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Austin Evans
Austin Evans

The best of technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between. Whether it's finding out if that new gadget is worth it, discovering the coolest of retro and cutting edge tech or testing the latest smartphone you'll find it all here.

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Austin Evans
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Presenter - Austin Evans
Production & Ops Lead - Kenneth Bolido
Producer - Matt Ansini
Editors - Josh Blackey, Griffin Schiller, Jamie Manzano and Jimmy Champane
Production & Color Specialist - Wesley Knapp

  • Kamaludin Mohamed
    Kamaludin Mohamed

    15:21 ma man fore head shinin lol

  • Ajmal Basha
    Ajmal Basha

    1:10 If its running on self driving mode, why are you put your hands on the steering wheel, are you afraid or something. He's definitely afraid.

  • Squador Gaming
    Squador Gaming

    bro love from india

  • billyhatcher643

    i dont like how they are giving ai controls to electric only cars no one cares about electric cars

  • michalix0020 gaming
    michalix0020 gaming

    Xbox is actuak pc with backwards compatibility

  • Chloe

    *Wdym couple dogs didn't? WHAT DO YOU MEAN COUPLE DOGS DIDN'T*

  • Mohammad Amin Valizadeh
    Mohammad Amin Valizadeh

    the only person that excited by a Z4 and a facelift of GT86

  • Tony The German Shepherd
    Tony The German Shepherd

    It was fine in the beginning , then he started talking enchantment table lmao

  • Eli Adest
    Eli Adest

    ahh yes, i only use the bent tech in the worlds

  • lee ronghao
    lee ronghao

    Ken”this will make my pc colder” Me”how about ur butt”

  • Jayan Almadi
    Jayan Almadi

    Me: thinking why there is no ps5 in this comparison Also me: realizes that the video is 3 years old

  • kareem Yasser
    kareem Yasser


  • Eddy Eddy
    Eddy Eddy

    Ken:Cars aren't suppose to do this. Ken after:That was fun

  • ItsYeBoi Elon
    ItsYeBoi Elon

    Waiting in the comments for someone to say, "Is that a Supra?!" Or "BMW Supra"

  • Rocket J. Sykes
    Rocket J. Sykes

    this is the most fuc-ed up episote yet

  • Herman Selvehed
    Herman Selvehed

    ayo can you build the ultimate oculus quest 2 like u have done with etc ps4?

  • Tiosa Okundaye
    Tiosa Okundaye

    Please get a custom knife pls

  • Abhinav Bhatt
    Abhinav Bhatt


  • blormpus

    3:35 that mouse wasnt even good in 2019 ...


    Facts OR cap

  • Shadow Bender
    Shadow Bender

    when is a youtuber, who can buy countless PC's gonna do a giveaway?

  • Holden

    I like how where you live burnt down and you can still joke around

  • Spiritual Guide
    Spiritual Guide

    It works on xbox too

  • The_king83

    I just realised ive had roboraptor x s8nce like 2014

  • Jeremiah Umar
    Jeremiah Umar

    Big thanks to *360sheiltec* on 1G for helping me retrieve my hacked account successfully.

  • No Taste
    No Taste

    The thermals of MSI laptops are horrible. You can expect 90°C and more and lot of underclock...

  • Natureistic

    Becouse Windows...

  • jp.plays_12

    Funny thing is I allready knew what it was because I wrote an essay about it

  • IramNagi 24
    IramNagi 24

    Why dors my xbox look diffrent 😅

  • samtherat6

    We know Toyota has level 3 tech in Japan, bring it to US pls

  • Popcoolboi

    damn she just said u look like your twelve haha

  • Mr Veeti
    Mr Veeti

    anyone here in 2021?

  • valen wirja
    valen wirja

    The offroad course is what we do every day in suriname

  • The Aviation Channel
    The Aviation Channel

    9:17 *What was that?* 😂😆

  • Joey Hales
    Joey Hales

    yeah you should

  • Simon Sheriff
    Simon Sheriff

    yop. you do tech a lot better

  • Montaser Naseralddin
    Montaser Naseralddin


  • The Hood
    The Hood

    Reminds me of Top Gear lol

  • Gatoulis27

    can i have the cooler that Ken put in the pc pls

  • Tigaツ

    I have a g502 off of Amazon it was being sold by Logitech and got it for 20 Dollars

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson

    it's triggering me that he cant pronounce Nikon correctly, It isn't Nie-Kon its Nih-Kon where the ih is pronounced as It without the emphasis on the T

  • lchanceiv

    Please do more auto videos. Love it when you vary your content on occasion. Would love to see some electric vehicle videos. Non tesla

  • Musa's Crazy World
    Musa's Crazy World

    A normal ryzen box in the table not sus at all

  • Shanthosh Ravi
    Shanthosh Ravi

    I too "wish" to buy a ps5

  • Funbo

    SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bruh best part of the video

  • Simonta Kumar
    Simonta Kumar

    What happened to the screen at 0:52?

  • Idk myname
    Idk myname

    Wish be like: pay 10 dollars to purchase mars

  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman

    I love cars and tech.

  • Official T101
    Official T101

    15:32 💀

  • Bricks and Pieces
    Bricks and Pieces

    Il dying😂😂😂

  • George-Ionut Staicu
    George-Ionut Staicu

    Me: watches in poor😊

  • Anirudh

    11:47 Electroboom is disappointed in you. The true potential difference is only about 1000v and not 3.7 million volts!

  • 4O40s

    Every 12 year old “where’s the Supra”

  • MrMannDem

    Yeah, You Should Really Stick To Building PC's LOL!! This Was A Good Video!!! I put A like And I Commented

    • MrMannDem

      @Zen Zen I also creamed at the comment you made saying 'omg i love that comment it made me cream!!'

    • Zen Zen
      Zen Zen

      omg i love that comment it made me cream!!

  • Cajaimex

    This guy went from his house burning down to wasting $1000 lol

  • MTtimmy

    4:50 lol the only thing i can hear is your voice

  • aisaka

    When you already have a gaming PC I just wanted to see what’s going on

  • PKTV

    I have the ultimate PS5. its called a xbox series X :P

  • marbl3r

    6:02 *nice wallpaper my man*

  • Johann Friedrich Patzer
    Johann Friedrich Patzer


  • Danien Miotto
    Danien Miotto

    I think what's funny is the dashboard SUV the display keeps flickering

    • SCP-096 REDACTED
      SCP-096 REDACTED

      It’s because it’s recorded on cam It’s not flickering in real life You can test this by recording your tv or something with a screen

  • Sawbonz

    I want that GR86

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L

    iPhone 13 or 4 of these laptops for Xmas? Hmmm🤔

  • DonnerKaffee 23
    DonnerKaffee 23

    POV: Monte hat das Video gesehen

  • atfII

    Haha my main laptop has a 3500U so mine is better

  • Faith in Christ
    Faith in Christ

    And so there is no division in the body, but all its different parts have the same concern for one another. If one part of the body suffers, all the other parts suffer with it; if one part is praised, all the other parts share its happiness. All of you are Christ's body, and each one is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:25‭-‬27 GNT

  • Ditemazta

    I’ve watched it that many times that the music is in my nightmares

  • Parth Soni
    Parth Soni

    Imagine how less it would cost to replace frontier grill rather than plastic filled with sensors

  • ItzAahanHereYT

    thats not what you call "mini"

  • Emmad Hashmi
    Emmad Hashmi

    Stone cold Steve AUSTIN

  • saudseven7

    “Trained and licensed professionals” Licensed by what Austin “by ITmores 😃👍”

  • Doy Plays
    Doy Plays

    my valorant TEAMMATE is so bad

  • hojcuko mamikgiq
    hojcuko mamikgiq

    The terrible lotion exclusively enjoy because north occasionally knit beyond a brainy crayfish. halting, volatile pasta

  • I D K
    I D K

    Tesla better tho

  • EpicMobAim

    Well I already have a pc not a gaming one. I just have to get a graphics card and throw it in there and bam. Edit: my pc couldn’t handle the power of the 3090 gpu so it exploded

  • Oscar Greguol
    Oscar Greguol

    I don't think it was the magnetism that shut the GPU off, it was because it would have shorted a lot of different components on the PCB, as the magnet is conductive. For the hard drive that makes sense, I don't think its the moving parts that permanently die, they would just stop moving freezing the computer. What you would need to worry about is the magnets erasing data because that is how the data is written and read by using magnetic fields

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    Game Cube On Drugs

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    If its Unfair Then Its Fair

  • RayJay

    finnally some raw power and exhaust