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Austin Evans
Austin Evans

The best of technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between. Whether it's finding out if that new gadget is worth it, discovering the coolest of retro and cutting edge tech or testing the latest smartphone you'll find it all here.

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Austin Evans
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Presenter - Austin Evans
Production & Ops Lead - Kenneth Bolido
Producer - Matt Ansini
Editors - Josh Blackey, Griffin Schiller, Jamie Manzano and Jimmy Champane
Production & Color Specialist - Wesley Knapp

  • Dave Jay
    Dave Jay

    I didn't realize it was going to be pink... but that's fine. That's okay... I didn't realize you considered the DSi to be a "console", but that's fine.

  • Crazy cat who eats mice and slaps dogs likes water
    Crazy cat who eats mice and slaps dogs likes water

    Do you know a good lace to get a 3080 fe I’m building a new pc and would like to know a good to place to purchase one for the good price

  • Pingüin 987
    Pingüin 987

    Haha big chunges

  • Vale26

    Wish: Whats your wish sir? Man: I want Ray Ban Glasses, but real ones from Italy. Wish: Your wish will come true *look at glasses and read "Made in China"

  • everx7

    have mixed rams in my old notebook and rock solid stable, no crashes etc. so i can debunk that, also one is 2gb the other 4gb, but that doesnt matter, but both are diff speeds and diff manufacturer, yet it works great, its maybe not ideal,b ut i have what i could find for a reasonable price, so im ok with the performance of that old laptop


    this isn't beginner friendly 😭

  • Jkpancake

    It’s a dell inspiron 15

  • Shaheer Developer
    Shaheer Developer

    Can you make a broke vs pro but with smartphones instead of PCs. Please I am waiting...

  • Englishboi

    He really changed

  • Englishboi


  • Milo Webber
    Milo Webber

    Bruh my mum has this

  • Supercoollink12

    It's funny cus it looks like he just glued everything together

  • BangaliBabu live
    BangaliBabu live

    can you do a video how to do a rgb tunning on pc

  • Mithu Debnath
    Mithu Debnath

    Austin: They have an h510 for 69 Ken: NICE! 1:22

  • Valerie Brentin
    Valerie Brentin

    I've been thinking about building something like those headphones with a RasPi


    austin you should buy redragaon 3 in 1 set I paid it like 30 bucks

  • Abhishek Voin
    Abhishek Voin

    Hey Austin why don't you buy mystery storage units,for mystery tech 😁😁

  • Twitch Noob
    Twitch Noob

    Me having 128 gb ram 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • maxig1

    Rip iPhone fortnite

  • Nuke _gamez129
    Nuke _gamez129

    roblox: Hey alexa,please play ########

  • HappyDoggo

    I have the same exact keyboard that austin is using lol

  • HappyDoggo

    Bruh i have half of the stuff austin has

  • Funnylegend15

    Soo umm Austin I'm having my first gaming PC and I don't want any risk in making one currently so I wanted to ask if this customizations from iBuyPower PC is good I seriously need help pls 😅 so here are the parts 1. Case NZXT h710 2.AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12X........3.8ghz 64 mb LE cache 3.RTX 3070 ti 8gb GDDR6X 4.ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F gaming 5.1TB MSI M470 6.Corsair vengeance RGB pro 3200MHz 32 gb (8gbx4) 7.NZXT kraken X73 360mm ARGB liquid cooling system 8.850 watt thermaltake toughpower Grand RGB, 80 plus gold fully modular with clean pro wiring and wifi

  • C1yne

    “I found the cheapest stuff I could find” Parents: Pathetic.

  • XeonProductions

    I liked netbooks. I'm happy they have a spiritual successor with these compact 2-in-1 laptops now.

  • Kami

    Quick question how much does all this cost?

  • CornLordGaming

    Bro he said it will be smaller...

  • Brody pirkle
    Brody pirkle

    Make a ultimate ps2 my guy

  • The mlemmers
    The mlemmers

    Can it play pokemon ultra sun no=SHIT yes=NOT SHIT

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    That should be called: THE PS6!

  • banny friesen
    banny friesen

    austins laugh tho...

  • Darsan Manoj
    Darsan Manoj

    my brain is drooling rn :d

  • Landon Motock
    Landon Motock

    yes dress up at thomas the tank engine next XD

  • JUMBO JELLO 1055
    JUMBO JELLO 1055

    Can you put the the components of a ps5 into a ps4 case Or even worse put the components of an xbox in a ps4 case

  • JUMBO JELLO 1055
    JUMBO JELLO 1055

    I swear wish could make something more expensive just to avoid selling something real

  • ULOL Rafa toh
    ULOL Rafa toh

    My pc is windows 8.1 and got broken for 5 years now its working its low fps not clean but its working fine

  • Kyro

    7:15 ayo😳

  • Imoneforsanity

    I havent heard the brand gateway in ages

  • Srk

    His youtube logo should be *Æ*

  • Alex Chappell
    Alex Chappell

    A better way is to buy a ps5 from a scalper


    I've tested each and every one of the sites for free free gems and coins and just Gamecrook was real.

  • Willard

    Hey guys how do I cook eggs i like mine scramble so anyone knows how and can teach me?

  • ABC Hot Dawg
    ABC Hot Dawg

    7:13 i think Austin might be gay

  • me

    i need oculus glasses

  • DJ Slaughter
    DJ Slaughter

    It literally didn't hit me until the end of the video, but I literally had the same laptop. It was a nightmare. It got the job done for making music, barely, but yeah not fun times.

  • Kennedy Cole
    Kennedy Cole

    For Best Buy to be probably the biggest brand in their niche, you'd expect them to have a better stock

  • Mulokati

    20$ is still a lot, i was using 5$ gaming keyboard XD

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown

    Me to

  • Noodles Tasty
    Noodles Tasty

    It’s not a bald spot it’s a solar panel

  • Tony

    All I saw was just a dude changing t shirts 😌

  • Zamui

    my pc is one year old and its really good but still cant get the build bc ig i dont have a tpm which is stupid

  • mohammed mohaimen
    mohammed mohaimen

    shit tht laptop 350 with ryzen 5 im missing out

    • mohammed mohaimen
      mohammed mohaimen

      wait how tf 10 fps

  • Mrdemonsushi

    I remwmber everyone used to make fun of me for owning a gamecube back in the day. Now people realize what they were missing out on. Thia is what happens when nobody buys something thats really good.... low supply + high demand = ridiculous prices

  • mohammed mohaimen
    mohammed mohaimen

    the fact i had a computer just like this and ac5tully try running games on it

  • mohammed mohaimen
    mohammed mohaimen

    had to deal with this before then got a ssd a month ago

  • Tn King
    Tn King

    I kinda wanna wait five days to get a graphics card now

  • reapofer playz
    reapofer playz

    4:49 Geek reflexes

  • Memphis

    fx 6300 is better and runs at the same price nowadays

  • Iran

    Haha jokes on you I have tpm

  • FunnyBendyBro's

    3DS XL is the one I'm getting BABY, not the NEW 3DS XL

  • eh me
    eh me

    sometimes ken sounds like John Cena

  • Dooly Sand
    Dooly Sand

    my ps4 went out and can’t find a ps5 or Sx, so Ss it is🤷🏾‍♂️

  • VgbAccer

    Poor Nintendo switch in the background

  • 𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓰𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓻 ☘︎
    𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓰𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓻 ☘︎

    i used this in school

  • tafel

    You saying Alexa every 10 seconds actives my Alexa's you added like 3 things to my cart

  • Saurav Chakravarty
    Saurav Chakravarty

    Austin's personality is the perfect combination of humor, humbleness and fun. Subbed to you since your "Hey guys, this is Austin" days, lol. All the best bruh.

  • Julian Curtis
    Julian Curtis

    What track is playing @13:00 ?

  • Ethan Kunn_
    Ethan Kunn_

    Mine is a cpu game than a graphics card game

  • Adrian Lobo
    Adrian Lobo

    Linus lanyard, Linus mouse drop

  • LoafDemon

    Is someone gonna tell them that they can turn on the switch by holding the home button

  • EDWARD Gaming
    EDWARD Gaming

    Let's save nature, let's buy wooden computer peripherals.

  • EDWARD Gaming
    EDWARD Gaming

    It all makes sense, but is it all really necessary, or can it all work on the older hardware, hm 🤔

  • Bin Ubobway
    Bin Ubobway

    This mans shirt is Xbox and he on PlayStation

  • EDWARD Gaming
    EDWARD Gaming

    And still better than mine laptop

  • cool dude
    cool dude

    I was thinking about saving up for that Dell PC because I played fortnight before on a cheap laptop and I think it literally melted my laptop and I couldn't even play fortnite anymore.then I checked the pricing realize it went from 400 to$600 I give up on PCS I'm just going to buy an Xbox lol.

  • joe

    Ken reminds me of my cousin