BROKE vs PRO Gaming Laptop
Austin Evans
This time on BROKE vs PRO Austin and Ken go head to head with GAMING LAPTOPS. 💻
BROKE vs PRO Gaming Setup!
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  • Llamanade

    Ken: says no other branded products

  • Mudhaffar Adhwa
    Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Ken's son: dad, why is my sister named rose?

  • SuperWvW

    It looks like a Dell laptop, I have one and an old one I bought 10 years ago I spilled a lot of water on it, still working 10 years later :)

  • Mark Angelo
    Mark Angelo

    ken is my favorite person in this channel. Not only does he spend so much that it's insane, but when his budget is low he comes up with something to make it look like the tech is good.

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell

    "So what did we learn in this video?"

  • DarK Dragon
    DarK Dragon

    Austin's Laptop is from dell. His loading starting screen had initials which looks like DELL.

  • dreamfyre

    Ken looking like the geeky kid out of an 80s manga.

  • windspeed3990

    Ken: no brand logos that make laptops

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    >When you're using a pro gaming laptop and you lose a game to someone who's using the broke laptop

  • JustFaiz

    in broke vs pro ken is the favorite child who gets everything meanwhile austin gets all the items that was used by his dad

  • : Rekogen :                                    ⠀
    : Rekogen : ⠀

    Ken is just that one person without morality boundaries.

  • Worrior XD
    Worrior XD

    Ken has the full blown nerd look and he's rocking it!😂

  • Matija Budja
    Matija Budja

    Ken: We can't use any other brands in this video

  • _Amnesiac

    KEN: since LG is sponsoring this video we can't show other brands.

  • Jay

    Pro gamer?

  • Ethan Fitton
    Ethan Fitton

    On the settings on all laptops, you can increase and decrease the mouse sensitivity so your character in the game can move quicker, if that helps with the gaming experience.

  • mia :0
    mia :0

    Ken: “we cant talk about other brands because LG is sponsoring this video”. Also Ken: “what is a gaming setup with out RaZeR”

  • micmarper

    The laptop that Austin has is the one I have. It’s a Dell Inspiron 3585 with a Ryzen 3 2200U and a Radeon Vega graphics card. Just for people who are wondering.

  • iFlicks Gaming
    iFlicks Gaming

    Austin: Hello welcome to broke vs pro

  • vidyuth ashok
    vidyuth ashok

    Austin: Wins every game with Ken even tho he has a broke gaming laptop