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Austin Evans
Austin Evans

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Austin Evans
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Presenter - Austin Evans
Production & Ops Lead - Kenneth Bolido
Producer - Matt Ansini
Editors - Josh Blackey, Griffin Schiller, Jamie Manzano and Jimmy Champane
Production & Color Specialist - Wesley Knapp

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

    Man I hate this guys face

  • Brendan Toscano
    Brendan Toscano

    Y not buy more ram and use external ssds I mean they aren’t as fast as apples but they sure do do the job

  • AyushDaGamer

    Someone buy a bunch of these and make a giant keyboard

  • King Qasmoke
    King Qasmoke

    I don't like it because controllers are not immersive so haptics are weird on it also the lips are uncomfortable

  • James Weeks
    James Weeks

    where can you get pc parts in the uk?

  • Count Grogu
    Count Grogu

    I still have mine but unfortunately the top of the joystick broke it has memory corruption and the UMD drive also broke 🙁

  • Yoga with Arsh Raj
    Yoga with Arsh Raj

    that i have

  • Yoga with Arsh Raj
    Yoga with Arsh Raj

    the monitor is 900p

  • Yoga with Arsh Raj
    Yoga with Arsh Raj

    I have also the same monitor

  • Nekiplex

    Idk why im watching this when i have a ps5.. although i find it cool to see what people from the time thought of it

  • SidFGG

    is that a dell latitude?

  • M Daniyal Sohail
    M Daniyal Sohail

    that is actually an ilife zed air laptop i had one

  • actually Austin that blastoise art is real just not in the evolution set

  • chaitanya swroop
    chaitanya swroop

    LOL he mode the pc but did not game on it hehehe

  • MultiDarkZen

    My raspberry pi has more ram then this thing wth...

  • Ayaan Nazir
    Ayaan Nazir

    I’m a nerd

  • Rkla88

    I’m curious to see which windows laptop is going to do the notch first

  • ItsRep

    Not even lying I was thinking about getting Austin’s case that he was using in this video 😂

  • Kita Prime
    Kita Prime

    I just prefer microsoft stuff, I don't dislike playstation, I like both equally, just have been with xbox for years now, Although, I still have my playstation 2 and my playstation 1. soooo yeah, they are great systems. but not gonna pay hundreds of dollars on a game console when i only use it as a glorified android box.

  • Sergio

    I'm good with Windows & android. Too rich for my blood. I'm content, don't need it.

  • karsh tharyani
    karsh tharyani

    Oh damn! Well - we are caught up in a media age where expressing an opinion or just spreading misinformation is super easy and just a click away. I wish we could live in harmony and rationally, but we just can't. I hope this venting out did something good for your mental health and helped blow some steam, Austin. Keep being rational and scientific as always :)

  • Paul Potter
    Paul Potter

    The debug kit it awesome. Very cool keyboard. I knew somebody would put a Raspberry Pi in the Lego NES the moment I saw one, but I didn't think about putting it all in the TV.

  • Panpoppular

    4:13 Pikasus

  • Bikon DaDon
    Bikon DaDon

    PCs will never die...many people can afford $300 dollars for a new laptop, where most people cant afford $2000 and up for an Apple. If apple made real budget laptops, that would hurt the PC market.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    A PC I can actually afford. Sadly, It's a downgrade from what I actually have.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I hope none of you actually become pilots, unless you're in the business of flying puke tubes!

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I appreciate that you bleeped out the magic words that activate people's smart home assistants. Remember, you can and should do that!

  • Rishab Kotte
    Rishab Kotte

    Anything under 60 FPS is a crime Azkaban here I come

  • Rishab Kotte
    Rishab Kotte

    Anything under 60 FPS is a crime Azkaban here I come

  • Awesomeness YT
    Awesomeness YT

    At this point, it’s greener than the gateway

  • Jamie Junk
    Jamie Junk


  • Ikon Icon
    Ikon Icon

    me to

  • Datachu

    Okay as someone that loves ARM, and is sure liking this hardware, but HATES MacOS with a passion, I am measurably jealous. (Yeah trust me I used it all my childhood, and I sure ain't doing that again) Windows/Linux on M1 Macs natively (no emulation) wheeeen???? I hate how these ARM CPUs are just... fracturing technology right now. Everyone's gonna be in their own little isolated ecosystem bubble.

  • xaviaahrlol

    Southside rappers been real quiet since this dropped 🤫

  • 1qaz_

    RandomGamingInHD brought me here

  • Jorge B Villanueva
    Jorge B Villanueva

    Could you post the 5 different harness you used in link.

  • Univocal Soup
    Univocal Soup

    Ayo honestly props to Austin for listening to feel the love

  • Zemby7

    Haha he bought what I have… Oh

  • Baliistic Builds
    Baliistic Builds

    I was following along until the he started talking about cable management in a language I can't understand

  • Fellipe Rodrigues
    Fellipe Rodrigues

    Their “game” is weak. If you steam on PC u will understand.

  • Im2bassco :D
    Im2bassco :D

    Guys yall have to do a ultimate soldier boy console

  • Austin Greenfield
    Austin Greenfield

    The havit win idk what you say plus it’s my keyboard I use rn

  • Lim Shao Ze
    Lim Shao Ze

    Bruh, my valorant name is UrAvgDMG, such a coincidence

  • ma_nem_alf

    I legit don’t understand why people are so turned off by the notch. “Perphect rectangul screen good, slightly less rectangul screen ew” type beat

  • Keyboard Fan Opex ツ
    Keyboard Fan Opex ツ

    "Transparency" A.K.A. homage to Windows 8.1

  • Jessi-Lee Birch
    Jessi-Lee Birch

    Wonder if the ps5 is gonna get some games b4 it's obsolete

  • Domonic Tuia
    Domonic Tuia

    “Hello welcome 😀”

  • Bradlifer

    Watching Austin paint hurt lmao

  • Nikolay Djendov
    Nikolay Djendov

    Dry for 1 week covered in silica or rice to absorb the moisture. Ive washed (not proud) parts under the tap before, and given the right amount of time to dry wont be a problem

  • Sean McGall
    Sean McGall

    Anyone know if its possible to wire two rumblers to a usbc since the lite has the same os as regular switch, im hoping it might recognise and use them, if so i want to install the rumblers in a lite grip!

  • marc johnson
    marc johnson

    the steam deck is faster and cheaper

  • marc johnson
    marc johnson

    the steam deck is faster

  • AndyTR Huy
    AndyTR Huy

    Be honest how many PC do you have now

  • The lightsaber Bros
    The lightsaber Bros

    I got an add the second he said an add that ITmores sends you

  • Darky

    bro , you can buy this shit laptop , have free mc and you can make it a server so you can play with your friends on your main pc , AM SOOOO SMART ***EDIT : so like its microsoft mc so its kinda bad but you can still play

  • Justin Hern
    Justin Hern

    so OLED or Steam deck for christmas??????????

  • Wayne White
    Wayne White

    I want the Sony 3d TV I had one in the Marines when it first came out but let my friend have it which I've regretted

  • neil blabla
    neil blabla

    Man I need a upgraded plzz

  • MrBurgerReacts

    minecraft bedrock is capped at 60 FPS

  • Joseph Wallace Pike
    Joseph Wallace Pike

    Steam Deck

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Plus 1 Open bracket IX I 0 Close bracket II I VIII I VII I I

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only...

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    Can we game on it yet?

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Plus 1 Open bracket IX I 0 Close bracket II I VIII I VII I I

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only...

  • Uzair Buksh
    Uzair Buksh

    i just got the windows 11 update no joke

  • Cosmos Designs
    Cosmos Designs

    but can it run linux?

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only...

    • Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
      Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy

      Plus 1 Open bracket IX I 0 Close bracket II I VIII I VII I I

  • NinjaRicky09

    Im from Norway

  • Cosmos Designs
    Cosmos Designs

    the menu bar is persistent on macos macos: multitasking based arround running apps in fullscreen

  • S T
    S T

    Hello closet

  • Cosmos Designs
    Cosmos Designs

    i dont care what performance is like at 30W i have 900W powersupply

  • The Atomic Dom
    The Atomic Dom

    Apple killed the PC...if you're rich.

  • MasterDoge17

    What an intro 😂

  • TonelocTL3

    I'm sorry you had to go through this. I can't understand disagreeing with someone. But doxxing over something like this is fucking ridiculous.

  • Luis Perez Leon
    Luis Perez Leon

    Those prices though 😖

  • C0rrupted Killer
    C0rrupted Killer

    I love how he said too expensive too expensive chrombook and then moved on

  • TrenkyBenkyForAllWholeEntertainment

    Ofc it's Steam Deck. Oled is boring.

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    it's sick, it's sick? what the truck doesn't feel good?

  • Ricechrispy0527

    Is that cpu fan a mag Lev fan?