A Minecraft laptop MYSTERY TECH!
Austin Evans
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I'm not linking the Pokemon figures lol

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  • Anthony Wozniak
    Anthony Wozniak

    The entirety of mystery tech is "look at all the crap we can write off as a business expense"

    • TwIzL

      @just some guy I want that dugtrio figure lmfao

    • Gene Kwagmyr Singh
      Gene Kwagmyr Singh

      @Anthony Wozniak Yeah, me too. I wish I had the idea to monetize buying stuff for myself. I really missed the trading card breaks boom... I should have been in on that.

    • Jason Blalock
      Jason Blalock

      The Xenochu would be a great gag or white elephant gift. The recipient's reaction would be priceless, no matter what.

    • just some guy
      just some guy

      @Anthony Wozniak Ya, who doesn't want "Pikaswole"?

    • Anthony Wozniak
      Anthony Wozniak

      @Gene Kwagmyr Singh oh trust me. I'm not complaining. Actually a little (lot) jealous.

  • GD ADHD47
    GD ADHD47

    "My laptop can run minecraft great" "My laptop is minecraft"

    • StepbroSai

      @Tqual oh

    • Tqual

      @StepbroSai they also replie to like all my comments for some werid reason and theres like 8433468348 accounts of them

    • Tqual

      java is minecraft

    • StepbroSai

      @Gina R0se Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18 your pfp why

    • Techguy 47 velaga
      Techguy 47 velaga

      @Artala yes it is

  • Rust consol Chad
    Rust consol Chad

    It’s crazy I remember my friend telling me about this game in 2009 and just been watching it grow, it’s wierd how big Minecraft has got from back then

    • DiamondDepth YT
      DiamondDepth YT

      Yeah, first time I played MC was back in 2010 on a summer camp computer, now I'm here basically 12 years later, still playing the game and interacting with the community.

    • Rust consol Chad
      Rust consol Chad

      @G_DaKid I wasn’t born 3 years too early but I was in like 07 but it was pretty much mainstream by then

    • G_DaKid

      Try being a Pokémon fan since 99

    • Rust consol Chad
      Rust consol Chad

      @Gene Kwagmyr Singh Facts , looking back on it we had some dope and funny memories on that game, haven’t played in a long time tho but it’s nice to see its doing good and bringing others joy

    • Gene Kwagmyr Singh
      Gene Kwagmyr Singh

      Yeah, when my best friend told me about it I thought it was a terrible idea. He bought me an account and hundreds of hours later...

  •  ShortHax

    Minecraft Shaders: “Allow us to introduce some fire graphics, you will also agree, visibly”

    • Void Transmits
      Void Transmits

      Eh celerons dont get very hot at al from experience. Only time mine got hot was when I was playing in bed and I ended up falling asleep, blanket covering the laptop

    • MC Chase
      MC Chase

      But the first Minecraft laptop only supports Windows 10 Apps.

    • Not Mar
      Not Mar

      Lmao you got that one

    • jojm jojm
      jojm jojm

      I’d actually say Java without shaders can be really intensive as soon as you get into redstone

    • a don't starve noob
      a don't starve noob

      @Bruh Bruh oh no plz plz don't say that 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Noah Vallas
    Noah Vallas

    “How do you do fellow kids” Ken: “oh god” 😂😂😂

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      I love that reference.

  • Shooter Q
    Shooter Q

    My Uncle had the gameboy cart changer for the SP. It was pretty much perfect for his needs, since he only had the three games and the base SP was too small for his hands.

  • RodimusPrime29

    Mystery Tech episodes always make me smile. Keep these vids coming!

  • libby

    "but can it run Minecraft?" *plays the most optimised version of the game*

    • Shranik Dua
      Shranik Dua

      @Niop Tres I was waiting for some dude to say that his laptops so trash it cant even run dat

    • Niop Tres
      Niop Tres

      @Shranik Dua Bedrock is designed for mobile devices, so yeah

    • Shranik Dua
      Shranik Dua

      @aidan ok

    • aidan

      @Shranik Dua the only reason its more optimized is because it was first released on smartphones and was then ported to windows 10

    • Ryvznovik

      @Shranik Dua it has to be better since it was built from the ground up

  • Tony Theriault
    Tony Theriault

    I’ve had one of those Game Changers adapters for my GBA SP for decades. I paid $15 loose for it, and I’m glad I did. Not only is it better designed for people with hands that cover the entire GBA SP, but it protects 3 games from getting dusty. Just clean the power switch every once in a while with alcohol. It loses its grip on the SP’s power switch if it gets too dirty.

  • Acepilot8 gaming
    Acepilot8 gaming

    Gotta love when they swapped places for one product. It was funny seing Ken review something "from a Dad perspective"🤣🤣🤣

  • rashid aljure
    rashid aljure

    DIMM memory on a Minecraft laptop? That is real mystery tech right there!

  • Kaj Yakuzonik
    Kaj Yakuzonik

    Yaaaay, thank you Geo for producing yet more e-waste that just ends up more or less immediately in our dumps - There ought to be a law against producing crap like this.

  • Zarch

    There is a “gateway” branded Minecraft laptop as well it should run Minecraft 200% better

    • YoursTrulyST

      It has the same amount of RAM, I think its a step up in graphics card and processor and double the storage.....so, eh?

  • Infidel Gaming
    Infidel Gaming

    I love that Logitech are keeping with the design cues of the Logitech Craft keyboard. Love my Craft and the aluminum!

  • Montisaquadeis

    I have a 14" "Netbook" with the same CPU and 4GB of ram and 32gb of emmc storage and it handles Minecraft perfectly fine.

  • ITSOnz

    I just imagine his kid being like: "*sigh* Dad, for the 1000th time, I dont like this kids tech stuff"

    • Artala

      Top comment

  • Party Man9209
    Party Man9209

    I thought this episode was an elaborate ploy for the crew to let Austin to figure out that he had a kid on the way I was waiting for it when I noticed all the kid products

  • DaBlox

    Awesome keyboard that gives me a good idea for a keyboard to maybe get! Thanks for doing the keyboard!

  • Spoons

    From what I hear, young kids headphones are usually quieter because they can hear things much louder then adults. Normal adult headphones apparently could damage a kids ear drums because it's so loud for them.

    • Tepwo

      Like the kids tech to get kids into programming is fine like raspberry pi kits and stuff but its the stupid v-tech stuff.

    • Tepwo

      Most kids tech is SO BAD! Its like alr for anyone under 7 years old but in some of the kid phone adds they advertise it like a 11-12 year old using it which is kinda stupid no 11 year old would use kids tech unless they had a very annoying mom. I just hate kids tech its insulting to actual good tech.

  • Yugi

    2 things are a guarantee with Austin's Mystery Tech: Ken making Austin rage on the inside. Throwing & Dropping Tech.

  • A3 Radio
    A3 Radio

    I have a regular MX keys and love i actually prefered over a mechanical with cherry browns that i have, still prefer the mx blues though

  • Aurora Blaize
    Aurora Blaize

    I had a gamechanger and honestly it was pretty freaking awesome and pretty freaking comfortable

  • Yash Shah
    Yash Shah

    Mystery tech is getting more and more......how should I put it like old videos were kinda better for some reason probably because it had more new&exciting stuff 😅

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi

    (2:57) My guess is that the GPU was doing the cursor in hardware, like I've seen on some NVIDIA GPUs when I go to turn on Windows "Night light".

  • Channel name
    Channel name

    Golly you guys are so funny. I was cracking up this episode of mystery tech lol

  • Neehal

    Finally! Love me some mystery tech.

  • UpGlow

    That latency in the game is actually a massive bug that has been around since 1.17 came out. It happens on almost all minecraft windows 10 edition. My pc specs are ryzen 7, gtx 1080 TI 16gb, and 64 gb DDR4 ram and it happens with me also. It’s been half a year and mojang/Microsoft hasn’t fixed it it isn’t just that laptop

    • UpGlow

      @Mamadou Ba correct, that’s why I switched to java

    • Mamadou Ba
      Mamadou Ba

      Only on windows 10 edition, not on java (java is superior)

  • mad576

    austin has officially updated a dead meme, and i love it

    • erindgamer1

      @Geraldinho vid

    • Geraldinho

      Upload a vid

  • Gabriel Reisinger
    Gabriel Reisinger

    Minecraft laptop was the dream. He found it looked at the specs and all are dreams and hopes were instantly crushed

  • Jauwan 52
    Jauwan 52

    Mystery Tech is my MAIN go to for ITmores. Gotta love this content!! Wish I could hang with these guys lol

  • Jaden Hewitt-Anciso
    Jaden Hewitt-Anciso

    Austin’s face when he’s told they aren’t gonna fit on HIS head 😂😂😂

  • Brad DL
    Brad DL

    Game changer was super useful back in the day for game boy SP. I had one I had gotten for 15 on sale on xmas.

  • Arcturus

    After all the years I’ve watched Austin I’m just now realizing that his head looks like a balloon.

    • TheProPotato

      Technical_Gaming07 was boutta say that, sheesh

    • Technical_Gaming07

      I can't unsee that now...

  • wacky jacky
    wacky jacky

    Dude!! I remember a store that sold those game changers for literally like 5 bucks.

  • Luced

    At 19:05 Austin was immediately put on a list. I won't say what kind of list, but he was put on a list for saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?" with a kid's camcorder and a cell phone.

  • aidan

    Bedrock edition runs on almost anything lol, it would be somewhat impressive if the minecraft laptop could run java edition

  • Grimpsy

    i love the videos, mainly cause they are helpful but in a funny way as well

  • Golf_Guys_Dino_Performance The Beast Eater
    Golf_Guys_Dino_Performance The Beast Eater

    I would love a laptop like that.

  • hridev arora
    hridev arora

    his energy matches to a small kid who has eaten alot of sugar

    • Jay Hawk
      Jay Hawk

      when i read this comment, he started smelling the keyboard and i laughed at how it happened simultaneously xD

    • ITSOnz

      yeah well... I just imagine his kid being like: "*sigh* Dad, for the 1000th time, I dont like this kids tech stuff"

  • Joseph Boston
    Joseph Boston

    Austin rolls up to the Playground with that: "Hello Kids!" and goes right the hell to prison

  • WildFyr

    This issue of "latency" with the mouse and clicks is just Bedrock on PC, as a Java player playing Bedrock on PC no matter the specs seems to feel delayed no matter what. If this was not the case I would be a lot more inclined to play Bedrock on PC instead of Java however that is just not the case

  • Saladar19

    I had the same issue with latency on my minecraft bedrock edition, there was a config file you have to go into and disable vsync or something

  • WolfDemonProductions

    I had the Game Changer as a kid. I loved that thing!

  • Spygamerliam

    Love your vids Austin keep it up

  • PL Danis
    PL Danis

    Man, keyboard can no longer be considered as a mystery tech.

  • Indianish

    I recently turned on rtx in my minecraft and the fire feels, looks and smells real.

    • Epic


  • Sam Nerby
    Sam Nerby

    Those Pokémon figures are AWESOME! 😀👍👍👍👍I wish I didn't live in a toy desert, I'd pick up that Xeno Pokémon in different colorways! Psybaduck is hilarious! Love-LOVE 'em!

  • Gene Kwagmyr Singh
    Gene Kwagmyr Singh

    Man I love Mystery Tech.

  • J.W.C.SanAntonio

    I had that game changer back in the day, it was awesome.

  • Howard Zhang
    Howard Zhang

    As a RGHD viewer as well, I seen this laptop before, but it's always new to see it again, by a different youtuber

  • Daxton Anderson
    Daxton Anderson

    Shoulda popped the bottom off of that laptop to see what the memory situation was like. Would be a decent budget-spec kid laptop for Minecraft if it were upgraded to 8GB of RAM and a decent 240GB SSD.

  • Donny Donaghy
    Donny Donaghy

    Austin goes from reviewer to boss real quick 16:53

  • Zack Legrec_450
    Zack Legrec_450

    keep up the content love it

  • RCmies

    The Logitech MX keys would be perfect for me but they really had to ruin it with those arrow keys Edit: meaning that they should've made them normal size.

    • Ben Adamson
      Ben Adamson

      @Tyler Furrison The K780 and K480 both have grooves for just that purpose. Both also have broad compatibility (and multi-OS key labelling).

    • RCmies

      @Robert Burgmann There's the regular MX keys for you then

    • Tyler Furrison
      Tyler Furrison

      I say it would be great to have a groove to properly fit a phone or tablet

    • Robert Burgmann
      Robert Burgmann

      It's a neat keyboard but without I need a numpad 🌈

  • Sheddy's Gaming and Tech
    Sheddy's Gaming and Tech

    I bought my 8 yr old this laptop this year. He loves the hell out of it. It's amazing what $200 can buy now... And what $800 can't...

  • LostThoughts909

    16:53 When your friend reminds you he's your boss real quick...

    • Boon Walker
      Boon Walker

      Fr he got serious

  • Freddie Taylor
    Freddie Taylor

    Hi Austin, love your videos. 😁

  • socialsuperstar

    I owned one of those Gameboy extensions and I loved it

  • SmolKittyWaifu2022

    This would run Linux pretty well

  • marter1234 gaming
    marter1234 gaming

    for those wondering. Ken is wearing a Miku shirt from OMOCAT.

    • Hector Rodriguez
      Hector Rodriguez

      Thanks good to know

    • basesaw

      OMOCAT?! 💀

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Hi Austin, I love your videos :)

  • LordHonkInc

    A bluetooth keyboard compatible with multiple operating systems?! Gadzooks, I've never seen such witchcraft before, it's almost as if the IEEE themselves codified a standard of some sort

    • Ben Adamson
      Ben Adamson

      He means the glyphs on the keys, not the connectivity itself.

  • HaydenX

    That kids "laptop", that cost $180, is flimsier than a very similar device my dad gave me...which he got for free for *looking* at some cars at a local dealership...not even a test drive, or even a credit check, was necessary to give it away to "customers" for free. I really think Austin was overstating that POS's value...I bet they are $5-10 each and no more.

  • AskingShoe

    Lmao I own the game changer. Pretty sure a friend traded me it with a bunch of other stuff for a shitty dbz game on the sp back in the day. It was kinda nice to use but seemed to drain power more then it really should have

  • Thesonickid

    Hey Austin, I am wondering what specs would be a good pc. For example the gaming pc that I am getting has a intel core i7 3.8 ghz and an Amd Radeon 6700 graphics card. are those good specs or not because I want to make sure that they are.

  • B34r117

    Claim your "ive seen a review on this laptop already" ticket

  • SonataLife

    16:50 Austin sounded scary serious when he said that

    • Elaine

      Lol 😂 yeah best part.

    • Aspyn Walton
      Aspyn Walton

      @Justin C. sounded like maybe “pornhub”

    • Justin C.
      Justin C.

      @Aspyn Walton yeah, definitely HR manager vibes. What was the word anyway?

    • Aspyn Walton
      Aspyn Walton

      That was “boss” Austin

  • julfikhsan

    Austin having a kids' toys channel seems like a good idea

  • MasterCode3000

    I just knew it was a game changer before you even opened it 😂

  • Aryan

    I don't want to know how you guys shoot that floor view 😂

  • j peg
    j peg

    We need to do a head to head between the minecraft geobook laptop and the minecraft gateway laptop.

  • Omen713

    I am watching this video on the geo book 120 and it can run actually really well and for a laptop its not exactly going to run minecraft super well its a laptop not a pc

  • Aarush Sivapuram
    Aarush Sivapuram

    Imagine if there was an official MSFS 2020 laptop or an official KSP or Cities SKYLINES Laptop

  • Joseph Grutt
    Joseph Grutt

    Personally, I'm in the market for a tablet for my son that doesn't let him get on sites he shouldn't be on or make obscene calls. Any ideas?

  • Bonehead Gaming
    Bonehead Gaming

    Ken is quite frankly the drippiest dude on the crew.

  • Hijinks

    Finally more mystery tech

  • tom5677

    Not gonna lie, alien pikachu is a combination of two of my favourite things so I would definitely buy it

  • iamkodenusi | 오데누시 ☕
    iamkodenusi | 오데누시 ☕

    Austin: gets a BIG WHIFF of the keyboard... Me: "You'd think people learned more about general hygiene from the pandemic, huh?"

  • Harshdeep Tanwar
    Harshdeep Tanwar

    120 means the display can max be rotated to 120 degree

  • Vnagfighter Gaming
    Vnagfighter Gaming

    the lantecy is a bedrock problem, if you play on a 60hz monitor with vsync enabled then you will have huge lantency

  • captainrobots

    Damn Ken just letting Timmy on some website that we can't name and then Timmy runs away after his parents found out about him going on that website.

  • Paul Boodle
    Paul Boodle

    Ken should also do Mystery tech some times

  • Mike Hoffman
    Mike Hoffman

    Austin, do you actually use the Z Flip 3 as your daily? Is so can you offer me some insight into your reason? Do you not care about the best cameras and such? Or are they just fine to you? Or is it because you just care more so that it flips? Thanks

  • Perry Melenhorst
    Perry Melenhorst

    I had that minecraft laptop, I got it for my birthday from my mum because she knew I wanted a laptop to play on. It was great for just sitting there and playing with my friends in year 4. Overall, the laptop chugged along but it was fine for a 9 year old playing minecraft.

  • Graham Studies
    Graham Studies

    I think it is a really low spec first I thoughtt it will come with Nvidia graphic and really good and processer and about lots of rams but it isn't as I thought.

  • Tommy Shields
    Tommy Shields

    Little known fact about the GeoBook: the original Minecraft GeoBook shipped with 32GB of EMMC storage, and was released about 3 months ago, making it one of the few devices being sold manufacturer new that wouldn't need the minimum requirements of Windows 11. GeoBook silently upgraded that model to 64GB shortly after.

  • Burssty

    Bedrock Edition has latency problems inherently. It's just worsened by that processor

  • madden07rulz

    We want a MYSTERY TECH W/ KEN!!!!

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    Austin refusing to look at the kids "phone" again and walking off haha

  • LinseTV

    the best angle for typing is acutally flat on the desk. Keyboards need to have this angle (or give the opportunity to make it this angle) so you can see the letters better...

  • Dogismo

    "Top one doesnt feel great", meanwhile the back of the cart has a sticker over it


    I love this channel ❤️

  • Karimrir

    This thing would be on fire if someone played the java edition on it

    • TalkinTurtle

      no way that would run since bedrocks so much better optimized but yeah

  • Kaleb

    Love watching these videos😍

  • VAssend

    I love your videos so much I wish I had a pc though if theres a way because it would help me out so much but keep up the grind

  • Taylen

    Great timing for this video, Minecraft live just finished a moment ago👍

  • Gabriel Krusen
    Gabriel Krusen

    In the video at around 2:28, the camera begins flashing green. You can notice the flashing a little better at 2:32.

  • Daxton Anderson
    Daxton Anderson

    11:17 I feel like this would be a great device for people making their own custom gameboy games to get around the DRM protection built into the Gameboy logo. You just tell it to switch the cartridge as soon as you see "advance" pop up at the bottom and it'll let you use a non Nintendo cartridge.

  • JJB

    Hey Austin can you try the Mx Ergo Advanced Wireless Trackball?

  • Gnome Gay
    Gnome Gay

    Austin sounds just like Josh from mythical kitchen. I love they're enthusiasm!

    • Gnome Gay
      Gnome Gay

      @Hydro Aido dude I was multitasking and didn't pay attention to the video. I swear I was getting ready for some palm heel strikes not a laptop review. Lol

    • Hydro Aido
      Hydro Aido

      Whenever I listen to a hotdog is a sandwich I feel like I’m listening to Austin evens

    • Hydro Aido
      Hydro Aido


    • Hector Rodriguez
      Hector Rodriguez

      He does