Apple was SO close... New iMac 2021
The Apple iMac 2021 is nearly the perfect "PC".
The MacBook Air/Pro with M1:
Why I switched to iPhone 12 Mini:

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  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones

    The bessels are a hard no..

  • niKDE

    It's funny how different I see the M1 iMac as an user of the 2012 iMac... Like don't get me wrong I like my 2012 iMac but at this point I should really do an upgrade and the M1 seems like a very good choice. Though I do also work with Windows a lot and having an Intel iMac 2020 probably makes more sense.

  • DaNuB

    3:23 Ken came in clutch ladies and gentlemen........

  • CubeGears

    everyone puts post its on the "chin" thats the reason

  • Julian Pereira
    Julian Pereira

    I really like the colored macs. Just saw one in the store and took me back go the days of my 1st Gen G3 iMac DV. What I was hoping was that Apple would bring a modern take on the G4 iMac (Lampstand).. Just imagine if they did that and just used the Mac mini as a base and just focused on the stand and the screen, they would have easily created the most perfect looking system and they wouldn't have needed to do much in terms of R & D.

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter

    Which one is better iMac 2019 or this one

  • Mara Balogh
    Mara Balogh

    4:07 can you ubgrade them beacuse those stats are not really good.

  • Couch Operator
    Couch Operator

    The chin is my space for postit notes during school

  • Tavonga Marabada
    Tavonga Marabada

    The world is ivolving so fast

  • JP Steinhart
    JP Steinhart

    the iMac is an iPad pro with a bigger screen and a chin. facts.

  • Max Thomson
    Max Thomson

    I wonder is apple is gonna make apple tv

  • Tesha

    4:58 when... don't no

    • Tesha

      also 9:17😂

  • Versatility Entertainment
    Versatility Entertainment

    Sarcasm: IT Technicians will have a great time repairing these. In terms of sourcing parts.😂 🍎 Technicians :🤑🤑🤑 Me: loyal to PC and laptops.

  • Baby yoda
    Baby yoda

    What’s the back round music

  • The Aviation Channel
    The Aviation Channel

    9:17 *What was that?* 😂😆

  • Dominic Sotelo
    Dominic Sotelo

    The iMac is basically a worse iPad Pro almost same keyboard and a bounce is the touchscreen.🙄

  • JUR O
    JUR O

    Yeah but look....if the ipad would have a stuck would be a itop. The I mac needed its charger in the wall or in the screen bye the way. ..not a laptop powerbricks,,,,powerbricks ...anyway...makes more sense as with a laptop

  • headslo

    the elephant in the room is that the imac wasn't what you were expecting? You need work on your scripts bro.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson

    I thought he was saying “chen” at first.

  • Liliths Room
    Liliths Room

    Love the colors are back to the way they were when i was like in 2nd grade

  • Linus

    The iMac and mac mini M1 is probably clocked higher because it has air cooling?

  • Gabe Kadanza
    Gabe Kadanza

    The chin would have looked better with the Apple logo. I also wish it had a black bezel option

  • RRios0027

    I can live with the chin and hope DBrand makes a skin to blacken the edges. And use one of the apple stickers and put it on the chin

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers


  • MrLegend1

    man, u r such a NOOB cuzzzz man u forgot to make an ultimate iMac or iMac pro that iMac guy I literally crying for not being ultimate SOOO u and ur team r NOOB

  • pinoyboi1

    does anyone recommend or you Austin Evans recommend the Purple iphone or what kind mini or the regular one or pro?

  • MindOverMatt

    It sucks. and here is why, you cant replace the RAM or SSD when they go bad and when that happens your stuck buying a new logic board for $1000 dollars OR doing what apple hopes and just buying a new iMac all together oh and you loose all your data.

  • Epic Villain
    Epic Villain

    Ha the previous iMac was retina 5K! Not 1080P 😂. This machine is beautiful. Find anything out there that’s so crisp and clean. And I’ve used my iMac for hyper-intensive professional work, 3D rendering/animation/texturing, UI design etc. But I have 128Gb ram on my iMac.

  • Filip Kurdziel
    Filip Kurdziel

    I feel like the new Imac would be better if apple just made it look like the pro display xdr.

  • Moshe ben Asher
    Moshe ben Asher

    If most of your work is with texts, reading and writing them, typically black type on white backgrounds, the white bezel might be preferred.

  • Serouj Ghazarian
    Serouj Ghazarian

    9:57 iPadOS 15*

  • Tony Burzio
    Tony Burzio

    "iPhone runs OSX" - Steve Jobs at the introduction of the original iPhone.

  • lance alcantara
    lance alcantara

    my favorite about it that it has a headphone jack

  • KevoZebo

    What crazy today with the insane gpu prices. As long as you’re not using your computer for heavy gaming. The iMac is your best choice right now. Because of the crazy shortages and and apple sitting on a stockpile of silicon. They are by far the best deal right now for the causal user. I can’t believe it.

  • KevoZebo

    This has a touch screen right? If not that’s really pathetic that it’s an ARM chip in a home non battery pc and doesn’t even have a touch screen?

  • Farfy McDoogle
    Farfy McDoogle

    I’m waiting for the better iMac with M1x or M2, whichev. It always feels like Apple withholds better tech.

  • This and That
    This and That

    Ordered the top model in orange 🍊 cannot wait for this new Mac!

  • Richard Crowley
    Richard Crowley

    16 GB hard drive for $1299

  • Clayton Martin
    Clayton Martin

    Them bezels tho

  • Aaron

    That’s the issue with the iPad they keep making them better but the use case still is weird and the performance is so good on them even several years back so tbh what’s the point ?

  • Bed Time Stories
    Bed Time Stories

    This proves Apple is a fashion company. I can't believe this many people are complaining about a "chin".

  • Kavintheprooo

    The ethernet thing is useful because it allows you to get a little more range out of your ethernet cable.

  • Henkka82

    I like the new design, maybe some sort of subtle laser engraved apple logo (just the outlines) on the chin would have made it perfect.

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers

    Whenever i get a smart tv i ai t keeping it onlimg not fina hit me with a update lol

  • Le Lad
    Le Lad

    Apple is like this because they don't understand what people really want

  • California Dreamer
    California Dreamer

    I just wish Apple would make an iPhone and an IMac that cost under 500 bucks, That would just do five or ten things really well and dump all the tons of bullshit i dknt need. All I do online is shop Amazon, send email, pay bills, and book vacations. I could get a 300 dollar pc but I hate pc I like imac. And every time they software update my iPhone they add a bunch of confusing shit and can’t figure it out. I just need a phone that makes phone calls sends texts orders Amazon. I don’t need a phone that talks to me any more than I need a car that talks to me. But I like Apple design and simplicity an pc/android is clunky. But now Apple is too complicated and no longer intuitive.

  • KingA Friend
    KingA Friend

    I like potato’s

  • Foxlink Hightower
    Foxlink Hightower

    Another problem, no internal build possibles.

  • BlitzStrike


  • Aperture173

    Apple users be like: *HOLY SHIT DIFFERENT COLORS*

  • Blyat boy
    Blyat boy

    Austin:2018 version you may have Me watching on a 6 gen:😐😡

  • Bill LeDrew
    Bill LeDrew

    I can't understand the fuss about the chin. It seems to make sense to me that it's there. I love everything about the new 24" iMac, except I want the larger screen size & maybe a bit more power. Love the colors. I'm hoping they will offer colors in the larger iMacs. Leave the neutral colors for the iMac Pro I guess. I want color. I bought my first Mac in 1990.

  • Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Have a $1 to spare? 🙏 Savin' to get a laptop (homejob). No opportunities outside due to constant lockdowns (unlike other countries). 😷 Sorry for this. 😢 I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. Off-topic, I know. ☺ I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I do hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like USA. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 💔 Peace be with you. ❤ GOD bless. 🙏❤ And to anyone who's also struggling, let's hold on tight. All will soon be well. 🌈🌈🌈🌎🙏🙏❤❤

  • Plain hammer 124
    Plain hammer 124

    I will rather choose the Intel version

  • J G
    J G

    My sources say that new bigger imac will be 30"

  • Bry

    Why is the 'chin' such a big deal? It's an iMac not a monitor. They all have that.

  • Jacob Gardner
    Jacob Gardner

    I certainly don't get the new iMax hate 😂 Personally, I think it looks quite nice actually. It is not a machine for me (nor for most of the people who watch tech ITmores videos, who are likely to be power-users compared to the masses), and I do kinda hope that the larger "pro" models coming later this/next year do ditch the chin. It would have been cool if the computer could have been stuck into the base of the stand or something? Oh, and I do want an Apple logo at the front again 😝

  • Jared Roussel
    Jared Roussel

    Why couldn’t they have just moved the components into the stand and gotten rid of the chin? This iMac was Tim’s coming out party.

  • Robin Korkmaz
    Robin Korkmaz

    Why can't the bezel be the same color as Mac itself?

  • Conspiracy_00

    I didnt even know resolve was a big software for edditing thats what I use for my vids but im on Windows not Mac

  • Blueyzachary

    Where are the mid ranges in the audio!?

  • Doug Kennedy
    Doug Kennedy

    That’s because speakers need room to project bass...You just seem like a prick no matter what.

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo

    Looks like a fisher price toy

  • Starwaves

    Well the new imac still looks the same as the old one but just with white bezels and no logo on the front. People got so used to seeing a black bezel and logo in the front for the mac for years. So now that they changed it people complain. I don’t see what else they could have done to make it different. I mean it is a screen with a build in computer right? What other design can you do? A pizza shape? Maybe no chin?

  • Ryan Fraley
    Ryan Fraley

    Not going to lie, I would have preferred a revival of the G4 design.

  • MasakiMike

    Love the “No Pressure” shirt.

  • Loop Garoo
    Loop Garoo

    Johnny Ives is being missed right about now.

  • ieatcrayons1776


  • Grim Productions
    Grim Productions

    I bought one for my wife today, she is not good with computers and this thing just made sense for her craft room. She will love it

  • --

    I don’t mind the chin AND I am a silver/white iPhone owner who loves the white bezel too!

  • adjames

    So close to what? There has to be something to evolve too, and given your like 10 its a typical millennial response as always me me me me, Douche

  • Emil S
    Emil S

    Purple iPhone and Purple iMac has you excited 😜

  • Emil S
    Emil S

    I love the white bezels!

  • Emil S
    Emil S

    30- 32” iMac Pro Space Gray ! Giggity!!!

  • T T
    T T

    White bezel better

  • Sean Paul Curran
    Sean Paul Curran

    I miss the apple logo on the front. Who the fuck comes over to look at the BACK of a computer ?

  • S. M.
    S. M.

    I like it .But I like my current 27in iMac with four USB ports & two Lightning cable ports .

  • Gamingwithzion

    Just to let you know it is 1500

  • Aurelijus Langvinis
    Aurelijus Langvinis

    Painting with ipad is amazing. and M1 will make it so much better. now we will be able to use way more layers. so yeah to answer the question how can you use ipad as a "pro". is simple: painting. making nft's and so on. Ofc you can buy wacom cintique but it's not ideal also because it's not a stand alone computer. So all in all painting on new Ipad Pro 12.9'' will be so much better

  • Lampadina 17
    Lampadina 17

    immagine power supply sold separately

  • RicoGalassi

    This thing looks like a glorified iPad...

  • The Linux & BSD Cult T.V
    The Linux & BSD Cult T.V

    For casual users its ok but most hardcore users will not be able to separate from their large curved monitor or their ultra high defiinition monitor or pro monitor for some companies ....

  • Jeffrey Melville
    Jeffrey Melville

    I think I'll wait a couple of years maybe the M2, the fact they droped all of the USB ports did'nt do much for me

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson

    now if its affordable it could be good for kids with the fun colors

  • Marcio Rihass
    Marcio Rihass

    If they can put the m1 chip behind the ipad screan, there is no reason why they couldn't put behind the imac's screen. Forget it. Apple will never release a "perfect" device. Because they don't want to. Notch, chin, no ports, Etc. I love the mac, but they will never release something that makes sense.

  • Bene Detto
    Bene Detto

    That's what happens when a God designer like Jony Ive leaves.

  • Eric Balgley
    Eric Balgley

    DBrand it.

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long

    it's basically a magnetically charging iPad on a stick

  • Suite Skills Production
    Suite Skills Production

    I like the white bezels, I even like the chin. I just wish they had put the colour from the back on the chin.

  • Extar


  • Deckardd Wizardd
    Deckardd Wizardd

    It looks like an iPad on a stand periodt.

  • Aravind

    I agree with Ken, I love the white bezels and they go well in a living room environment compared to black bezels

  • djuzla

    iMac without the chin is not iMac, it's just a monitor with Mac internals

  • renzoqu

    In that case just get a good screen and a classic pc tower.

  • Bb bb
    Bb bb

    Still not a touch screen ? Smh

  • Shardool Parashar
    Shardool Parashar

    Let’s be honest. *It’s trash.*

  • koby hook
    koby hook

    The No Pressure T-shirt has been noticed @Austin.

  • Just me.
    Just me.

    You always find something to complain about 🙄

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson

    Cool video tech talk lol yes

  • donuteh

    Where are all the useful ports? You put up with dongle hell with the macbook because its compact but go with the new Imac and you're still stuck in dongle hell. I don't mind the power brick and I don't mind the Ethernet on it. This isn't meant to be a portable device so why would I care that it's only 11mm thick when none of my usb devices are going to work without an adapter. In my opinion this is a fail on apples part. I know USB-A is slower and stuff but let's face it, most devices still use it, external hard drives that most people are using, printers, cameras are USB-A. Not all, but most.