Before you upgrade to iPhone 13...
Austin Evans
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The iPhone 13 Apple Event is here and there's a lot to unpack.

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  • Sergio Gutierrez
    Sergio Gutierrez

    I love the iPad Mini as I use foreflight whenever I am flying, so having a small form tablet like it benefits me so well. It doesn't get in my way as I mount it on my knee mount.

    • Sergio Gutierrez
      Sergio Gutierrez

      @TheGoat ikr, such a handy tool. Absolutely love it, I also don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon but maybe 2-3 years more down the line

    • Anthony Stark
      Anthony Stark

      I just bought an iPad mini a few months ago lol. But oh well maybe in 4/5 years I buy that mini

    • SSDSharpshooters

      @Instagram User bro your content is dogshit😂😂😂😂😂

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User

      Austin Evans is trash, My content is better!

    • Extra Mental
      Extra Mental

      @TheGoat sucks that it cost more than the 10.2 inch

  • General Legoshi
    General Legoshi

    Thanks for these videos, it's clear you work really hard on making sure we know what we're looking at as consumers. :)

  • Kakodēmon

    I forgot how good of a tech ITmoresr Austin is. Keep up the amazing videos.

    • Eshan Playz
      Eshan Playz

      He forgor 💀

    • Kakodēmon

      lol he deleted

    • Jeevan XB
      Jeevan XB

      @Instagram User in your dreams 🤣

  • Flight

    Gonna be honest here, they’re gonna need to start doing a lot more than just camera upgrades if they want to keep at this whole yearly release thing. As an iPhone 11 user, I see absolutely zero reason to switch to a 12 and even less for the 13. Not to mention o could give two sh*ts about the camera, I’m not a professional photographer. They need better features because it’s starting to get really stale, and really quick

    • Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
      Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos

      Still rocking an iPhone 8, I don't see a need to upgrade yet either.

    • Esconis

      I literally couldn't tell the difference if the 12 wasn't thicker!

    • Finn

      @MrBatchy123 well yes but it's just the tiny transactions which they can get the most of out

    • Big Bean
      Big Bean

      @MrBatchy123 You literally brush off the Flip series phones. I don't know who you're calling nonsensical, when you're literally ignoring innovation on a major and noticeable scale.

    • Nick Garcia
      Nick Garcia

      @FirstName LastName this is the argument and I cannot dispute that there are use cases where an apple make sense. I watch a lot of tech on youtube and I watch things like corridor crew who make videos similar to what you would see in movies, tv shows with special effects. Every computer I see being used is a pc with fast cpus with lots of cores. Obviously I'm not an expert on anything involving video creation but isn't it ideal to have a cpu with far more than 4 cores? I also am quite aware that certain aspects of video creation needs a lot of vram.. having good software is great but I'm pretty sure you need hardware to drive it.. this discussion is not intended to be argumentative so if I have a negative tone I'm sorry not intended.

  • Justin Williams ✔️
    Justin Williams ✔️

    I’ll definitely stick to my 12 the only thing I like about the 13 is the battery life but I’ll survive. I’m really hoping the 14 is notch less with more improvements like Touch ID in the power button

    • Lyft on The Way
      Lyft on The Way


    • BetaMaster

      touch id in the power button on the side... now where have i heard that before

    • The Tech Realist
      The Tech Realist

      Don't hold your breath for touch ID but the smaller notch is 70% guaranteed. So be hopeful but don't fully expect it. It is Apple btw.

  • Aurorah

    in New Zealand the 13 is $100 cheaper across the board. It's still quite a bit more than the 11. I've noticed apple does this thing where on major versions they hike the price a tonne, then on minor versions they drop it a little. that way people go "oh hey good deal".

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45

    I love how they showed someone mount the phone on their motor scooter. Idk how many people know this, but mounting these phones on a motorcycle will break the image stabilizer in the camera. Happened to me on 2 phones before I found out that’s it’s a common issue. Unless they fixed that, but I doubt it.

    • Big BLOCK life
      Big BLOCK life

      excuse me wtf, if i ride a motorbike wil the ois break in my pocket too? Pls tell me

    • Poever

      What if I were to mount this phone on my regular ol bicycle?

    • 20blog

      They do have a disclaimer about it the second he puts the phone on the motor

  • Emanuele Zanetti
    Emanuele Zanetti

    I just needed to hear two things from the Apple event: same price for the iPhones and ProMotion on the 13 Pro. everything else was still pretty cool, especially the fact that both the 13 Pro and Pro Max have the same specs (except for battery, of course), but the lack of 120Hz was the only thing that prevented me from switching to an iPhone 12 Pro last year. I'll still wait for reviews but my mind is pretty much set on the 13 Pro at this point. Also, that Sierra Blue looks amazing in the marketing shots, hopefully it will look just as amazing in person.

    • Doomy_Doomy

      @Chris Wright imagine being such a loser and trying to ruin someone's parade.

    • Anton Nilsson
      Anton Nilsson

      @Emanuele Zanetti haha so true on god. Now that you said you going to install ROM I just noticed what tests I can do with this phone lmoa. I'm going to make it like a console haha this snapdragon 855+ can run any PS2 - PS 1 games plus I can add more consoles to the list lol. I'm also thinking of Sierra color but not sure. Also I was thinking to preorder later today when it releases here it's already September 17 :P

    • Emanuele Zanetti
      Emanuele Zanetti

      @Anton Nilsson probably going for the sierra blue, but I'll check them all out in person to see how they look and then decide Samsung makes good hardware (SoC aside) but I personally can't stand their software, even though it's been getting better over the years. at the moment yeah, Apple seems miles ahead when it comes to support, at least as updates go although they screwed up with the CPU throttling on older iPhones with poor battery health (they really should've been more upfront and give users the toggle in the first place). a couple weeks ago I met with a friend whose phone broke so he borrowed his GF's old iPhone SE (the OG one) for the time being; I tried it out for a bit and it's surprising how smooth it still is. I mean, sure, apps take a bit longer to load and things like that, but it's a 7 yo phone that's getting the latest version of iOS on day one, while we had to wait like what, 6 months to get Android 11 on the OP7T Pro? and how much will we have to wait to get Android 12? (actually I won't be waiting for OP's update, the phone is not covered by the warranty anymore so I'll just root it and install some ROM)

    • Anton Nilsson
      Anton Nilsson

      @Emanuele Zanetti Yeah it's a solid choice. So true like OP promised so much and then after everyone bought it they didn't give the support they should of. This will be my last OP phone personally. Yeah it's not a bad phone, I might sell mine or keep it don't know. I only liked Samsung Android phones. The problem with Samsung is here in Europe they release Exynos version which is so bad omg worst Chip ever. I'm going to get the 13 Pro Max tho because I like bigger phones. I like the size of OP and Pro Max is about the same size maybe a little wider. Also seems like Apple is a good package man like support is good, I like iOS and also chip and camera is good. Not to mention support for apps is better too so yeah pretty easy decision once I heard they finely release 120hz on Pro. You going to get the Sierra blue?

    • Emanuele Zanetti
      Emanuele Zanetti

      @Anton Nilsson I'm going with the regular Pro, I've held a Pro Max in and Apple store and it's too much for my hands. when I bought the OP7T Pro I kind of took a leap of faith, since I couldn't try it out in person, but this time I'm going with the more compact one, easy choice since the regular Pro this time around gets the same features the Pro Max gets, unlike last year. the OP7TPro is not a bad phone and I'll keep it around for work or other stuff, but man did OP screw up.. I mean, they're a business and the decisions they took are probably in their best interest.. but Oxygen OS was getting too much bloated for my taste, and with OnePlus out of the picture the only option I could consider on the Android side would be the Pixels, but I really don't like the new design and the Tensor chip doesn't look very focused on performance but more on AI stuff, which is not very useful to me.

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner

    Next episode of mystery tech: Ken buys all colors of the Big chungus iPhone 13 pro max 1 terabyte for Austin’s enjoyment. 😉

    • JustSomeFriendlyGamer

      @Rameshwar the money

    • Aliyu Shagari
      Aliyu Shagari

      You can bet on unbox therapy buying all that 😭

    • Bando beats
      Bando beats

      unboxtherapy entered chat

    • Seven Hunnid
      Seven Hunnid

      I’m just a Mexican stoner tryna make it out the hood by doing reaction videos & storytimes.. 😂

    • cat

      @Rameshwar 1 terabyte is sooo expensive

  • Taylor P
    Taylor P

    I have an iPhone 8, I was going to upgrade to a 12 when the 13 came out. but the price difference of a 128gb 12 vs a 128gb base 13 is $20. So, I think I'm going to get the 13. Both are a substantial upgrade for me, and going from 64 to 128gb is going to be a nice upgrade that I don't hear many reviewers talking about. I think the issue with all the tech reviews is they are are comparing the 13 to the 12. What about the X or XR or 11? What about the 8 or SE or even the 7? I think it's a clear choice, if you are ready for an upgrade, now's the time. Either for a lower prices 12 or the 128gb 13

    • Anisah Chowdhury
      Anisah Chowdhury

      @Mxnokuma battery life. Also the fact that Apple tends to slow down older phones. The newer the phone is, the less likely it is to be slowed down any time soon. Pretty shitty thing of Apple to do, but that’s one reason to go for newer iPhones.

    • Esconis

      It's only worth it it you have an older iphone. Like 4 years old. If you have an 11, 10 even, waste of money for something hardly much different, unless you're truly in need of an upgrade.

    • SauceBroskie

      @TheReal Sensei ah nice

    • TheReal Sensei
      TheReal Sensei

      @SauceBroskie I mean I have a 11 pro max currently I’m still paying off lol but true

    • SauceBroskie

      the 128 gb 13 and 12 are the same price if you trade in a fully working iphone 7 for the 13. the 13 is cheaper if you do a newer phone

  • Harji

    Apple : talking about how good their camera is Me : doesn't even use camera

    • Bryan

      @Kapitan Hank well most you tubers use flagship iPhones as cameras so the cameras are good enough for cinematic things like movies or videos

    • Self Made
      Self Made

      iPhone's have cameras ?? 😮

    • dannywuu

      Facts 😂

    • GodSpeed

      @Kapitan Hank I don't like iPhones. But if I'm being honest. U have to see the kind of pictures they take when you use pro mode and actually get the settings right. You would be surprised how nice the pictures are.

    • Kapitan Hank
      Kapitan Hank

      @Ronya eh but they can't handle lighting and are really picky. Smartphone cams are like a much worse bridge camera

  • GrimmzXx

    I’ll hold onto my IPhone 11 , I’ll forsure be getting the 14 Pro Max next year though. Especially since every 2 years they actually update the look.

    • Carl l
      Carl l

      We say this every year. “I’m for sure getting the next one.” Then the next one comes, and is the same, so we the same thing.


      its been the same look since the iphone x which released 5 years ago!

    • Austin Knops
      Austin Knops

      Trust Prosser leaks on iPhone 14 (year away) after Apple watch series 7 leak being wrong

    • Gregory George
      Gregory George

      @GrimmzXx idk we seem decently close. The Axon 30 from ZTE is living proof that the tech it’s a few short years away.

    • Colt Ferguson
      Colt Ferguson

      @Gregory George apple seems to love notches even tho hole punch is better

  • Cal360x

    I’m going from an XS max to a 13 pro max, I usually upgrade every 3 years. Going from the 6 to the Xs max was very nice

  • AndyofCT

    I have SE and I’m disappointed they still haven’t integrated a Touch ID button into either the power button or under display… but also, especially with cinematic mode, it may be worth the upgrade.

  • Independent History
    Independent History

    Austin: “… or I’m gonna replace you with an iPhone 13 Pro Max” Ken: “does that mean I get to keep it?” No Ken it means you’re fired

    • AJF

      @Instagram User wut....

    • Johnathan McCook
      Johnathan McCook

      @Instagram User ...

  • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

    They improved the display on the regular 13 models to the previous 2 years' models, all models this year have 800+ nits of brightness. the 13 and mini have 800 nits typical, the pro and pro max have 1000 nits typical, all of them have 1200 nits max for HDR.

  • Storm Veradea
    Storm Veradea

    Can't wait to see the service program that will come with the iPhone 13. Every iPhone generation since 6 has had a service program for at least one of the phones.

  • Oluwatosin Omoluwa
    Oluwatosin Omoluwa

    This video is mainly hammering on the fact that the pro models are better than the regular 13 (and the mini) and the really worth the 'Pro' name Cool vid

  • johnson tank
    johnson tank

    Love this video all positive vibes positive background music everything just cool and no hate towards Apple or anything no need to rant just him chilling and being positive 💯

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I am more than happy with the iPhone 12 I bought last year I never intended to buy a new iPhone this year. But if you are upgrading from an iPhone 11 or older, this year's upgrades will suit you very well. What I might wind up getting though is the iPad Mini since I really wanted an iPad Air last year or even an Apple Watch.

  • AssassinIsAFK

    I love the look of the 13 pro (blue) and honestly I can downgrade from a hole punch to a notch since the notch is smaller and honestly the battery life is gonna be great, the cameras are gonna be awesome and the performance is gonna be awesome and honestly a more premium build quality compared to the S21. It's also in a form factor that I do and I don't really care about the OS. Although if Google does something absolutely spectacular with the Pixel 6 pro's camera then I might consider getting a 6 pro compared to the iPhone 13 pro.

  • CyCube

    120hz and the camera upgrades as a photographer are really tempting me. I have a 12 pro max but kinda want a smaller phone so thats a big reason also. time will tell !!

  • Sean Ramirez
    Sean Ramirez

    I'm a new sub to Austin's channel, I have consumed so much knowledge on PC'S these past couple weeks, His knowledge has really helped me since I am in the process of building my first PC. So with that said, thankyou Austin for helping me, you may not know it but thankyou for helping me gather knowledge on pc parts and how to build them. Much love from Nebraska.

  • Hamza Sultan
    Hamza Sultan

    Welcome to the future, iPhone users. I'm actually glad that Apple has been pushed to a corner and are now finally giving features worth the prices they ask for.

  • Anthony Lake
    Anthony Lake

    As always bringing an outdated update to the iPhone that has been on android for years is a revolution, congrats on the 120hz screen! Still amused that all other apple products use USB C for charging instead of lightning 🤣

  • Rumblefan

    As an iPhone user who prefers iPhone and used to have androids, I must say it’s really uneventful when a new iPhone comes out. I mean obviously the specs are better, and that’s what I care about the most along with good enough battery life to last throughout the day. But it is kind of boring with every year introducing a phone that looks the same with no notable new features. This year one big feature is 120hz display, but that’s been on androids for years and it’s long overdue on iPhone.

    • Daidoit

      well better than nothing is guess

  • Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker
    Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker

    If you have an 11 Pro or 12 Pro Max Plus S2 Ultra SE & Knuckles then you really don't need to sidegrade to the 13 or 13 Mini, the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max XS Ultra Directors Cut + Funky Mode are worth it here in the UK since they're actually cheaper here this time around, but I won't since my S20 FE 5G is still perfect and I can play the Wii on the go. I won't need a new phone for years unless a sudden EMP happens after america starts the 3rd world war (because we all know it's going to happen and it's going to be them when it does) that fries my current one.

  • Charles T
    Charles T

    I'm coming from an XR and decided to go with the 13 Pro. I think I'll be happy with it for several years before I need to upgrade again.

  • Patrick Clarke
    Patrick Clarke

    Finally!! Someone has decided to put pressure on the other manufacturers that also don't have expandable storage on their flagships. The difference is that Apple never had expandable storage, pushed for cloud storage, and were skimping on base storage. The others may have done 1TB storage at some point (Samsung to my knowledge), removed expandable storage (most of the competition), and outsourced cloud storage options (minus Google). At least Sony and a few other lesser known (sorta), probably Chinese, manufacturers still have expandable storage.

    • Patrick Brady
      Patrick Brady

      @CrissCross A.M I agree with that, expandable storage should be on every device just so you have the option if you need it

    • CrissCross A.M
      CrissCross A.M

      @Patrick Brady true, but all i'm saying is that i'd rather have the option to and not add an SD card you know? I had an old phone once with just 32GB of internal storage and was almost full after a couple years. I got a 128GB SD card for it which was cheap on sale and that same phone lasted me another year at least before i had to buy a new one (the one i use now) with 128GB internal and the 128GB card, so this one will last even longer.

    • Patrick Brady
      Patrick Brady

      @CrissCross A.M just in reference to storage and expandable storage, people aren’t just accepting that iPhones dont have expandable storage, most people don’t require that much storage on their phone, as you said power users might be carrying multiple sd cards around but that’s a small percentage of people using the phone, so just because a small minority wants and needs that sd slot doesn’t mean everyone else is just accepting it because they don’t need it and never needed it

    • CrissCross A.M
      CrissCross A.M

      i hate this trend of removing expandable storage. it's just a way for companies who do it to promote their cloud services and make subscription money from power users while removing the SD slot which can also save them a few cents maybe per phone. it's the ultimate F.U to the consumer to not be able to decide how to store/transfer data and whether or not to have modular storage. i know people who have and use multiple SD cards sometimes and because of that they can keep older phones from quickly becoming e-waste, unlike Apple here who more or less forces you to stay at one constant amount of storage and unless you get the top end model your phone won't last very long, especially if you're a power user. companies are becoming more and more anti-consumer and people are just accepting it. at least Samsung still has some budget phones with SD card slots and i use one of them and am perfectly happy with it.


    I want to see a gaming test on the 13 pro max. It’s going to be killer good compared to previous models

  • Devanshu Shah
    Devanshu Shah

    My prediction for next iphone. 14 mini and regular: 13 pro's camera and promotion display 14 pro: slightly better camera and either hole punch or smaller notch and probably indisplay touch ID.

  • Syafiq Johari
    Syafiq Johari

    should I upgrade from regular 12 to 13 pro? several new features, 120hz and improved camera modules are mesmerizing in my opinion

    • Charles Barette
      Charles Barette

      your phone is litteraly less than a year old buddy....

  • The Supreme Leader
    The Supreme Leader

    Like the way you guys bring across your opinions! Legit and unbiased!


    I've been rocking an iPhone 8 for about 4 years now so I am definitely going to be making the upgrade this time.

  • Can Altan
    Can Altan

    "The Pro Max Chungus Edition" is the best statement.

    • fixzyyy

      no need to put a period

    • badboimisha

      It’s like iPhoney by passion fruit from MrWhosTheBoss

    • B D
      B D

      No it isn’t

    • junipea

      @Blake Jenkins golden comment

    • PF Ancient Memer
      PF Ancient Memer

      @Neel B I read that as I hate Instagram self promoters

  • Austin Knops
    Austin Knops

    I'm either getting 13 mini or 13 pro, I'll wait for reviews to see if the cameras are as big of a deal as the specs make me believe. 120hz honestly isn't a big deal and I've own a Samsung s20. I would love something smaller but a 13 pro would work as it's basically same size as s20

    • Ghostwalker CIA
      Ghostwalker CIA

      @Austin Knops I did say it was comparable.

    • Austin Knops
      Austin Knops

      @Ghostwalker CIA depends...... 120hz is no big deal to me, smaller one hand form factor is nice, 6 yrs of updates is also nice and camera is better and battery life is probably about the same

    • Ghostwalker CIA
      Ghostwalker CIA

      the mini is a downgrade, if you get the 13 pro that would be comparable to your S20 feature wise like 3 cameras and 120Hz display. The one downside I see is fast charging which I love since it charges up my Galaxy S10 to 80% in 30 minutes

    • Bando beats
      Bando beats

      dont buy mini its bad it same us 12mini get 13pro you get all new things there


      cross off the mini, i would advise anyone to avoid the mini as its battery is pathetically tiny, ive got the 12 mini and i have to charge it twice daily as it drains the battery so fast unless i just use it to make regular calls, 2200mah just isnt big enough and the 13 mini doesnt improve things with a 2400mah battery either, either the pro or pro max are pretty much the best if not only options if not just stick with android and look at redmagic phones.

  • A A
    A A

    Sadly the phone was a let down but the iPad mini was nice and I’m really excited for the new Apple Watch. I’ll finally have a good upgrade from my series 4.

  • evilemperordude

    I was considering switching from Samsung, but the lack of Touch ID is a deal breaker for me, because I have to wear a mask at work and can't use Face ID.

    • Jared Sealey
      Jared Sealey

      But if you also buy a watch it can unlock while you’re wearing the watch even if you have a mask on. Just have to be 100% into the Apple ecosystem.

  • Gurkamalvir Singh
    Gurkamalvir Singh

    I think its the best time to upgrade to 13 pro chungus because i been using the Xr for past 3 years and i think the new cameras + pro display were the features that were missing but they are here making the most complete iPhone 📱

  • Arno Mijs
    Arno Mijs

    I'm looking to switch from my 3.5 year old android phone to iPhone but I'm torn between the 13 and 13 Pro because of ProMotion... Anyone got some advice? Also is 128gb enough?

  • ross bennett
    ross bennett

    Still rocking the 6s in 2021 but it’s time to upgrade. So will go for the 13 for sure.

  • Josh Alog
    Josh Alog

    I don't know if I should've waited for the 13 or not considering all the things they've shown here. I just upgraded from the 6s to the 12 last June, I really considered waiting a few months more, but I just bought it and will just use it for 5-6 years lol Also, kinda good thing that they actually differentiated the Pro line from the Regular line of iPhones, prices of the Pro are kinda not justified but it is a bit of a better step forward.

  • David Dietz
    David Dietz

    I’m going from XR to regular 13 it’ll be better regardless and significantly

  • ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel
    ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel

    No point in upgrading unless you're getting a pro version.

    • Sincereham222

      Don’t mind me with my iPhone 7 still

    • Bonesawarm

      Well the camera pics are much better on the 13

    • Atis Basak
      Atis Basak

      Battery life is the single biggest reason to upgrade, especially those upgrading from the 12 mini to the 13 mini.

    • DamiGamerMx-Us

      Its only worth to upgrade if you have an iPhone 6-8, SE or X

    • Sofer Pe OZN / UFO Driver
      Sofer Pe OZN / UFO Driver

      the only thing apple is Upgrading it's the price.

  • Oli

    Im considering getting an iphone 13 now the camera looks good and yes I care about how the camera looks but just rarely use cameras on any phone but the biggest downgrade for me would be the battery life I have a Motorola G8 power it has a 5000mAh battery but yeah other than battery life I like the iOS software its really simple the camera is definitely better than my phones camera so yeah I might get iphone 13

  • SuperEnvy28

    I just found you!!! And subscribed without thought!!! You are Hilarious!!! And very informative!!! Thank you for the great vids!!! 💙

  • BadSpecGamer

    My 12 mini lasts from 07:30-18:00 playing music through that whole time on Bluetooth which works perfect for my daily routine but I am in the habit of manually turning on low power mode and can see for a lot of people that wouldn’t work

    • Ryan Wallace
      Ryan Wallace

      @BadSpecGamer you’re right there, if you expect to be on the move then the mini isn’t likely the phone for you But that isn’t most people tbf

    • Ryan Wallace
      Ryan Wallace

      @Spagneto ok but like, when you ever expect to really need that capacity?

    • Walt

      Bruh there’s literally no way your phone lasts that many hours playing music Straight the entire time never plugged in. I’m calling CAP

    • BadSpecGamer

      @Ryan Wallace managers and executives I was thinking of mostly so the mini isn’t great for moving around and travelling a lot I don’t have a charger on my desk except for my headphones

    • BadSpecGamer

      @Spagneto true but that’s also a 6.5” phone There’s not really a competitor in the 5-5.5” space 🤷‍♀️

  • Unclejerry50th

    Well the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro still technically have the same chip, just on the 13 the one gpu is firmware disabled

  • Warren Research Inc.
    Warren Research Inc.

    Great overview video of the updates Austin!

  • Isaac Weissinger
    Isaac Weissinger

    Apple really struck home with the look of the frame on the watches

  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias

    iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue is the ultimate upgrade. Shoot even if you have the 12 just because of the cameras alone.

  • Zmite

    i was looking to get an 11 pro and then 13 came out should i get standard 13 btw i love the square design alot so that is a factor i care about

  • Jakob Shortell
    Jakob Shortell

    My iPhone XR has recently been having a lot of issues, so I was already planning to upgrade to the 13. But now I’m trying to figure out if I can afford the extra $300 for the pro because it looks awesome

    • 五条悟

      @Mr. Dk smh Samsung flagships are more expensive/slightly cheaper so your comment makes no sense

    • The Red Brick
      The Red Brick

      @Mr. Dk Doubt.

    • Mr. Dk
      Mr. Dk

      Bro just go with a samsung you won't be disappointed, stop holding on to apple.

    • Justtkelvin

      Would you trade in your xr to pay for less?

  • wavvy01

    actually the 6s was a substantial upgrade over the 6 hardware wise, it's quite obvious. Just look how many software updates the 6s is getting over the 6.

  • Chris Kindaangrygamer
    Chris Kindaangrygamer

    I’m upgrading from iPhone X 2017 model. To the iphone 13 pro max. Hope I see a huge difference. Reason why I stop upgrading every year.

  • FieryGarfield

    Im going to stick with my yellow IPhone 11 for now but as soon as they reintroduce that color variant, I will actually buy the newest model with a big storage capacity

  • Sanad Ali
    Sanad Ali

    Please compare the new iPad Mini vs iPhone 13 Pro Max in performance while gaming, streaming content, editing and battery life.

  • Keanu Sanches
    Keanu Sanches

    Absolutely love the new iPad mini.

  • Xaddre

    I got the 13 pro max only because my carrier offered a trade in on my iPhone 12 where I only had to pay $100 for the upgrade. Even at that price I had to think about it though. I think if I had a 12 pro max I would have just stuck with that though.

  • Mizino: In Over My Head.
    Mizino: In Over My Head.

    I honestly don't mind that the mini and regular iphone only got marginal upgrades. My issue is that for me anything bigger than the mini screen is a deal breaker but I want the pro features and there is no "Mini pro".

  • Thomas196789

    Austin, does the iPhone 12 have the bands for Verizon’s up coming C band deployments?

  • Time Alone
    Time Alone

    I think I'll wait to see how the pixel 6 pro turns out.

  • Jeffrey Tkachuk
    Jeffrey Tkachuk

    I could not care less about the devices they announced. I was really hoping for a new IPOD Classic or IPOD touch that can support the new hi-rez audio from Apple Music. There has been some renders that have been floating around the past month that looked amazing... but more Iphones...More IPad's... Come on Apple. Unit I can have a device that can play videos's for 24 hours and still be able to survive some conference calls with bluetooth on the etire time, I will still need a seperate device. between that and the limitations that they put in place with Ibooks, TV and Music apps. I am not going to get a new Apple device anytime soon.

  • Ferry Muhammad Nur
    Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Welcome to apple, where we still make a phone with notch and no USB type C But to be honest, it's not that bad considering the base model doesn't cost $1000+

    • Arnav Garg
      Arnav Garg

      lol samsungs flagships are cheaper and have more features

  •  ShortHax

    At least Apple cares about the environment, reusing events and phones from last year

    • MrTate


    • Flying Dutchman
      Flying Dutchman


    • Angel Gutierrez
      Angel Gutierrez

      @VNTY Yeah my favorite iPhone was my iPhone 5s. I love edgy corners it makes it easier to hold.

    • VNTY

      @Angel Gutierrez old iphone 4/5 but "new"

    • Liam Kennedy
      Liam Kennedy

      @Angel Gutierrez flat edges doesn't = remodelled

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    Because I’m an Apple sheep, every single year I defend Apple by saying to myself that the new iPhone is worth it because of this and that, but this year truly is not worth an upgrade… I’m still going to get it though 😌

  • Rodolfo Pacheco
    Rodolfo Pacheco

    You might consider getting the IPhone 11, looks the same, performs the same and now has a right price.

  • Akash Sarda
    Akash Sarda

    I love the battery gains, I can finally get the mini iPhone that I have been craving for months. That blue is awesome.

  • Sheridan O'Leary
    Sheridan O'Leary

    God I'm so happy I made the jump from iPhone 12 to the Z Flip 3. I had the regular iPhone 12. I was considering the S21 ultra but when Samsung announced the new Z line up. I fell in love and had to make the switch. I don't regret my decision. I got so bored and tired of the same shit every year. I even waited, from first upgrading from an iPhone X to iPhone 12. But after switching my iPhone 12 to the Flip 3 was a massive upgrade to me. I could have gotten the Fold 3 but it was too expensive personally. But more than anything I thought the Fold 3 is just too big. The Flip 3 to me just hits the sweet spot. Long story short after seeing this, I'm happy with my decision and I don't miss my iPhone for a second.. Sorry apple lol 🙂

    • lukey antinoro
      lukey antinoro

      yoooo me too !! coming from an iphone 8 and my z flip 3 comes in in 2 weeks :)

    • The Angry Blobfish
      The Angry Blobfish

      what do you like more about it? just interested in what makes it better for you other than the flippability

  • kevin chadwick
    kevin chadwick

    Really wish apple did the standard iPhone colors on the pro series …

  • Penguin

    I say it’s a good upgrade for me, considering the fact that I own the iPhone 10.

  • Tim Hughes
    Tim Hughes

    Just ordered a 13 Pro. Upgrading from my iPhone X, can't wait until it arrives in late Oct.

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    “The pro max chungus” -Austin Evans 2021

  • Bobby Phoenix
    Bobby Phoenix

    Mini for the win! I need a screen smaller than 6".

  • RunForPeace 2020
    RunForPeace 2020

    Iphone13 mini 📱 128gb shooting cinematic mode videos with MagSafe battery pack is mint 👌🏼👍🏼👊🏼 App day battery life in a ultralight package. Just take off the battery pack when in use and slap it back on when you aren’t. Sweet setup.

  • BelowAverageLuke

    I was kinda hoping that they integrated touch id into the power button on the iphone, but I guess there's always next year. 🤷

    • Israel Campos
      Israel Campos

      @Moon Presence my thoughts exactly… they did add it to the iPad though, butttt there’s always next year(for iPhones that is)

    • Moon Presence
      Moon Presence

      @Itz Abstract How are you going to say that? Why would they add something and not mention it??

    • Itz Abstract
      Itz Abstract

      I think they did they just didn't say it.

  • kraight

    After seeing presentation my mind is set - I'll be getting 13 pro for another few years. I'm right now on samsung S9 and it's slowly getting old and battery is draining a lot faster now, compared to when it was released, after 2 android upgrades 😅

    • DrivingDude

      @Luckymucks Bruh u should get the samsung

    • DrivingDude


    • kraight

      @Luckymucks oh boy, that's amazing news!!

    • Luckymucks

      Go for it :) I went from the S9+ to the 12 Pro Max. Battery life is amazing. 75%-50% left at 8pm.

  • juan pablo
    juan pablo

    Google pixel 6 is the way to go for me. Ill wait for the iphone14 or iphone15 hopefully with some major changes

  • Jelle L
    Jelle L

    Holding on to my 12 pro Max, just waiting for 14 pro Max

  • Damian 5
    Damian 5

    I have An 8+ and was really banking on them to bring back Touch ID but i think it’s time to upgrade and wait for next year

  • Rhodey’s Channel
    Rhodey’s Channel

    I love how I’m watching this video about an iPhone 13 when I’m using one from six years with one inch of the power

  • Dz Gamer
    Dz Gamer

    So the real question still remains iPhone 12 pro or iPhone 13?

  • jreyes94

    Just put Type-C already, Apple! That's literally all you have to do to hook me and finally make the switch from Android!

  • iNeeko

    Finally getting to the point, where iphones getting the samsung 3 yo flagship features instead of mid category 3 yo features. Marvelous.

  • LaidBackDeveloper

    With apple giving 2 different Processors depending if you get the pro or normal models I don't plan on getting any of the models

  • zaher ismail
    zaher ismail

    Should i buy into the new carrier deals this year, i have an iPhone 12 and considering getting the 13 pro max so are the deals worth to trade in?

  • HolyHoundoom

    Apple is becoming really unoriginal. I remember a few years ago when I actually used to be excited for iPhone releases. The main upgrade is just a OLED 120hz screen, and literally diagonal cameras. I’m sticking with my 12 Pro Max.

    • Lcwkee

      Cool, you do that, and imma buy the 13 pro max Friday at 7:00am cst (:

  • nathan c
    nathan c

    Upgrades seem nice. It's too bad though, cause I'm definitely turned off by the Lightning port. Which is why I'll stick with something else when I upgrade. The future is one USB-C cable for everything, and Apple is still stuck in the past.

    • nathan c
      nathan c

      @The Tech Realist and have something dangling out of my phone? No thanks. I'm happy with something else.

    • The Tech Realist
      The Tech Realist

      Just get an adapter for USB type c. That's what imma do.

  • Tayshawn Dempson
    Tayshawn Dempson

    Should I upgrade from 7plus to 13pro max?

  • Reid Merrill
    Reid Merrill

    No point in upgrading unless you're getting a pro version.

    • DamiGamerMx-Us

      @Jonah3007 save money

    • DamiGamerMx-Us

      @Nibras Yunus or from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13 for me

    • Jonah3007

      I have a iPhone 8 and thinking about upgrading to an iPhone 12 or Iphone 13 pro. But i live in germany so the new iphones are so god damn expensives…1.150€ for the pro version!!!! I probably can get the 12 for 400€ less.. i don‘t know what to do tbh

    • Aivhan Catacutan
      Aivhan Catacutan

      Should I upgrade? I have iPhone se 2020

    • Marcello Belli
      Marcello Belli

      @MiniRunnera got an X from day one back in november, and i must say this thing is still going strong but really starting to slow down and overheat at the smallest uses so i will be upgrading to a 13 pro max

  • HaCk Mysteryy
    HaCk Mysteryy

    going from standard X to 13 Pro Max... cant wait

  • Pablo Salaya Martínez
    Pablo Salaya Martínez

    How about the exhaust temperatura on iphone 13?

  • maliko muchimba
    maliko muchimba

    I feel like at this point we all needs to update our iphones after 2 years not 1 year

    • Stoniest

      @The grass man that eats grass it’s used to be every 2 years a proper new phone comes out from apple now it’s around 2-3 years

    • Villager

      they want to go green but still keep releasing new phone every year with useless type c to lighting cable

    • Moof

      @The grass man that eats grass EXACTLY!!! it’s not worth paying $300+/annually just for some small tweak like a new camera placement. Apple has good products, but they’re so overpriced! if apple and android (like Samsung) were to collaborate and make a phone, 💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥💳 and i don’t even have a credit card

    • Stoniest

      Yh ima stick with my 12

    • The grass man that eats grass
      The grass man that eats grass

      @Moof I agree with 3 years cuz phones now a day’s aren’t innovating in huge leaps, it’s like small things added in every new gen.

  • Kyle Ace
    Kyle Ace

    I’m going to be upgrading from an iPhone X to the iPhone 13 pro max! I think it’s a good time for me to finally upgrade

    • Lizhang Xie
      Lizhang Xie

      Same X here but I will do a 13 then trade in for 14 or 14 pro. 13 series is very disappointing imo unless you care about photography or hardcore gaming with that 120hz refresh rate.

  • Rhino Wallace
    Rhino Wallace

    I like all the upgrades with the iPhone 13 but personally I'm on the iPhone 7+ and I think I'm gonna wait till the iPhone 14 so I can double my model number (stupid reason but whatever)

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers

    I’ll be sticking with my 12 for a fairly long time, as long I can

  • Bruno Aquino
    Bruno Aquino

    Calling them 12s series would've been great I think

  • Taichi

    You should try the new Samsung watch also :)

  • Dannysito Productions
    Dannysito Productions

    You should do a video about making a gaming pc with only using amazon recommended items.


    Going from note 10 plus to the iphone 13 max very excited cuz I miss iphone