Apple was WRONG
Austin Evans
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  • Ian Foster
    Ian Foster

    I think Austin really underestimated how many people know in the end.

    • Ronnie Radon
      Ronnie Radon

      @D. Kürşad eh I don’t think of it as a meme. it’s a good ass song

    • xRetro

      Lol I was so confused why he said that 😂😂

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @D. Kürşad Either or both are most likely equally valid.

    • D. Kürşad
      D. Kürşad

      I mean, Linkin Park is pretty much one of the most famous bands and In the End has long passed the point of being a well-known song and has become a timeless meme... I think he said that just to provoke us. Or did I just get r/woosh'd?

    • hamza.

      @Aadit Pani it wss a joke

  • A Sample of My Life
    A Sample of My Life

    I got the reference Ken, I got the reference. Don’t let Austin get you down.

    • Rouchon Radi
      Rouchon Radi

      the moment he said those firsts words i already knew, linkin park!!!

    • 綿布

      Yeah I got that too

    • Brigz Viernes
      Brigz Viernes

      Me too bud, i sang to it lmao HAHAHAHA

    • Jonathan Branch
      Jonathan Branch

      It stars with one.

    • MrSwiggityswag

      Rip Chester

  • EragonVR

    14:30 Austin: No one's gonna get that reference Me: Linkin Park starts playing in my head as soon as Ken even says the first line

    • Jacob Schuh
      Jacob Schuh


    • Armando Perez
      Armando Perez

      Lol same


      i got the reference

    • Facundo Montero
      Facundo Montero

      In the end, the reference did really matter.

    • physicalmediadude


  • Iron Hawk
    Iron Hawk

    Austin: No one is going to get that reference Me the moment Ken started saying it: Ayyyy

    • Jason Tian
      Jason Tian

      its linkin park/....

    • Rani Basila
      Rani Basila

      Oh it’s a song in the end 🤦‍♂️

    • Rani Basila
      Rani Basila

      I’m embarrassed I didn’t get It

    • Datachu

      Lmao same

    • Siddhesh Darak
      Siddhesh Darak

      everyone watching it goit it Austin

  • Karl Eriksson
    Karl Eriksson

    Austin acting like we wouldn’t get an Linkin Park reference in the end.

    • Titus Robinson
      Titus Robinson

      I was literally like “where was there a LINKIN Park reference?” And like right when I read this comment I heard “ They tried so hard and got so far…” 😂

    • Dr0pDe4d

      @Awin William good one

    • Karl Eriksson
      Karl Eriksson

      @Leomaris Yes, completely intentional and not just referencing when that was made in the video.

    • Awin William
      Awin William

      but in the end it doesnt even matter tho ken tried so hard

    • Leomaris

      Pun intended? I certainly hope so!

  • Justin Milam
    Justin Milam

    I think removing the charging brick was was one of the crappiest moves by apple because everyone followed along. The electronic waste excuse is crap, who is throwing away charging bricks no matter how old they are, they can be used to charge something. I have yet to throw a charging brick away.

    • Liam Collinson
      Liam Collinson

      My main problem is not every one researches for hours before they get a phone so then it means they have to then order 2 separate parcels. But it's supposed to be good for the environment

    • tygs

      They do all this but if you buy an ipad or a macbook pro you still get the charging brick lmao why is it just for iphones

    • Hydin

      U threw one away because it blew up. In like 2012 that was it.

    • pranav subash
      pranav subash

      Xiaomi's the only company who rly used enviromental waste as a reason to remove the brick, and not an excuse. Cos e-waste is a real problem ,but the soluution is simple : most ppl have chargers and dont need new ones w eveery new phone, so as a defualt, dont give it - BUT, if a user says he/she wants one for whatever reason during checkout, give it for free along with the phone - which is what xiaomi did

    • nyehu09

      @Jonathan Odude Yes, and yes.

  • Aaron Reid
    Aaron Reid

    Honestly, I still get very annoyed when I forget to bring my usb-c to headphone jack adapter just so I can listen to music while walking home. Bluetooth devices - especially smaller ones, like earphones - tend to die after a while of use, as is natural, and I honestly miss the no-lag, no-charging, no-fuss thing that aux cables are. The headphone jack is dead! Long live the headphone jack!

    • Max Prehl
      Max Prehl

      @Confused Cat pay more money, get less features 😔

    • Confused Cat
      Confused Cat

      Low and midrange phones still have headphone jacks

  • CreativeType

    I'd be fine with the touchbar if they kept the function keys. Removing the function keys was a REAL dumb decision

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      I've started using my MacBook with an external keyboard and wow... it's like a normal computer! It doesn't constantly beep at me because I've accidentally hit one of the touch keys.

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    The touch bar to me was exceptional for all Apple applications. Such as with sliders and icons to make work flow faster. The Zenbook duo did this better, but apple made an attempt that worked and was affective.

    • Musical Slime
      Musical Slime

      *nods of agreement* even though I have never used either

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      This is the problem with Apple... See, it's great that you like the touch bar. When I first got my MacBook, I liked the touch bar too. But then it became more annoying than useful, so I turned to the system settings to disable it... Nope! Can't be turned off. Because once Apple decides that something is good, they assume that 100% of their users will agree. Apple's arrogance is astonishing.

    • Aidan Chappelle
      Aidan Chappelle


  • Christian Behnke
    Christian Behnke

    I think the touchbar is a cool feature, and have found a great number of times when contextual buttons are available, but I really would have loved both the function row AND some kind of touchbar.

    • Max Prehl
      Max Prehl

      I mean all you have to look at is the market for stream decks, and it's easy to see that contextual/specialized buttons are a good idea. But by removing something else (function keys) which (potentially more) people were already used to using, it just made macboks a net worse product for lots of ppl.

    • Simon Wakefield
      Simon Wakefield

      @SfisoSG That was the mistake Apple made with it imho, while developers should have been able to add their own buttons for their app there should have been a page in the Apple Settings where just like with a stream deck you had full on customisation and perhaps even extensions able to be written for 3rd party integration to other services like with the stream deck. I get use out of the Touch Bar but not half as much as I do from my stream deck even when I've purchased better touch tool to give myself more control (I personally find BTT a little over engineered as well which doesn't help)

    • Alexander Williams
      Alexander Williams

      @Sehajdeep Sikka i would’ve taken both for a higher price

    • Sehajdeep Sikka
      Sehajdeep Sikka

      I mean I know some people who loved the touch bar and were really bummed out when apple removed it. I feel they should have given and option. Hope they give us an option on the next MBP. I was in the ballpark that both functional heys or touch are were fine for me.

    • SfisoSG

      I agree but it didn't get the best use from it developers werent doing doing things with it which would made it soo good

  • Jezelf

    I can accept the ports, I have come to accept the lack of a headphone jack, but I will never understand why the iPhone doesn't get cheaper when it comes with LESS stuff in the box, like yes I'm all for environmentally friendly stuff, I don't need that charger, but the fact that Apple is pushing it as a "we're saving the environment" idea and not just a way to increase their margins, it just grinds my gears. EDIT: and before anyone says "Oh well, they're a business" shut up, are we supporting big conglomerates now like they're not the reason our planet is dying, or like most of the population has an interest in a giant company like Apple making more money? At what point does mindless consumerism just stop working, I'm not saying other companies aren't doing the same dishonest politics. Also addressing the cost of development, it's all bs, if you actually knew how this works, you'd understand that on a yearly basis, they're not developing eth from scratch, they're improving an already existing platform, so the cost between one iPhone and another is pretty much the same for apple. and no inflation isn't the reason, check the facts.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @catboy Actually, the iPhone 12 got $100 more expensive over the 11. To be fair though the 11 was $50 less expensive than the XR and the XR was $50 less expensive than the 8 Plus, so they merely undid the price reductions that they'd made over the span of 3 years.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @BloxMan "Literally nothing" It was actually one of the biggest changes that the midrange premium segment iPhone has had in a long while. It got an OLED screen that's way brighter, with way better HDR content representation, crisper, and way more efficient, and a new design (which is what most people look for when they hear about a new phone, frankly). So, the upgrades were on perhaps two of the most important aspects of a smartphone, which is the screen, and battery life, not to mention 5G and a way better modem in general. And trust me, there are tons of other small quality of life improvements that I'm not bothering to mention here.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @Orlando Velasquez What you're repeating from tons of other tech reviewers on ITmores is actually quite misleading. Chances are, people who already have existing charging bricks do have the cable for them as well. Apple included the USB-C to Lightning cable because it's more modern, and capable of faster charging so when you go out and buy a fast charging adapter (which most iPhone customers likely don't already have) you don't have to buy a USB-C cable for it as well. Shame that they didn't put USB-C on the iPhone too, I agree with that.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      Uhh, the iPhone did get cheaper actually. The iPhone X launched in 2017 at $999, and the iPhone 13 Pro with double the storage and way better performance and feature still sells for $999, which is technically cheaper when adjusted for inflation. I'm bringing up inflation here not as a reason, because the price didn't increase despite popular belief. It's like when people are asked "Is the world going in a positive or negative direction" and 98% of people say "negative", even though compared to, say, 200 years ago pretty much everything has gone in a positive direction, be it literacy rate, wealth rate, number of healthy years of aging, etc. throughout the world, and humanity is at its best, most peaceful age ever right now. So I very much prefer to focus on the positive aspects on this matter too.

    • catboy

      Also your argument is flawed, so Apple should just stop paying all of its software/hardware designers, engineers, developers, etc. just because they’re not developing anything from scratch? You know how idiotic that sounds?

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    The headphone jack is way better than any Bluetooth solution. Having to go through and pair your Bluetooth every time you want to use it on a different device is super inconvenient vs just unpluging and plugging it in. When I found out you could sync Xbox 360 controllers via the cable it made bringing them to a friend's house so much easier. I'm glad the switch also supports this.

    • Anua Anua
      Anua Anua

      @Diverting Tales but why would i wanna buy dirty ass usb c headphones for 10 bucks if i have perfectly working ones with a hp jack thats been here since decades? Just because some manufacturers refuse to put a refined and working port inside their phone like they did for a long time? No chance. About that apple argument: not everyone uses apple. And dont start with: just buy an adapter duh. Cuz first, i dont think you understood the problem if you say that and second, i would be forced to spend money for something i shouldnt need wich creates another point of failure in a link that could be avoided if the people responsible would design stuff with customers in mind. And dont get me even started on the situation that i wanna listen to music while charging my phone. Dont get me wrong wireless headphones are convenient. But they are only as good as long as their battery worls. When that dies its gonna be another ewaste problem. Dont really have that battery problem with cabled headphones and if you look after em they will last forever Also the market for usb c headphones is way smaller then the market for hp jack headphones, more variety, its not like the usb c port gives me any advantages over the hp jack. Its been there since forever, it works and its cheap. Companies bein greedy aholes and removing it is a move i will not support even if i have to go through the extra mile of buying phones with a hp jack from different brands

    • Diverting Tales
      Diverting Tales

      @Anua Anua why are we acting as if usb c headphones don’t exist and are readily available and Apple even shipped them with the phone for a few years? The reason people are using wireless is not because of force at this point as you can get usb c headphones for 10 bucks.

    • Anua Anua
      Anua Anua

      @Tech thats also where batteries inside the airpods and the case come in wich you have to make sure are charged and wich will die in a few years, creating even more waste. and since these things are literally throwaway products its not like apple or anyone for that matter is doing anyone a favor. dont get me wrong true wireless hp are super convenient but forcing them on people with the removal of the hp jack is just a dirty move. apple could have announced them and the magic pairing seperately, offering it as a side option all good but now lighting headphones or lightning to hp jack adapters had to be made wich will likely be obsolete in a few years when apple either has to switch to usb c or is gonna remove the charging port altogether. lots of waste could have been avoided with just keepin that stupid jack imo

    • Tech

      Well that’s where AirPods come in. Seamless switching

  • Luso Tecnologia
    Luso Tecnologia

    "Headphone jack needed to die" Sony Xperia phones have a headphone jack, they are waterproof, big batteries and much more, the headphone jack didn't need to go its was a cost saving and a creation of a new market with the airpods decision from apple.....

    • Rumchaser

      @Liam not if they software block it like they have done in the past please keep up

    • Nugget YT6
      Nugget YT6

      Look, I get that, but without Apple killing the headphone jack, wireless earbuds would have been much worse and less popular, and I’ll take convenient, small wireless buds over a headphone jack any day, since I can get the jack back with an adapter

    • Simon Phung
      Simon Phung

      @Frenchie Fast Charging decreases your phone's battery life span, so, no. Wireless truly sucks.

    • Πάνος

      @ひっかもりいDaniel Wi-Fi is slower than Ethernet too so what’s your point?

    • Liam

      @Nathan's Stuff no… it’s not, mot for me or not for anyone I know at least, I have a wireless headset which have ~60ms of latency, and when it’s charging I have to use it wired, and there’s no difference, not for me, not for my friends whom have tested it, not for my family, the difference in response time isn’t noticeable at all, when connected to a phone or pc via the headphone jack there’s really no difference

  • luke thomas
    luke thomas

    galaxy s5 had water resistance a removable battery and a headphone jack.

  • Benjamin Cheng
    Benjamin Cheng

    To be fair, I still don't think laptops with only USB-C ports is a good idea, let alone no headphone jack.

    • Benjamin Cheng
      Benjamin Cheng

      @Marijn Luijten Until the BIG companies can figure out how to eliminate the lag while using Bluetooth, maybe. Why would I need to purchase a dongle just so I can use a wireless mouse? Actually, why do I need a dongle? If the entire idea behind eliminating all ports is to minimize the clutter, won't buying a dongle do the exact opposite?

    • Marijn Luijten
      Marijn Luijten

      I disagree about the USB. The rest of the world had more than enough time to move to the better USB-C. If other companies decide they want to cut costs by using an 20 year old standard like USB-A on new products, then they are at fault. If you really want to use that 10 year old thumb drive instead of buying a new one, you can use an adapter. I'm very happy Apple tried to push USB-C (Except for the iPhone). It's just sad the rest of the world didn't catch on fast enough.

    • Wuerschtle

      Exactly, usb c is a great idea, but ONLY usb c in a time where it really wasnt nearly as highly used was just dumb

  • Eshaan Bhargav Patel
    Eshaan Bhargav Patel

    I love the touch bar. It's so easy to slide through videos! I just wish the touch bar came back in the form of a taller third-generation above the function keys on EVERY mac.

  • Joan

    "The headphone jack was needed to die" I do acknowledge the convenience of wireless headphones but you are gonna miss the headphone jack anytime you are out in public, your headphones die and you realize that you can't just plug them in to listen to music.

    • Micah Friesen
      Micah Friesen

      If you’re out in public for that long you should have a backpack with a few things and a battery pack to charge your phone and headphones

    • RimuKora

      headphones battery running low was one thing but also one of the things i hated with wireless headphones is latency.

    • Kishan Takoordyal
      Kishan Takoordyal

      @superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur Maaaaybe, didn't come across that in tech shops I go to

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      @Kishan Takoordyal would the Samsung adapter not work? They make one that you can buy.

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      You have a pair of wireless earbuds, they die, you put them in the case, the case offers multiple extra charges, you forget to charge them, that's kinda on you. It's inconvenient, but so is potentially getting the wire caught on anything you walk by, so is a fraying or shorting cable that only works if held in a certain position. For over ear headphones, not charging them is just a bad habit, their battery is long enough to get through a day for the most part, and then you plug them in when you get home.

  • Rebelistic

    Fun fact, Motorola still sells with charger and 3.5mm Jack and preforms the exact same as apple and Samsung

    • Rebelistic

      @Alexander Williams I will agree with that if we're talking about there cheaper phones, the cheaper it is the more touch problems but the phones pricing in the triple digits work well

    • Alexander Williams
      Alexander Williams

      motorola’s phones do not perform as well and neither do their profits

    • Bigmanwildin

      This nigga said motorola lmao

    • Jacob Broussard
      Jacob Broussard

      Fun fact. Nobody has a Motorola anymore

    • Carl Davis
      Carl Davis

      You talking about their devices or company profits? Because neither of them perform the exact same

  • ejohn87

    One great thing about the Touch Bar for me has been the video controls. Sometimes the controls on the main screen will act wonky or not respond depending on the site but using the Touch Bar almost always works.

  • Hamza Sultan
    Hamza Sultan

    This entire video has a bias problem: Just because every other brand copies the idea and society becomes OK with it doesn't make it a good idea or the right call. The other brands copy it because it saves money, they have an incentive to do so. Removing the jack forced a lot of people to get into wireless headphones since it's the next best thing for convenience since not every device you carry around will support audio over USB or lightning but most devices have Bluetooth. A lot of people still buy phones with headphone jacks for the simple reason that they can find a pair of headphones anywhere they go. Apple isn't some magical company that knows what the future is heading towards. They are forcing the entire industry to go where they can make all the profit, then let the rest of the industry have their turn.

    • Nathyn Brendan Masters
      Nathyn Brendan Masters

      I don’t know. Vid seemed pretty fair to me.

    • Will Daure
      Will Daure

      @superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur Apple has a big influence, sure, but what Apple has traditionally been doing is that they wait for a technology to mature before they implement it, and then put a hefty price tag on it by justifying its advancements over the years while forcing every Apple device owner to adapt- which isn't always a good thing. They don't do it to help shape the technological landscape, rather, they do it because they recognize their influence over the tech industry so they try to introduce calculated alternatives to give themselves extra profit.

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      ​@Hamza Sultan yeah, yeah, all hearsay, of course, it's illogical to say that Apple brought a product out of obscurity and pushed the technology forward, it makes no sense that one large company started a chain reaction in development from other companies sooner than they would have otherwise...

    • Hamza Sultan
      Hamza Sultan

      @superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur Sure man. It's all hearsay. Just say you love Apple. I'm done here. It works for you so that's good. Tale a different opinion or just scroll past. No one is forcing you to stop using them.

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      @Hamza Sultan People who buy pairs of headphones to use once or twice and then give them away? Sure, lot more people that do that instead of just bringing a pair to use. AirPods pair fine with non iOS devices. They work best with iOS, but it's still Bluetooth. I use AirPods more often with my Windows laptop than I do with my phone, and they pair the same, I take them out, they connect automatically. I can't see the battery as easily, sure, but they will tell me when they need to be charged. At the time when there wasn't much of an alternative, oh well, but now with every other pair that you could get, there's something that works better for different use cases. Still having the headphone jack, wired headphones would still be more common, no one would be trying to develop an accessory for the market share that Apple holds, prices would not have started being so competitive so soon. True wireless earbud prices when AirPods were released seem to have been $200 to $300, prices began to trickle down after that to be a better deal because a company as large as Apple had entered an unsaturated market. When AirPods were released, what other options did you have that you could go to a store and buy? $160 was a bit much for a new product, but without that start, both with removing the headphone jack and announcing AirPods, what brands would be competing for the share of the market that isn't willing to spend that price; until another company similar to Apple entered the market with an accessory to their main device, there wouldn't be any brands competing to provide less expensive alternatives.

  • Darth Hasifius
    Darth Hasifius

    I've been using a galaxy bud for about a year and decided to use iems and now I realized how much I've been missing out.. No headphone jack is pretty much a deal breaker for me now

    • Anomaly Detection Algorithm
      Anomaly Detection Algorithm

      Just keep the dongle plugged into the IEMs...

  • Nikita Gostev
    Nikita Gostev

    I loved my Touch Bar, it was so useful. From my point of view the front cameras on laptops or phones are useless

  • Colt Ferguson
    Colt Ferguson

    not including the charger brick is not more environmentally friendly its worse. You have to have 2 different boxes with different packaging.

    • Anthony Babb
      Anthony Babb

      yes but the option could have been made that people already have a hundred of wall adapters but that argument went out the window when apple made the cable from usb-a to usb-c to lightning, most apple users don't have a type-c wall brick and should have kept it in for at least two more years before splitting ways with them.

  • Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master

    Apple fanboys on their way to defend a multi trillion dollar company...

    • Bigmanwildin

      Whether you like it or not unfortunately iphones are the best and will stay the best until google actually tries making a good phone with good android optimization that can compete with other flagship phones

    • AbcXD

      Android fanboys and Apple Fanboys both can't understand that Apple And Android be having millions of dollars so they don't care

    • Edvin

      Theyre really just defending their own decision of choosing apple. Choice supportive bias.



    • Luke

      Underrated comment

  • Edvards Krastiņš
    Edvards Krastiņš

    The headphone jack is a big deal for me, I use my headphone jack every day

    • Simon Phung
      Simon Phung

      @Edvards Krastiņš Bingo. Exactly. Adapter doesn't make it more convenient either.

    • Edvards Krastiņš
      Edvards Krastiņš

      @H but then I can't charge

    • H

      Well you could just stick an adapter on your wired headphones and just keep it on there always. The adapter is very strong, it won't ever accidentally come off.

  • Tyler Shepard
    Tyler Shepard

    I find something like an auxiliary display for each app with shortcuts would be nice but I think that would be more of a software issue rather than a separate display.

  • alvin ngure
    alvin ngure

    I really liked the touchbar personally. I adjusted my workflow to it really quickly.

  • SliceGaming

    Omg a Hole punch display on a laptop would look great imo, just imagine a bezel less monitor😍

  • Your Driver Mike
    Your Driver Mike

    Loved the TouchBar, used it all the time for emojis when texting via the MacBook Pro, simple brightness/volume adjusting and iMovie shortcuts

    • Christopher Fortney
      Christopher Fortney

      AND ITmores SCRUBBING dont forget that. Previews of tabs etc. bruh love it too

  • Anish Prakash
    Anish Prakash

    Glad Austin covered 'Right to Repair', ITmoresrs need to push this forward.

  • H4n Mil
    H4n Mil

    i quite like the touch bar actually, like emoji when typing, controlling volumes etc, or timeline scrubbing. Don't think windows laptops gonna have notch though, Windows just doesn't use the top line as their menu. Gonna be hell too cos MS won't just optimise for notch because few models are on market.

  • VinnytotheK

    Austin, please start titling the videos with what series they're a part of! Am I the only one who thinks they should do that?

  • chipotleman

    Right, I really grew to love USB C and how versatile it is. Touchbar was ok, but annoying to clean and I'm glad they got rid of it.

  • RipapStim

    I just went to an IT store and they displayed both the old Macbook Pro and the latest one too. The old one looks way better and way more innovative than the new models

  • Junior Nguyen
    Junior Nguyen

    I love the Touch Bar, i hate to see it go but I’ll be holding onto my 2018 15 inch MacBook Pro

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    I like the laptops with the reverse notch instead. So basically a camera bump.

  • macadelic

    THANK YOU. Finally a youtuber with a positive opinion about the touchbar!

  • itsJM

    I think there should be an option for whether or not you want a touch bar when you order a macbook

  • AllTheBestVideos

    I completely agree with everything you said about the Touch Bar! If more companies supported it it could have been a complete game changer!

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    My A52 came with a charger that feels like a Chinese knock off of the one that came with my S7 edge.

  • C Byte
    C Byte

    That thing is super useful when debugging. I'm used to the logos and not the function keys. It's easier to see the debugging logo rather than remembering and configuring each and ever text editor or ide

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account

    Apple copied over most ideas from other companies, removing headphone jack or 120 htz display was not apple’s idea. Main question: Is Tim Cook immortal ???

  • EpicGaming11195

    this reminds me of when 3d touch was removed from the iphone xs and later it's kinda useless, but i liked it

  • Jamie Chorley
    Jamie Chorley

    The touchbar was an awesome idea, there was just no good reason for it to replace the function keys. Why they refused to have both on the same machine, I'll never understand

    • Christian Scrogins
      Christian Scrogins

      For real they honestly could have had half height function keys with the Touch Bar right above it on the new MacBook pros.

  • boomcazoom

    I liked the touch bar, happy to finally hear a big tech ITmores say that

  • Didula Jayasekara
    Didula Jayasekara

    Apple agreeing to the self service repair thingy is like me doing homework after school.

  • Munkaran Singh
    Munkaran Singh

    apple’s biggest mistake was removing my favorite feature- 3d Touch

  • Steve Matousek
    Steve Matousek

    3D Touch is the one thing apple has killed that is truly a loss for users. it was a great feature that added so much functionality on the iPhone and Watch, if they take it out of the MacBooks I’ll be truly devastated

  • Tushar Bandi
    Tushar Bandi

    The only feature I was truly disappointed to see dropped is 3D Touch

  • Swenny

    I got my 16in about half a year ago, switching from hp. I’ actually enjoy the Touch Bar.

  • dan mayhew
    dan mayhew

    I Love the touch bar too :D plus I could give the new hdmi a miss too

  • Karthikeya Thotamsetty
    Karthikeya Thotamsetty

    Half size functional keys and Touch Bar would be the best of both sides

  • Jan Bjernler
    Jan Bjernler

    A lot of phones had the notch before Apple "invented it".

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos

    Usually when Apple maps "the wrong choice", they are usually doing the right choices for business

  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco

    Austin is gonna make a lot if people go nuts again. The touch bar, really?

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name

      From what I saw the people complaining said they wanted their f-keys back so couldn't they have an f-key row and a touch bar?

  • Johny1220

    The competition always follows Apple man lol, I just wish they never got rid of 3D Touch, I loved that feature so much :((

  • JessicaFEREM

    Even if you never used your headphone jack, you could use it for things like square or something like an IR immitter And having a way to plug in a mic if you're using a camera is super handy. The only thing that removing the jack did was force me to buy dongle and dongle for the dongles. One of the worst decisions.

  • valkirialecter

    The upsides you mentioned for touchbar are all destroyed by a simple touchscreen.

  • JB Nelson
    JB Nelson

    THANK YOU! Finally a person of influence representing Touch Bar enthusiasts

  • Facundo Montero
    Facundo Montero

    There's no real reason to remove a headphone jack, water sealing doesn't have anything to do with that. If that were the case, you wouldn't have an USB port to charge your device either.

  • Zack's Stuff
    Zack's Stuff

    I actually like the Touch Bar as well but they have room for the touch bar and f row keys

  • Nuclear VoidYT
    Nuclear VoidYT

    In 20 years Apple is gonna send out a brick with a small led screen with 25 1/2 cameras and no charging port and not included a wireless charger.

  • Hemant Chatterji
    Hemant Chatterji

    I mean most of the video does seem well thought out and put together. The part that truly got me was the removal of headphone jack and the justifications behind it. I mean waterproofing and more complex components ? Not enough space ? Just go take a look at sony and well even lg was doing fine until a while ago. They even managed to squeeze in a proper dac/amp in the same chassis. Which technically had the same components as any other phone without the headphone jack. It's a poor example to say that the headphone jack had to go coz of other reasons. It's just one thing and that's about making more money for Apple.

    • Wisdom Yaw
      Wisdom Yaw

      @Kite591 Thanks 👍 and have a great day too

    • Kite591

      @Wisdom Yaw Sensitive much? You clearly don't understand what I was saying as you are still doubling down on your point that the test is standard (which only part of it is). Thanks for proving my point and the "insult" at the end. I hope the rest of your day goes well.

    • Wisdom Yaw
      Wisdom Yaw

      @Kite591 Thanks for insulting me at the end 🙏. No need to go further. Maybe you should also read my first reply to deduce what I was trying to say. You resorted to insult just be cause I said the test is standard(as if it's not) so thank you.

    • Kite591

      @Wisdom Yaw Clearly you didn't read what I posted. Yes the test is standard to receive the IP rating, but when you get to IPX8 the tests done for depth and duration as stated in my previous comment are set and advertised by the manufacturer and may include additional factors such as temperature fluctuations and flow rates, depending on equipment type. The standard IP rating test for water resistance of 8 just means that it exceeded the requirements for IPX7. Unlike IPX7 there is no depth or time requirements other than exceeding the requirements for IPX7 once you get to an IPX8 rating. Should really take the 30 seconds to do some research before looking foolish.

    • Wisdom Yaw
      Wisdom Yaw

      @Kite591 ip rating is a standard test done to determine dust and water resistance of devices. So the test is the same for every phone

  • T3 Tech Till Today
    T3 Tech Till Today

    True ri8, I miss the touch bar too. It's a bliss for developers for custom and robust shortcuts 🥲

  • Porg liberation movement
    Porg liberation movement

    The apple slide bar was highly loved or hated. It was reported and buggy or great. Never had a mac myself, only have used PC's due to being better at gaming.

  • Idham Zaharudie
    Idham Zaharudie

    The reason people "copy" Apple is because they wanna imitate the "look" that unfortunately gets the sale, regardless the quality, value, or the business principle

  • Abraham Cervantes
    Abraham Cervantes

    I think that the Touch Bar is more intuitive than the Fkeys but I have never used it and I hear that it had a lot of bugs.

  • SilverStormShadow

    20 Dollar Cleaning Cloth Apple's biggest mistake right there.

    • Kim Smither
      Kim Smither

      1000 Dollar Monitor Stand

    • I. C Weiner
      I. C Weiner

      700 Dollar Caster Wheels

  • Kavorka Designs
    Kavorka Designs

    Lowering the headphone jack size to the 20yr old 1.5mm size rather than the normal 3.5mm and then use a mini 1.5-3.5 adaptor would of and still is a far better option than removal!

  • TurquoiseTNT

    I Think That The Touch Bar Was Good Becuase Then (If Apple Allowed It) Developers could make there apps use custom buttons with custom icons. physical buttons can NOT do that.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    I absolutely loved the Touch Bar! I used it every single day! I also had ZERO issues with them dropping the charger. I have plenty, both at home and work.

    • GameBreaker

      @Fares Djebbar You posted this twice, but yes your right, just because one has plenty doesn't mean others do, but like another commenter said, if you have like 3-4 extra chargers around that your not using and are just long term storage at that point, then Apple should let you rebate them in a store for like Apple crediting or something towards a new one and use those materials towards lowering the pricing on brand new chargers. Sort of how they handle iPhones which is you give your old one in, which lowers the cost of purchasing since it reduces their need to go find materials elsewhere to use on some of the iPhones being made or maintained.

    • Fares Djebbar
      Fares Djebbar

      You have Plenty, not everyone does!

  • Salvator Merrifield
    Salvator Merrifield

    Hey, I kind of like the touchbar. It's growing on me... now that it's been removed LOL As for the notch, I kind of don't think I would mind it that much. People make such a big deal out of silly things like these. The notch, admittedly looks a lot more obnoxiously annoying, but I feel like I'd just start ignoring it.

  • Ethan Hrubeniuk
    Ethan Hrubeniuk

    Honestly i dont think the xps line will ever have a notch. The bezels are so thin already that it is useless if they add a notch

  • darf Vador
    darf Vador

    Apple got to where they are because of the iPod and it was the perfect phone for teenagers first phone and old people that need a phone because of iOS was just simple to use

  • noupot

    Touch Bar and butterfly keyboard were huge Apple failures. I think that Sir Ive is the guilty one.

  • Bitter Triumph
    Bitter Triumph

    Nevermind that a lot of fancy new features that Apple sells a new generation of phones on are often features that had been available on other phones for like 3 years.

  • Raymond Trabulsy
    Raymond Trabulsy

    I still use wired headphones. I love my headphone jack.

  • daveSoupy

    Why didn't you bring up 3D Touch? it became how interacted with my phone and I LOVED having it and wish it would have stayed.

  • simplybod

    Apple thank you... for making your Mac Pro so has help to drop them and go all PC in my small print company....I'm a much happier bunny now

  • FinalFan7

    I like the way Apple just stays in their own lane mostly. They rarely try and say why their devices are better than another companies. They just do what they want. When they talk up a new device. They just talk about how this new product is better then it's predecessor. It makes them more likable for me personally. Also I got the reference... Made me want to go listen to Linkin Park. 👍

  • AbjoReef

    Coming from a windows user the notch is actually cool, the touchbar is a really good idea and a shame they didn't put it in the 14/16inch macs

  • Pvt_Plebe _
    Pvt_Plebe _

    Dude I love the white bar during the sponsor I knew when to stop skipping. You are brilliant

  • Gameboy2519

    Hey Austin, is it possible if you can build a pc with a quantum microchip?

  • Janus Syndicate
    Janus Syndicate

    I prefer a hybrid touch bar with a regular keyboard, the touch bar can offer more options than the regular keyboard

  • Nintendo Prime
    Nintendo Prime

    My issue with apple getting rid of the included charging brick is, on iPhone 11 they changed from the normal usb A to lightning cable and started going with usb c to lighting, which is much faster. Then the next phone drops a year later and they get rid of the brick arguing everyone has one. Except, they don’t, because you just changed the standard to something better, then only included that brick for a single year. To date, I am still using the two bricks from that gen phone, and I refuse to buy more even though I want more so I can have a charger in every room that isn’t… super slow. So when they removed it… it sucked.

  • Ballistic Mallard
    Ballistic Mallard

    Apples whole business model is being a trend, people see their products and see them as a trendy thing to own and every company seems to copy them after a big decision

  • Noy Telinú
    Noy Telinú

    Wow, I haven't disagreed with you more, Austin. Like, ever. I still refuse to get any phone with a hole in it, for one. Just because people copy Apple doesn't make it GOOD.

  • Aaron Charles
    Aaron Charles

    They should put a mini screen on both sides of the trackpad then it would be useful more like zenbook duo

  • Blade Rances
    Blade Rances

    for me if apple is gonna remove like you know the earphones jack they could have put it on the top of the phone then have a magnet over the whole thing so it would look really clean and if ever they put a finger print unlock like the ipad air they could put it behind the apple emblem or logo or whatever they call it

  • PsiliPharm2012

    Replacing my 2016 MBP with a new M1 Max MBP, not going to miss the crappy keyboard except the TouchBar (if you use creative apps, the support was great), going to hate the notch (on the phone it’s not as noticeable but the Mac OS menu bar can easily have a lot of menus or status icons).

  • Harshaditya sharma
    Harshaditya sharma

    I can guarantee u the notch won't be copied into windows laptop simply because in mac the top middle part was free real estate but in windows that part is actually used.

  • Chevy Dueño
    Chevy Dueño

    Austin really looks different from now don’t think I got to see him back then but good job I’ve been loving this channel thanks

  • Argiris Ramandanis
    Argiris Ramandanis

    When the new MBPros were introduced I was thinking that I must have been the only one out there who loved the touchbar so much… It seemed like the wind of technology was blowing us back to the function keys.. It’s not that we cannot work a mac with the original function keys.. But it is step back to the evolution we were used to… Touchbar was really a key feature for most of us… And it is clear now that most of the users want the touchbar back… And I am the one who clearly says… Bring the touchbar back (at least as a BTO choice)….

    • Christopher Fortney
      Christopher Fortney

      idk why they didnt just add the function keys back but keep the touchbar.

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    The Touch Bar is great on my 21 model and use it when I need It. Great idea. I was expecting a new iPad but I will hold on until the next launch. The thing that I don’t understand is I have a 256 iPad Pro 12 2nd edition and the battery is great. I also own a 256 iPad Pro 3rd edition and the battery is toast. Don’t get it. Took it to the store and all they say is nothing wrong with it. It’s two years old and dead but my 4 year old one is buzzing away. I don’t get apple and I get very confused and with a loss of £1400 on the 3rd gen is frustrating as they won’t help.

  • Nafio Hassan
    Nafio Hassan

    I'ma is honest I also miss the touch bar. love how it looks and yea that's it.

  • MahaanPlays

    Touch Bar was my favourite selling point for the MacBook

  • Someone Anonymous
    Someone Anonymous

    Just because companies copy Apple’s anticonsumer BS doesn’t mean it was the right decision. It just means Apple showed they could get away with it.

  • Travis Gallagher
    Travis Gallagher

    I believe that the notch was there for Face ID, but they had difficulty getting everything to work. The reason the notch was still there was that they probably already had a crap load of them made, when they finally realized that Face ID was not going to make it before launch date.

  • wvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvw1

    how is apple's self repair not obviously "void your own warranty"?

  • Baeleth

    I gotta disagree with the headphone jack part. I mean hell the thinnest phone in the world proved that if they wanted people to have a headphone jack, they easily could