$5000 Intel Gaming PC Build!
Austin Evans
New Customers Exclusive - Get a Free 240gb SSD at Micro Center: micro.center/6f9845
Check out the Micro Center Custom PC Builder: micro.center/2d745b

Intel Core i9-12900K: micro.center/b9ee72
MSI Z690 MPG Carbon WiFi DDR5 Intel LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard: micro.center/35b1af
MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ventus 3X Overclocked Graphics Card: micro.center/9cf747
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5-5200 PC5-41600 CL38: micro.center/908ec3
Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe: micro.center/642e57
ASUS Republic of Gamers Thor 1200 Watt 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply: micro.center/1ec8c6
Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass eATX Full Tower Computer Case - Blue: micro.center/29463b
Lian Li Galahad 360mm RGB Water Cooling Kit - Black: micro.center/82f433
Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fluid Dynamic Bearing 120mm Case Fan w/ Controller - 3 Pack Black: micro.center/d383ba
Lian Li Strimer Cables: micro.center/574138

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  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    I feel like there's literally one Micro Center on this planet, that only the tech ITmoresrs have access to.

    • Martell Scott
      Martell Scott

      "I feel like" but that's not the case 😂

    • Tsukuyomi Wrld
      Tsukuyomi Wrld

      i live near 3. perks of being in the tri-state area, but it’s not as glamorous as you might think. shit is still so expensive there

    • Josue Ayala
      Josue Ayala

      i live 20 minutes away from one its actually pretty dangerous to live around one. makes you want to go every time u get paid lol

    • Draken

      @JawaPunter Yea it's in california, so obviously it would be better

    • MegaClutchBot

      Imagine not having one 5 mins away

  • Kenpachi

    I love watching your PC builds just because I can’t afford one. Gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to build a budget PC.

    • Ali Hassan
      Ali Hassan


    • Matheus Campos
      Matheus Campos

      keep hopes high

    • Kimo gaming
      Kimo gaming


    • Popsicle pros
      Popsicle pros


  • PRK

    Austin: Insane deals in our newly opened local Micro Center! Me: **cries in European** Austin: Let's build a $5k 12th gen Intel system! Me: **cries in Haswell**

    • Muhammad Nadziff
      Muhammad Nadziff

      *cries in Malaysia*

    • Noah Barb
      Noah Barb

      @dabney offermein they do definitely run out. Took me a week of checking every morning for graphics cards restocks to get my 3090. Had to wait in line for line an hour or two that day. That was like 5-6 months ago though. Everything else is usually not too hard to get though.!

    • KaviVarman

      ME : cries from all the way from India

    • 661 Gamer
      661 Gamer

      *cries in Australia*

    • N. D.
      N. D.

      @dabney offermein my local location has good deals but like graphics cards and stuff are never in stock

  • Kai

    For the RGB coordination you could've proably just used something like Artemis RGB or something, would've saved lots of RGB headaches

  • Argj1226

    You guys literally took the same route I did when I went there last week! Although less Nvidia cards but the Radeon ones were still there

  • NotCryo

    "Local Micro Center" Alright, guess we gotta travel 2,000 miles boys

    • Eren_Jaeger

      @Jude. Lol same

    • Eren_Jaeger

      Mines 3 hours away lol

    • Sir Steele
      Sir Steele

      3,026 miles for me

    • Koony

      69420 miles

    • Level Official
      Level Official

      I live in mexico

  • ToniisGamingchannel

    with there being a chip shortage I'm suprised that there is this much tech

  • AgentFerrell

    I never seen so many graphics cards in one place. I’ve been looking for a 3060it for awhile now!

  • Rey Martinez
    Rey Martinez

    Fun and interesting video to watch!! Definitely one of my top favorites from Austin 😎 🔥

  • CDGames

    You know what you should've done with the 5700 Pro? Installed Linux on the system, and then virtualized Windows, passing through the 3090 and all of the P-Cores

  • Boss Invader
    Boss Invader

    You and Jay going to these MicroCenters makes me jealous. All we have since Fry's closed is BestBuy in Oregon and I don't need any appliances or TVs!

    • Brice Rabon
      Brice Rabon

      In brewton the best we have is walmart

    • qospel

      what’s crazy is like they have another micro center like 15 mins away

    • Jerry R Dough
      Jerry R Dough

      I have a Walmart lmao, I have to drive over an hour for computer parts 😭

    • HQ Curaçao
      HQ Curaçao

      @Nikita Oxley i dont exactly know how far microcenter is in miles but for me its a continent away

    • Nikita Oxley
      Nikita Oxley

      microcenter is 4.5 miles away from my home

  • Rene Elias
    Rene Elias

    A comparison video to mac computers with the new M1 chip would be great for us to learn!

  • Loweflyer

    Just bought my M1 MacBook Air for 799 from this place. Decent deal. Also had an entire display of like 1000 2tb hard drives for 35 bucks each.


    Damn bro you really went all out love your videos am a big fan of yours😍😍😍

  • wtr_ mnky
    wtr_ mnky

    Quick question what do you do with the other parts in the other tower pc?

  • Aturixios

    "we gotta release this fast" Releases it a week after filming... Nice

    • Ahmed Zarin
      Ahmed Zarin

      *tok noice

    • ihax.inc

      Was looking for this cmnt

    • Aturixios

      @tag I mean... The store re-opened on the 8th and JayzTwoCents got his video out on the 11th.

    • tag

      Seems right, between filing editing and microcenter looking it over, a week is actually pretty fast.

    • Hyp3r


  • Bad PC gaming
    Bad PC gaming

    The specs are epically epic the color is epically epic and the rgb is also epically epic And one question what do you do with the PCs when your done with them

  • Nathaniel Laid
    Nathaniel Laid

    Austin in the first 2 minutes of the video is like me being a kid in a huge toys-r-us store

  • Mustang 0524
    Mustang 0524

    Between you guys, Bitwit, and all the other techtubers going to the new Microcenter you guys are taking all the 3090's!!!!

  • GentleBen

    If I had a local micro center I would probably just build a new PC every 6months. Places like Best Buy and even Target are dropping the ball.

  • Skyb1rdy

    I really wished we had these store’s in Europe :(

    • FcJarlD


    • Da gorrilaa
      Da gorrilaa

      We have barely any in the US dont worry

    • Zev.


    • KristapsJJ

      Sorry bucko, no can do. Electronics are going to be more expensive in Europe. It is unfortunate.

    • CACTUS

      I'm so sad about that :(

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson

    Austin- you need to give signal RGB a try it links a bunch of different parts together

  • Zee III
    Zee III

    Wow this Microcenter looks great. Clean, well-lit, modern. I'm lucky enough to have two Microcenters within 20 miles of me, but they look a bit depressing.

    • Zee III
      Zee III

      @Cali Cobra yea

    • Cali Cobra
      Cali Cobra

      Are you in Georgia?

  • rdmendezr

    *IMO* Vega FE is still the best looking GPU ever made, with the Midnight 6800xt in second.

  • Pyomyositis

    Once the Intel GPU comes out, we can now build an all AMD and an all Intel PC. Assuming that the stock is available and not overpriced.

  • Eli

    "You can't just review the tech you have to be the tech"- austin 2021

    • Demetre

      i was here

  • watercannons collaboration
    watercannons collaboration

    That’s a trend I don’t like with mobo manufacturers, removing RGB options in the bios and forcing you to use the app. I’m not really a RGB person, but there are times when I want to enable it and not having bloat in windows is becoming rarer and rarer

  • Crafter 89
    Crafter 89

    I want to have a store like this here in Switzerland!

  • Quadblox

    Seeing this guy buy the best items in a store filled with stock is so satisfying

  • AZ Titan
    AZ Titan

    I’ve never seen someone actually like their sponsor as much as this, this is pure joy

    • Eren_Jaeger

      I mean honestly me neither

  • Harshit Kawatra
    Harshit Kawatra

    11:05 missed opportunity to say, "we used R G B to create the bluest gaming PC."

  • Rekuishere

    Imagine if they kept all the pc they have made or have it could fit 2 rooms.

  • David Wenzel
    David Wenzel

    You guys are so lucky to have a Microconter they seem to awesome.

    • Charmsly

      We know

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee

    Man, I wish they would open a microcenter in San Diego lol Those GPUs are gonna go FAST (luckily I already have a 3070)

  • AlexDon3614G Gaming
    AlexDon3614G Gaming

    Going to say that you have made the bluest colored PC but it's damn good and awesome but I am wondering that will it be worth it by making this type of pc

  • Bhumy

    Do you guys build keyboards for people? Btw really love the vids keep it up

  • Genuinely Bad
    Genuinely Bad

    Bro now we need an all AMD build and have a competition😏

  • EJP

    Definitely need stores as complete as that Micro Center… and lots of cash to be able to buy a lot!

  • MeZy34

    Austin's Team: okay we need a new video idea. Austin's Team: what about making a blue PC? Austin: YES perfect let's do that.

  • Prajwal Banait
    Prajwal Banait

    That store is a heaven for gamers, miners & professionals🔥

  • I_am_ENSanity

    Seeing as the Alienware pre-built I bought back in March for $1,977 (5800x, 6800xt, 1000w power supply, 16GB of DDR4 3200mhz [single stick], 256gb nvme, and 120mm liquid cooler) is now worth nearly $2,500 I can't imagine how much over MSRP this PC is.

  • FWJJ99

    I wish there were micro centre’s in the UK, that would be so cool.

  • Tj’s Tech
    Tj’s Tech

    Would have loved to see the the prices on the GPUs

  • Wayner !
    Wayner !

    Having an all Intel build would be pretty cool. I’m an AMD guy but I have to appreciate and acknowledge all the progress Intel has made in the last year. They’re doing great things

    • Noah Barb
      Noah Barb

      @Ranjan Biswas pretty sure intel still has an astronomical market share compared to AMD.

    • Ranjan Biswas
      Ranjan Biswas

      They made progress because AMD gave them enough pressure. That's all. It's all AMD's credit.

    • ٠٤. أركان فضيلة
      ٠٤. أركان فضيلة

      so true, alder lake may not give us a Zen 2 or Zen 3 feeling but it still a good step in the right direction.

  • Jay Raymond
    Jay Raymond

    Would love to see a Qled vs OLED video.

  • Trevor Potwin
    Trevor Potwin

    Can you please do a video on what to know about gaming pcs? Like explain the function and numbers of each part. That would be awesome😀

  • Muhd Khairul
    Muhd Khairul

    its 2021 and who would've though the sight of a stacks of Graphic Cards is the rarest thing u can see all day, even in a freaking IT store... XD

  • J Djin
    J Djin

    I really need a gaming pc like this in my life :(

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    Everytime Austin goes to a micro center in each video, I immediately feel depressed, cause there are none near me. :(

    • Ahmed Zarin
      Ahmed Zarin

      poor graphics card

    • Shroom Light
      Shroom Light

      I have 3 within 30 mins

    • Ty Leyden
      Ty Leyden

      I'm lucky enough to have one 2 blocks from my house in MN

    • Superninja 3.0
      Superninja 3.0

      im in aus so. yeaa

    • Aturixios

      @Jude Price in France we only really have LDLC and it's not great either (prices are jacked up for a lot of things, even before the pandemic)... Lots of other local or online shops though

  • Big E
    Big E

    I love this build. Should be dubbed the pc “black ice”

  • dragon demon999
    dragon demon999

    Dude! I would literally do anything to get a microcenter in northwest Florida! I'd literally be in heaven! I could finally scout for a 3080!

  • Odai Ramischand
    Odai Ramischand

    Now I REALLY wish I had a micro center in my country I could get a PC right now

  • Johannes Jacobus Basson
    Johannes Jacobus Basson

    Would you look at that we finally found out where all the parts shortage went 😂


    Jay, Austin and BitWit all getting the MC paycheck. Love to see it

    • Leonardo C.
      Leonardo C.

      @E Lewis Microcenter

    • johnnie miller
      johnnie miller

      It's amazing to see all three of them killing it with MC

    • E Lewis
      E Lewis


  • Navid All Gray
    Navid All Gray

    That was a really satisfying scream from ken at 16:30. I really enjoyed this video! Thanks.

    • Kamikaze_

      he didn't scream what

  • birdsoup777

    I picked up the Lian Li Galahad 360 last week at Micro Center for the 12900k. The Tustin remodel looks awesome. I feel like going back to micro center right now and i have no reason to go.

  • Shinigami Gamer
    Shinigami Gamer

    For rgb u can use signal rgb to combine all (icue,mystic light, etc.) and all will sync together as one

  • Broklond

    As a european I'm so jealous of the microceters you have


    This isn't enough. I want to see the $500,000 build


    In my location, GPU is easily available. Easily available becoz of the expensive price. Not many can afford the latest GPU. Even the RTX 2060 6Gb cost around US$650.

  • iDeker

    I wish they had stores like these in Australia I would spend hours of my life just walking around because ik I would never be able to afford anything

  • willg955

    LMAO, the LTT merch betrayals get me every time.

    • AAALY247 gamer
      AAALY247 gamer

      @OsamaBinHentai yes

    • OsamaBinHentai

      @AAALY247 gamer can u even spell

    • AAALY247 gamer
      AAALY247 gamer

      @amir_ gamer7676 y e s

    • amir_ gamer7676
      amir_ gamer7676

      @AAALY247 gamer he is so rich

    • amir_ gamer7676
      amir_ gamer7676

      @Regency BLACKSTORM me too :D

  • crimson

    "I'm still lost, I actually don't know where I'm going." Oh god, Micro Center is becoming Ikea.

    • Yukifuyu Ayame
      Yukifuyu Ayame

      it always has been ikea

  • Ibrahim Anser
    Ibrahim Anser

    Austin: It will be a pain to install Nvidia and AMD drivers in the same system Me: Hold my beer

  • Drew Killings
    Drew Killings

    a slight tear came out my eye seeing all those graphic cards.

  • MakeShiftMafia

    As someone who has only been in best buy this looks like heaven

  • Perdomot

    Would have been funny if Austin ran into Jay when he did his video for the store. Tech-tubers should cameo on each other's videos. The food & travel channels already do that.

  • DJJoshuaGames

    Damn, I wish Micro Center was a thing in Australia

  • Adam Hooper
    Adam Hooper

    That case would be great for a PC that's PS2 themed.

  • Mr Gallardo
    Mr Gallardo

    I thought for a second Austin was gonna bust out a Intel graphics card.

  • Early Ani
    Early Ani

    Seeing Austin acting like a kid on new microcenter made me jealous 😣

  • Cart

    i love how he casually just gets a 3090

  • Jared Myers
    Jared Myers

    Should have installed Signal RGB. May have helped a tad(?)

  • HungryPrince

    Austin and Ken feels like kids going to a candy store or a toy shop with their parents buying them anything they want.

    • Eren_Jaeger

      Fr bro wish I could do that lmao

  • turn

    Watching this video made me think i was dreaming… I mean like he just casually picked up a 3090 like holy a

  • Devin Posey
    Devin Posey

    My Micro Center by me is that big I was shocked I’ve never been to one before since watching your videos

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    i've watched this same video concept from Jay's two cents & Bitwit.. yet i'm still interested in watching. Never know what knowledge each youtuber will drop

  • Niall Quadros
    Niall Quadros

    Austin is like the Nick-eh 30 but of the tech world

  • Zach Keller
    Zach Keller

    I would highly recommend signal rgb it can sync all your device rgb no matter the brand to one highly customizable program.

  • Chris Whitworth
    Chris Whitworth

    Love how all these Microcenters that are shown have GPUS, but the local ones to me have nothing but overpriced AMD cards and 1050ti's.

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      👆👆 congrats you have been selected among the shortlisted 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊.....

  • Informative Idot 🤯
    Informative Idot 🤯

    Austin dont worry you dont have to come to the studio to film videos, you can just work from home, from microcenter

  • xNobody_x

    A wise man once said: "When you put the thing on the thing, it will squish out like the thing" ~Austin Evans 2021

  • Antony Baker
    Antony Baker

    I really wished that we had an equivalent to microcenter in the UK

  • Cl0u8

    I wish I had that many graphics cards at my micro center. All we have are like 1050’s for like $300… bruh

  • Tao_ikry

    just got a 11th gen i9 64gb 3200mhz pc and now I feel bad for not going for 12th gen

  • Marshall Thomas
    Marshall Thomas

    Me watching you build a $5000 pc knowing i'm stuck with $100

  • Captain Mystery
    Captain Mystery

    "Your friendly local micro center" Me: "The nearest one is almost 2 states away"

  • elissa hay
    elissa hay

    HE really just grabbed an rtx 3090 off a shelf in 2021. what a legend

    • CoolAverage201

      Hahahah right I would been checking my bank account first

  • PlanetXGames

    Im starting to build my own 2 PC setup, with the gaming PC in an O11 dynamic, and the streaming PC in an NZXT H510. Both of which I hear you speak highly of.

    • ツMichael

      @Eren_Jaeger dang

    • Eren_Jaeger

      Bro if I build my dream pc everything included for my setup 1 pc it’s $2’600 I’m 14 💀

    • ツMichael

      @vizen the bot they come with bloatware

    • vizen the bot
      vizen the bot

      @ツMichael then buy a pre built

    • ツMichael

      @vizen the bot no there’s a shortage rn 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • DevouverFN

    Nice pc good job 👍🏻

  • David Romonti
    David Romonti

    Honestly when you live in the US it’s literally pc heaven compared to other countries 😂

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus

    Damn that case is lookin fine. Shi..ooot I'm thinking I might drive the 15 minutes it takes me to get to Microcenter and pick one of those up. Only down side to all new cases, no 5.25" bay. I need rom drive compatibility.

  • Kristers S
    Kristers S

    Thats my dream pc.

  • Tisser Monihen
    Tisser Monihen

    I love the flood of youtubers showing off how awesome Micro-Centers are now, and my nearest one is over 6 hours away. Sick.

    • MyShinyLedybaAndFurretAreStuckInPokemonSilverHelp

      @Charmsly lol

    • Charmsly

      Just live closer

    • Reflectivish

      Mine would be about 9 hours of travel in a plane and about 12 hours to actually get there.

  • Oliver

    Austin: builds 5,000$ PC. Me: 7 year old laptop. I'm not dissing Austin. Just saying, I have a 7 year old computer without GPU.

    • Sus Bean
      Sus Bean

      I have a trash pc as well, ur not alone

  • Emma radio
    Emma radio

    That KEN-tage was just pure genius!!

  • Profiteer

    It'd help if Micro Center was anywhere near a majority of the country. So many of us are stuck with the online store, which just can't compare to the in-store experience.

  • Omg_Prince YT
    Omg_Prince YT

    I was actually convinced by the ad about the opera browser so I am probably going to download the browser sometime soon figuring I am on my iMac and it's for windows and Mac.

  • mastrblastr8

    The very second I heard Austin had a secret weapon, I thought spray paint and was absolutely terrified

    • Eren_Jaeger

      I didn’t thank about that lol