Apple Killed the PC... or did they? 🤔
Austin Evans
The new 2021 Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro & M1 Max are STACKED.
The Surface Laptop Studio:
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  • Jun-Hee Han
    Jun-Hee Han

    “I’ll let iJustine do that” That had me laughing

    • Ii Aa
      Ii Aa

      ​@The Shadow Man Her 'technical' degree is in 'Multimedia Technologies and Video Production.' And she worked as a graphics designer or something. Regardless, her content is not technical at all. But it can be entertaining.

    • Ii Aa
      Ii Aa

      @RxPoison Her reviews are purely for entertainment not to convince buyers to do anything.

    • CAHSR

      iJustine does not seem to know or care how people use technology outside of buying it as a social media fashion accessory.

    • Vinny the player
      Vinny the player

      @J P a horrible ITmoresr who wastes money

    • Vinny the player
      Vinny the player

      @The Shadow Man facts she just thinks they are something that just pop into existence

  • そもえこ

    “We doubled the resolution of the camera to 1080p” This made me laugh so hard

    • Nikunj Gattani
      Nikunj Gattani

      @Bartłomiej Komarnicki hey don't type about anyone's nation or country

    • Anmol Agrawal
      Anmol Agrawal

      @Sigmato Ah I get it now. As for the webcam size, yeah, the speculations are currently along those lines

    • Sigmato

      @Anmol Agrawal To be honest he comment without see my comment edited. What's really funny how much space that webcam takes just to be a 1080p without face id. Feels like real estate for futur upgrade.

    • Anmol Agrawal
      Anmol Agrawal

      @Bartłomiej Komarnicki I guess he has because 1080p has 2.25x the pixels of 720p, thus 25% more pixels in addition to the *twice*. That aside, are you sure about yours? And funny thing is why are you going towards nationality? If that's the first thing that struck you, I hope you find the help you need, within yourself or from outside. Got to improve eh?

    • Vikram Sathish
      Vikram Sathish

      bru, its more than double

  • Carl Janzen
    Carl Janzen

    I’m currently rocking dell xps 17 and it’s such an amazing laptop but Apple has been stepping up their game. Good job apple.

  • harcormor

    I want to see an actual game loaded up on one of the new MacBooks. I’m not talking about iOS games or games for Mac from the App Store. I want to see an actual gpu intensive steam game loaded and see how it performs.

    • Tibets

      @MAX_in2D me who plays call of duty via bootcamp: so you underestimate me?

    • u6h

      @Isaac Rodriguez Battery !!!!

    • nexxusty

      It performs like an RTX 3060.

    • Milkyy

      @MAX_in2D You’ve already lost the argument days ago. I don’t get why you’re still trying to defend your point.

    • Cosmos Designs
      Cosmos Designs

      @davey64 so what youre saying is you do a bunch of shit just so your mac performs as well ass a linux system that seems smart

  • Uptiie

    Now I know why there’s a transistor shortage 😂

    • junipea

      @Atis Basak Microsoft is, yet noone talks about it...

    • Atis Basak
      Atis Basak

      @Uptiie Apple isn't a monopoly.

    • Uptiie

      @Shane P. I like laughing about it to bring awareness lol. Maybe we shouldn’t have such big monopolies 🤷‍♂️

    • As_i_c_it


    • Shane P.
      Shane P.

      There’s actually some truth to that. TSMC is the biggest chip maker and Apple is its biggest customer so they get first dibs on their production capacity.

  • Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker
    Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker

    "Apple killed the PC" Every game ever made: Am I a joke to you?

    • Krystian Dymurski
      Krystian Dymurski

      enter: windows mac pro🤣

    • nexxusty

      Parallels has entered the chat.

    • Yesnoyeswait

      @Roshan Also, its Apple's own fault why games are not made for their mac OS, reason is that Apple doesen't allow opensource gaming API's like Vulkan and Open GL, and big game developers use those open source tools. If Apple would allow Vulkan and OpenGL, im sure Rockstar or Ubisoft would release their next game for mac OS aswell. Its up to you Apple :)

    • Yesnoyeswait

      @Roshan No, thats not true. Nvidia and AMD has spent massive amount of time and resources to make gaming drivers for their GPU's, when has Apple done that? Why didin't Apple talk about that on release? You know why. They have focused on computal power (workloads for work laptops), and it makes sense since most macbook users don't focus on gaming. There is a good reason why only AMD and Nvidia has ever made great gaming GPU's, you need much more than just graphics ''horse power''. It took even from great company Intel about 5 years to create their own gaming based GPU architecture, wich will be announced 2022 Q1.

    • Roshan

      @Yesnoyeswait if games are made for these chips they’d perform just as well tho

  • Stephane Tanguay
    Stephane Tanguay

    At a killer price too... Maybe it's good or even great, but damn, that price tag!

    • Kendue Jones
      Kendue Jones

      @dy ok

    • dy

      @Kendue Jones Well I don't really think so

    • Kendue Jones
      Kendue Jones

      @dy yes

    • bizmonkey007

      It’s not that bad actually. Premium Windows laptops like the Dell XPS 15 have similar pricing structures.

    • dy

      @Daniel Nowak Ya think every professionals have a shit load of money just for the computer?

  • Tushar Bandi
    Tushar Bandi

    I want to know whether I should get the Pro or Max M1… I understand that the Pro is probably more than good enough, but if I’m going to have this computer for the next 3-4 years, should I get one with the Max for the overhead??

  • galangster

    This is not geared toward gaming, its' geared toward creative professional work. Totally unnecessary if you don't do that kind of work lol. Apple not looking for teenagers or average college students to buy this. That said, I love it. An actual professional laptop.

    • TheVikingquest

      @galangster yeah maybe u r right. In my opion though its just a laptop. Maybe this category have changed lately? Still a laptop is a laptop is a… dont know many pro users/compnies that do any seroiusproduction on laptops. Its for bringing work home or being able to work in a cafe, or on the move…

    • galangster

      @TheVikingquest you misinterpreted my post. I don’t think only pros are using MacBooks. I’m saying that if you’re not a pro it’s unnecessary as the M1 chips are incredible already. People will spend what they want because they want the best of the best, I get that. But that’s what I’m saying, Apple markets to actual professionals but people feel like they’re “pro” by buying it, so the average consumer will fork the cash over. It’s great marketing.

    • TheVikingquest

      I will get one. Im a student. Its just the new macbook pro - i have a 2015 15 one. Apples customer base is consumer based. Great eco system, but to think that only ”pros” use these u r deluding yourself. Its a great office/mediastreamer/student/presentation computer that will last for many years. The eco system, if u have an iphone is great. The screen relestate on the bigger pros is much much better for writing/databeses and pdfs etc. I bet u 90% of these will be used by consumers who dont make money because of it. They r expensive though, but they will last much longer than any pc laptop. My old 15 is not overpowered and the fans scream with just alot of tabs open sometimes. To last for over 6 years this may be op now, but maybe not in the future… hey. Its just a laptop! Doesnt really matter how many cores it got! Its a laptop - for any laptop usage! I thought ”Pros” invested their money in 1. software, 2. scalable and replaceable hardware, monitors and 3. office enviroment. Not running creative workflows on laptops. Hey what do i know? I will use it 90% as a laptop, often on the go. For that nothing matches these - really excited!

    • Windows Tips
      Windows Tips

      @Spindoctor no game editor actually cares about the Mac

    • galangster

      @Spindoctor yeah. It’s more now about gaming platforms and AAA games being able to integrate on Apple. They created Swift for iOS devices and it’s worked well. Harder right now for PC game developers to code for Mac I believe. Apple still needs to open more of the gate there in my opinion.

  • CrissCross A.M
    CrissCross A.M

    i love how powerful these chips are, but dang i thought apple making their chips in house would make them cheaper than having intel ones. guess not... 2000$ for the 14" base model? for a laptop? and the smallest extra add-on to slightly improve performance costs 200$? i need both my kidneys apple thank you very much

  • Patriot005

    Love the videos austin! Thanks for going over this i was at work and missed the event sadly, so thank you so much for filling me in

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I really like the new MacBook Pros. The notch took me by surprise but I guess I would get used to it like I have gotten used to it on my phone since 2017.

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike

    The fact that you can get the fully maxed out spec of the "Pro" in the 14" model is just nuts. That might be the ultimate do everything laptop. You can dock it and have crazy power but it is also ultrabook portable.

    • Tom Pike
      Tom Pike

      @Cosmos Designs acrobat pro, photoshop and Lightroom all run beautifully on my M1 MacBook Pro.

    • Cosmos Designs
      Cosmos Designs

      @Tom Pike adobe programms run like shit on the m1

    • carholic1336


    • Tom Pike
      Tom Pike

      @Cosmos Designs Depends on what you are trying to do. Adobe's suite is on Mac, office is, and many other creative and professional applications. I still keep a windows desktop in addition to my m1 macbook because as good as the MacBook is, there is no replacement for a modular PC for many things.

    • Cosmos Designs
      Cosmos Designs

      you cant do everything because not even close to anything runs on macos

  • Eredoth37

    any tech ITmoresr: "say goodbye to your pc and laptops...." me a teenager and can't affort anything above 5 bucks: eh, this potato is still good

    • This is Power.
      This is Power.

      Yeah Im barely ok with the iPhone I bought a few years ago, I’m definitely not shelling out a used car for a computer that’s primary function is being proprietary.

    • Shocking Pikachu
      Shocking Pikachu

      @As_i_c_it username

    • As_i_c_it

      @Shocking Pikachu what?!🤣🤣. How can you tell??

    • Shocking Pikachu
      Shocking Pikachu

      @As_i_c_it you do know you responded to a s3x bot right? Lol

    • Shocking Pikachu
      Shocking Pikachu

      @Fab Ayyyy RX 570 gang!!! Lmao love that graphics card. Cost me under $200

  • TechDove

    Apple: so you know how everyone loved the notch on the iphone for the last 4 years? Well we're doing it again on our laptop, even though there's room for a bezel and it's only one single camera in there

    • Ii Aa
      Ii Aa

      @Radicool Gaming That notch was deliberate piss take. They could have used a hole punch instead of a bezel. So what are the going to do in the next few years when a 1440p or 4k webcam becomes the standard? Double the notch size?

    • Radicool Gaming
      Radicool Gaming

      @Huy Nguyễn nah I would never buy an apple TV even if it didn't have a notch. You're telling me you're not going to buy a laptop that outperforms desktops and has a 21 hour battery life just because of the notch? I use my laptop more for work than entertainment so I don't mind. Clearly you use it more for netflix.

    • Huy Nguyễn
      Huy Nguyễn

      @Radicool Gaming this guy would buy an Apple TV screen with a notch on it, just because it is from Apple

    • Huy Nguyễn
      Huy Nguyễn

      @Radicool Gaming 1080 camera on phone does not have that big notch, just make in dot in there. what a lazy design

    • Radicool Gaming
      Radicool Gaming

      @Roman Shocker Yeah I'd take this over my XPS.

  • Amal Forbes
    Amal Forbes

    i dont use macbooks. but this is great for the industry. i hope samsung can do something similar with this with their partnership with AMD.

  • Nolan Beichner
    Nolan Beichner

    Apple is really stepping up their game. The old apple with stingy ports, bad prices to performance ratio, and separating themselves from the competition, is more or less gone.

    • v3xman

      @TheDeathmail yeah I wish this port was actually in their iphone if their intent really was to "push tech forward"

    • TheDeathmail

      Nah, the price to performance ratio was always pretty good. Stingy ports is actually a recent thing if you look at their history... and even that stingy port was a high level port that pushed the industry forward... But, it's great that they added all the ports back...

    • asianmasterice

      @v3xman The notch is not serious when you consider that in mac os there is always a black menu bar on top and with the notch on the menu bar you actually get more content under the menu bar so the notch is a plus.

    • v3xman

      @eboymario for me they stepped up when they finally replaced their butterfly keyboard

    • eboymario

      I think after 2018 Apple started to step up their game

  • Arniel Mirasol
    Arniel Mirasol

    M1 already rocked the tech world. If the M1 Pro & M1 Max Chips really perform as well as Apple promised.....that's just overkill lol

  • Mark Davenport Jr
    Mark Davenport Jr

    Ok now I'm intrigued with these new chips! :) Its great to have a 3rd option from amd/intel/nvidia laptops to choose from now. :)

    • Evacody124

      You better only work in photo, video, and music.

    • Evacody124

      For what?

  • Idky

    All I’m really waiting to see is if they add Face ID into the computer in a few years…

  • thepeberartist

    Imagine if Apple starts putting notches on ipads

    • dy

      *shhhh... don't give them ideas*

    • Espinosaxx

      I’m surprised they haven’t done that

    • Mikael Biilmann
      Mikael Biilmann


  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    most people: i will get the m1 MAX because I NEED that. austin: i will get the m1 MAX because I WANT that.

  • Preston Nerf
    Preston Nerf

    If I was to buy one, the notch wouldn’t bother me at all. That price tag is pretty hefty, but if it get the performance that they are hyping it up to have, then I guess it could be worth it.

    • GiNa RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
      GiNa RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21

      If they didn't added that fugly notch it would've been good as it is, but other than that the mac is cool

  • John C
    John C

    Sorry I missed this video. Your clips are always so entertaining ! This is very exciting news. This will give a slap to the likes of Hp with core i7s 😂 Can you install windows on these? If yes, I want one😁

  • HeartBreakKids

    As someone with a 48" HDMI 2.1 supported tv (as a monitor), I am very bummed there's no 2.1 support on these new MacBook pros :/

    • Christophe Genbrugge
      Christophe Genbrugge

      Can't play 120hz 4k games on it anyway , so whats the benefit? Serious question btw.

  • IJscorp 1
    IJscorp 1

    Screw the notch I’m worried about the money 😂 need to stop watching the best stuff that’s coming out and just stick with whatever is enough to do my work assignments

    • Mal

      @Addikted Montage It's fine.

    • Addikted Montage
      Addikted Montage

      @Mal the guy... has no videos

    • Mal

      @IJscorp 1 Thanks haha

    • IJscorp 1
      IJscorp 1

      @Mal oh, that’s kinda surprising, but sure 😂 thanks. Best of wishes for ya

    • Mal

      @IJscorp 1 No im talking about your channel. Big fan.

  • Estiennè Taylor
    Estiennè Taylor

    Their efforts never cease to amaze me. First few years of hyperbole then staggered afterwards.

  • AutoGamesNation

    I hope that they keep the base M1 as a option at least in a air version. Just to allow possible new customers coming from PC to have a low point of entry to this new ecosystem possibly. The thing that the base M1 does so well is it gives you great performance and battery life but not break the bank. For 1000$ or less the base M1 is probably impossible to beat

    • Skiez

      “M1 is impossible to beat”. Just wait for next gen for amd and intel

    • 👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram
      👉T E C G R I D I👈on Instagram

      Hi, Thanks for watching😊 Send a direct message right away,you just won an MacBook …👆👆

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen

    Literally every modern premium PC ever: Delete screen bezels and ad a touchscreen Apple’s Mac: NUKE the touchbar - no touchscreen and ad a fu**** NOTCH😂🤦‍♀️

    • 2ndIINone

      @Wrathzy 😂😂😂😭 First up, I’m not your bro, little British child. Your inability to form anything even slightly resembling a proper sentence, let’s me know that UK schools are not all that good. Too clueless to comprehend that your pathetic troll game about touchscreens? is unbelievably lame. Straight up. You don’t get the fact that what you’re going on about isn’t pushing any buttons. What’s really shocking is that you actually believe that what you’re talking about matters, is somehow dignified. That’s something……. Now, is this the part where you make another false claim, leading back to me proving you wrong again with more links? 🤣🤣🤣 You’re too much, bro! 😆😭

    • Wrathzy

      @Datachu You’re either Ill informed, lying to yourself, trying to be happy with what you can afford or just don’t know any better, either way, glad you’re happy bro. Nobody who owns an iPad and a Mac want them to combine, nobody. Apart from professional grade dedicated drawing tablets by Wacom etc for example, the iPad Pro is leagues above everything else for touch input digital design. It’s literally not even disputed.

    • Wrathzy

      @2ndIINone Damn bro, you scream that you’ve got some deep routed issues going on, maybe write paras to a councillor instead of someone who doesn’t care / is laughing at you, I clowned on touchscreen laptops, it’ll be alright, you can stop crying now xoxo

    • 2ndIINone

      @Wrathzy woah nelly! You’re still wasting your time talking in circles and trolling?!?!?! Here in reality what you’re actually saying is: “There is a feature that some tech products offer, it’s a feature that I don’t use, therefore, nobody else should use it and anyone who does use it is a human being that can be characterized by the use of said feature:” I’m willing to bet that you’re neither old enough or intelligent enough to comprehend just how utterly foolish and meaningless you are.

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      @MSD it's a laptop not a phone loo

  • nova

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you and Dave 2D to get your hands on these!!

    • _/_

      @Chris Wright yup he's obnoxious as hell

    • nova

      @Austin Evans I would expect nothing less!!! 😂

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User

      @Austin Evans is trash, My content is better!

    • Chris Wright
      Chris Wright

      Dave 2d is to much a fan boy

    • Ethan Wing
      Ethan Wing

      @Austin Evans wow

  • Barry Filion
    Barry Filion

    I watched the presentation and preordered a 14 as soon as it ended, didnt do the MAX but still think im gonna be very happy with it since its replacing my 2009 MBP lol, guess ill know for sure next tues when its due to arrive

  • Milad Bannourah
    Milad Bannourah

    I really don't want my next laptop to be a MacBook, I hope that intel and AMD have a good respond to the M1 pro/max

    • Txktik

      @Timothy Jannsen When AMD introduces their 5nm products, Apple will already have new 3nm chips lmao

    • Timothy Jannsen
      Timothy Jannsen

      amd has already revealed their plans dude 5nm and 3d chips it will put them back on top also ive yet to meet anyone that actually uses the full power of macbook for anything worthwhile

  • Jay Talking Tech
    Jay Talking Tech

    Amazing accomplishment with those chips. The efficiency and performance Apple claims, and with the precedence set with last year's M1 chips, I'm sure will pan out is awesome. Now I'm a PC guy (though I do have an iPad, iPhone also also an Android phone) and never owned a Mac. I am a techie and wouldn't turn one down if given to me😀or if I could get one for a reasonable price. And herein lies my point. Austin, your image shows "Goodbye PC laptops" which may have been your own personal expression regarding the advent of these Macs; or it may be interpreted (as some Mac fans and Mac focus youtubers surmise) that Apple silicon Macs will shift the market of PC users increasing toward Macs. Those of us, easily read as MOST of us, have finite resources to invest in tech. Now to be fair, I'm not a "normal" and I am excited about tech, love innovation, am wowed by the specs and numbers that get all of attention but fly WAY BELOW the radar of a "normal" consumer just looking for a laptop to surf the web, run thier business, write a paper, create a spreadsheet etc. Even the initial "low power" M1 macs are overkill for most computer users. Most are not swayed by the numbers and specs we pine over, in fact most don't even understand them or know how that might be relevant to them, in fact for these 100s of millions of "normals" who are not editing videos or creating CPU/GPU intensive content the numbers as much as techies line us will spew with great passion how fast and snappy it will make thier experience or perhaps future proof thier computing experience - in reality - all they want and NEED is something to help that will run Office, surf the web and maybe even play light games. Most of the 100s of millions of PC users will not say goodbye to PCs because of the AWESOME, and this coming from a PC guy, AWESOME achievement Apple has made with these chips! Now I have invested a sizable chunk in a 15" Surface Book 3, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD and 1660 Ti Max Q GPU. That thing wasn't cheap!!! $2699!!! So, as a techie, I'm willing to invest in tech I want, but where I point my limited resources is measured by where I feel I'll get most value. Normals likely feel the same way and they wouldn't pay nearly as much as I dropped on my Book 3. Even now, as impressive as these Macs are, Id get mire value from a specced out Surface Pro 8 that would be in the $2000+ range or the Surface Laptop Studio, and the config I want is mid 2000s. So, for me versatility, touch, inking are important. also for me I do digital art as well. So, for me a traditional clamshell doesn't cut it. And for the 100s of millions where clamshell does work for them, who are PC users, they just need what they need, and even despite ALL OF THAT WONDERFUL M1 POWER, most PC users who are writing in Word, creating Excel docs, surfing in Chrome, or playing games, etc, won't be enticed to say "Goodbye to PC Laptops". Great video as usual!!!🔥😊 Now, IF I had more disposable income I'd get the Surface Laptop Studio AND a 16 inch specced or MacBook. But since my funds are limited - my next PC may be a Pro 8 or the Surface Laptop Studio. Hello PC Laptops! 😊

    • Emannys Theories
      Emannys Theories

      Counter point, starting price mbp 14 is only a month of work at McDonald's.

  • Lumilicious

    The pricing is insane, yes, but for the first time they're kinda justified to charge it? Of course we need to wait for benchmarks, but just what it is on paper... you can't get an M1 Max and the software optimization on anything else. I'll prolly wait for M2, as I am super happy with my M1 right now... that 14" is hella tempting, though. I am kinda fine with the notch tbh. It would be a massive problem on a 16:9 screen, but it's a 16:10 so it won't be an annoyance when watching stuff. I see it as an extension to the menu bar and it prolly won't be visible as much when using dark mode. I mean it is better than putting the webcam into the chin, I hate webcams that are placed there. Face ID would have been nice.

  • 012345678 9876543210
    012345678 9876543210

    Everytime I see one of these videos I am reminded that I am owning my last pc even if I have no need or interest in upgrading in the near future.

  • Duncie

    Idk what to buy, i'm used to my 13 inch macbook pro from early 2015 and I am ready to buy the new one. However I am questioning if buying the 16 inch would be any better over the 14 inch if i am already used to a 13 inch. What do you guys recommend?

    • TheDeathmail

      14 in would be fine if you are used to it. It should be around the same size as your 13 in... and you can get a separate monitor if you need a bigger screen...

  • melomaniakjm

    IF we do have 3080 performance, silently, on battery + 64GB unified memory then I'm buying it. That would mean great performance in 3D rendering with more memory than even a 3090 has. And it's portable...

    • TheVikingquest

      So it needs to be 7x faster for u to buy one? Jeez. Demand much?

  • Angel Alfaro
    Angel Alfaro

    What an expensive piece tech! Great job Apple making us feel so poor.

    • TheDeathmail

      Premium tech often is more expensive. That's nothing new.

  • Aleksander Hoff
    Aleksander Hoff

    I haven’t been this excited for a new MBP since the 15 inch retina in 2012 (or was it 2011?)… recently got an M1 13inch for work though, so probably have to wait a few years for a new one 😅

  • menjivarTv

    Honestly I like big laptops but the 16 inch is too much for me. I wish they’d make a bigger version of the MacBook Air

  • Kayode Animashaun
    Kayode Animashaun

    This is all well and good but can you game on it? Does it have a touchscreen? Is it convertible? These are all advantages you can get on a pc at cheaper price

  • jjblue95

    Austin seems more energetic in his latest videos since he had his kid. I think the beauty of being a new father has made him a happier person. Very happy for you my man 😁🙏

    • chickenwing986

      He had a kid?

  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray

    The fully maxed out 16" is cheaper in 2021 dollars than the original 1984 Macintosh which would be $6600 adjusted for inflation.

  • Bitter Triumph
    Bitter Triumph

    I like how Austin spec'd out a near $4000 laptop then said the price was reasonable.

  • Peter Tsoraidis
    Peter Tsoraidis

    Just placed an order for the 14" 10 core m1 pro with 14 core GPU, but 16GB of ram and base storage. I'm so excited for this, I'm a photographer and filmmaker and I'd always get discouraged by the editing process for either avenue cause I've been working off of a custom PC I built (and upgraded over the years) and footage especially would barely run well even just at the stitching process

  • SkyllyKnockt

    were the intel Macs a lot cheaper or not? bc I feel like the price s pretty much the same to them with more a lot more performance and more GBs.

  • Manny L
    Manny L

    I just got a 13in MacBook Pro M1 a couple months ago and I was blown away how good it is. These new MacBooks are insane! I don’t know how they do it.

    • melomaniakjm

      It's called "technology".

  • Marco Aguilera
    Marco Aguilera

    You should do a heat test, see how it compares to last generation 😏

  • B L
    B L

    it's fun as the new m1 pro and max, could get new and better cooling when they would not get it on intel's editions

  • 13StJimmy

    They need to just make this MacBook Pro with the current M1 and sell it for like $1200/$1500 and they’d fly off the shelves 2Gs is just a lot of money for people who want ports and a good display but don’t need insane performance

    • _pyrex

      People who can’t afford 2Gs should just stick to dongles. $40 will save you $2-$4k

    • TheDeathmail

      Wouldn't adding those ports and screen add a few hundred dollars on the M1 models???

    • TheDeathmail

      @Yuririn How is it scamming??? He's basically just saying that if Apple would upgrade the M1 Macbooks with more ports and a better screen, it'd fly off the shelves...

    • Yuririn

      That's called scamming ppl lmao. Imma go sell my ps4 without the gpu for 900 bucks and call it innovation

  • Swervin Media
    Swervin Media

    The two dial analogy is FANTASTIC. Gonna use that from now on to explain the prowess in what Apples silicon is doing.

  • Manish Roshant
    Manish Roshant

    If they made their laptops cheaper, I believe my parents would buy it for me and themselves. Problem is, it costs 10k aka RM10,000 in my country. 2.5k USD. So, yea :")

  • MrKing

    i like the new fetchers but apple are making it more bulky and heavy i wish that they had the same fetchers but make it lighter

  • A. T. Smith
    A. T. Smith

    Yeah, I'm typing on my '09 17" MBP looking at that presentation. I'm already jonesing for that 16" M1 Pro, the M1 Max just just blew my mind.

  • Hridoy Abdullah
    Hridoy Abdullah

    Apple just screwed the PC & Laptop Market . One Mac to Rule Them All 💪

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson

    Apple makes Intel look like trash! Looking forward to the benchmarks.

  • Swedeninthahood

    I am thinking if they would update the M1 base modems to the new design then i buy em

  • AnonymousRebel

    Apple HQ engineer: "We have to get rid of those ridiculous notches on phones and ipads" Apple marketing: "What if we put it on macbooks too, and say things like we doubled the resolution or something"

  • Thee Mclane
    Thee Mclane

    Will they discontinue the M1 air and pros? Because this price is waaaaaay out of reach for the students and regular users. If they retain the other models will the prices stay the same ?

    • Archie Gee
      Archie Gee

      They didn’t discontinue them

  • Cvidz

    I be surprised if the real world test on the m1max is as good as a 3060 let alone one above that tier.

  • Rkla88

    I’m curious to see which windows laptop is going to do the notch first

  • Max Guo
    Max Guo

    Let's wait and see what's gonna happen once the miners got their hands on the new Mac. Hopefully they will not be good at mining the cryptos.

  • Random Tech Videos
    Random Tech Videos

    No joke, I was like, "Maybe I'll give Apple a chance. They now finally have reasonable ports..." AT LEAST UNTIL I SAW THE NOTCH, THAT IS!!!

    • H

      @Random Tech Videos the notch will not be there in either of those circumstances

    • Random Tech Videos
      Random Tech Videos

      @TheDeathmail Because I like rectangular screens. I don't want a notch when gaming or watching a video cropped to full screen. Also it's just ugly and not professional looking.

    • TheDeathmail

      Why??? That notch is only bring the menu bar higher... that's it... meaning, the notch is actually a good thing... it's giving us more screen real estate...

  • Pennyworth

    What I see this as is Apple distancing themselves from the 'Difficulties' Intel are facing in their manufacturing processes. A game of appearances?

  • Vennux

    its good that apple give us alot of options and with vfm

  • Aarya Joshi
    Aarya Joshi

    Thanks Austin for making me remind that people on internet cannot be trusted due to which I will always have to check my volume before clicking on a video from now on.

  • Nonth Suriyan
    Nonth Suriyan

    They finally make a MacBook Pro Max, where the Max comes from M1 Max (they also made a MacBook Pro Pro)

  • Skiez

    i think ill just stick with my pc with a 3070. im not ditching that for an macbook. good product but definitely not a pc killer

  • prabhav 2009
    prabhav 2009

    My reaction after looking at the notch: I guess I'll spend my 6k $ on the highest end windows laptop

  • Mooshin

    Two questions: 1) can I game on the new macbook pro, 2) I invested heavily on Steam library. Can these game be ported over? So basically what does the new macbook mean for gamers?? Or is it business as usual for pc gaming?

    • Mooshin

      @konst What a shame. The new macbook pros could have been a great gaming laptop otherwise. What a missed opportunity..

  • Mostafa Choudhury
    Mostafa Choudhury

    No apple, streamlining the pc industry… easy to buy a pc with your needs. Hardware and components are easy to identify the software and its a garden wall.

    • Sweater

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  • 神头鬼脸

    I am just wondering if there is still a slight chance that a new MacBook air is coming in 2021 right now

  • DAGU

    with the new ports i am starting to regain faith in apple, tho the headphone jack won't be added back on iphones :|

    • Sweater

      *👆👆GIVEAWAY ALERT👆👆* Thanks for watching Congrats you have been selected among our shortlisted winners send us a message now!!!

  • David Moore
    David Moore

    He forgot to mention that the laptop that the M1 Max laptop will be competing against in graphics is the current King of Gaming Laptops, the MSI GE76 Raider with a 4K 120hz screen and an RTX 3080.

    • Danial Danish
      Danial Danish

      @Bzake for the desktop one yea but m1 max is faster/on par with the 3080 mobile.

    • Emannys Theories
      Emannys Theories

      @Bzake Except they don't, last year Apple actually underestimated their chips perf not over.

    • Bzake

      @Kishore Venktesh Apple’s deceitful marketing. I’m waiting to see real comparisons.

    • Kishore Venktesh
      Kishore Venktesh

      @Bzake nope. They directly compared it to both the Razer Blade 15 Advanced, and the MSI GE76 Raider, and it sits right in between the two in terms of performance. The two laptops have an RTX 3080 with 105 & 155W TGPs respectively. So yeah, it can actually compete.

    • Joob

      @Bzake it’s faster than a LAPTOP with a 3080, but slower than a desktop with a 3080 due to cooling

  • DeathStrom

    I don't really like the notched camera(I THOUGHT WE WHERE GETTING RID OF THEM)but other than that it's pretty legit

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson

      The notch looks awesome. It's a feature 📼

    • Loki .
      Loki .

      That's my only problem with this, other than that, this is a really capable machine, the wait has been well worth it.

    • TheDeathmail

      @Evan Wu It's still symmetrical and all it's doing is making the menu bar go higher... so we are just getting more screen real estate without losing the menu bar...

    • TheDeathmail

      I think it's cool because all it's doing is raising the menu bar... so it's not ruining the screen.

    • asianmasterice

      The notch is not serious when you consider that in mac os there is always a black menu bar on top and with the notch on the menu bar you actually get more content under the menu bar so the notch is a plus.

  • Tinnakorn Sai
    Tinnakorn Sai

    From looks of it everyone can get away easily with Macbook Air M1 with 16gb version. Unless you are doing heavy video editing on your laptop.

    • uh huh honey
      uh huh honey

      I have the m1 air with 16gb ram (no other upgrades) and it works so well I can't justify buying the new ones and its probably more practical to travel with aside from the lack of ports

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  • Joe

    Aside from games, Apple has left a massive dent in the PC industry with these notebooks.

    • Emannys Theories
      Emannys Theories

      @Scare Kraken it might not thermal throttle on account of the fact that the chip doesn't draw that much power.

    • Radicool Gaming
      Radicool Gaming

      ​@alipetuniashow "reasonable price" Yeah if you pay for plastic laptops. Idk about you, but before my XPS i used to have those plastic laptops and I didn't feel like doing any work on them, but after I got the XPS, I actually enjoy doing work.

    • Evan Wu
      Evan Wu

      @Scare Kraken There might very well be a bit of thermal throttling when pushing the macs, but keep in mind that these are very efficient chips and along with the redesigned cooling, I think it's going to be negligible. But this is all speculation. We'll how they run in the many reviews to come.

    • alipetuniashow

      Yeah but windows has more specs and performance and for a reasonable price

    • The Feudal Lord
      The Feudal Lord

      @Scare Kraken yes

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates

    Austin is only bloke i can relate to and like watching reviews from - enthusiastic and honest - ps5 was the best teardown vid shook the world - was honest and sony did skimp out on the heat sink - performance may not effect as much but who cares great content !!!!

    • Norman Bates
      Norman Bates

      @Dominic C everyone was talking about it how did it not shake the world ? Lol , go hate on someone else channel people like you are never happy

    • Dominic C
      Dominic C

      It didn't shake the world, it was an uneducated video with no basis in fact. So not great content

  • pinguman13

    M1 was already the best chip in the world. Apple really outdid themselves by putting these new chips out there.

  • TheYellowDude

    You know its something good when Austin is hyped up

    • GMDrandom 628
      GMDrandom 628

      @Instagram User is trash, My content is better!

    • Thesonickid

      @Oozly ok

    • Oozly

      @Thesonickid oh, then yeah your set up is good

    • Thesonickid

      @Oozly can't it's what my dad got me

    • Oozly

      @Thesonickid get ryzen

  • Jef Girdler
    Jef Girdler

    Maxed out, sure, it's a monstrously expensive laptop. But the game has kinda changed - think about how far into the future this thing will carry you. This could in very real actuality be the last laptop you ever need to buy.

  • Isaac Pearson
    Isaac Pearson

    I feel like they should have added facud in some form because of the notch I think they would have but they just haven't figured it out yet

  • Blocky

    I see it less as adding a notch and more pushing the menu bar into the bezel I don't even think you would notice the notch if you use dark mode

    • Perfectly Balanced
      Perfectly Balanced

      I mean a notch on a laptop is better then large bezels. Large bezels stick out way too much on laptops

  • Stygian

    Apple really stepped up their game

  • Gandalfwiz2007

    I am just curious, how long can that thing run an intensive app until it thermal throttles

    • Avinash Anish
      Avinash Anish

      I mean, it consumes lesser power than most windows laptops and has a pretty good cooling system, so should be pretty good

  • Ydd Matt
    Ydd Matt

    I’m a music producer. I use FL studio and other plugins for sound design. I’m definitely going for the 14 but idk if to go for the high end Pro-With 32GB and 4TB or the high end Max option-With 64GB and 4TB.

    • uh huh honey
      uh huh honey

      32gb sounds OP tbh... 64gb is beyond overkill for most tasks.. not sure about music production though

    • GMDrandom 628
      GMDrandom 628

      I think 32 GB should be more than good but I don't really know. In general most people who question getting 64 GB don't need 64 GB

  • Linda Televangelista
    Linda Televangelista

    I wish I can make the taskbar black so it blends with the notch. But i think, the notch would look better in person with Mac Os.

    • Larryeb37

      I think you will be able to

  • james

    Hey Austin I agree with most of what you said but remember the RAM is shared RAM between the processor and the graphics so effectively 32+16 and 64 is 32 if I was considering I would get to 64 Gig Ram and 2 TB hard drive because you can always offload onto external drives nothing professional should come with less than 1 TB

  • Sand Twogo
    Sand Twogo

    2:24 OH NO! my 10 year old laptop would probably not be able to cool this! Any plans on m1 max swapping it are gone! Or... Actually can it? The i3 2330m in it draws up to 22 watts according to MSI afterburner, and the gpu should pull up to 12, so, it actually COULD cool it! See y'all in 10 years where this will be cheap, and if I have the laptop, I will try to do it!

  • Albert XD
    Albert XD

    Can they beat the Xeon W2200 and the RTX 3090 ?

  • LunaticProgressMaker

    Apple cranked the MacBook Pros up a "notch"! 🤣

  • Otto45

    Instead of believing Apple's graphs, i'll wait for actual reputable reviewers to make a video. Then decide

  • Iñaki

    hey is it 400 Gigabytes per second or Gigabits? I know it sounds an easy one but: GB/s the capital B uses to be bytes, instead of Gb\s , but normally bandwidth uses to be measured in megabits/gigabits etc... so who knows for sure?

  • David Raymond
    David Raymond

    I ordered mine and will run some benchmarks when I get it. I don't think it will be much faster as a full tile PC laptop however the combination of capabilities that have been advertised doesn't exist in any PC Laptop that exists now or probably for the next couple of years. Also I think it will keep up with my custom PC with RTX 2070 so I can put all my real work on one machine and use my desktop for gaming only. So for me it will be a 5-6 year laptop with 15hrs+ of real work battery life, a CPU that is at least 1.4x as fast as an i7-11800H, fast charging, a 1080p camera, a GPU that is equivalent to a full voltage desktop RTX 2070 -2080 which is more than I need in a laptop. So I am happy with that next year I expect them to release something that is even better but that would be overkill for me.

  • Scorch

    I am so tired of these tech youtubers getting excited about overpriced crap like this. I mean, I get why they do it but it just makes me hate Apple more.

  • undefined

    Dude, I’m in for 3 of them. 16” pro max let’s do it.

  • 🎸String Breaker
    🎸String Breaker

    When you think Apple is going to kick it up a notch, they present you with an actual notch. The highlight of the event really.

  • Bazooka

    Apple is slowly killing it’s competition!

  • Reno

    Looking forward to see a punch hole laptop in the future 😴

  • siggesinner

    Apple should let you build your own Mac and pcs with different 3rd party cpus and stuff

    • Emannys Theories
      Emannys Theories

      Counter point, the hardware versatility makes windows act like hot garbage sometimes. Drivers errors up the ass, less optimization since it has to check what it's running on ect.

    • H

      @Skiez 1. That's not a laptop chip 2. The 5950x is slower in single core performance

    • Skiez

      @H amd ryzen 5950x

    • H

      @Skiez you can't fit that in a laptop dude what are you talking about. There is no laptop chip right now faster than the m1 pro/max

    • Skiez

      @Memphis Furman well u said the m1 is better than anything else that’s available