razer viper mini and a decent mechanical keyboard with maybe a mousepad and chose a small race car mouse and a membrane keyboard but nah

  • niya_luvs

    could you do pc giveaways

  • Owen Eilts
    Owen Eilts

    can I have one of those old pcs

  • 688 games
    688 games

    Austin Evan's gets roasted for 18 minutes

  • Jacob Stevenson
    Jacob Stevenson

    Specs for Kens build? Actually interested in it. What monitor is that??

  • Cyborg

    “Well if your wonder where the graphics card shortage was from its this guy” - austin

  • floor face
    floor face

    It said corona on the end loooooollll

  • sus

    Trust me guys This is the best idea if you are broke I sold my crappy laptop for 120 bucks( takes 10 mins to even load games like among us ran fortnite at 30 fps low settings ), got a ps4 for 100 bucks with lots of games like gta v minecraft etc... It runs gtav fortnite 60 fps most of the time and i can use my keyboard and mouse with it . Controller is also in good condition

  • Huryra Azam ♪
    Huryra Azam ♪

    this is called content

  • CubicNeutron

    i like i he called broke something witch i can ONLY get

  • cuteteboyUWU cute
    cuteteboyUWU cute

    austin thats my pc i have rn

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    DIP an old PC box in a tub water with spray can colors . 1st go paint all white then dip in red /black comes out cool or yellow & blue fallout3 pc case

  • just balde
    just balde

    You got a trd 4runner whata sav

  • Joey Ebeling
    Joey Ebeling

    I too preferred the red paint job. Lowkey the most gamer thing in that office

  • Anonymous

    that smiley face looks more russian to me

  • BoiledPeanutJoe

    The garbage PC is ACTUALLY MINE minus the GPU, IM NOT LYING!

  • nathan

    i have the broke pc

  • PLAGue1246

    Austins pc accually looks really cool no cap

  • TynsFN

    Can I buy the broke pc?

  • Taylon Roberson
    Taylon Roberson

    Are you sure that an RTX 3070 is $900 because I got a 3060 TI for $900

  • BlueRocket Plays
    BlueRocket Plays

    Why does micro center give them so much help, whenever I walking into micro center they tackle me and stop me from stealing a graphics card

  • Nuggies

    2:05 what website did he use here?

  • Luca N
    Luca N

    idk but my laptops keyboard sounds sick! but not much room for my mouse (been thinking about buying "glorious pc gaming model D")

  • SDX

    pov: you have that broke pc

  • XxDuBosexX

    this was an early bday present i cant stop watching it

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Pc gamers: ha I got 30 more frames than console consoles suck Also pc gamers: 10:15

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict

    0:27 the same monitor is LITERALLY BEHIND HIM

    • Eggs Benedict
      Eggs Benedict

      In that scene obviously

  • AngelicGamer

    Him 1050 is bad me with 2 gigs ram 250/GB ROM and 1gb faulty graphic card wtf is this guy saying I can run valorant on 5 fps

  • _ GRamerZ _
    _ GRamerZ _

    I bought this sff computer for just 70€ with screen keyboard speaker mouse And he had i3 2120 1TB HDD 270W psu 😂

  • Shohan Music
    Shohan Music

    Thick and sticky huh

  • Pixel Hacker
    Pixel Hacker

    7:36 That's what she said

  • Anthony Abreu
    Anthony Abreu

    Can you make a sell 3020 into a gameing pc plz

  • Faith in Christ
    Faith in Christ

    Don't use God's name in vain

  • soren 900
    soren 900

    Can I get any PC mine is shit😂😂😂

  • BloodyAtelly

    That's a linus pc build lmao

  • Amir Miraki
    Amir Miraki

    Thats like a case for a green house 🤣

  • n Bailz
    n Bailz

    it looks like fridges where they store the computer stuff

  • Ghost Sniper1423
    Ghost Sniper1423

    Do you ever sell your old gameing Computers because I need one

  • 06howea1

    Go to 13:41 to see linus

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    Does Austin’s PC give anyone else USSR vibes?

  • Shaan Pandey
    Shaan Pandey

    That dude bought like 75% of all the 3060’s in the world (mental)😂

  • Obey Forever Clan
    Obey Forever Clan


  • ირაკლი გოშაძე
    ირაკლი გოშაძე

    in this video poor has cooler computer then me

  • Your name
    Your name

    HAHAHHA the end tho

  • Alex Bigman
    Alex Bigman

    On the Broke side thats my pc yea i have the same pc

  • wcale nie bocik
    wcale nie bocik

    i cant believe this guy bought a pc for 200$ with specs just like me when i spent 500-700 $

  • Dio-Chan

    chromebook hooked up to a monitor with a separate mouse and keyboard

  • Marco Mihai
    Marco Mihai

    can ipls have atleast the broke PC Cus im useing an old laptop and i cant play games on it. :( Can I PLSSSSSSSSSSS Have It?


    Give me one of those extra PCs that you guys have

  • Henry Wino
    Henry Wino

    This guy using 3000 dollars to have a pc or whole setup idk with rtx 3070: me cool Me finding a pc around 1600 dollars using rtx 3070: save money

  • Jack Starkey
    Jack Starkey

    suggestion to do a total custom setup except for the mouse like custom pc and custom keboard any monitor and any mouse

  • Thom B.
    Thom B.

    the fact that 2 of the 3 points would help ken, because one is raw preformance, and one is aesthetic, and aesthetic is really not easy at a low price, nor is preformance, im surprised he won!

  • Avi B
    Avi B

    Austin’s face turned really red at the end of the video lmao

  • moveit987

    Dude ... the PRO built is expensive ... but don't get the reason for that. The hardware inside is NOT "pro!" but only "medium performance". That was a huge disappointment to see that pyramid PC. And 16 Gig RAM ... seriously ?!? Better re-think with the dudes from Linuy-Tech ... the big guy there could give you much better hardware advse ;)!

  • Fries Desmet
    Fries Desmet

    I got the same screen as the broke setup

  • Isaac Nelson
    Isaac Nelson

    1050's are selling for 250 here lol

  • Arpan Dey
    Arpan Dey

    Austin's pc looks beautiful 😘😘😘

  • The_real_gold

    Who won I'm confused

  • Poggers Mate
    Poggers Mate

    Video Ideo: 300$ PC Gaming Setup VS 3000$ Laptop Gaming Setup

  • Marites Francisco
    Marites Francisco

    les gooo


    bro should i laugh or cry i can t even have a pc

  • Joonas Naski
    Joonas Naski

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerdddddsssss And thats okay im one huge nerd myself

  • Charles Goelen
    Charles Goelen

    That pyramid case looks insane

  • Deppy

    WHy does it feel like im the judge?

  • Felix Law
    Felix Law

    what is Ken's build list?

  • Tate Gonzales
    Tate Gonzales

    What do they do with all the pc they build

  • WhosLUC1D

    Broke gang WYA😎

  • nightly _yt0
    nightly _yt0

    2:04 CORONA COMPUTER Corons evoled they havk computer now 👁👄👁 🈸🈸🈸🈸🈸🈸️🈸️🈸️ 🈺🈺🏻🏻🈸🈸🈸🈸 🈺🏻🏻🏻🏻🈺🈺🈺 🏻⬜⬛🏻🏻⬛⬜🏻 🏻🏻🏻🏻🏻🏻🏻🈸 🏻🏻🏻🆎🆎🏻🏻🈸 🏻🏻🏻🏻🏻🏻🈸🈸

  • Damian

    that monitor was my tv in college dorms

  • Quokkanox

    NGL the pyramid chassis looks kinda tacky

  • Alexander Berrios
    Alexander Berrios

    Bro I wish I understood all this tech talk! One day I will!!!!!

  • Lord Weaboo
    Lord Weaboo

    please let jared on the next one too lol

  • KazumiYuki Playz
    KazumiYuki Playz

    me playing Valorant in 200fps and........ This Guy: "frame Drop"

  • ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC
    ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC

    Congrats Austin! 🎉

  • Dubble

    Funny story I saw that monitor at a staples yesterday lol

  • Retrotoxic54 gamer this not a beef channel
    Retrotoxic54 gamer this not a beef channel

    I like how ken not cheating on buying a pre build pc lol

  • Lou

    Me : Damn, that's expensive... My Friend : Ye, but it is a pro build after all. Me : I was talking about the broke one -_-

  • coldogno7

    this video is too long i keep skipping and skipping too much useless parts

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    what was the budget for the broke side cuz I wanted to see a 3rd gen intel core i5 with a gtx 1050

  • Bob Philip
    Bob Philip

    Bro when you were doing the spray cans (7:13) you should have done white first then red, it is much easier that way.

  • Aashutosh Thapa
    Aashutosh Thapa

    2:15 the place corona distroy that place

  • VcoolPro

    he is so cool

  • Abhiyan Azad
    Abhiyan Azad

    I still wonder why people are super selfish with the gpu scalping thing. A WHOLE WALL OF 3060S????????????????

  • Maroryx

    14:49 *ken is betraying Austin by watching his competitor linus* (-10k trust points)

  • black pro
    black pro


  • [RFK] Itachi
    [RFK] Itachi

    can i get the rred pc? its literally better than mine is LOL

  • Mathematica Vlogs
    Mathematica Vlogs

    Austin’s build is literally a sleeper lol

  • Hatty

    Broke vs Slow!!! Lmao


    That budget pc is the same of mine

  • TheRealDawg

    Sorry but Matt is big chungus😭😭😭😭😭

  • ikatiro

    The broke pc is better then mine 😂 I have a ryzen 3 whit no gpu

  • CasperPlayz

    Even my school has better PCs than me