$50 Gaming PC Challenge!
Austin Evans
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What happens when you find an ultra cheap $50 gaming PC on Craigslist?

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  • Pyro Maniac
    Pyro Maniac

    "I know for a fact it will turn on" *no power supply*

    • AwesomeGamingin HD
      AwesomeGamingin HD


    • Sayed Ahmed Faraz
      Sayed Ahmed Faraz


    • msgtmason


    • Mr. DerpKnight
      Mr. DerpKnight


    • s a b e e h
      s a b e e h


  • Lazar K
    Lazar K

    This runs games better than my $350 laptop... Guess I'll die.

    • N3RD

      @Ryan X those are pricey

    • Sjvund Chufrhg
      Sjvund Chufrhg

      And it also runs game better than my $600 laptop

    • Kid behind The screen
      Kid behind The screen

      A racing horse$22222222

    • Juicy_Glove

      Well, it's a pc, soo

    • Walker


  • Toasty Boi
    Toasty Boi

    If it doesn't go push it harder. Video receives 69k likes

    • Burrito Man
      Burrito Man


    • πravin

      @Stephen Dowdican muahahaha

    • Stephen Dowdican
      Stephen Dowdican



      like austins hairline

    • DoeTheBro


  • ockalok

    When your keyboard and mouse is more expensive than your pc

    • Super Minecraft 31
      Super Minecraft 31

      My 30 dollar mouse takes up more than half the budget

    • Fredrik Kolstad Tvete
      Fredrik Kolstad Tvete

      Haha my model o costed more I think

    • TGT101

      @MEME MAN yeah u should really upgrade those Also I’m curious now what kinda specs do u have in your pc or laptop

    • •‿

      @KGkomrin nah bruh

    • KGkomrin

      @•‿ what do you play flash games?

  • DnfedHard

    When you hear the words "hey guys, this is Austin" you know it's a good video

    • قضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضيبقضقضيب

      U mean old?

    • Dae

      @Scoots oh ok

    • Scoots

      @Dae he hasn’t said it in the last ten videos. he usually opens up now with “hello and welcome to...” or opens up about what the video is about.

    • Dae

      @Scoots wym he does

    • Scoots

      @Dae he hasn’t said it in ages

  • JFK dind't have winwall
    JFK dind't have winwall

    That moment you realize your computer isn't even worth 50 bucks...

    • ben polt
      ben polt

      Mine cost 70$ for 4th graphics 16 th ram I3 cpu

    • SuperSuperGodfist

      I have something a little older than that lying in my house somewhere.

    • HT Strength
      HT Strength

      I got mine for about 450$ and has ryzen 3 1200 and 1050ti

    • MasterJarno M
      MasterJarno M


    • Square Box
      Square Box

      Well my computer is worth...... actually, i would pay someone to get rid of it for me, damn that thing even lags while surfing the fucking internet

  • KyRon GAMES
    KyRon GAMES

    3 years later and you can get a i5 3470 PC for $60...

    • El Jona
      El Jona

      2021 chip shortage though

    • Ssthunder Playz
      Ssthunder Playz

      @a user bro he is talking about 3rd gen and 150 dollar is 15000 rs for pc parts and i checked it was like 30 to 50 dollar

    • Romik gaming
      Romik gaming

      @Olli_ ster ur psu sounds like a bomb man

    • Olli_ ster
      Olli_ ster

      I just got an old gaming pc for £65 i5 4430 R7 265a 2gb 750w PSU and 8 gb RAM They didn't know they had a GPU in it aha

    • Noob Slayer
      Noob Slayer

      I'm running i5 4570 with 12gb of ram and a rx 470

  • XxWaffle

    Gaming PC: $50 Airpods case: $79

    • MicinLover

      amogus shaped nugget from bts meal: $100,000

    • Shan Carlos Bernaldez
      Shan Carlos Bernaldez

      Airpods sticker:1$

    • Kevin San Mateo
      Kevin San Mateo

      Random Pokémon card :$250,000

    • A S
      A S


    • Ni X
      Ni X

      Apple stand: $999

  • Aditya Shukla
    Aditya Shukla

    Watching this on my... ...my Super Budget... ... $120 laptop.... in which I play NFS MW 2005.... sitting in front of an air cooler

    • Saba

      @iGliderYT lmfao no

    • cezz

      @iGliderYT shut the fuck up you got yt on ur name

    • sho B4L1N
      sho B4L1N

      @iGliderYT ok

    • sho B4L1N
      sho B4L1N

      @iGliderYT wtf

    • Inksankebabpizzeria yt
      Inksankebabpizzeria yt

      @iGliderYT lol u prob like 10yo

  • Javaughn Lemonius
    Javaughn Lemonius

    Funny this old pc can perfectly play csgo at 1080p but my windows 8 pc can't even download fortnite

    • vodliedood

      My fucking God csgo is so bloated right now it's actually funny

    • haseena badshah
      haseena badshah

      Fortnite is cringe.

    • Walker

      It's a sleeper pc

    • haseena badshah
      haseena badshah

      Fortnite is cringe.

    • Quagmire Fever
      Quagmire Fever

      Upgrade to windows 10 and upgrade your graphics card.

  • jonathan warren
    jonathan warren

    A lot of old PCs still have a place in this modern world keep it up guys

  • 8A Kelvin Narendra Riyadi
    8A Kelvin Narendra Riyadi

    " when junkyard battles run into failure, we double it" -Austin 2k17

  • Olly and Miles lloyd
    Olly and Miles lloyd

    dealer: this definitely turns on Austin: No power supply

  • PlanetDetroit

    I love this video even though its five years old and what you can get for the same money now is a little different. It inspired me to do the same thing. I was able to pick up an old HP Workstation XW8400 off of FB marketplace for $50. It has two Xeon 5160 dual core processors and 8gb of ram. It also came with a Quadro FX1700 GPU, which kind of sucks. I'm looking for a new GPU at the moment but unfortunately Im pretty broke so I cant get anything right now, but I think this thing has the potential to be a decent little machine. I hope im able to do something with it soon. Thanks guys.

  • Don Herbert nenas
    Don Herbert nenas

    it was at this moment that I knew I that my 900$ laptop can actually be compared with this one. depressing.

    • RickTM

      This thread has been going for 2 fucking years..lmao

    • Cyan Morningstar
      Cyan Morningstar

      S U R F A C E B O O K

    • Donkey D Pucci
      Donkey D Pucci

      U mean mac?

    • Cyan Morningstar
      Cyan Morningstar

      ​@IvanPSY dude, buying it means you get to customize everything, dodge markups, choose your price. also it looks nothing like a bomb

    • Lazy cubes
      Lazy cubes

      PokeyMaster Plays I built my pc but it does take a little bit of knowledge im only 14

  • HNTDS How Not To Do Something
    HNTDS How Not To Do Something

    Wondering what they actually did to get the graphics card detected...having the same issue with an old dual core sempron

  • turbosai

    I love these types of pc building videos where they go on Craigslist and look for parts. I’d like to see a series where they find overpriced pc builds on Craigslist and give them a reality check on how much they’re charging. Fx 6300 with a 500 psu and a 750ti boom $800

  • Newport Official
    Newport Official

    Cyberpower, ibuypower, alienware, etc. Yeah our pc's are top of the shelf computer store guy: yeah it might turn on

    • Matt Short
      Matt Short

      @Gimme a break I buy power is good bang for buck they just have bad quality builds

    • Gimme a break
      Gimme a break

      Ibuypower doesn’t deserve to be on there.

    • Rhett Does stuff
      Rhett Does stuff

      Abune digital storm?

  • Medium rare Microwave
    Medium rare Microwave

    I dont know why but ive seen this video about 5 times now i just find it so entertaining for someone to go out and buy a gaming computer or am i the only one that actually thinks that?

  • moody

    I thought that they will take an old PC and make it really good with parts that are $50 in total lmao

    • Sasmitha Yasas
      Sasmitha Yasas

      pontiac bandit

    • Hai Guy
      Hai Guy


    • z

      @Chris lookup budget builds official on yt

    • Never Knowing Peace
      Never Knowing Peace

      Lmao same

    • MyNameIsOzz

      Me too

  • do rodo
    do rodo

    This almost made me got to amazon and buy some old stuff for my first build.

  • Kal1bur_G

    i love how anything under 60fps is "not playable" back in my day consoles only ran at 30fps which means CS:GO on this system is 100% playable :)

  • DogeDoesGaming

    The Athlon 64 3800+ would support 64-bit, it just had windows 7 32-bit installed. Of course when even the r7 240 would be bottlenecked by it, it really doesn’t make any difference lol

  • Garrison Knapp
    Garrison Knapp

    The videos where people take cheap parts and make a decent computer out of it are amazing!

  • Roqueffort

    50$ gaming pc? Still less pricey than Airpods.

    • Thanos Baby
      Thanos Baby

      Joke Time apples monitor stand

    • ye


    • protectthebrand

      lmao screw air pods not worth it

    • blehmeh98

      Although I guess you can say that you get a $50 1990's gaming PC . . .

    • Roqueffort

      Although im an apple fanboy...with Airpods...things are gonna get sheety 😑

  • Red Fawn
    Red Fawn

    Finally somebody who doesn't say it's not playable when it's running without lag and looks ok

  • DoctorX17

    fun fact: that R7 240 is around 13,664% faster than the GeForce 6100 the motherboard had on it. Too bad they could get that RX460 running, that would be 51,221% faster...

    • hJacob

      sounds like user Benchmark site

    • o

      Why tf do you know this so exactly?


    Most 32bit systems can use 4gb (more likely is the cpu supports pae). if it is ddr2 it would be cheap to get more. although ddr3 might be a bit more expensive. still cheap though. and the board most likely supports it.


      also if im not mistaken that sticker on the front says 64bit. so you could install a 64bit OS on it if thats the case.

  • Young Peon
    Young Peon

    i love how most of the Tech-community is drama free, like all the youtubers colab and there isnt much arrogernce

  • Limited Lunar
    Limited Lunar

    It's funny how he tried to scam Austin and his friend but they're technology masters.

  • protoman1214

    I'm honestly surprised they didn't realize it was a single core from the get go

  • T_rimoR

    When the OS is more expensive than the PC itself

    • Oni

      You can activate it for free

    • Protoka

      ​@梧桐 oof

    • 梧桐

      @Protoka those keys are stolen

    • Protoka

      you can get win10 cd keys off ebay for like 11$CAD. If you want the shiny MicroSoft™®© box and the physical installation disk as well as the cd key that will cost more.

    • Tomato Chips
      Tomato Chips

      @梧桐 yea it is, you will just not have access to some settings, and will have a activate windows watermark

  • Corristo89

    The tipp is really good: Try to find a cheap PC (go for something with a dualcore like an AMD X2 or Intel Core 2 Duo), put in a cheap SSD for the OS and maybe a game or two and install a decent GPU like an AMD R7 or older R9 (the R9 270X is pretty cheap) to give it some gaming performance. 1080p is usually possible and stepping down to 900p usually isn't a problem.

  • Kizome

    i love how this guys got 16 fps with a $50 pc while my macbook pro runs at 6 fps when i open chrome

  • HighOnTrueCrime

    when he said 'I know for a fact it turns on" and then you pointed out the no power supply i died laughing lmao hells not that bad at least its warm

  • The Video Archive
    The Video Archive

    The Athlon processor in that PC is a 64-bit processor. However, you would have to install a 64-bit version of Windows in order to use that graphics card.

  • Robert Molina
    Robert Molina

    I legit loled at the benchmark publisher joke Jay made.

  • TheCheekyBurger

    50$? Too expensive, need something like 5$

    • RuffPlayz

      Bro your price and budget is insane I can do 5 cents

    • Naji Zaarour
      Naji Zaarour


    • SinanXD - Agario
      SinanXD - Agario

      Yah there is rasberry pi 🙂

    • yousef f
      yousef f

      @Danny L ok but from where ???

    • Danny L
      Danny L

      yousef bashir abualkas buy a used one

  • Linus

    this is a budget version of scrapyard wars, still really interesting

  • Trent Mangrum
    Trent Mangrum

    Might actually do this for a first pc this summer!

  • Annie

    I have a question for anyone that can help: I have a dell desktop- pretty standard with maybe a couple modifications (thanks pops). It runs games like starbound and minecraft but of course since I’ve gotten it I’ve grown out of those games. Does anyone know what I could possibly get to add to the pc to make it play beefier games? Preferably on the inexpensive side.

  • Jackob Ez
    Jackob Ez

    Its actually a really nice way for the pc to go in a video on youtube inatead of the junkyard for parts

  • Allister Samsom
    Allister Samsom

    My first ever pc. When I salvaged the parts. I managed to get a amd 7750 2.7ghz.. 4gb ram.. And a r7 240 (only part I bought). Have to say the r7 240, not a bad card for what I paid for it. I managed to play rocket league on medium settings

  • Ezikiel Shahbaz
    Ezikiel Shahbaz

    I literally just did this a few days ago, uncle had an old system with a Pentium 4 3GHz and 512MB of RAM with Windows XP and I threw a $50 GT 710 in there and it'll play Halo quite well, I've gotta upgrade the RAM though

  • Mico Mico
    Mico Mico

    4:42 Austin be lookin like a 9 year old I DONT KNOW WHY IM LAUGHING SO HARD DAMN

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    Is it me or am I just realizing that Jay is taller than Austin? 😂

  • Luka 2552
    Luka 2552

    We are all one consciousness experiencing itself. We are all One.

    • Shopon Mama . 300 years ago
      Shopon Mama . 300 years ago

      @Maxanish his specs are pee pee poo poo

    • Gavin Gwiz
      Gavin Gwiz

      Ahhh woooooooo

    • Ricka


    • Tib

      Poopoo peepee

    • Maxanish

      @AThePetrov - 1000 years later when did I ask and why are you replying to me out of everyone, it’s been 4 years idgaf so stfu

  • dat1saucyfrench

    Oh sweet Jesus I had the same PC like 3-4 years ago ! I feel so damn good seing it again ! Thx bro!

  • Young Peon
    Young Peon

    to be completely honest tinkering around with old pc's is how i got into it

  • T00LB0X

    Imagine a 1k pc can only play clubpenguin, but I mean, that's all you need!

  • Žarko Marić
    Žarko Marić

    Literally better then my "Old" pc, Which i had 2 weeks ago lol

  • Seiko Christopher Ward
    Seiko Christopher Ward

    after watching this i dont feel that bad about my specs anymore

    • The Crouton Cave
      The Crouton Cave

      Jade Games dont, it can actually decrease performance

    • Jaden Provost Maxwell-Comfort
      Jaden Provost Maxwell-Comfort

      cool I'm getting 1080 ti sli

    • Roi Gipot
      Roi Gipot

      Tryyn Smith I have I7 and GTX 1080.. 4 TB space

    • Jarkoo

      Tryyn Smith bitch ples, i have amd e1-1200, radeon hd 7310

    • Jaden Provost Maxwell-Comfort
      Jaden Provost Maxwell-Comfort

      ooh i wouldn't say that just yet.


    Let’s realize how tall jay is and how buff Austin is

  • Founder Fletcher
    Founder Fletcher

    We really need a cheap pc build. You just have to accept that not all people can pay for this.

  • Razzkil

    Hey I had a question about putting a new hard drive in an old pc. I have an old gaming pc from 2009ish and it started to run terribly so I stopped using it. Could I just buy a hard drive off ebay with windows 10 installed and activated and have it work in that pc or would there be issues?

  • Gregory Sheppard
    Gregory Sheppard

    so in theory had this hing been given a better cpu along with the gpu wouldn't it have performed way better?

  • T-Drakeo

    The movement that I realized that my 1,500$ gaming pc could be beaten by 50$

  • Fern1sss

    2:32 who got a tinder match 😂😂

    • Tom Bishop
      Tom Bishop


    • Mr_Awesome617

      I didn’t hear it

    • Naqeeb alom
      Naqeeb alom


  • AnimalTheGamer

    I did something similar to this, i had an s3127 laying around, and i wanted to game better than my p2-1334, so i gave it an athlon 5200+ (heres a story, i tried giving it a 6400+ but it had too high of tdp, i ordered a 5200+ but i guess tracking id was mixed up, and by the time i ordered and recieved anither 5200+, the first 5200+ arrived) and an r7 240, works like a charm playing minecraft with mods


    I scored a thinkcentre edge for $50. Dude even talked shop with me over a beer. Best Craigslist ever.

  • Sandul Henry
    Sandul Henry

    In theory, if I shove a new GPU into my Win. 7 HP z210 workstation, it should be able to handle higher level games?

  • Cooper Bowden
    Cooper Bowden

    wow I just love watching scrapyard, I mean junkyard, wars!

  • Ebo Neumann
    Ebo Neumann

    Can we see exactly step by step how you made it?

  • Atticus

    So the PC in the thumbnail was literally the exact same pc that my dad picked up in an alley that some old people were giving away 😂😂😂

  • Ki

    That cooling fan part had me rolling ain't shit overheating with those specs lol

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm

    Wow that guy's a genius he invented a PC that will turn on without a PSU and he's only selling it for 50 bucks?!

  • Christian Botezatu
    Christian Botezatu

    That moment when your 600$ laptop from 2017 runs worse frames on csgo than a 50$ desktop from 2009

  • Damien Noir
    Damien Noir

    I was able to build a gaming PC for 50$ too. But my PC have a Phenom II 955 BE with a Gigabyte Mainboard, 8Gb of Ram, Radeon HD 4870 x2, 550W Power Supply, 500GB HDD and best of all a 120GB Samsung 840Evo.

  • Tropical Punch
    Tropical Punch

    SCRAPYARD WARS omg that was my one of my fav shows when I was a kid. I remember being like 8 years old and wishing they could hear me through the tv because I sometimes had solutions to their malfunctions. such a great show and I completely forgot it ever even existed until now

  • Toby

    At least it has a headphone jack unlike apple

    • YuhJeice

      @Chief Yoshi ironic since apple isn't really original

    • mimo

      @JobC iPhone x kills s9 it is soo mich faster

    • SenseiCreeper

      Ozzie C the 7 through 11

    • Ozzie C
      Ozzie C

      It’s just the XS or just X

    • SenseiCreeper

      Apples overpriced

  • Alvaro Augusto
    Alvaro Augusto

    Aki no Brasil Com 50 Reais n Compra Nem o Gabinete 😂

  • MYK

    U know shits getting serious when theres two tech heads in one video building ONE PC

  • Blipparipa

    Sad how my £400 laptop struggles to run any game from 2010 onwards at 15 FPS and this can handle cs go at 60

  • PianoPlayer

    I did the same thing, $50 and it’s a core 2 duo, and had 8gb of ram. And windows 10 pro

  • Can you help me reach 300 subs with no videos
    Can you help me reach 300 subs with no videos

    and my $500 laptop cant even run minesweeper

    • Adrien Levert
      Adrien Levert

      Can you help me reach 300 subs with no videos buy yourself a raspberry, still better

    • Naythan

      good god.

  • MBM Boba
    MBM Boba

    I feel smarter each time I watch these videos

  • Kudoshi

    Wait what. How does this junk perform better than my 400$ laptop? Edit: For comparison , my laptop is AMD A8 4 core 2.3ghz , Radeon r5 with 8 gb ddr3 ram

  • Khalid Hebshi
    Khalid Hebshi

    that moment when you realize that a $50 gaming pc from 2007 is better than your $1000 pc from 2013

  • CeaseFire

    Wow. Even that old man's PC runs CSGO better than mine.

  • Extreme Titan2
    Extreme Titan2

    Is 4ghz overkill for a cpu for a gaming pc?

  • TaxFraudPro

    Single core 2.4 GHz isn't too bad, my laptop uses a Celeron n4000, 1.1 GHz dual core

  • Gank Lord
    Gank Lord

    Challenge: play on a single core 1.35 GHz laptop with 4 gigabytes of Ram and the most basic GPU (my current working PC)

  • PetrosRZ

    Well with around the equivalent of 50$ in Swiss francs I was able to get a phenom x6 and a gtx 645.

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    This runs better than my Dell Inspiron 660s with a 64-bit Windows 10, Intel Core i5 with a 500 gb HDD and 4gb and integrated graphics. :O

  • Roy Vijfvinkel
    Roy Vijfvinkel

    I stumbled on this video and i myself did the same thing with a same like pc from acer. Allthough i even mod a front circle hole for a roundbfan and side cut 'x' mod for a fan and a lil window in the spare cd/dvd coverup up front stuffed with blue leds everywhere (pc project for old games and emulators). Anyway my point is if you EVER wanna get ur hands dirty....i have hacked the Acer bios so you can OC a bit on that power and use a lil pin mod to oc ur cpu! Lol good old days.

  • Phil Butler
    Phil Butler

    I got an inspiron 570 and an athlon II x2 245 4 gb of ram will an external gpu be worth it? Or will I just bottleneck?

  • Recorder Boy
    Recorder Boy

    As long as it can run 720p at least and around 60fps with 8gb ram im good.

  • Sersou

    That moment when you take an Audi to bring a 50$ Gaming PC ... sigh

    • Skiez

      who is you

  • PotatoSmash54

    The 16gb rgb corsair ram is far more expensive than that pc

  • section80chaptersix!

    The irony is that, that was the same type of pc i used for 3 years.

  • Ghøst

    Next time, install a 64bit Windows 10 and you can use the RX 580. Trust me, it will give you 100FPS.

  • Pixelated Hooning
    Pixelated Hooning

    So I'm in the process of building this: I7-3770 (dell optiplex 7010) - $150 -16 GB ddr3 ram -1tb 7200 rpm HD RX 570 gpu - $95 450w PS (80+ bronze) - $40 Totaling $285 -adding a case- $40. Makes it all in at $325. (This is all for my kid who plays Fortnite, Minecraft and Scrap Mechanic...)

  • Rednstuff _
    Rednstuff _

    This pc is still better than my laptop

    • Nathan Kirby
      Nathan Kirby

      Hmm never ever buy a duel core and always buy the right graphics card that's either 64 or 32 bit oh and get at least Windows 7 and dx11

    • Robert Long
      Robert Long

      Rednstuff Guy same

    • Kindred BR
      Kindred BR


  • KEKC

    I can't sell a computer in Russia for $ 40 with a dual-core processor and two gigabytes of RAM...

  • ilyBaker

    In my opinion dont get a gaming labtop, they could run from 600 to 1000, you can get a decent pc, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and accessories for that price

  • xCentralis

    wow works better then my pc 😂

  • Rafael_Ledezma

    1:42 “I know for a fact it turns on” No power supply. I almost spit out my drink oh my god.

  • Chamous x
    Chamous x

    sad that this is slightly worse than the new macbook thats fully loaded

    • Fow

      +Razurio That's correct! But, if you can afford a MacBook you surely can afford a pc that will run fast enough for all the office work + gaming for sure! IOS does run a lot better than windows but most of people do gaming nowdays so theres no point of having a MacBook if youre a gamer, unless youre a youtuber aswell so you can edit your content(you can still edit it with a decent desktop pc)

    • EddyGraphic

      Dezzends You can do all that on Windows too if you wish.

    • Jay's Brick Co.
      Jay's Brick Co.

      Dezzends well if your stupid like me you don't make much money!

    • VinBones

      @Dezzends GTFO you have no idea what youre talking about. I have a 5 year old laptop that I still use and it is still above average. Macbooks however always need updating and it takes 2 years for your macbook to become old already. Also not all windows laptops are made of plastic. And video editing software doesnt show how fast a machine is dumbass.

    • Razurio

      VinBones it is way better optiomised than any windows software like video editing software is faster even with bad specs thats a fact but the shit is to expensive im using windows myself Rarly any windows laptop is good to much plastic shit Or it breaks fast

  • Pac-Zones

    I once tried playing Sonic Generations and Crysis 2 on a Pentium 4 with a very very old ATI graphics card with only 1 GB of RAM (yes only 1GB ram). I then tried running Unreal 3 on it... yeah I was a broke kid back then

  • Crazy Nerd
    Crazy Nerd

    just upgrading an office pc might be the way to go for if you have a more modern day one